Optimus Prime



G1 Cartoon

Optimus Prime is the leader of the Autobots and one of the main characters of almost every continuity of Transformers.  In most continuities, he transforms into a truck, usually with a trailer.  Optimus Prime is a straight out heroic character.  He believes in preserving all forms of life, even if it places his own at risk.  In addition to saving living creatures, there were a few times where he put himself and the other Autobots at risk so personal property wouldn’t be damaged or destroyed.  Optimus Prime is a perfect example of a typical heroic archetype.

On Cybertron, he sent out a number of scouts to look for more energy for the Autobots.  Jazz reports back to him and tells him that Cybertron is running out of energy.  This causes Optimus Prime to take the Autobots and leave their home world to search for a new home.  One that has amble energy.  In their travels, they encounter a meteor shower.  Optimus Prime sees to his crew, but when Jazz is thrown from the helm of the ship, he takes over. Then they are attacked by the Decepticons and Optimus Prime continues to pilot the ship.  The Decepticons hit the Ark with a tractor beam and board the ship.  Optimus Prime prepares the Autobots for battle.  Both sides of Transformers briefly battle until the ship goes out of control.  The Ark crashes into prehistoric Earth and the Transformers remained dormant for millions of years.  Teletran1 repairs the Decepticons, and then Starscream causes an avalanche.  The shaking made Teletran1 target Optimus Prime to be repaired.  After Optimus is repaired, he has Teletran1 repair the rest of the Autobots.  Once the Autobots are restored, Optimus Prime makes it the Autobot mission to defeat the Decepticons on Earth before they can harm the local population.  He sends Hound and Cliffjumper to do recon.  When an injured Hound returns, he tells Optimus Prime of Megatron’s plan to drain the resources of Earth and return to Cybertron.  Optimus makes a battle group to attack the Decepticons before they can drain Earth’s resource.  The Autobots track the Decepticons to an off shore oil platform.  Once they arrive, the Decepticons attack.  Megatron and Optimus battle each other on the oil platform.  They are evenly matched, but Laserbeak helps Megatron win the battle.  The Decepticons severely damage the oil rig, putting the workers in danger.  Instead of chasing the Decepticons, Optimus Prime orders that the Autobots save the workers.  Optimus Prime tries to save Spike and Sparkplug from drowning, but they are trapped behind a large piece of wreckage and Optimus can’t lift it.

Optimus Prime stays with Spike and Sparkplug as he orders the other Autobots to help with the rescue.  He eventually musters up enough strength to lift the wreckage and save the two humans.  Jazz then throws him a line with his harpoon, dragging them to safety.  Once on safe footing, Optimus Prime introduces himself to Sparkplug and Spike, and tells them the story of the Transformers.  Sparkplug and Spike offer to teach the Autobots about Earth, and Optimus is happy to have more friends.  Optimus Prime intercepts a communication that Sherman Dam is overloading from a tidal wave.  Optimus realizes that it is the Decepticons doing.  He forms a team of Autobots to stop the Decepticons from gaining more energy.  When the Autobots get to the dam, Megatron quickly fires on them (but misses).  Optimus Prime and the Autobots fly into action to fight the Decepticons.  Megatron fires on Optimus and the Autobots, but misses.  Megatron tries to leave the dam and Optimus follows.  Megatron punches Prime, knocking him off of the platform, but Optimus Prime quickly gets up when Megatron is distracted by an explosion.  Optimus Prime gets up and tackles Megatron.  They continue their battle on top of the dam with their energy weapons.  Optimus Prime forms an orange axe made of energy out of his hand.  Optimus Prime taunts Megatron, making him swing wildly.  Megatron is able to knock Optimus down on his back, but Optimus Prime gets up and continues the fight.  Megatron lands a solid hit on Optimus Prime, knocking him into the water.  Before he can sink to the bottom of the river, Jazz uses his harpoon to save him.  After the battle, the Autobots’ morale has sunk.  They’ve lost to the Decepticons twice now.  Optimus Prime inspires the Autobots to continue their fight on Earth.  The Autobots then attempt to stop the Decepticons from mining the ruby crystals of Burma.  Optimus sends Sparkplug (who at one point worked in the mine so he knew the layout) with Bumblebee inside the mine to blow it up.  Optimus realizes something is wrong, so he sends Roller to investigate.  The explosives go off and Optimus Prime is sent tumbling down the mountain of the mine.

Optimus Prime is knocked unconscious, and when he wakes up, he asks about Roller.  Roller then emerges from the mine.  Optimus has a hard time transforming, but ultimately transforms to robot mode.  He quickly asks about Bumblebee and Sparkplug.  The Autobots start digging out the mine to search for their friends.  Jazz finds Bumblebee and Sparkplug, but soon the Decepticons escape.  Optimus returns with the Autobots to the Ark and gets repaired.  Soon, Hound goes to Optimus with a plan to trap the Decepticons using his holograms.  Optimus Prime likes the idea and works on the details with Hound.  Hound creates a holographic rocket base to lure the Decepticons.  The Decepticons attack, but Megatron somehow knew it was an ambush.  He only sent himself and junk drones of the Decepticons to attack.  While the Autobots were trying to ambush the Decepticons, they were at a different site getting the energy they needed.

Optimus Prime now knows that the Decepticons can return to Cybertron.  They have enough Energon to take over the planet, and possibly spread to other planets.  Optimus plans to attack the Decepticon Base head on to stop them.  He knows this is a dangerous mission, so he asks only for volunteers.  All of the Autobots volunteer to help stop the Decepticons from leaving Earth.  The Convoy (CONVOY! WOO) of Autobots arrive at the Decepticon base and surround it.  They don’t know that the Decepticons at that moment are planning to board their ship.  The Autobots attack, preventing the Decepticons from boarding it.  Optimus Prime uses the battle platform in his trailer to attack the Decepticons, but it is severely damaged.  Megatron fires at Optimus and Optimus Prime fires at Megatron.  Optimus Prime knocks Megatron’s fusion cannon off of his arm.  Optimus Prime rushes towards Megatron and they fight each other hand to hand.  Optimus Prime is proving to be a better warrior than Megatron.  He tosses Megatron over his shoulder, knocking Megatron to the ground.  He tells Megatron to call off his Decepticons, but Megatron won’t.  Suddenly, Ravage attacks Optimus Prime, pulling him off of Megatron.  The Decepticons retreat into their spaceship and escape.  Optimus refuses to let the Decepticons get away.  He takes Sideswipe’s jet pack and flies after the Decepticon ship.  Optimus Prime is sent crashing to Earth when the Decepticon ship fires on him.  Optimus Prime is angry with himself for allowing the Decepticons to escape.  He then realizes that Mirage is missing.  Mirage snuck onto the Decepticon ship and sabotaged it.  The Decepticons crash into the ocean and are defeated.  For now.  After the battle, the Autobots plan to return to Cybertron, and Spike and Sparkplug plan to join them.

The Autobots wind up staying on Earth.  For several months, there is no Decepticon activity.  The majority of the Autobots feel that they’ve won and Megatron is no more.  Optimus Prime feels that they need to be cautious and that the Decepticons still may return.  Optimus Prime observes that the near by city is loosing power.  He knows that somehow the Decepticons are responsible.  He sends a probe from Teletran1 to investigate and finds that the solar power station is under attack by Decepticons!  He assembles the Autobots to attack.  The Autobots crash into the power plant and fight the Decepticons.  Optimus watches Megatron defeat Cliffjumper in battle, then he engages his foe.  Megatron fires on Optimus Prime, knocking him to the ground.  Megatron fires again, but this time Optimus Prime evades the blast and grabs Megatron, tossing him into machinery.  The two Transformers battle each other hand to hand.  Megatron falls into a turbine and gets super charged.  He is able to injure Optimus enough to plot his escape.  Megatron transforms into his gun mode and arms Soundwave.  He is about to fire on Optimus Prime but Ironhide leaps towards Optimus to take the blast.  The Decepticons escape and Optimus makes sure Ratchet repairs Ironhide.  Gears wants Optimus Prime to take the Autobots to follow the Decepticons.  Optimus Prime’s main priority becomes getting Ironhide proper care.  After the battle, the Autobots wonder how the Decepticons are going to get their Energon Cubes to Cybertron without a spacecraft.  Optimus Prime sends Bumblebee and Spike to spy on the Decepticons.  Bumblebee returns without Spike, and tells Optimus Prime of the Decepticon plans to use a Space Bridge to send Energon to Cybertron.  Sparkplug wants to rescue Spike, and Optimus Prime promises him that they will recover his son.  Bumblebee gives Optimus Prime the wrong location of the Space Bridge because Megatron altered his memory circuits.  Optimus Prime then leads a rescue party to save Spike, not knowing he is walking into a trap.  Inside of a cave, the Decepticons trap the Autobots inside, and attack.  Megatron takes aim at Ironhide, but Optimus Prime dives in the path and saves his comrade, repaying Ironhide for saving him at the power plant.  Optimus’ foot gets stuck in a rock formation and Megatron accidentally frees him with a buzz saw.  Now that he is freed, Optimus gains the upper hand in battle.  He winds up behind Megatron and points his gun at the Decepticon leader.  He gives Megatron the chance to surrender, but Megatron attacks like a wild dog.  The Decepticons retreat but trap the Autobots in the cave.  Ratchet starts to repair Bumblebee inside of the cave and discovers that Bumblebee’s memory circuits were altered.  Once Ratchet repairs him, he reveals the true location of the Space Bridge.  Together, the Autobots fire on the rocks which are keeping them trapped in the cave.  The rocks are destroyed and the Autobots are freed.  Optimus Prime leads the Autobots to the proper location.  They arrive in time to prevent Spike from being sent to Cybertron.  Optimus Prime shoots open the hatch of the Space Bridge pod and then fires on the harness keeping Spike inside.  Bumblebee catches up to the pod and rescues Spike.  Megatron is then caught in the Space Bridge and it activates.  Megatron is thought to be dead and the Decepticons retreat back to base.  Optimus Prime is skeptical that they have seen the last of Megatron.

Starscream assumes leadership of the Decepticons and attacks a dam.  Optimus Prime and several Autobots travel to stop them. The Autobots face Starscream, Soundwave, and Thundercracker.  During the battle, Starscream is about to crush Cliffjumper with a turbine.  Optimus Prime saves Cliffjumper from injury and fights Starscream.  Optimus Prime rips the turbine away from Starscream and throws it.  It lands on a pile of Energon Cubes, destroying them causing the Decepticons to retreat.  Optimus Prime sends Bluestreak and Prowl to follow the Decepticons.  The Decepticons kidnap Chip Chase, who has a formula for Anti Matter.  Optimus Prime leads the Autobots to save him.  Hound uses his holograms and Mirage uses his cloaking ability to enter the lab.  They distract Rumble so Bumblebee and Spike can enter the lab as well.  Once Chip is safe, Optimus Prime plows into the lab to fight the Decepticons.  He carries a number of Autobots inside of his trailer.  When the Autobots attack, Megatron uses the Anti Matter Energon Cubes as weapons, causing a massive explosion.  The Decepticons escape and the damaged Autobots return to base for repairs.  Soon after the Autobots are repaired, Teletran 1 notifies the Autobots that the Decepticons are about to attack.  Optimus Prime lifts up the morale of the Autobots and prepares them for battle.  Sideswipe and Sunstreaker are the first to defend the Ark.  Megatron then absorbs Anti Matter Energon Cubes and transforms into gun mode.  Starscream wields him to attack the Autobots.  Optimus Prime drives into Starscream, making him drop Megatron.  The Autobots use one of Wheeljack’s inventions to defeat the Decepticons and prevent them from making more Anti Matter.

Optimus Prime and Spike investigate the site of the first Space Bridge.  Together, they are trying to figure out where the next one will open up.  They don’t find anything useful, but Optimus Prime receives a transmission from Chip.  Chip is working at a weapons factory that the Decepticons are attacking.  Optimus Prime orders the Autobots to meet him at the factory.  Optimus reaches the factory before the rest of the Autobots.  He drives through the pile of Energon Cubes (which was stupid because they are so unstable and could have exploded) and transforms.  Megatron watches the battle from the Decepticon base and orders all of the Decepticons to focus their attacks on Optimus.  Starscream fires on Optimus Prime, hitting him in the chest.  Optimus Prime is sent flying into a wall.  Optimus Prime gets up and tells Spike to get to safety.  Then Thundercracker attacks.  He shoots missiles at Optimus, but Optimus destroys each missile with his blaster.  Skywarp then fires a missile at Optimus Prime, who dodges it.  Chip warns Optimus Prime that the missile is a heat seeker.  It adjusts it’s course to attack Optimus Prime again. This time, Optimus Prime deflects the missile with his arm and it explodes.  Starscream tackles Optimus, and Optimus drops his gun.  The gun goes off and damages the computer banks.  Optimus is injured, but then all of the Decepticons focus their firepower on him.  Optimus Prime falls in battle.  Before the Decepticons can finish off Optimus, the rest of the Autobots arrive and the Decepticons retreat.  Optimus is severely damaged, he needs repair.  He transforms into vehicle mode and struggles to get back to the Ark for repairs.  Ironhide helps Optimus by towing him.  At headquarters, Wheeljack and Ratchet work on repairing Optimus.  They are amazed that Optimus Prime is even functioning.  During the repair process, Optimus Prime feels his life force fading away.  Laserbeak then attacks, causing more damage to Optimus Prime. His chest explodes from the laser blast!  He survives the assassination attempt, but is fading away.  Optimus Prime needs a part called a cosmotron.  Luckily, Wheeljack has one, but it is in his lab on Cybertron.  A few Autobots and Chip Chase are sent to retrieve the part.  During that time, the entire Decepticon force attacks the Autobot base.  The Decepticons look like they are about to finally destroy all of the Autobots, but at the last minute, Optimus Prime is repaired and saves the day.

Optimus Prime watches Spike and several Autobots have a snowball fight.  He is worried because it is snowing in the desert, in July.  Optimus activates Teletran 1 to investigate weather around the world.  He learns that the entire planet is cooling down, and it may cause the end of the world.  When Teletran1 investigates the climate change, they find that it is caused by the Decepticons (obviously)) stealing energy from the Earth’s core.  The Decepticons are working out of the arctic.  Optimus Prime orders the Autobots to transform and stop the Decepticons (how they are going to drive to the Arctic, I don’t know).  When Optimus Prime and the Autobots reach the Arctic, they encounter a new Decepticon named Skyfire guarding the base.  Skyfire attacks and the Autobots scatter.  Spike and Sparkplug are trapped on a piece of floating ice.  Skyfire saves them, and thinks that the best idea would be to bring them to Megatron.  Optimus Prime orders the Autobots to stop firing so their two human friends won’t be injured.  The battle ends when Skyfire brings Spike and Sparkplug to Megatron.  When the Autobots try to save them, Gears, Ratchet, Ironhide and Hound fall through the ice.  Optimus stays with the rest of the Autobots to look for their captured human friends.  They hear Spike call for help and Cliffjumper speeds off to save them.  Optimus tries to catch up with Cliffjumper so he doesn’t get hurt.  The Autobots save Spike and Sparkplug and start to look for the other Autobots.  They are attacked by Ravage.  Optimus Prime fires on Ravage and knocks him off of Cliffjumper.  The Autobots are reunited and then the Decepticons attack.  Optimus Prime uses the battle platform in his trailer to fight them.  He hits Skywarp who crashes into Thundercracker.  Megatron then attacks Optimus Prime.  Optimus knocks the gun off of Megatron and uses a crystal as a weapon (for some reason in this episode, there were large green crystals all over with no explanation).  Then Megatron grabs a shard of crystal and the they duel each other.  Skyfire arrives and renounces the Decepticons.  He joins the Autobots and defeats the Decepticons.  Unfortunately, he is buried in the ice again.  Optimus Prime says that Skyfire will live on forever as long as there is freedom.

The Autobots find the remains of dinosaurs in a cavern where the Ark crashed.  Ratchet and Wheeljack want to make new Autobots who have dinosaur alternate modes. They hope that the added might will help tip the tide in the war.  Before they start construction, they get approval from Optimus Prime.  When the Dinobots are activated, they attack the Autobots.  Optimus Prime tries to fight Slag, but the energy blasts from his blaster are just reflected back at him, sending Optimus through the air.  The Dinobots continue their attack on the Autobots, damaging both the Autobots and their base.  Optimus Prime orders that the Dinobots are to be destroyed.    Wheeljack tries to save his creations and uses a magnetic blast to incapacitate them.  Wheeljack begs Optimus not to destroy the Dinobots.  They are deactivated and sent into a storage room.  Teletran 1 was damaged and now offline, so Optimus Prime sends Hound and Spike to patrol for Decepticon activity.  They report to him that the Decepticons are attacking a dam, so Optimus Prime gathers the Autobots to attack the Decepticons.   When the Autobots arrive, the Decepticons come out of hiding and ambush the Autobots.  Megatron hooks his fusion cannon up to the turbines, supercharging his weapon.  He attacks the Autobots, sending them plummeting into the water.  The Decepticons bind the Autobots with energy chains, and prepare to destroy them.  The Autobots are about to be executed by the Decepticons.  Before the Decepticons can fire, the Autobots are saved by Wheeljack and the Dinobots.  While the Dinobots are fighting the Decepticons, Wheeljack frees the captured Autobots.  After the Decepticons retreat, Optimus Prime welcomes the Dinobots into the Autobot ranks.

Optimus Prime and the Autobots take Skyfire to Peru to stop the Decepticons from turning an energy crystal into a weapon.  They go to a mining village which Megatron is attacking to get raw materials to build a cannon for the crystal.  Optimus Prime drives into the foundry, right into Megatron.  The Autobots and Decepticons battle until the Decepticons retreat with their metal. While escaping, Megatron fires on a mountain, causing an avalanche to occupy the Autobots. Optimus Prime orders the Autobots to fire all of their weapons at the falling rocks.  They save the village and all of its inhabitants.  After saving the village, Optimus Prime leads the Autobots to the Inca Temple to battle the Decepticons.   As they approach, Megatron fires the cannon at the Autobots, but they are able to dodge his attacks.  During the battle, Megatron destroys a hill which covers the Autobots in rubble.  The Autobots dig themselves out and continue to try to stop the Decepticons.  Megatron and the Decepticons continue their attack, pinning the Autobots behind cover.  Optimus Prime and Ironhide climb the temple to attack Megatron.  Megatron fires at them with the cannon and hits Ironhide.  Ironhide falls and Optimus Prime catches him when he falls.  Ironhide attacks Megatron again, this time, Megatron picks up Ironhide and throws him at Optimus.  Optimus catches Ironhide but Megatron points the Crystal Cannon at the two Autobots.  They are saved by Skyfire.  Optimus Prime then climbs to the top of the temple and attacks Megatron.  With Megatron defeated in battle, and the cannon destroyed, the Decepticons retreat.

Optimus Prime and the Autobots respond to Chip’s call for help.  Chip discovers a meteor that is about to hit Earth.  Optimus Prime, Spike, and the Autobots go to an observatory to help.  Chip tells the Autobots that the meteor contains a significant amount of energy inside of it.  The Autobots want to prevent the Decepticons from acquiring it.  This is one of the few times Optimus tries to acquire energy for himself and the Autobots.  But it can be argued that he just wanted to make sure the Decepticons didn’t get the meteor.  Chip gives the Autobots the projected coordinates of where the meteor will crash and Optimus wants the Dinobots to join them.  He figures that their added strength will be an asset if the Decepticons attack.  When the meteor crashes to Earth, Optimus Prime wants the Autobots to learn more about it.  He fires his blaster at the meteor and a small shard comes off.  He gives it to Wheeljack to study.   Optimus Prime is so happy with the Dinobots, that he wants Wheeljack and Ratchet to build two more.  While the Autobots build the new Dinobots, Snarl and Swoop, Wheeljack discovers that the meteor is unstable.  Optimus Prime is present when the meteor fragment explodes.  Optimus Prime orders the Autobots to destroy the meteor before it explodes.  Optimus Prime leaves the base to destroy the meteor himself.    At the meteor site, Optimus Prime arrives to find the Dinobots and the meteor are gone.  Slag fires at Optimus, hitting him in the chest.  When Optimus asks why Slag fired on him, Slag tells him that he doesn’t like enemies.  Optimus is confused why Slag is now considering him an enemy.  Sludge and Grimlock reveal themselves.  Slag transforms into Dino mode and spits fire at him.   Optimus Prime reluctantly fights back.  He fires at Slag, hitting him in the head.  Grimlock charges at Optimus, but Optimus Prime slows him down with his blaster.  Slag attacks again, this time by running at Optimus at full speed.  He knocks Optimus Prime through a wall.  Grimlock attacks again, he grabs Optimus Prime’s leg with his teeth and tosses him aside.  Optimus raises his gun to fire, but Slag shoots it out of his hand.  Optimus Prime runs behind a brick wall, he lifts a piece of it over his head and throws it at Slag.  Sludge stomps the ground, creating a crack in the Earth.  Optimus falls in the hole.  When he climbs out, he begs the Dinobots to stop fighting him.  The Dinobots transform and point their guns at Optimus Prime.  Together, they fire on Optimus and he falls into the hole again, this time, unconscious.  With Optimus Prime restrained, the Dinobots bring him to Megatron.  Optimus Prime tries to warn Megatron that the meteor is unstable.   Snarl and Swoop are created and they battle the original Dinobots.  The meteor is about to explode and Optimus Prime saves Grimlock.  Grimlock and the Dinobots apologize and rejoin the Autobots.

Optimus Prime and the Autobots travel to India to fight Starscream, Thundercracker, and Skywarp.  The Autobots use hydrofoils on their vehicle mode to travel on the water.  The Autobots arrive just as the Decepticons are planning to kill the Indian prince.  Optimus Prime saves him with a lasso.  The battle is very brief because it was a diversion to get the Autobots out of their base.  As the three Decepticons retreat, Optimus receives an alarm that tells him that the Ark was attacked.  When the Autobots return to their headquarters, they find that Sparkplug was abducted.  Prowl makes a battle plan to get Sparkplug back, and Optimus leads the Autobots back into battle.  Optimus Prime, and the Autobots dive into the ocean to attack the Decepticon base and recover Sparkplug.  Bumblebee detects a Decepticon scanner and Optimus Prime destroys it.  While underwater, Megatron attacks the Autobots.  Once Cliffjumper, Brawn and Windcharger save Sparkplug, the Autobots retreat back to base.  While Optimus is receiving repairs, he is suddenly blasted in the chest by Megatron!   The Decepticons are attacking the Autobot base, and Teletran 1 is off line.  Optimus grabs his gun to attack Megatron, but it malfunctions.  Before Megatron can destroy the Autobots, Spike quickly repairs Teletran 1 and activates the Autobot defenses.  After the Decepticons retreat, Ratchet repairs Teletran completely and Optimus Prime sends the sky spy satellite to patrol for the Decepticons.  They find out that the Decepticons are creating a massive Space Bridge.  Optimus Prime organizes the Autobots to investigate.  When they reach the Space Bridge, Megatron orders the mind controlled human workers to attack the Autobots.  He knows that Optimus Prime won’t allow the Autobots to harm a human. The workers are led my Sparkplug.  Optimus Prime prepares for battle, Megatron fires first, but Optimus is able to avoid the energy blast.  Megatron runs away and Optimus Prime follows.  Megatron climbs a mountain with Optimus close behind.  As Optimus Prime gets close, Megatron kicks him in the head and Optimus falls.  Optimus Prime gets up and tackles Megatron before he can activate the final pylon of the Space Bridge.  Megatron kicks him away, sending Optimus Prime flying.  Megatron manipulates Optimus Prime to activate the final pylon.  He tells Optimus that if he doesn’t activate the last pylon, Cybertron will be destroyed by the Space Bridge.  Optimus Prime has no choice and activates the final part of the Space Bridge.  Cybertron is now transported to Earth, causing disasters all over the globe.

Optimus Prime feels defeated.  His actions may cause Earth to be destroyed.  Ironhide tells him that he had no other choice.  Ravage then attacks Optimus Prime.  He pounces on Optimus’ back, knocking him to the ground.  Optimus Prime is saved only when a branch cuts an electrical wire that electrocutes Ravage.  The Autobots are forced to retreat when Soundwave uses a sonic attack to clear the area.  The world is falling apart because of the natural disasters caused by Cybertron’s gravitational pull.  Wheeljack and Optimus Prime send the Dinobots to help prevent damage.  The Autobots are forced to evacuate their base when the volcano that houses their ship becomes active again.  Ironhide saves the Autobot headquarters.

Optimus Prime and the Autobots travel on surfboards on the ocean. Optimus’ early warning sensors go off and they Autobots see a massive tidal wave approaching them.  Optimus Prime tells the Autobots to use the tidal wave’s momentum to get them to Megatron’s base.  The Autobots arrive just in time to see Megatron escape on a starship filled with Energon Cubes.  Optimus Prime and the Autobots track Megatron and the Decepticons to a tropical island.  Megatron is using the slaves to place Energon Cubes inside of the ship.  Cliffjumper wants to attack, but Optimus won’t allow the mind controlled humans to be harmed.  Optimus Prime sends Mirage to do recon while cloaked.  Once the mind controlled slaves are out of harms way, the Autobots attack.  Thundercracker and Skywarp attack the Autobots in jet mode.  The Autobots are pinned down, but Optimus Prime fires on Thundercracker, sending him crashing into the ground.  The Autobots are outnumbered and losing the battle.  Prowl advises Optimus that the Autobots should retreat and Optimus Prime refuses.  He knows that the next time Cybertron orbits Earth, it will destroy the planet. The Autobots are about to be defeated when Skyfire arrives with reinforcements.  From inside of Skyfire, Wheeljack uses his new invention to free the mind controlled slaves.  Optimus Prime attempts to fight Megatron, but Megatron escapes in his spaceship with the Energon Cubes.  The Autobots destroy Megatron’s ship, and the explosion caused by the Energon Cubes inside of it knocks Cybertron out of Earth’s orbit.  Earth is saved and the Autobots think that Megatron is dead

Earth is safe from destruction, but it is severely damaged.  Optimus Prime and the Autobots help the Earth rebuild.  When Optimus Prime learns that Megatron is still alive, he and the Autobots look for him.  Optimus Prime and the Autobots follow the Decepticons to Dr. Arkeville’s hidden laboratory.  When the Decepticons realize they are being followed by the Autobots, Megatron sends Thundercracker and Skywarp to attack them.  The Decepticon rockets hit the walls of a canyon, trapping Bumblebee behind rocks.  Optimus Prime has Brawn dig Bumblebee out.  Optimus Prime orders the Autobots to transform and get to cover.  Wheeljack and Ironhide both say they want to fight not hide.  When Wheeljack shoots down Skywarp with a rocket, all of the Decepticons attack.  Megatron sneaks behind Optimus Prime, but Optimus Prime defends himself.  He knocks Megatron to the ground and aims his blaster at Megatron.  Megatron kicks Optimus away and gets up.  Megatron runs at Optimus Prime, but Optimus lifts him up and tosses him away.  He lands in a lake and orders the Decepticons to retreat.  The Autobots continue to follow the Decepticons, but the Decepticons lead them into a trap.  They guide the Autobots into a canyon filled with quicksand.  The Autobots transform to dig themselves out, but the Decepticons get away.  The Autobots learn of the location of Dr. Arkeville’s lab and travel there.  When they arrive, Optimus Prime sucker punches Megatron.  Megatron is sent into the wall of a canyon and grabs a big rock to attack Optimus with.  He throws it at Optimus Prime, but Optimus jumps out of the way.  The rock hits Rumble and knocks him to the ground.  Then Megatron and Rumble fire at Optimus while they retreat into the lab.  Optimus Prime follows the Decepticons into the lab.  He finds the exponential generator, a device created by Dr. Arkeville which can create limitless power.  It is on a timer to explode and the explosion will destroy the entire Earth.  Optimus is met by Megatron, Rumble, and Frenzy.  Megatron points his cannon at Optimus, but Optimus is standing in front of the generator.  He knows that if Megatron fires, the generator will explode and take Megatron with it.  Optimus points out to Megatron that the generator is unstable.  Frenzy and Rumble leave the lab.  There are only seconds remaining before the generator detonates.  Megatron continues to point his blaster at Optimus, but before he can fire, Shockwave contacts him.   Shockwave also tells Megatron that the generator is about to detonate.  Megatron lowers his weapon and Optimus Prime looks for the timer. Megatron finds it with two seconds remaining before detonation and rips it off the generator.   Megatron starts to dismantle the generator as Optimus Prime watches.  The core is so hot that it starts to melt Megatron’s chest.  Megatron takes the core and wants to cool it, so it won’t detonate.  Optimus Prime notices that Megatron is momentarily distracted and tries to grab the core from Megatron.  He steals it away from Megatron, but Megatron leaps on Optimus.  They wrestle with each other for possession of the core.  It slips out of Optimus’ hands and rolls across the lab.  The core is more unstable now than before and is shooting out energy.  It is about to explode, but Megatron grabs it and runs out of the lab and Optimus follows.  The two mortal enemies work together to deactivate the core.  Megatron transforms into gun mode and Optimus Prime loads the core into Megatron’s barrel.  Optimus Prime fires the core into space where it safely detonates.  The Earth is safe and the Autobots return home.
Sparkplug tells Optimus that Spike, Windcharger, and Brawn traveled to Bali to investigate an Insecticon sighting.  Optimus Prime organizes an Autobot team to back them up.  How they got to Bali without Skyfire is not explained.  The Autobots are held up by villagers on the road.  Sideswipe leads the Autobots to take an alternate path to save their friends.  He wants to dig a tunnel under the road (which of course makes a lot of sense).  When Sideswipe can’t finish the tunnel, Optimus Prime transforms into vehicle mode and breaks through the last wall of the tunnel.  The Autobots then continue their journey in Bali.  They reach the farm where the other Autobots are hiding just in time.  Megatron and the Insecticons formed an alliance.  Once the Autobots start firing, the Decepticons and Insecticons fly away.  The Insecticons break off from the Decepticons to attack the Autobots.  Optimus Prime throws Brawn at Shrapnel so he could attack the Insecticon.  The Autobots track the Insecticons and Decepticons to an oil refinery.  When the Autobots arrive, they fight the Decepticons.  Shrapnel fires a shrapnel grenade at Optimus Prime, Brawn, and Wheeljack.  They dive into the water to avoid damage.  The oil in the water catches fire when Thundercracker shoots the water.  The Autobots swim under the dock and emerge from underneath to knock Thundercracker down.  The Insecticons power themselves up with lightning.  Shrapnel fires an energy blast at Optimus Prime sending him crashing to the ground.  The Insecticons start using electricity to attack the Autobots.  Bumblebee and Spike discover that an Autobot’s tires in vehicle mode will insulate them from attack.  Optimus Prime uses Brawn and Ironhide as roller skates and shrugs off an electrical blast from all three Insecticons.  When the Decepticons start losing the battle, Megatron ignites an oil tanker and sets it to hit the oil refinery.  Optimus Prime dives into the water and prevents the tanker from reaching the refinery.  Optimus Prime picks up the tanker and throws it at Megatron.  The battle ends when the Insecticons betray the Decepticons and steal their Energon Cubes.  The Decepticons fly into the air to chase the Insecticons.

When Megatron flies to the Autobot Base alone, the Autobots attack him, but Megatron doesn’t counter attack.  Optimus Prime realizes that something is unusual but tries to take advantage of the situation.  He fires at Megatron, but Megatron calls out that he just wants to talk.  Megatron invokes an ancient Cybertronian custom and challenges Optimus Prime to a battle one on one.  The loser has to exile himself and his army to deep space, but the victor can go wherever he wants.  Megatron returns to the Decepticons to prepare.  The Autobots gather and Spike tries to convince Optimus not to fight.  He knows Megatron will cheat somehow.  Optimus Prime is confident he can defeat Megatron in a fair battle.  Optimus Prime transforms and the Autobots follow him to the location of the fight.  Optimus extends his hand to shake hands with Megatron.  Megatron grabs it and sparks fly.  He tosses Optimus into the air like a rag doll.  Optimus is surprised to see how strong Megatron is.  Megatron aims his cannon at Optimus and fires.  Instead of an energy blast, it is Starscream’s cluster bombs.  Optimus is knocked back but shields himself from damage with his forearms.  Optimus Prime fires an energy blast from his palm and it hits Megatron in the torso.  Megatron shakes it off and uses Starscream’s null rays on Optimus.  Megatron starts pounding the ground like Rumble would with his pile drivers.  Optimus Prime is shaken by the tremor and falls into the crevice made by the earthquake.  He climbs out of the hole and grabs a large boulder.  Optimus Prime hurls the boulder at Megatron, but Megatron teleports away using Skywarp’s power.  Megatron materializes behind Optimus Prime and shoots him in the back with his fusion cannon.  Optimus falls to the ground.  Optimus Prime grabs his ion cannon and fires on Megatron.  Megatron is briefly phased and Optimus tackles him.  Megatron flies into the air with Optimus holding on.  Megatron uses Reflector’s strobe abilities to blind Optimus and make him let go.  Optimus Prime falls to the ground.  He points his arms at Optimus Prime and unleashes a sonic attack, using Thundercracker’s never before shown sonic abilities.  Megatron fires his fusion cannon one last time at Optimus.  Megatron wins the fight and Optimus Prime is near death.  Optimus Prime and the Autobots transform to go back to the Ark.  Huffer takes Optimus’ trailer to make the trip back to base easier for him.  The Decepticons follow the Autobots to make sure they live up to their word of exiling themselves.  When the Autobots get close to their base, they see the Dinobots fighting Devestator.  Ironhide wants to help the Dinobots battle the combiner, but Optimus won’t let him.  Ratchet and Wheeljack repair Optimus Prime.  Chip uses Teletran 1 to diagnose Optimus’ injuries and finds that Megatron cheated in the battle.  The Autobots fight the Decepticons outside of their base and drive them into a lava filled crack in the Earth.  The Autobots assume that the Decepticons are not only defeated, but dead.  

The Decepticons show up again (of course).  They attack an Air Force Base and Optimus Prime takes the Autobots to stop them.  Together, Thundercracker and Skywarp attack Optimus Prime.  He is able to avoid their attacks.  Their attacks cause damage to the Air Force rockets and the rockets explode.  The Decepticons retreat when they realize that the battle cause all of the rocket fuel to be destroyed.  Spike is severely injured in the battle and thrown into a coma.  Wheeljack, Ratchet, and Sparkplug put Spike’s mind into a robot to save him.  When Autobot Spike awakens, he goes mad and starts to smash the Ark.  Optimus knows that Autobot Spike has to be stopped, but he doesn’t want to damage him too badly.  Optimus shoots Autobot Spike with low power and knocks him out.  After Autobot Spike regains his self control, Optimus takes the Autobots to help repair the Air Force Base.  After the Autobots repair the Air Force Base, they watch the rockets go off.  Optimus is impressed by this “primitive” technology.  Bumblebee arrives and tells him that the Decepticons have manipulated Autobot Spike’s mind and that he allied himself with Megatron.  The Autobots seek out Autobot Spike to help him.  Autobot Spike promptly attacks Optimus Prime.  He shoots his arm cannon at Optimus, sending him flying into a pile of rocks.  He then fires at Optimus again with a headlight blaster, but Optimus shields himself.  Autobot Spike then reveals his trump card, he is carrying Megatron in gun mode.  Autobot Spike fires Megatron at Optimus, sending him flying.  Then, the rest of the Decepticons attack.  While Autobot Spike is attacking Optimus Prime, Wheeljack brings Sparkplug to help calm Autobot Spike down.  Ultimately, Autobot Spike attacks the Decepticons and they retreat.  Wheeljack, Ratchet, and Sparkplug restore Spike’s mind to his human body.

Optimus takes the Autobots out of the Ark so they can safely test Wheeljack’s new invention, The Immobilizer.  When the Autobots arrive at the test site, Optimus orders Ironhide to stand guard.  Wheeljack’s device is a success, but Wheeljack is frozen by it.  Optimus Prime doesn’t know how to restore Wheeljack since he was the only one who knew how to use the Immobilizer.  Optimus vows to not let the Decepticons get their hands on the device.  Of course, the Decepticons attack the Autobots and steal the Immobilizer.  This time, the Decepticons are victorious when a tree falls on Optimus Prime, causing him to drop the Immobilizer.  The Decepticons retreat and the Autobots go back to base.  Ironhide wants to retire from being an Autobot and Optimus Prime tries to talk him out of it.  Also, the effects of the Immobilizer wear off on Wheeljack.  After the Autobots learn that the effects of the Immobilizer are temporary, they seek out the Decepticons before they figure out how to make it permanent.   The Autobots are victorious when Ironhide smashes the Immobilizer.  
Wheeljack tries to teach the Dinobots to be less clumsy.  It doesn’t work and they damage the Autobot base.  When Sideswipe, Ironhide, and Cliffjumper want to attack the Dinobots to get them to stop, Optimus won’t let them.  He wants Grimlock to calm the Dinobots down.  After the Dinobots transform into robot mode, Optimus Prime realizes that they are too big and clumsy to live with the rest of the Autobots.  Bumblebee suggests that the Dinobots relocate to an island he found with Powerglide.  The island is populated by dinosaurs.  Optimus Prime thinks this is a great idea.

After the Dinobots are exiled to Dinobot Island and the Autobots work on repairs.  After Teletran 1 is reactivated, Wheeljack notices time portals opening up.  Optimus Prime and the Autobots go to investigate.  After the Autobots dig Bumblebee and Spike free, they see a time warp.  A woolly mammoth and a caveman have already come out of the time warp and are causing damage to the town.  The longer it stays open, the more cavemen and mammoths come through the portal and damage the town.  The Autobots work to corral the cavemen and mammoths, and Optimus reminds the Autobots to be gentle since they are living creatures.  Optimus Prime has the Huffer, Sideswipe, and Ironhide load the mammoths into his trailer.   The Autobots successfully send the cavemen and mammoths back to their proper time by sending everything back into the portal.  The Autobots recruit Chip to help them figure out the cause of the time portals.  Chip figures out that Dinobot island is the cause of the temporal disturbances.  Optimus Prime creates a team of Autobots to go to the island (using jet packs!) to investigate.  When Optimus Prime and the Autobots arrive on Dinobot Island, they quickly see the Decepticons stealing the island’s energy.  Optimus Prime hypothesizes that if the Decepticons take the Energon Cubes off of the island, the planet, and even possibly the galaxy will crumble.  When Megatron sees the Autobots on the island, he shoots Optimus Prime in the chest with his fusion cannon.  Ironhide rushes to Optimus’ side, but Optimus Prime isn’t damaged too badly.  Soundwave and Megatron fight Optimus Prime together.  Megatron transforms into gun mode and arms Soundwave.  Soundwave fires Megatron at Optimus Prime but misses him.  He hits a steam geyser and the ground starts to crack.  The continued battle causes more and more disruptions in the island.  The Decepticons are starting to win the battle.  The Autobots are on the ground and the Decepticons are unleashing the full power of their weapons on the damaged Autobots.  The Autobots are facing destruction.  They are saved when the Dinobots join the battle with the dinosaurs of the island.  The Decepticons are defeated and retreat.  Optimus Prime and the Dinobots destroy the Energon Cubes made from Dinobot Island’s energy and the time portals stop.  The Dinobots are welcomed back to the Ark.


Cliffjumper  was successful in locating energy traces of a device that the Decepticons stole.  Optimus Prime asks where he found the energy signature, and he tells the Autobots that he discovered the energy signature in a location Mirage already searched.  Cliffjumper alludes that Mirage kept the information to himself, but Optimus diffuses the argument.  Optimus rallies the Autobots to recover the Electro Cells.  Cliffjumper leads the Autobots to a valley where he found the Decepticons and the Autobots transform into robot mode.  Once they arrive, Cliffjumper mentions again that Mirage claimed he already looked there.  Laserbeak discovers the Autobots and they leap into the valley to battle the Decepticons.  Optimus Prime tries to engage Megatron, before they can start fighting, Kickback flies through the air and shoots Optimus Prime in the chest.  Optimus Prime recovers quickly and orders the Autobots to retreat when the Electro Cells are about to explode.  Before the Autobots retreat, Optimus makes sure that Mirage is okay.  While Ratchet is repairing Mirage in the Autobot base, Cliffjumper continues to blame Mirage and accuses him of purposefully not reporting the Decepticon base.  Optimus Prime tries to calm everyone down and says that he trusts Mirage.  Optimus sends Cliffjumper to watch the Decepticons and to report back if they try to move the Electro Cells.  When Cliffjumper returns to the Ark, he claims that Mirage has become a Decepticon.  Optimus Prime and Ratchet follow Cliffjumper back to the Decepticon base.  When the three Autobots return to the Decepticon base, they see the aftermath of a battle, but the Decepticons and Insecticons are gone.  Cliffjumper promises Optimus that he gave an accurate report.  Mirage reveals himself and says that he defeated the Decepticons and Insecticons on his own (he is actually being mind controlled).  Cliffjumper calls him a liar, but Optimus gives Mirage the chance to talk.  Optimus asks Mirage if he really did bring Energon Cubes to the Decepticons.  Mirage admits that he did to create conflict between the Decepticons and Insecticons.  The Autobots then attempt to recover the Electro Cells.   The Decepticons and Insecticons fire at the Autobots from above.  Ratchet discovers that Mirage was being controlled by Bombshell’s Cerebro Shells.    Cliffjumper, Ratchet, and Mirage give Optimus Prime cover fire while he attacks the Decepticon base alone to recover the Electro Cells.  Optimus Prime leaps into the Decepticon structure but Megatron intercepts him.  Megatron points his cannon at Optimus, but before he can fire, the other Autobots join Optimus to protect him.  Megatron realizes the battle is lost, so he fires on the Electro Cells.  They explode, the Autobots get to safety, and the Decepticons retreat.

Optimus Prime supervises while the Autobots install Wheeljack’s new security upgrades to the Ark.  Cliffjumper rushes to Optimus to tell him that Dr. Fujiama is trying to contact him.  Optimus speaks to the scientist who requests the Autobots guard his newest invention, a robot named Nightbird.  Dr. Fujiama claims that Nightbird is the most advanced robot ever created by a human.  Optimus is curious and agrees to have the Autobots provide security for the robot.  The Autobots  are shocked when Nightbird is revealed.  A fully functional female ninja robot.  Optimus Prime doesn’t know what a ninja is, and Spike explains.   Like clockwork, the Decepticons attack.  Jazz wants to fight off Rumble and Frenzy, but Optimus won’t allow him to.  He is afraid that the humans will get hurt.  Once the humans have evacuated, Optimus Prime orders the Autobots to attack.  When Megatron fires his cannon at Optimus, Bluestreak dives in the way to protect his leader.  Bluestreak is damaged, but Optimus Prime continues to fight.  Megatron aims his cannon at Mirage, but Optimus Prime tackles Megatron, saving Mirage.  Optimus sees that Ironhide is trapped under rubble and he tries to rescue him.  Megatron sees an opening and shoots Optimus Prime in the back with his fusion cannon.  Optimus Prime gets up and punches Megatron in the face.  The battle ends when Starscream, Thundercracker, and Skywarp rip the ceiling off of the building and steal Nightbird.  Once Nightbird is stolen, the rest of the Decepticons retreat.  After the battle, Optimus vows to recover Nightbird.  The Autobots discover Nightbird has broken into the Ark.  Optimus Prime, Jazz, Cliffjumper, and Bluestreak try to corner her in a hallway, but she attacks them with buzz saws.  Then she spins around and creates a strobe effect which blinds the Autobots.  She is able to escape with a data chip. After Nightbird escapes, Optimus Prime and the Autobots transform to look for her.  They find her climbing rocks in the desert.  Optimus shoots a stun blast at her and she falls to the ground.  Optimus Prime and Bluestreak climb the rocks to collect her.  Nightbird was merely pretending she was knocked out.  She gets up and punches Bluestreak.  Optimus Prime and the Autobots try to surround her but she fights back.  Nightbird throws throwing stars at Optimus, Jazz, and Mirage.  Cliffjumper plans to shoot her, but Optimus Prime won’t let him.  He reminds Cliffjumper that the Autobots promised to bring Nightbird back to Dr. Fujiama unharmed.  Nightbird unsheathes her energy sword from a scabbard on her back (they use the same sound effect as a Star Wars Lightsaber).  Optimus approaches her and tries to convince her to give up.  She slices Optimus’ wrist causing him to drop his gun, and then hits him in the head with the hilt of the sword.  Optimus Prime falls to the ground and Bluestreak raises his gun to fire on her.  Again, Optimus won’t let the Autobots damage Nightbird.  She raises her sword to finish Optimus, but Bluestreak disobeys orders and shoots the sword out of her hand.  She runs away but grabs Optimus’ gun.  Nightbird escapes the Autobots by jumping off the rock formation.  Cliffjumper notices that Nightbird left her sword behind, he gives it to Optimus Prime.  As the Autobots are preparing to return to base, Ratchet contacts Optimus Prime and tells him that Nightbird stole a computer chip detailing the world’s energy supplies.  The Autobots resume their search for Nightbird.  Hound leads the way with his superior sensor array.  Hound leads the Autobots to a desert canyon and they find Nightbird.  They attempt to be quiet when they transform to capture her.  Optimus Prime still wants to return the robot to Dr. Fujiama intact.  He approaches her carrying her sword.  She emits a magnetic beam from her hands and steals the sword back from Optimus.  Optimus Prime rushes to attack her with his bare hands.  Nightbird ignites her laser sword and defends herself.  Optimus Prime is able to dodge her attacks, but she is too fast for him.  She starts spinning the blade in her hands, but instead of attacking, she leaps into the air and escapes again.  The Autobots leap out of the canyon, following Nightbird.  She activates magnets in her feet to climb up a rock wall, but a loose rock makes her fall to the ground.  As she is falling, she drops Optimus’ gun.  Optimus approaches her, again trying to peacefully end the conflict.  Cliffjumper and Bluestreak point their guns at her, she throws more throwing stars and disarms them.  Mirage cloaks and gives Optimus his gun back.  Optimus fires his rifle at Nightbird and knocks her to the ground.  She quickly gets up and throws more throwing stars at the Autobots.  Eventually, the Autobots create an electromesh cage and capture Nightbird.  The Decepticons attack so they can acquire the data chip.  Both sides run at each other while firing their weapons.  Bombshell is able to pick up the chip and tries to fly away.  Brawn shoots the Insecticon and he drops the chip.  Optimus Prime catches it.  Megatron frees Nightbird from her energy cage with his anti matter blaster.   Ultimately, Starscream uses his null rays to deactivate Nightbird and flies away.  The Decepticons chase him and the Autobots recover the data chip.  Soon, they bring Nightbird back to Dr. Fujiama after removing the Decepticon programming and upgrades.

Optimus Prime receives a distress call from a miner and organizes the Autobots to help.  The Decepticons have attacked the gold mine.  Optimus Prime and the Autobots transform and travel to the mine.  When the Autobots arrive, Optimus Prime tells the Autobots to be quiet.  They observe the mine and see that the Decepticons have placed the miners in an electrified cage.  As the Decepticons are about to kill the miners, Optimus Prime fires his blaster at Megatron and Starscream.  Megatron transforms into gun mode and arms Soundwave.  The two Decepticons free the miners and Optimus Prime orders the Autobots to lower their weapons so the miners won’t be injured.  Megatron takes out a sidearm and shoots at boulders causing them to roll into the Autobots.  The boulders roll over the Autobots, damaging them. Optimus Prime is trapped under a pile of rocks.  He is helpless when he watches the Decepticons escape with Gears as their prisoner.  The Autobots return to their headquarters and Optimus Prime makes recovering Gears their main priority.  The Decepticons have activated a machine which creates solar flares and is damaging the planet by creating earthquakes.  Optimus Prime uses Teletran 1 to find out that within two hours, the Earth will be destroyed.  He tracks the Decepticons to Africa and takes the Autobots to stop them.  No explanation is given on how they drove from their base to Africa.  When the Autobots get close to the Decepticon base, jungle plants prevent them from traveling to fight the Decepticons.  Optimus Prime orders Jazz and Sunstreaker to use their lasers to make a road for the Autobots.  When the Autobots reach the Decepticon jungle base, Cliffjumper wants to leap into action and start firing his blaster at Decepticons.  Bumblebee doesn’t want Gears to get hurt in the cross fire.  Optimus Prime says it is a risk they have to take. The Autobots fire on the device to save the sun and prevent Earth’s destruction (It is kind of amusing that in the previous episode, Optimus Prime endangered the Earth’s resources so Nightbird wouldn’t be damaged, but is willing to endanger his friend and loyal soldier in this episode).  The Autobots’ attack is reflected back at them by a force field Megatron erected around the Solar Needle.  Optimus Prime realizes that the invisible force field surrounds every part of the Solar Needle except where the solar energy is being fed into the machine.  Optimus figures that if the energy was blocked, the machine will explode.  Optimus Prime is prepared to sacrifice himself to save the Earth.  Ironhide tries to convince him not to, but before Optimus can attempt to destroy the machine, Cliffjumper transforms into vehicle mode and leaps into the machine.  Cliffjumper disrupts the force field by leaping into it in vehicle mode, and the Autobots attack.  While the Autobots and Decepticons are fighting each other, Optimus focuses on Megatron.  He tries to convince Megatron that the Solar Needle is about to make the sun explode and destroy the Earth.  Megatron doesn’t believe him.  A tremor causes Optimus Prime to fall down, and Megatron grabs him.  Megatron lifts Optimus Prime over his head and throws him into an energy stream.  Before Optimus hits the energy stream, Gears destroys part of the machine, saving Optimus.  The Autobots have the Decepticons at gun point, but Megatron is holding Optimus Prime as a hostage.  Optimus Prime tells the Autobots to disregard Megatron and to destroy the Solar Needle.  The Autobots can’t, they drop their weapons and surrender.  The Autobots are about to loose and the world is about to be destroyed.  Optimus realizes that if he asks Gears nicely, Gears will listen.  So he asks Gears to destroy the Solar Needle.  The Autobots charge at the Decepticons and Optimus Prime runs towards Megatron.  They fight each other until Megatron escapes.  Optimus Prime orders Ratchet and Wheeljack to shut the Solar Needle off.  They disagree on which wire to pull, so Optimus randomly chooses one.  Luckily it is the right one and the Earth is saved.  Before the Autobots fully destroy the Solar Needle, Gears’ circuits are returned to him.

Optimus Prime takes the Autobots to a valley in the desert to investigate crystals that are filled with energy.  Cliffjumper wants to get closer to the crystals to get a sample, but Optimus Prime prevents him from leaping into the valley.  He tells Cliffjumper to get a sensor reading first.  It turns out that the crystals can destroy any thing that is electronic with a mere touch.  Before the Autobots can continue their study, Starscream leads the Decepticons to attack the Autobots.  While the Autobots are attempting to study energy filled crystals, the Decepticons attack.  Starscream, Skywarp, and Thundercracker rush towards Optimus Prime to battle him.  Optimus Prime doesn’t wait for the three Decepticons to use their weapons on him.  Optimus takes the butt of his rifle and hits Skywarp in the mouth with it.  Then, he quickly dispatches Starscream and Thundercracker with his bare hands.  Laserbeak flies through the air to attack Optimus.  He opens fire on Laserbeak but misses.  Laserbeak fires his lasers at Optimus Prime, knocking him off a cliff.  Laserbeak makes holographic recordings of the disabled Optimus Prime and sends them to Megatron.  Megatron then makes a clone of Optimus Prime that he controls.  The Clone is sent to the battle field to join the Autobots and the Decepticons retreat.  Optimus Prime climbs out of the canyon in time to see the Autobots leave the battlefield with his clone.  The clone calls Autobots by the wrong name and doesn’t know his way around the Ark, so some of the Autobots suspect something is wrong.  The Clone blames his strange behaviour on battle damage.  Teletran 1’s proximity alarm goes off and the Autobots prepare for an attack.  The Autobots see that the real Optimus Prime is trying to get into the base.  The clone tells the Autobots to let Optimus Prime in and then kill him.  Ironhide gets between the Autobots and the real Optimus Prime.  He tells them that they can’t do anything until they figure out who the real Optimus Prime is. If the Autobots paid attention to the attitude and behaviour of both Optimus Primes, it would be easy to figure out which is real and which is a fake.  The clone is quick to choose violence, and the real one is very diplomatic.  Bumblebee tries to use Teletran 1 to figure out which Optimus is the real one, but Teletran 1 says that both are identical.  The Autobots set up a series of tests to try to figure out who is the real Optimus.  The first is a sharpshooting contest.  The clone makes a boulder fall on the real Optimus, but he digs himself out.  The next test is a race, but there is no clear winner.  After those two tests, the Autobots give up on trying to figure out who is who, instead of asking questions that only Optimus would know the answer to.  Ironhide takes command of the Autobots and leads them, and both Optimus Primes, back to the crevice of energy crystals.  It is a trap and the Decepticons immediately attack.  Megatron makes a clone of Starscream for the Optimus Clone to destroy.  He hopes that the Autobots will side with Clone Optimus.  The two clones have a staged fight and Clone Optimus destroys Clone Starscream and the Autobots accept Clone Optimus as the real Optimus Prime.  Clone Optimus orders the Autobots to go into the energy crystal crevice.  The real Optimus Prime begs the Autobots not to follow the clone.  Before the Autobots can enter the crevice, Windcharger emerges and reveals the Decepticons’ plot.  Windcharger tells the Autobots that Spike is a prisoner of the Decepticons.  The Autobots realize that Clone Optimus is the clone when he doesn’t try to save Spike.  The Autobots shoot Clone Optimus and he falls into the energy crystals and is destroyed.

Optimus Prime detects a strange energy flare under the ocean.  He organizes the Autobots and asks for volunteers to help him investigate.  Hound, Brawn, Wheeljack, Bumblebee and Spike  travel to the underwater city of Atlantis.  The small group of Autobots learns that the Decepticons have allied themselves with the Atlanteans.  Optimus Prime organizes the Autobots and Dinobots to protect Washington DC and sends Bumblebee and Spike to save Wheeljack.  Optimus takes the Autobots into Washington DC just as the Decepticons activate a force field that surrounds the city.  Once the force field is activated, no one can enter or leave the city.  Once they enter the city, Optimus Prime and the Autobots engage Megatron and the Decepticons in battle.  Optimus Prime and Brawn restrain and damage Thundercracker.  King Nergil comes to Thundercracker’s aid and fires his magnetic weapon at Optimus, immobilizing him.  Grimlock tries to save Optimus Prime, but Megatron attacks him.  Eventually, Grimlock gets the magnetic weapon and destroys it.  Once the weapon is destroyed, the Autobots regain their mobility.  Megatron sees that he and the Decepticons are about to be defeated so they retreat.  To guarantee that the Autobots won’t follow him, Megatron strikes the Washington Monument and it starts to fall.  Optimus Prime catches the monument as the Decepticons fly off.  After repairing Washington DC, the Autobots travel to Atlantis again to confront the Atlanteans and Decepticons.  Optimus Prime transports the Dinobots in his trailer to the battle.  Both the Autobots and the Decepticons evacuate Atlantis when Nergil detonates the energy stockpiles.  Optimus Prime says that he doesn’t expect to see Nergil return for a long time.

Wheeljack, Bluestreak, and Optimus Prime are working on a project when Teletran 1 alerts them that Decepticons are approaching the Ark.  Optimus Prime transforms and the Autobots follow him to protect the Ark.  Optimus Prime and Ratchet stay back while a few other Autobots fight.  Optimus’ sensors go off that something is wrong.  Skywarp flies towards Optimus Prime and Ratchet.  He fires a missile at Ratchet, but Optimus Prime scoops him up to protect him from the explosion.  Rumble sees Skywarp’s unsuccessful attempt and tries to attack the two Autobots.  He uses his pile drivers to open up the ground under Optimus Prime and Ratchet.  They fall into the pit that Rumble created.  The Decepticons suddenly retreat and the Autobots return to base.  Optimus Prime suspects something is afoot.  The next day, the Autobots receive a warning from Teletran 1 that a rocket is being attacked by the Decepticons.  The rocket is carrying a satellite which can be used as an energy source.  The Autobots plan to go to defend the rocket but they start to become evil.  Teletran 1 detects “evil” in the base, and that evil is the Autobots.  Megatron and Starscream snuck into the Autobot base and altered their recharging station to turn the Autobots evil.  Megatron controls the Autobots now, and he commands Optimus Prime to destroy Teletran 1.  Optimus Prime drives his fist through the computer. The next day, Optimus Prime, Prowl, and Brawn attack a rocket base to get the satellite.  They burst through the barrier and continue to the runway.  The three Autobots transform and search the tarmac for the rocket with the satellite.  Together, they start to damage the jets on the base.  Bumblebee and Spike travel to the base to try to talk to the Autobots and make them good again.  Optimus slaps Bumblebee to the ground.  Bumblebee hides momentarily to collect himself, but doesn’t give up on talking to the Autobots.  Optimus Prime continues to destroy jets under Megatron’s orders.  Bumblebee jumps on a jet and tells Optimus that if he wants to destroy that jet, he’ll have to destroy him as well.  The corrupted Optimus Prime has no problem with destroying his friend.  Optimus Prime tries to punch Bumblebee, but Bumblebee jumps over his fists.  Optimus then grabs Bumblebee and lifts him over his head.  Spike rushes into the battlefield to try to save Bumblebee.  Before Optimus can hurt Bumblebee anymore, Skyfire lands and the restored Autobots save him.  Hound fires one of a device that will restore Optimus’ mind at him.  Optimus avoids the device and transforms into vehicle mode.  He separates into his three components; the main Optimus Prime, the command center in his trailer, and roller.  The Autobots need to attach a device to each component separately to fully restore Optimus Prime’s goodness.  The command center starts firing laser blasts at the Autobots but Hound is able to get a device on it before anyone is hurt.  Roller speeds passed the Autobots and Hound fires a device at it, restoring Roller.  Now the Autobots have to deal with the main Optimus Prime component, Optimus himself.  Optimus is in severe pain from the personality change and that two thirds of him are good again.  Bumblebee grabs the last device and rushes to Optimus.  Optimus calls out to Bumblebee to help him, Optimus wants to be restored to normal. Optimus Prime gains self control for a few moments and Bumblebee restores Optimus Prime.  After all of the Autobots are restored, they travel inside of Skyfire to stop the Decepticons from leaving Earth with an energy gathering satellite.  Skyfire reaches the rocket base in time for the Autobots to see the rocket fly into the air with the Decepticons inside of it.  Optimus Prime and Ratchet jump out of Skyfire to engage the rocket.  As Optimus Prime and Ratchet are trying to disconnect the satellite, Megatron and Soundwave start shooting at them.  The rocket crashes when Jazz uses his stereo to make the rocket’s fuel cells crumble.

While Perceptor is finishing up repairs on Ironhide, Optimus Prime enters the repair bay and drafts Brawn, Bumblebee, Perceptor, and Ironhide to join him on a mission.  Perceptor convinces Optimus to let him stay in the Ark so he can work on other projects.  Optimus Prime leads the Autobots to South America to investigate the discovery of a crashed Decepticon ship.  When they reach the South American jungle, the Autobots are forced to walk through the jungle instead of using their vehicle mode.  Brawn wants to create a path using their weapons, but Optimus Prime doesn’t want to damage the jungle.  The Autobots quickly find the trail that the Decepticons made.  They return to vehicle mode and travel to the Decepticons.  The Autobots arrive just as Hook installs the Star Drive of the ship inside of Megatron.  Megatron uses his new power to fire energy bolts from his hands at Optimus Prime.  Optimus falls down the hill that he was standing on with smoke coming out of his chest.  The Autobots attempt to attack, but Megatron is too powerful now that he has been enhanced by the Star Drive.  Optimus Prime is knocked unconscious and Smokescreen rushes to his aid.  Optimus Prime comes to and sees the Autobots facing defeat by Megatron’s hands.  He orders Smokescreen to create a diversion so the Autobots can escape and regroup.  Smokescreen is injured in the battle.  Together, the Autobots fire their weapons at a hill causing a rock slide.  The Decepticons are buried and the Autobots return to base to repair themselves.  Optimus Prime makes Wheeljack’s repair the first priority.  Optimus plans to use a force field to slow down Megatron, even though Teletran 1 says it won’t hold the Decepticon leader for very long.  While Perceptor is repairing Powerglide, he gets an idea on how to stop Megatron.  If a few Autobots are able to get inside of Megatron, they can disconnect the Heart of Cybertron from him, returning him to his normal power levels.  Perceptor wants to use his shrinking device to shrink a few Autobots to enter Megatron.  Optimus Prime orders Brawn and Bumblebee to join Perceptor, and Powerglide will fly them to Megatron.  While the three shrunken Autobots are inside of Megatron, Optimus Prime prepares the rest of the Autobots for the inevitable Decepticon attack.  Wheeljack creates a force field generator that he predicts will slow Megatron down for five minutes.  Optimus Prime has Ratchet organize every functioning Autobot to help buy Perceptor more time.  One by one, the Autobots are defeated by Megatron.  Optimus Prime watches behind the force field.  Megatron starts to attack the force field.  The force field shatters and Megatron is about to unleash all of his destructive energy on Optimus Prime.  He tries to fire but nothing happens.  Perceptor was successful at disconnecting the Star Drive inside of Megatron.  Optimus Prime realizes that the “microbot” mission was a success and shoots Megatron in the chest with his rifle.  Megatron falls to the ground, but winds up flying away.

When the Autobots have some down time, Spike tries to teach Optimus Prime about Basketball.  Optimus asks if he is drooling properly, and Spike corrects him that the term is dribbling.  When Hoist and Grapple enter the Autobot command center, Optimus throws the ball to Spike and knocks him to the ground.  Grapple shows Optimus a model of a solar tower that he wants to build full size.  The solar tower will provide substantial energy for the Autobots.  Optimus Prime thinks it is a great design, but won’t let Grapple build it.  He feels that it is too vulnerable to Decepticon attack. As Grapple is finishing his presentation, Teletran 1 alerts the Autobots that Powerglide has been attacked.  The Autobots transform and roll out.  Optimus Prime starts to develop a taste for Basketball.  He plays a round against Tracks, Smokescreen, and Inferno.  Optimus charges Tracks and slam dunks the ball.  Even though it was a foul.  Optimus helps Tracks up and sends him to get repaired.  Tracks mentions that he can’t find Hoist to have him make repairs.  Optimus suspects something is wrong when no one can find Hoist or Grapple.  Optimus sends Powerglide to search for the missing Autobots.  Optimus stays in radio contact with Powerglide while playing with a basketball in front of Teletran 1.  Powerglide reports to Optimus that he discovered Grapple and Hoist building the Solar Tower with the Constructicons.  In a rare moment, Optimus is really angry.  Grapple and Hoist have disobeyed and order and are consorting with the enemy.  Optimus isn’t sure if they were kidnapped, but he forms a strike force to go to the Solar Tower.  When the Autobots reach the Solar Tower, Optimus Prime orders them to attack.  The Autobots stay in vehicle mode and shoot lasers out of their headlights.  When the Autobots start to overpower the Constructicons, Megatron orders them to merge into Devestator.  Devestator attacks the Autobots with his eye beams.  The Autobots fight back, but their weapons aren’t strong enough to damage Devestator’s armor.  After Smokescreen makes Devestator’s foot get stuck in the Solar Tower, the Autobots combine their fire power and attack Devestator.  Devestator and the Solar Tower fall apart.

Optimus Prime receives a message from Bumblebee that the Insecticons are about to attack the Nova Power Plant to consume it’s energy supply.  If that happens, the Insecticons will be near unstoppable.  Optimus Prime creates a team of Autobots to intercept the Insecticons.  The Autobots arrive to see that the Decepticons and Insecticons are already attacking the power plant.  Starscream, Thundercracker, and Skywarp are fighting against human piloted helicopters.  Soundwave sends Laserbeak and Buzzsaw to attack Optimus Prime, Jazz, and Inferno.  Both sides seem to be evenly matched.  Hound, Bumblebee and Beachcomber arrive and try to assist Optimus.  Thundercracker strafes the Autobots with laser blasts.  Optimus gets out from behind cover and shoots his blaster at Thundercracker.  While the bulk of the Autobot force is fighting outside of the power plant, Optimus sends Wheeljack and Ironhide to deal with the Insecticons.  Optimus sees the two Autobots fall.  He then orders Bumblebee to cover him while the rest of the Autobots charge the Decepticons and Insecticons.  Wheeljack and Ironhide are loaded into Optimus Prime’s trailer so he can bring them back to the Ark for repairs.  While the wounded Autobots are being repaired, Spike uses Teletran 1 to learn that the energy that the Insecticons devoured will make them explode.  Optimus Prime tries to find an antidote for the Insecticons.  The Autobots roll back into action very quickly.  The Decepticons and Insecticons are attacking a facility to steal a combat computer.  The Autobots race to save the Insecticons and stop the Decepticons.  When the Autobots reach Iron Mountain, the Decepticons enter the facility while the Insecticons fight the Autobots.  Early in the battle, Shrapnel fires his blaster at rocks above the Autobots.  It causes a rock slide which temporarily incapacitates the Autobots.  Optimus Prime is the first to free himself and uses his blaster to free the rest of the trapped Autobots.  Bombshell has implanted Cerebro Shells in all of the Decepticons except Megatron.  Megatron is about to fire his fusion cannon at Bombshell to kill him for his treachery.  Optimus Prime leaps through the air to tackle Megatron.  If Bombshell is shot by the cannon, he will explode and take everyone with him.  Bombshell orders the mind controlled Decepticons to fire their weapons at Optimus Prime and Megatron.  While the Decepticons are attacking Optimus and Megatron, the Insecticons enter Iron Mountain to gather the data inside for themselves.  Wheeljack and Ratchet arrive at the battlefield just as the Insecticons are trying to steal the data from Iron Mountain.  Megatron and Optimus Prime form a very brief truce.  Together, they use Ratchet and Wheeljack’s serum to prevent the Insecticons from exploding.  Megatron uses his fusion cannon to make the Insecticons scatter.  The Insecticons are in pain from the unstable energy they absorbed from the Nova Power Plant.  Shrapnel fires his blaster at Megatron and sends him crashing through a wall.  Optimus rushes to help Megatron up.  Optimus Prime gets an idea on how they can stop the Insecticons.  Megatron transforms into gun mode and Optimus Prime loads the cure into him.  Optimus fires Megatron at Bombshell, preventing him from exploding.  Kickback transforms and grabs Soundwave.  He tries to kick a hole in the wall so he can escape.  Optimus fires Megatron at him and cures him.  Shrapnel remains the only one who is going to explode.  Lightning strikes Shrapnel that came in from the hole that Kickback made.  Shrapnel feels that he is able to defeat all of the Autobots and Decepticons himself.  He shoots lightning at Optimus Prime.  Optimus is damaged and drops Megatron.  Spike saves the day by climbing up Shrapnel’s body and throws the serum inside of Shrapnel’s chest.  Optimus allows the Decepticons to escape and chase the Insecticons.

Teletran 1 notifies Optimus Prime about strange behavior of many oil tankers.  Optimus Prime observes their projected path and deduces that they are all heading towards the Decepticon undersea base.  Obviously, Optimus assumes (correctly) that Megatron is the cause.  Before he can act, the Autobots receive a distress call from a scientist at Quantum Labs.  The Decepticons have reprogrammed a powerful computer named Torq III and the staff is held captive.  Optimus Prime gathers the Autobots to help Quantum Labs, but is torn that he can’t save the oil tankers as well (I don’t understand why he can’t split the many Autobots into two teams).  Hound volunteers to look into the oil tankers.  Several Autobots follow Optimus Prime to Quantum Labs.  When they reach the lab, Optimus Prime rips open the guard rail so the rest of the Autobots can enter the compound in vehicle mode.  The Autobots are quickly attacked by the automated defenses which are being controlled by Torq III.  The Autobots draw their weapons and rush into the compound.  They are met by a squad of tanks which are also under Torq III’s control.  Once the Autobots realize that they are being attacked by computer controlled drones, they don’t hold back.  Optimus unleashes a fury of energy blasts with his rifle at the tanks.  The Autobots are surrounded by tanks and the automated cannons start to target them.  Instead of retreating or commanding the Autobots to destroy the vehicles, Optimus Prime orders the Autobots to disable the vehicles by shooting the tires.  His strategy isn’t a good one because the Autobots are soon overtaken by the tanks.  Optimus Prime calls the Dinobots for help by pressing a button on his grill.  When the Dinobots reach Quantum Labs, Optimus Prime orders them to destroy all of the automated vehicles.  The Dinobots wreck every automated vehicle and weapon, saving the Autobots.  Optimus Prime and the Dinobots go to Torq III’s chamber to try to stop it.  Before they can enter, Sludge raises Optimus Prime up so he can rescue two scientists.  They don’t go inside the compound.  Optimus Prime talks to the lead scientist to explains what Torq III is.  Dr. Gates tells the Autobots that Torq III doesn’t have the ability to control every single machine.  Sparkplug shows up and tells Dr. Gates and the Autobots that he found control chips on all of the machines that attacked the Autobots.  Optimus takes one of the control chips and puts it inside of his wrist.  The Autobots try to approach Torq III’s control room, but the door is locked.  Optimus Prime blasts it open with his rifle.   Torq III uses an automated weapon to shoot at Optimus Prime, but Optimus is able to avoid injury.  The machine emerges from the control room to attack the Autobots.  Optimus Prime leaps into the air to defend his soldiers.  He grabs the top of the machine and rips it in half.  Another machine, this time one with a large claw, comes out of the lab to attack the Autobots.  One machine is purple and has tendrils like whips.  The machine’s tentacles slither across the ground and wrap themselves in Optimus’ legs.  It then restrains his arms.  He tries to break free, but it is made from a strong alloy that he can’t break.  The machine unleashes sharp gears that look like a buzz saw (what is the practical application of this machine???) and starts to draw Optimus closer and closer to destroy him.  Optimus Prime wraps the tendrils around his legs and flips the machine over.  He is saved and the machine is smashed.  After all of the machines are destroyed, Optimus Prime leads the Autobots into Torq III’s main building.  Torq III has altered the building to become a maze.  Optimus Prime leaves the rest of the Autobots at the entrance of the maze so they can’t get lost.  He alone wants to deal with Torq III.  Optimus Prime travels through the maze as Torq III taunts him.  A weaponize machine turns a corner and shoots an energy blast at Optimus Prime.  It blocks the way for him to continue to Torq III so he shoots a hole in the wall and escapes from the machine.  He encounters a rivet machine which fires a barrage of hot rivets at Optimus.  Optimus blasts it to pieces with his Ion Cannon.  Torq III opens a door in the maze, a monster like machine comes out of the door to attack Optimus Prime.  It has six legs and six tentacles, each with a sharp claw on it (Seriously, what is the real world application for a machine like that?).  It grabs Optimus Prime with two of the tentacles and he drops his gun.  The machine tries to implant a control chip onto Optimus.  The machine is able to attach a control chip on Optimus.  He walks like a zombie to Torq III’s chamber.  When he enters the chamber, Optimus Prime stands in front of Torq III’s monitor.  Torq III declares himself as Optimus’ master.  Optimus Prime reveals that he is in full control of his functions!  He tells Torq III that he slipped a dead control chip into the machine’s claws.  Torq III orders his machines to attack Optimus, but before they can, he runs to Torq III’s control panel and smashes it.  Torq III and all of it’s machines are deactivated.  After Optimus Prime successfully deactivates Torq III, the Autobots use one of Quantum Labs’ hydrofoils to reach the Decepticon oil platform.  The Autobots reach the oil platform just as Hound, Spike, and Skyfire disable the force field that is protecting it.  The Autobots and Decepticons battle, and everyone is shooting wildly.  Megatron tries to run away with his remote control and Optimus runs after him.  Optimus wrestles the control panel away from Megatron, but Megatron leaps at Optimus Prime to recover it.  Optimus Prime throws the remote control at Megatron, causing him to crush the remote control when he flops to the ground.  Megatron runs away.  Optimus Prime tells the captains of all of the oil tankers that they can control their boats again and advises them to leave.  Megatron sets explosives to go off on the platform and the Decepticons retreat.  The oil platform starts to detonate while the Autobots are still on it.  The Autobots board their boat and escape safely.  Optimus Prime stays behind to rescue Spike, Hound, and Skyfire.  Optimus Prime rips a hole in the oil platform like he was tearing the top off of a tin can.  He quickly finds Spike, Hound, and Skyfire.  Skyfire transforms and takes Optimus Prime, Hound, and Spike to safety.

Optimus Prime and the Autobots respond to a distress call from a Solar Power Facility that was just built.  Starscream and the Coneheads tried to take control of the facility to make Energon Cubes.  When the Autobots arrive, they see that the Decepticons are already battling tanks driven by humans.  The Decepticons are overwhelming the tanks and destroying them. The battle is very short and the Autobots successfully defend the facility.  As the Decepticons retreat into the air in vehicle mode, the Autobots continue to fire their weapons at them.  The mayor of Central City praises the Autobots for their good work.  The Mayor tells Optimus Prime that he wants to honor all of the Autobots for their hard work.  Optimus Prime agrees and shakes hands with the Mayor.  The mayor declares a special holiday called Autobot Day.  Optimus Prime and the Autobots are showcased in a parade.  Shawn Berger interrupts the ceremony with a tape of the fake Autobots fighting the Decepticons at the oil refinery.  Berger then shows another video taken of a fake Wheeljack telling a fake Optimus Prime that the Autobots have been using a device on the Decepticons to make them act evilly.  Ironhide wants to immediately work to prove the Autobots’ innocence.  Optimus Prime is more passive and wants to try to let things work themselves out. The Autobots return to the Ark and await an investigation.  Spike, Sparkplug and Chip join the Autobots when they travel to the Ark.  The crowd starts to throw garbage and tomatoes at the Autobots and their human friends.  Optimus Prime has no idea how the Autobots can clear their name.  The next thing they know, Shawn Berger is approaching the Ark with a platoon of his tanks.  Ironhide and Cliffjumper want to fight, but Optimus won’t allow them to.  He orders the Autobots to submit to Berger’s tanks but they will only surrender to a legitimate law enforcement official.  The Mayor is in Berger’s helicopter and places the Autobots under arrest.  Optimus Prime orders the Autobots to submit to the arrest and not offer any resistance. The Autobots are given a trial and are found guilty.  They are exiled from the Earth forever.  After their ship takes off, Megatron uses Teletran 1 to alter the flight plan to send the Autobots into the sun.

After the Autobots were exiled from Earth, Cosmos guides the Autobot spacecraft away from Earth.  Ironhide blames Optimus Prime for giving up too easily and causing the Autobot exile.  Optimus maintains his stance that he did what he felt he had to do.  Optimus Prime starts to question his actions.  He orders Cliffjumper to turn the ship around so the Autobots can return to Earth.  The controls are unresponsive and they can’t change course.  Hound realizes that the Autobot ship is on a course to the sun.  Cosmos enters the ship to try to redirect their course away from the sun but is unable.  The closer the Autobot ship gets to the sun, the more that the Autobots’ systems are starting to fail.  Optimus starts to believe that there is no chance of survival.  The ship is destroyed and the world thinks the Autobots are dead.  They survive when Trailbreaker surrounds the Autobots with a force field and links it to Cosmos.  Cosmos guides the Autobots back to Earth.  Once the Autobots return to Earth, they follow Optimus Prime to a power plant to engage Megatron and the Decepticons.  Starscream is the first Decepticon to fall when Optimus Prime shoots him with his Ion Cannon.  The Autobots prove to be too powerful and the Decepticons retreat.  The Mayor apologizes to the Autobots for everything that has happened and asks them to come back to Earth permanently.  Optimus Prime agrees to.  He also wants to make sure that Berger is justly punished, unlike the Autobots.  Like the hero he was designed to be, Optimus Prime never looses faith in the human race.

Optimus Prime leads the Autobots when they join forces with the American Military at a rocket base. They are testing a new weapon called the Negavator which Wheeljack created..  The Negavator is a tank like vehicle which a Transformer can ride inside of that has the power to vaporize mater.  In it’s first test, the Autobots vaporize a space rocket (which doesn’t really seem cost effective).  The Autobots congratulate Wheeljack for his hard work, but before the festivities can continue, Red Alert’s early warning system sounds.  Decepticons are on their way to the rocket base.  Optimus Prime orders the Autobots to transform into vehicle mode to engage the incoming Decepticons.  Red Alert stays behind to guard the weapon with Inferno.  The Autobots try to exit the compound, but they are ambushed by Rumble, Frenzy, and Ravage.  The three small Decepticons are unleashing a torrent of laser fire on the Autobots.  Optimus orders the Autobots to transform out of vehicle mode and fight the Decepticons.  Optimus Prime, Ironhide, and Hoist are the first to start fighting.  They ready their weapons, and Buzzsaw joins the fight.  From the air, he fires on the three Autobots. Optimus Prime orders them to fall back so the heat from the laser attacks won’t damage their internal processors.  Ravage fires a missile at the door of the bunker.  The explosion prevents the Autobots from being able to leave to protect the Negavator.  Wheeljack realizes that Soundwave has a clear path to steal his invention.  Grapple and Hoist work together to clear an exit for the Autobots.  Optimus Prime is the first to reach the Negavator and tries to defend it.  He actually gets in Red Alert’s way because Red Alert was controlling the Negavator remotely to fight Soundwave.  Frenzy races towards Optimus Prime and makes him fall to the ground by ramming Optimus with his shoulder.  This gives Rumble the opportunity to get inside of the Negavator.  Rumble targets Optimus Prime with the Negavator’s cannon and prepares to fire.  Inferno arrives on the battlefield and shorts out the Negavator, saving Optimus Prime.  After the Negavator is disabled, Soundwave and the other Decepticons fly away to regroup.  While Rumble is flying away, he shoots a missile inside of the Autobot bunker and Red Alert is damaged.  Hoist digs Red Alert out, but Red Alert blames Inferno for his injuries.  Red Alert storms out of the control room and Optimus Prime chases him.  Inside of an armory, Red Alert tells Optimus that Inferno betrayed him.  Optimus defends Inferno’s actions and explains that without Inferno, the Decepticons would have taken control of the Negavator (and would’ve killed Optimus).  Red Alert is starting to become paranoid from the damage to his circuits.  He tells Optimus that Inferno is after his job as security director.  Optimus suggests that Red Alert gets examined by Hoist.  Optimus leads the Autobots back to their headquarters through a desert canyon.  Megatron and Rumble are standing on the top of the canyon and are spying on the Autobots.  Rumble accidentally knocks some rocks into the canyon, and the Autobots stop.  Optimus Prime asks Red Alert to analyze the noise.  Red Alert still hasn’t been repaired from the missile attack, so his warning systems don’t hear the noise of the rocks hitting the ground.  They are ambushed by the Decepticons when Rumble uses his pile drivers to create an avalanche.  They transform into robot mode, but boulders continue to fall on them.  Starscream, the Seekers, and the Coneheads swoop down from the air in jet mode and start unleashing a fury of weapons fire on the Autobots.  Optimus Prime asks Red Alert why he didn’t warn the Autobots of the Decepticon attack.  Red Alert becomes very defensive and accusing Optimus Prime and the Autobots of wanting to get rid of him.  Optimus realizes that Red Alert is more damaged than he thought.  Optimus orders Inferno and Hoist to restrain Red Alert so he can be repaired.  Red Alert’s logic and reasoning circuits are damaged.  Red Alert’s paranoia continues to grow, he thinks that the Autobots want to disassemble him to turn him into spare parts.  Red Alert pushes past Inferno and Hoist and runs into a forest.  Optimus orders the Autobots to find him so they can repair him before he gets worse.  Optimus, Ironhide, and Hoist track what they think is Red Alert to a city.  When they catch up with the car, it isn’t actually Red Alert, just a Fire Chief’s car that looks exactly like Red Alert.  Optimus, Hoist, and Ironhide search the city tirelessly but can’t find Red Alert.  Even though he may explode, Optimus orders the Autobots back to base so they can protect the Negavator and recharge.  Optimus points out that their power levels are so low that if they Decepticons attack, they won’t be able to protect themselves from them.  They transform and return to the Ark.  After recharging, Optimus and Hoist bring the Negavator back to the bunker in the military base.  They secure it in “Level 9” of the bunker and activate the defenses.  While inside the bunker, Ironhide tells Optimus Prime that the intruder alarm of the Negavator is going off.  Together, they investigate.   Optimus Prime, Inferno, Hoist, and Ironhide intercept Red Alert as he is trying to leave the bunker with the Negavator.  They think that Starscream his holding Red Alert prisoner, but Red Alert tells them that Starscream is his partner.  Optimus Prime tries to reason with Red Alert and tells him that he needs help.  Megatron and the Decepticons enter the bunker to steal the Negavator.  Starscream shoots Red Alert with his null ray and that cures his mental instability.  Inferno is forced to short out the Negavator and the Decepticons plan to retreat.  Megatron orders them to stay, but they are too concerned with their own safety.  After the Decepticons escape, Megatron follows.  

Optimus and the Autobots watch a news report from the Ark.  The report says that the Empire State Building in New York City sunk into the ground and disappeared.  Optimus Prime quickly realizes that Megatron and the Decepticons are responsible.  The Autobots travel to Manhattan to protect it from Decepticons.  Sparkplug stays in the Ark to monitor the mission.  Optimus Prime contacts him to radio Wheeljack and several other Autobots to meet him in Central Park.  It is unknown why Optimus couldn’t signal Wheeljack on his own.  When the Autobots reach what looks like the Cross Bronx Expressway, they travel on it on the one day in history where there is no traffic.  When the Autobots reach Central Park, they are ambushed by Soundwave, Rumble, and Frenzy.  Soundwave occupies Optimus Prime while Megatron and the Constructicons enact their plan.  Scavenger digs under Optimus Prime while Optimus is grappling with Soundwave.  Optimus Prime falls into the hole into Long Haul payload and becomes a Decepticon prisoner.  Megatron severs Optimus Prime’s motor relays and Optimus is trapped within himself.  Even though Optimus is unable to move or speak, he makes his eyes glow.  Megatron is worried that somehow Optimus Prime will find a way to regain control over his body, so he has Hook disassemble Optimus Prime.  Hook uses a laser sword to chop Optimus Prime apart.  His head still functions and Megatron keeps it with him as a trophy.  Optimus is able to send signals to his dismembered body parts and makes them twitch.  Optimus makes his severed arms reach out and trip Megatron.  Optimus Prime’s body is turned into a mechanical Alligator that fights a number of Autobots in the sewer.  Ratchet and Hound break into the Decepticon base and find Optimus Prime’s severed head.  Ratchet reconnects Optimus’ voice box and he thanks the two Autobots for saving him.  Optimus’ head is able to send out signals and leads the Autobots to his legs.  Optimus’ legs fly though the air and the Autobots start looking for the rest of his parts.  Optimus’ head leads the other Autobots and Spike through the sewer back to the trapped robot alligator.  Optimus Prime sends out a signal from his head to pacify the creature and Ratchet works on turning the alligator back into Optimus Prime.  Ratchet is successful, but Scrapper still has Optimus’ arm and Ion Cannon.  Optimus Prime leads the Autobots to his arm and tells Mirage to radio the other Autobots for back up.  The Autobots take Optimus Prime above ground.  They approach the Decepticon Citadel in the Empire State Building.  It isn’t long before they are attacked by Optimus Prime’s own weapon.  Optimus Prime orders all of the Autobots to scatter and transform.  Optimus witnesses Bumblebee, Sideswipe, and Sunstreaker being attacked by Constructicon created Decepti-cabs.  He can’t fight them because his weapon is still on top of the Empire State Building.  He transforms into vehicle mode to try to help his comrades.  He rams the Decepti-cabs in vehicle mode, sending them crashing into the buildings.  After the Decepti-cabs are destroyed, Optimus barrels through the streets into the Decepticon Fortress’ defenses which were manned by the Constructicons.  Optimus meets up with Ironhide, and together they try to reclaim Optimus Prime’s arm.  As they run closer to the Decepticon Fortress, the automated arm of Optimus Prime continues to shoot at them.  They meet up with Ratchet and Ironhide shoots a cable from his arm.  The three Autobots climb up the tower to get Optimus’ arm.  Devestator catches up to Optimus and grabs him.  Ironhide and Ratchet try to save Optimus, but before they can fire, Devestator hits them through a wall using Optimus Prime as a club.  Taking a note from King Kong, Wheeljack makes a remote control for a few helicopters and uses them to attack Devestator.  The helicopters fire rockets at the combiner but they have no effect.  Devestator swats the helicopters away and they explode.  Bumblebee and Spike remove the Decepticon control of Optimus Prime’s arm.  They reach the roof of the fortress but they are being pursued by Buzzsaw and Laserbeak.  Spike tells Optimus that the Decepticons don’t control his army anymore.  Optimus sends out a signal to the arm and hits Laserbeak and Buzzsaw.  Optimus then controls the arm to shoot Devestator with his Ion Rifle.  Devestator falls to the ground and is defeated.  Before Optimus hits the ground, Ratchet and Ironhide catch him.  The Decepticons are defeated and fly away, promising to return.

Optimus Prime is joined by Hound, Jazz, and Mirage when the Autobots are asked to watch a demonstration of a new drone fighter.  The scientist who created the drone wants to do his part to help the Autobots protect the human race from the Decepticons.  The drone explodes at the same time that Ironhide and Blaster get to Optimus to tell him that the Decepticons are near.  Optimus Prime takes Ironhide and Blaster to examine the wreckage.  The Autobots quickly realize that the Decepticons are responsible for the drone’s destruction.  Optimus Prime takes Jazz and Blaster to the main laboratory and they find Megatron, Soundwave, and Starscream about to steal the plans for the drone.  Optimus Prime kicks Megatron through a wall and the Decepticons fly away.  While Optimus Prime and the Autobots are helping repair the laboratory, Optimus gets a communication from Bumblebee.  Bumblebee, Spike, and Carly discovered Decepticons hiding in an airport.  Optimus Prime is too far away to help, so he calls Wheeljack.  Wheeljack isn’t able to help either because the Ark is too understaffed, so Wheeljack sends the Dinobots to help Bumblebee.  The Dinobots succeed in driving the Decepticons away, but they are damaged as well as the airport.  While Grapple is managing Powerglide and Ironhide rebuilding the airport, Optimus Prime arrives to check on their status.  After the Dinobots leave the Autobots, Optimus Prime takes most of the Autobots to fight the Decepticons.  The Decepticons took over a power plant to make Energon Cubes.  Ravage pounces on Optimus and is about to damage him further.  Before he can attack, he transforms into cassette mode uncontrollably.  Optimus picks up the cassette and puts it into a garbage can. Megatron fires his fusion cannon at an electrical tower.  It falls on Optimus Prime and traps him.  Megatron transforms into gun mode and arms Starscream.  Starscream is about to shoot Optimus, but Megatron misfires and Starscream almost shoots himself in the foot.  All of the Autobots and Decepticons are malfunctioning in some way so they stop fighting to find out what is going on.  Optimus Prime is very weak.  They find out that because they have been away from Cybertron for so long, they are deprived of an element called Cybertonium.  The only place that the element exists is Cybertron.  Spike and Carly enter the repair bay and tell the Autobots that they learned that Shockwave is sending Cybertonium to Megatron on the Space Bridge.  Spike and Carly go to Cybertron, recover the Dinobots, bring back Cybertonium, and the Autobots are saved.

After the Autobots recover from their Cybertonium deficiency, they receive a new member, Omega Supreme.  Optimus Prime and Sparkplug work together to calibrate his weapon systems.  While they are working, the Ark gets a deafening transmission from Blaster.  Blaster is at a rock concert and wants to share the music with the Autobots.  Optimus Prime claims he has never heard anything like that, and Hoist tells him that it is music.  Optimus Prime is overwhelmed by the music and tells Blaster to lower his volume.  Blaster doesn’t respond and Optimus tells him to “shut up”.  The music is interrupted when the Autobots receive a distress call from a scientist whose observatory is being attacked by the Decepticons.  Optimus Prime and the Autobots transform to engage the Decepticons and protect the observatory.  The Autobots arrive at the observatory too late, the Decepticons have already escaped with the device.  Optimus Prime asks why the Decepticons would want the device.  The scientist doesn’t know, but he theorizes that the Decepticons could use it to intercept radio transmissions or decode messages.  Optimus Prime promises that the Autobots will recover it.  Megatron succeeds in disrupting all communications on Earth.  Optimus Prime rallies the Autobots to prevent catastrophes.  Optimus Prime and Powerglide help jets land safely.  Ramjet swoops down from the sky and rams himself into Optimus Prime.  Optimus Prime is forced into stasis lock.  Carly makes some makeshift repairs but Optimus is still not awake.  They realize that Megatron is on the moon and bring the unconscious Optimus Prime to Omega Supreme.  Together, they fly to the moon to stop Megatron.  When Omega Supreme lands on the moon, Megatron and Astrotrain leave the Decepticon Base.  Megatron sees the unconscious Optimus Prime.  He prepares to shoot him, but instead he kicks Optimus.  Optimus Prime awakens and grabs Megatron’s legs.  He seems to be re-energized and throws Megatron into a crater.  Megatron runs towards Optimus Prime and they grapple with one another  ptimus throws Megatron and grabs his gun.  He is ready to shoot Megatron.  Before Optimus can finally end Megatron’s existence, Megatron takes to the air and escapes.  Optimus tries to shoot him but can’t land a shot.  Optimus saves Blaster and Cosmos.
Optimus Prime and the Autobots receive a distress call from Cosmos.  Cosmos was following energy readings emanating from Saturn’s moon Titan.  Optimus Prime asks Cosmos to send him his coordinates, but Red Alert stops him and says that it is too dangerous.  The Autobots loose contact with Cosmos.  Hours later, Cosmos’ communications are reactivated by a primitive alien named Talaria.  Optimus Prime asks her what planet she is on, but she doesn’t know what the word planet means.  He guides her through activating Cosmos’ locator beacon so the Autobots can rescue Cosmos.  Optimus goes to Omega Supreme to take him and Perceptor to Titan to rescue Cosmos.  Omega Supreme will expend 97% of his energy on the journey, so the Autobots will be forced to find energy for him when he lands.  Red Alert doesn’t want Optimus to go because Optimus is too valuable to the Autobots.  Jazz replaces Optimus Prime in the rescue mission.

Optimus Prime uses Teletran 1 to figure out that the Decepticons are drilling into the Earth.  He is afraid that the drill will shatter the planet.  Several Autobots already tried to stop the Decepticons, but they were foiled by Devestator.  Prowl explains to Optimus Prime that as long as the Decepticons have Devestator, the Autobots will be unable to defeat them.  Luckily, Wheeljack and Chip worked together to create a new invention called The Dominator Disks.  The Dominator Disks will rewire the Constructicons to ally themselves with the Autobots.   Optimus Prime is intrigued and Chip explains that they need to attach a disk to each Constructicon.  Optimus Prime assembles a commando raiding party to attach the disks to the Constructicons that night.  The Autobots travel to the waterfall where the Decepticons are drilling.  Optimus Prime has Ironhide freeze the waterfall to get the Decepticon’s attention.  After all of the Constructicons have Dominator Disks attached to them, the Autobots are lifted out of the canyon by an elevator attached to Optimus Prime’s trailer.  Later that night, Optimus Prime, and the Autobots race towards the Decepticon base in vehicle mode.  Megatron rallies all of the Decepticons and together, they fire all of their weapons at the Autobots.    When Devestator attacks, he grabs Optimus Prime and lifts him up.  Wheeljack and Chip activate the Dominator Disks and Devestator is under Autobot control.  Optimus quickly commands Devestator to put him down and attack the Decepticons.  After Devestator falls under Autobot control, he traps all of the Decepticons in their base which is inside of a cave.  Ironhide wants to finish them off, but Optimus feels that they will be trapped forever.  The Autobots return to base, but quickly experience an earthquake.  Optimus Prime realizes that the Decepticons are still drilling.  He gathers the Autobots to stop the Decepticons from drilling into the Earth.  They attack the drilling platform using Devestator.  When Optimus Prime enters the base, he doesn’t see the Decepticons.  As Devestator is about to destroy the drill, Megatron reveals himself and uses a disruptor to disable the Dominator Disks.  The disruptor causes Devestator to go wild and attack both Autobot and Decepticon.  The Autobots and Decepticons work together to bring the correct Devestator back.  Devestator destroys the drill and rejoins the Decepticons.

Optimus Prime usually takes the stance of not getting involved with human crimes.  Most of the time in the cartoon, the Autobots only battle the Decepticons.  When they fight a human, it is when the human allies with the Decepticons (see Dr. Arkeville and Shawn Berger).  Optimus Prime strays from this policy when he helps Tracks and Blaster shut down a chop shop in New York City.  Tracks and Blaster do most of the work, but when the owner of the chop shop tries to escape, Optimus Prime arrives to stop him.  The owner fires a pistol at Optimus, but the bullets bounce off.  Optimus Prime tells the owner to throw down the gun and surrender, and then the police arrest the owner.  This was the first night of the Autobot Crime Buster campaign.  After a successful night, the Autobots transform and go to Sparkplug’s garage in New York City.  When they enter Sparkplug’s garage, they discover that it is a mobile version of their headquarters, complete with a connection to Teletran 1.  Optimus asks Sparkplug if there is anything that the Autobots need to attend to, and Sparkplug tells him that there isn’t.  Optimus Prime sends Cosmos and Powerglide to patrol the skies, and Seaspray to patrol the river.  Optimus Prime contacts Powerglide while he is on patrol.  Powerglide reports that he has nothing to report.  Optimus requests that all of the Autobots who are on patrol look for Tracks who has gone missing.  After Powerglide and Cosmos discover Starscream, they are defeated in battle and return to Optimus Prime.  Optimus deduces that the Decepticons have gone to New Jersey.  He gathers the Autobots to go to the Pine Barrens to investigate.  When the Autobots return with Tracks, Optimus Prime asks Tracks what he experienced.  Almost right away, the Autobots are alerted that the Decepticons have unleashed weaponized cars on New York City.  Optimus Prime sends the Autobots out to defend the city.  Optimus Prime, Ratchet, and Blaster defend a bridge from the weaponized cars.  When the three Autobots get to a bridge, they transform and open fire at the deadly car drones.  The cars are quickly and easily destroyed.  They think they are victorious, but the cars transform into mindless robots and attack the Autobots.  The mindless drones have horrible aim.  Optimus Prime, Blaster, and Ratchet start firing their weapons again at the drones.  This time, the drones are really destroyed.  Blaster deactivate all of the drones through out all of New York City with a jamming signal.  Optimus Prime leads the Autobots to the Decepticon fortress.  He tells the Autobots not to fight the Decepticons, but to attack the fortress itself.  Megatron captures Tracks’ fried Raoul and Optimus orders the Autobots to stop firing.  Raoul saves himself and defeats the Decepticons when he shorts out Megatron with spray paint.  The Decepticons retreat to get Megatron repairs.
Spike and Chip approach Optimus Prime about an Autobot race for charity.  Optimus Prime agrees as long as the money goes to a charity.  The race ends with no clear winner because the Autobots kicked up so much dust, no one could tell who won.  While the Autobots were racing, the Decepticons used a device called the Transfixitron on them.   The Autobots learn they are trapped in vehicle mode when the Decepticons attack.  Optimus Prime tells the Autobots to transform and prepare for battle, but they can’t.  Optimus Prime commands the Autobots to attack the Decepticons while in vehicle mode.  The Decepticons subdue the Autobots by shooting out their tires.  Thundercracker overheats Optimus Prime’s engine by shooting him with an incendiary blast.  The Autobots are captured and brought to Megatron’s ghost town. Megatron plans on using a crushing device to destroy the Autobots.  Ironhide is the first in line to be crushed.  Optimus doesn’t want to see any of his Autobots get crushed.  Despite having limited mobility and no way to transform, he tries to fight back.   Optimus Prime deploys Roller to distract the Decepticons.  He drives at full speed into the crusher and frees Ironhide..  Before Megatron can accomplish complete Autobot destruction, Wheeljack, Ratchet, Brawn, Huffer, Bumblebee and their human friends arrive with a grenade that restores the Autobots’ ability to transform.  Once the Autobots transform into robot mode, the Constructicons merge into Devestator.  Ironhide and Optimus Prime fire on Devestator.   Devestator lifts up the two Autobots and throws them into a building.  Devestator is defeated when Cliffjumper and Wheeljack use the Transfixitron on him.

Optimus Prime learns that Omega Supreme has been d Electrum, a substance that makes it impossible to damage a Transformer.  Ironhide uses Teletran 1 to figure out that that Electrum is involved.  Electrum is a substance that makes it impossible to damage a Transformer who is coated with it.  It also makes them appear like they were made of gold.  Optimus Prime is familiar with the substance and sends out Autobot scouts to look for the source of the Electrum.  After Powerglide finds the source of the Electrum, Optimus Prime goes to the lagoon with the Autobots to coat himself with Electrum.  The Electrum coated Autobots fight the Electrum coated Decepticons, but neither side is able to damage the other.  During the battle, the Decepticons’ Electrum wears off and they are forced to retreat.  Unfortunately, the beautiful valley that hid the Electrum poll was destroyed in the battle.
As time goes on, Optimus starts deferring his leadership responsibilities to other Autobots.  The first time that we see this is when Red Alert doesn’t allow him to go on a mission to the moon of Titan.  When the Insecticons start attacking farms to eat the crops, Optimus lets Smokescreen lead a team of Autobots.  Despite Smokescreen’s mission ending in defeat, Optimus Prime still builds him up and doesn’t allow him to be depressed.  Optimus also sends Autobots away from Earth for exploration.  Bumblebee, Cosmos, and Spike travel to Floron III to try to find a chemical that the Autobots can use to fight the Insecticons.  Teletran 1 informs Optimus Prime that Megatron is stockpiling a significant amount of Energon Cubes (somehow the Autobots have a spy camera inside of the Decepticon base).  Before he can act, Bumblebee and Spike return to the Ark to get help.  Cosmos is trapped by robotic plants called Morphobots that they accidentally brought back from Floron III.  Optimus notices that Bumblebee has Morphobot spores on his back.  While Ratchet is removing the spores from Bumblebee, Optimus is able to get an image of Cosmos.  Cosmos is in a valley surrounded by Morphobot vines.  The Morphobots have grown tremendously and have taken over the entire valley.  Optimus Prime gathers a team of Autobots to save Cosmos and stop the Morphobots.  Once the Autobots rescue Cosmos from the Morphobots, Megatron has Dirge, Ramjet and Blitzwing fly into the valley to steal the Insecticide.  The Autobots defend themselves from the ground.  The Decepticons destroy the insecticide, but the Morphobots attack them.  Soon, the swarm of Insecticons and their clones travel to the valley.  The Morphobots eat the Insecticon clones prompting the Decepticons and Insecticons to fly away.  The Autobots send the Morphobots into space where they can’t hurt anyone or anything on Earth.

Cosmos returns from space and briefs Optimus Prime and Powerglide.  Cosmos discovered that the Constructicons were in space mining ore from an asteroid.  Cosmos suggests that he lures the Constructicons away and Powerglide attacks them.  Optimus Prime is hesitant to put Cosmos and Powerglide in danger until they learn more.  Powerglide is anxious to get into battle, but Optimus Prime tells him to wait.  Optimus sends Cosmos to get more information and goes to Omega Supreme.  Omega Supreme speaks to Optimus and doesn’t seem to have any interest in fighting the Decepticons.  When Optimus Prime tells him that the Constructicons are involved, Omega wants to fight.  Optimus reminds him that this is a military mission, not a personal vendetta.  Omega Supreme tells Optimus Prime about his origin and relationship with the Constructicons on Cybertron.  Optimus realizes that Omega Supreme is too emotionally tied to the Constructicons, and despite being the only Autobot who can travel into space to fight them, and despite being the only Autobot who can match Devestator’s strength, he orders Omega to stay on Earth until he hears otherwise.  Cosmos returns to the Ark with a sample of the ore.  Optimus sends Cosmos back into the field to find the Decepticon refinery and gives Perceptor the ore to analyze.  Optimus sends Omega Supreme to knock the Constructicons off of the asteroid and then destroy it.  Later, Optimus learns that the asteroid is organic and tries to stop Omega Supreme from destroying it.  Omega has turned off his communications.  The Asteroid turns out to be an egg with an alien dragon inside of it.  After the egg hatches, the alien dragon flies to Earth, but it flies back into space after Omega Supreme battles it.  Optimus Prime, single handed, defeats Megatron, the Constructicons, and Starscream from destroying the asteroid and making the dragon stay on Earth.

The Decepticons take control of a Baseball Stadium to build a Space Bridge.  Optimus Prime and the Autobots make their way to the stadium to defend the humans.  When they arrive, they find the Decepticons are already terrorizing the humans for their own twisted fun.  Thrust fires a missile at Bumblebee, but Optimus Prime intercepts it.  Optimus Punches the missile and it flies into the air and explodes.  Starscream and Megatron fire their weapons at Optimus and Bumblebee.  Bumblebee and Optimus Prime race towards the two Decepticons and tackle them. All four wind up inside of the ring of the Space Bridge.  From inside the Space Bridge, Optimus Prime lifts up Megatron and throws him into the air.  The Space Bridge malfunctions and activates itself.  Optimus Prime is part of a group of both Autobots and Decepticons who are sent across the universe.  The transformers arrive on an alien planet, specifically an alien child’s room.  Both sides think that the other is trying to trick them.  The Alien planet is inhabited by creatures so large, that they can hold a Transformer in their hand. The Autobots watch as the Decepticons are attacked by strange creatures.  The Autobots load the Decepticons’ Energon Cubes inside of Optimus Prime’s trailer and start to explore the alien environment.  They soon discover that they are in a giant child’s room.  Everything that has attacked the Decepticons is either a child’s pet or a child’s toy.  The Autobots hide inside of a toy house and watch the boy, named Aron, deal with the Decepticons in different ways.  Aron has no clue they are Transformers, he thinks they are all new toys.  Starscream gets free and finds the Autobots hiding in the toy house.  He starts a fire by shooting the Energon Cubes and the Autobots are discovered.  Aron quickly realizes that the Autobots are different from the Decepticons after Inferno puts out a fire that Starscream caused.  Also, the Autobots seem to be a little more passive.  Instead of immediately trying to escape like the Decepticons, they explored their alien surroundings.  The Autobots befriend Aron after Optimus Prime introduce the Autobots to him.  When Aron’s parents get home, he shows them the Decepticons first, then the Autobots.  The parents take the Transformers away and bring them to a lab so they can be studied and dissected.   Before the Autobots can be dissected, Aron grabs them and runs away.  Aron and the Autobots are chased by alien police.  A bully named Marty tries to take the Autobots away from Aron.  Optimus Prime shoots the cage open and the Autobots climb into a garbage can to hide. .  Aron gathers the Autobots and brings them to his house so he can hide them.  Aron wants to keep the Autobots as his toys forever, Optimus Prime explains to him that they have to return to Earth.  Before Aron can get home, the authorities catch up with him.  The Autobots leap into the sewer to hide from capture.  Bumblebee complains that the sewage isn’t clean.  The Autobots are intercepted by the Decepticons in the sewer.   Optimus is kicked in the head by Starscream.  Then, Ravage tries to pounce on Optimus, but Optimus catches the Decepticon instead.  A giant alien rat turns a corner in the sewers and sees Perceptor.  Perceptor runs for his safety while calling out to Optimus Prime for help.  Optimus shoots the rat and sends it flying into Bumblebee.  A wave of sewage ends the battle.  The Decepticons fly away, but the Autobots use a discarded cup to stay above water.  They eventually make their way to Aron’s house.  Optimus Prime lures Aron’s pet Nitro closer to the Autobots.  The Autobots ride Nitro inside of the house.  Perceptor formulates a makeshift Space Bridge, but the Autobots have to trade Bumblebee’s safety for the device.  One of the few things that consistently irritates Optimus aside for Blaster’s music is when Perceptor drones on and on about doing something instead of doing it.  The Decepticons return to Earth, but the Autobots are able to leave the giant planet by modifying Aron’s toy rocket ship into a real spacecraft.

While the Autobots are traveling back to Earth inside of Aron’s toy rocket, the rocket starts to lose momentum.   The Autobots are captured by an alien captain named Bosch.  He wants to sell the Autobots into slavery for Energon.  They are deactivated and put into stasis pod like tubes.  The Autobots are sold into the slavery of Lord Gyconi after Smokescreen loses while gambling.  The Autobots are reactivated and given unstable Energon to make them fight in a gladiatorial game.  The Unstable Energon will make them more aggressive, but it is short acting and can make them burn out quickly.  Optimus Prime is the first Autobot forced to fight.  In the pits, he fights an a red lizard like animalien.  Once the animalien sees Optimus, it runs towards him and slashes him with it’s claws.  Fueled by the unstable Energon, Optimus Prime starts to fight back, he grapples with the strange mutant creature.  Optimus Prime lifts up the creature and tosses it into the crowd.  The crowd pushes the animalien back into the ring.  Optimus resumes his grapple with the creature.  Optimus Prime’s supply of unstable Energon starts to wear off and he loses strength.  The animalien grabs him and tosses him aside.  The creature jumps on top of Optimus and tries to destroy him.  Before Optimus is destroyed, Lord Gyconi ends the match.  After Optimus Prime is defeated in the gladiator games, Inferno is brought out to help Optimus in a two on two battle.  The two Autobots are pitted against two animaliens.    Before the match starts, Smokescreen creates a cloud of smoke so he can help Optimus Prime and Inferno escape.  The two enslaved Autobots are not able to escape, despite Smokescreen’s attempt.  Gyconi is about to sell the enslaved Autobots to the Decepticons.  Smokescreen and his new friends save the Autobots and the Decepticons retreat back to Earth.  Their minds are restored and Bosch takes them all back to Earth.

Optimus Prime receives a communication from Megatron.  Megatron tells Optimus that the Decepticons have learned that the female Autobots are still alive on Cybertron.  Optimus is skeptical, but then Megatron tells him that their leader, Elita-1 has been captured.  Megatron shows him a transmission from Cybertron where Ramjet and Astrotrain are restraining Elita-1.  Optimus Prime sees that Megatron is telling the truth (for once).  Megatron demands that Optimus Prime surrenders to him to save Elita-1.  Megatron gives him two hours to comply.  Instead, Optimus Prime finds one of the Decepticons’ Space Bridges and uses it without any of the other Autobots knowing that he went to Cybertron.  While Optimus drives to the Space Bridge in vehicle mode, he remembers the last time he saw Elita-1 (over four million years ago).  Elita-1 and the female Autobots tried to board the Ark as Optimus Prime was trying to take off to go to Earth.  Optimus Prime promised to return to Cybertron for her.  Missiles strike the rocket pad and Optimus assumed that she was killed in the attack.  When Optimus Prime reaches the Space Bridge, he transforms into robot mode and pulls out his gun.  He is wary that it is a trap because there are no Decepticon guards.  When he emerges from the Space Bridge on Cybertron, he is immediately trapped in a clear cube-like cage..  Shockwave and Astrotrain reveal themselves and show Optimus Prime that Elita-1 is their prisoner.  Elita-1 frees herself from Astrotrain’s clutches and runs to Optimus Prime’s cage.  Elita-1 is restrained again, but instead of simply executing Optimus Prime, they plan to melt him in a pool of acid.   Elita-1 pleads to Starscream to let Optimus go.  Starscream obliges and drops Optimus Prime into the vat of acid.  Elita-1 uses her “use only once” power to stop time to save Optimus Prime.  Elita-1 resumes time for Optimus by touching him.  Freezing time drained her life force, she passes out just as Optimus Prime is restored.  Optimus transforms into vehicle mode and uses the battle platform to lift Elita-1 inside of his trailer.  Optimus Prime seeks out the wise and mysterious Alpha Trion to help bring Elita-1 back to life.  The Decepticons have no idea that Optimus was not destroyed.  When time starts again, there is debris in the vat of acid that they assume is Optimus Prime’s remains.  Optimus Prime drives through Cybertron in vehicle mode searching for Alpha Trion.  Optimus is desperate to save Elita-1.  Optimus Prime finds Alpha Trion’s base.  Elita-1 is completely unconcious so Optimus Prime carries her to Alpha Trion.  Before he can enter Alpha Trion’s domain, Alpha Trion emerges to the surface in a green elevator.  Alpha Trion is unable to fix her himself, but he instructs Optimus on how HE can save Elita-1.  Only Optimus Prime has the ability to share some of his life force with Elita-1 and bring her back to life.  Optimus plugs himself into her and wonders how Alpha Trion knew this.  Together, Optimus Prime and Elita-1 travel to Iacon to help their subordinates fight the Decepticons.  After Optimus Prime fires his blaster once, the Decepticons are so intimidated that they retreat.  The male, Earth-based Autobots return to Earth after wishing the female Autobots good bye.  Elita-1 comments that Alpha Trion is like a father to her, and Optimus alludes that he knows more about that than she does.

Optimus Prime is targeted by a wealthy and eccentric big game hunter named Lord Chumley.  He wants to hunt Optimus Prime and keep the Autobot Leader’s head in his trophy room.  While several Autobots are watching TV, they learn that a top secret Soviet jet was stolen.  Jazz assumes that the Decepticons stole the jet, but Optimus Prime has a feeling that something new is behind the jet’s disappearance.  Optimus Prime is concerned that Bumblebee and Tracks haven’t checked in.  He and the Autobots transform and start searching for their friends.  While searching the city, Optimus Prime receives a transmission from Inferno that he was captured.  The message cuts off before Inferno is able to tell Optimus who is capturing him, but Optimus Prime somehow knows that it isn’t the Decepticons.  Optimus Prime orders all of the Autobots to return to the Ark so they can remain safe.  Cosmos discovers where the captured Autobots are and reports back to Optimus Prime.  As Cosmos is transmitting the coordinates, the signal is hijacked by Lord Chumley.  In typical villain fashion, he monologues and tells Optimus Prime exactly what his plan is and who he is.  After Lord Chumley challenges Optimus Prime to save the Autobots, Optimus agrees and in a final middle finger to his adversary, Optimus Prime sends feedback to Lord Chumley and destroys his communications device.  Optimus Prime drives to Chumley’s estate alone.  Chumley’s butler comments that Optimus Prime is very punctual.  Chumley taunts Optimus from the safety of his mansion using a megaphone, Optimus challenges Chumley to face him face to face.  Chumley replies that he made that mistake with a rhino once, and won’t do it again.  Chumley has a recreation of Cybertron (But it really doesn’t look that much like any Cybertron that we’ve seen,) that he wants Optimus Prime to navigate through to save his friends.  Optimus Prime’s first opponent is a dragon.  The dragon tries to sneak up behind Optimus Prime, but Optimus Prime is always aware of his surroundings.  He grabs the dragon and flips it over his shoulder.  Optimus Prime’s shoulder is punctured, but he keeps on fighting.  Optimus rushes to grab his blaster, but the dragon knocks it away with it’s tail onto a metal walkway.  Optimus Prime punches the dragon twice and rushes to the walkway to get his blaster.  He picks up the blaster, but the dragon is faster than he expected.  The dragon clamps down on Optimus Prime’s other shoulder with his powerful jaws.  While Chumley watches, he tells Optimus Prime that he captured the dragon in Borneo.  Optimus frees himself from the dragon and kicks it.  The dragon falls off the walkway, but climbs under it to continue it’s fight with Optimus Prime.  When Optimus Prime sees the dragon again, he kicks it off of the walkway and it drops  into a deep pit.  Chumley uses an automated launcher to fire an energy net at Optimus.  Optimus is easily able to dodge the net and runs out of the compound.  Another net emerges from the ground and it surrounds Optimus Prime.  Optimus Prime struggles to get free.  He grabs a metal hook which is attached to a chain and throws it at an electrical tower.  This shorts out the energy net and frees Optimus.  Optimus Prime gets up, but he is starting to get fatigued.  Despite his fatigue, he is determined to save the Autobots.  Optimus Prime continues traveling through Chumley’s estate.  He hears something behind him, but can’t find what caused the sound.  He comes across a woman tied down by chains.  After about two and a half seconds, Optimus Prime realizes that this is a trap and continues on his way.  Optimus Prime discovers that the strange sound behind him was caused by Astrotrain and Blitzwing.  Blitzwing trips the trap that was meant for Optimus Prime and is encased by green liquid that hardens.  Optimus Prime is uncharacteristically amused by Blitzwing’s misfortune.  Lord Chumley’s next obstacle is a giant, robotic scorpion.  It fires a green energy blast at Optimus Prime, forcing Optimus to dive for cover.  Optimus and the robotic scorpion stare each other down and circle one another.  The scorpion attacks first, knocking Optimus Prime to the ground and firing more green energy blasts at Optimus.  Optimus Prime gets up and fires his blaster at the scorpion.  It’s armor seems to be too thick for Optimus Prime’s weapons to damage.  It tackles Optimus and stands over him, slowly lowering it’s tail to zap Optimus.  It grabs Optimus Prime by the holes in his shoulder that were created by the dragon and lifts him up, and then slams him to the ground.  The scorpion tries to sting Optimus in the head with it’s tail, but Optimus is able to dodge the electrified tail.  It slams Optimus into the ground two more times, but Optimus wiggles himself free and gets up.  He uses all of his strength to systematically take the scorpion apart and  tries to short it out with it’s own tail.  The whole time, Astrotrain has been watching, he sees an opening and fires his laser at Optimus Prime’s back.  Optimus Prime is immobilized for a brief moment.  Astrotrain takes this opportunity to try to ally the Decepticons with Lord Chumley.  Chumley assumes that Astrotrain killed Optimus, so he has the scorpion capture Astrotrain and Blitzwing.   Bumblebee uses the last extra energy he has to send Optimus Prime a locator beacon.  Optimus Prime pulls himself together and starts making the hard walk to Chumley’s castle.  As Optimus Prime tries to enter the castle, he is slowed down by a buzz saw on a metal tentacle.  He destroys it and keeps on walking.  Optimus steps in a large bear trap, his leg is wounded but he rips it off of his leg and tosses it into the air.  He shoots the bear trap in the air, destroying it. Despite being low on energy and more damaged than he’s been in a long time (the only time I can remember seeing Optimus Prime this damaged was when his chest panel was open and Laserbeak shot it, causing the Autobots to have to go to Cybertron to get new parts), he continues trying to save the Autobots.  After foiling numerous attempts on his life, Optimus Prime walks into a metallic spider’s web and is trapped (some people say that he walked right into it without paying attention, but if you watch this episode closely you see that he was only snared by the web after he turned a corner).  A robotic black widow climbs down the web to attack Optimus Prime.  As it gets closer, the red hourglass opens to reveal a monitor that reveals an image of Lord Chumley.  Chumley taunts Optimus and then the black widow slashes its claw at Optimus Prime.  He falls down and it tries to grab Optimus with it’s mandibles.  He grabs the legs of the black widow and rips them off.  The black widow tries to bite Optimus and inject him with acid.  Optimus makes the spider bite itself and it explodes.  Optimus powers through the castle and winds up in a narrow corridor.  The corridor starts to spin and Optimus Prime loses his footing.  The tube gets narrower and narrower and is about to crush Optimus.  With all of his remaining might, he stretches out his arms and destroys the shrinking corridor.  Chumley’s butler gets inside of a tank to fight Optimus.  Chumley frees his captive Decepticons, but they turn on him.  After Optimus frees the Autobots, the Decepticons retreat when they realize that they have no weapons.  Optimus Prime overcomes all of Chumley’s traps and frees Bumblebee and the other Autobots.  Once the Autobots are rescued, they rush Astrotrain and Blitzwing, forcing them to retreat into the air.  Optimus returns the stolen jet to the Russians with Chumley tied to the jet.  It is assumed that he faced justice at the Russian’s hands (which at this time was pretty rough).

After Powerglide saves a spoiled heiress from the Decepticons, Optimus Prime orders him to be her bodyguard. Powerglide loses Astoria to the Decepticons.  Teletran-1 tells Optimus and Powerglide that it discovered a Decepticon Sub Orbital Station in the Atlantic Ocean.

Optimus Prime, Ironhide, and Spike watch Megatron and Starscream fly into the air after an underground tunnel is flooded.  The water comes to the surface and the city starts to be flooded as well.  Trailbreaker helps them stop the water from further damaging the city.  Optimus Prime tries to shoot the water main closed, but it just creates a bigger mess.  Spike is swept away by the deluge of water, and Optimus Prime reaches out to try to catch him.  Spike is too far away and Optimus can’t grab him.  Optimus Prime swims through the flooded city and discovers Spike above water, unconscious, and covered by bricks (how the hell did that happen?!?).  Optimus wades through the water and gets to Spike,  He removes all of the debris and transforms into truck mode with Spike inside of his cab.  Optimus Prime turns on his air conditioner to awaken Spike.  Optimus Prime returns to robot mode and gives Spike over to Powerglide.  After Trailbreaker gathers up a lot of the water with his force fields, Ironhide and Optimus Prime swim into the subway tunnel that caused the flood.   Ironhide uses liquid nitrogen to seal the pipe.  Optimus Prime goes to the train yard to look for Astrotrain.  He encounters Megatron and Starscream, who start firing their weapons at him right away.  Optimus Prime mocks Megatron by telling him that he is looking for the “real” leaders of the Decepticons, Astrotrain and Blitzwing.  Megatron is infuriated by the comment.  Optimus Prime continues to dig at Megatron by saying that he is just a nuisance and a metallic mosquito.  Megatron fires his cannon at Optimus, using all of his energy.  Optimus Prime avoids the attack.  Then, he transforms into truck mode, blinds Megatron and Starscream with his headlights, and drives off.  The Autobots wind up watching Megatron, Starscream, Astrotrain, Blitzwing, and Devestator fight for leadership of the Decepticons.  Optimus Prime tells the Autobots not to get involved so the Decepticons can work out their problems themselves.
Seaspray returns to the Ark after intercepting an unusual transmission from deep space.  Perceptor realizes that it is a distress call, so Optimus Prime feels obligated to send the Autobots to help.  Cosmos takes Seaspray, Bumblebee, and Perceptor into space, but Optimus Prime is too big to fit inside of Seaspray.

As time goes it, it seems like Optimus Prime tries to make alliances with the humans on Earth, specifically the governments of the world.  The US Government develops a super fuel and Optimus Prime plans to test it for the government on the Autobots.  Also, Optimus Prime creates a CONVOY of Autobots to guard the tanker trucks.  Of course, the Decepticons strike from the air to gain possession of the super fuel.  The Autobots have the tanker trucks stay behind while they engage the Decepticons.  To protect the tanker trucks, Optimus Prime and the Autobots guide the trucks into a canyon.  The canyon provides enough cover and prevents the air based Decepticons from following.  Dirge and Thrust crash into the canyon walls, but Ramjet continues to chase the Autobots.  Optimus Prime guides the Autobots towards a tunnel to evade Ramjet.  Ramjet crashes into the mountain.   The Autobots emerge from a tunnel and Megatron points his cannon at the tanker trucks carrying the super fuel.  Megatron threatens to destroy the super fuel unless the Autobots hand it over to him.  Optimus Prime and Prowl transform in preparation of a battle.  Optimus Prime tells Megatron that if he destroys the super fuel, the explosion could kill him.  Megatron is willing to risk it if it causes an Autobot to be destroyed as well.  Optimus Prime and Prowl approach Megatron with their weapons lowered.  Optimus Prime calls Megatron’s bluff.  He doesn’t think Megatron is willing to kill himself to destroy the Autobots and the super fuel.  Megatron prepares to fire his cannon, but Smokescreen speeds towards Megatron and unleashes a cloud of smoke.  This gives Optimus Prime and Prowl the opening they need to safely fire their weapons at Megatron.  Megatron is damaged and leaves the battle.  A short time while, Optimus Prime is watching the news with Ratchet.  They learn that the Decepticons have stolen cars.  Optimus Prime quickly assumes (correctly but he has no real reason to assume so) that the Decepticons are creating new Decepticons with car vehicle modes.  He tells Ratchet that the Decepticons are unable to give any new Decepticons personalities though.  Before they can make a plan of attack, Teletran-1 alerts the Autobots that the Decepticon Space Bridge has been activated.  Optimus Prime contacts Omega Supreme to take the Autobots to Cybertron.  Optimus Prime is joined by Ratchet, Ironhide, Wheeljack, Blaster, and Hoist.  When the Autobots reach Cybertron, they hurry to reach Alpha Trion.  Optimus Prime knows that Alpha Trion understands more about Vector Sigma than any other Autobot, so finding him would be a good start.  When they reach his domain, they find a large hole in the structure.  The Decepticons already got to Alpha Trion and stole the Key to Vector Sigma from him.  Optimus Prime calls out to his mentor.  The Autobots find an injured and weakened Alpha Trion among the wreckage.  Optimus Prime tells Ratchet and Hoist to repair Alpha Trion.  Alpha Trion warns the Autobots that the Decepticons may have already reached Vector Sigma.  Optimus Prime leads the Autobots to Vector Sigma after Hoist and Ratchet repair Alpha Trion.  While the Autobots are being led through the underground catacombs of Cybertron by Vector Sigma, they come across a maintenance room.  The room is filled with the bodies of deactivated Transformers (probably Autobots) as well as some space crafts. .Alpha Trion knows the way to Vector Sigma and continues to guide the Autobots on their journey.  The Autobots know they are on the right path when they are attacked by Centurion droids under Megatron’s control.  The Autobots open fire on the Centurion droids, but their weapons have no effect.  The Centurion droids continue their slow walk towards the Autobots. Optimus Prime seems to be the only one who can successfully impede the Centurions.  He shoulder checks one of them and it flies into a wall.  The droid rapidly recovers and runs towards Optimus Prime and grabs him.  Optimus Prime regains control and throws the droid back into the wall.  The Autobots are unable to stop the droids so they escape back to the maintenance room.  Optimus Prime has Ratchet and Hoist rewire the dead transformers to act as interference for the Centurion Droids.  The droids make short work of the reanimated Transformers (they actually run into battle for the first time, their first two battles they simply walked).  The second wave of reanimated Transformers leads the Centurion droids off a cliff.  When the Autobots finally enter Vector Sigma’s chamber, they are awestruck.  In his wisdom, Alpha Trion already knows that Megatron was able to grant sentience to the Stunticons.  Ratchet assumes correctly that Megatron has already taken the Stunticons back to Earth and they are causing havoc.  B  The Autobots return again to the maintenance room and create the Aerialbots out of the derelict spacecrafts.

All of the Autobots that followed Optimus Prime, as well as Alpha Trion, work to modify the ancient Cybertronian spacecraft into the Aerialbots.  Once competed, Optimus Prime wants to bring them to Vector Sigma, but Wheeljack points out that the Decepticons have the only key.  Alpha Trion tells Optimus that he has another key on him and they all travel to Vector Sigma.  When they reach the interior of Vector Sigma’s chamber, Alpha Trion reveals that since he was one of Vector Sigma’s first creations, he has the ability to merge his life force with the supercomputer to activate it.  Optimus knows that this will kill Alpha Trion and he begs his mentor not to do it. Alpha Trion tells Optimus not to get in his way and reminds Optimus that he is one of Alpha Trion’s creations (more of an upgrade or reformatting, but we’ll get to that another time).. Alpha Trion knows his sacrifice won’t be in vein and reactivates Vector Sigma to give sparks (not mentioned explicitly as Sparks, but if you follow the continuity which evolved over years, it was a spark).  Blaster comments that Alpha Trion gave his life foolishly, Optimus Prime retorts that Alpha Trion gave his life so six Autobots could be born (this is a bit of foreshadowing that the sixth Autobot is actually Superion).  Optimus Prime hopes that the Aerialbots will be as altruistic as Alpha Trion was.  Once Vector Sigma breathes life into the Aerialbots, they transform into robot mode and introduce themselves.  The Autobots prepare to go back to Omega Supreme to return to Earth.  Alpha Trion communicates through Vector Sigma to give Optimus Prime a message.  He tells Optimus that the properties of the Key of Vector Sigma are changed on Earth.  They can be turned into a weapon which can destroy the planet.  With full knowledge of this new fact, Optimus Prime leads the Autobots and Aerialbots to the surface to meet Omega Supreme.  They are impeded by a squad of Centurion Droids.  All of the Aerialbots except Silverbolt engage the droids in battle.  Silverbolt transports Optimus Prime and the other Autobots above ground.  Once the droids are disposed of, the Autobots and Aerialbots travel to Earth inside of Omega Supreme.  Optimus Prime tells the Aerialbots the story of the Great War on the trip.  Once they reach Earth, Omega Supreme notifies the Autobots that he is about to explode.  The Autobots rush out of him and get to safety just as he detonates.  While Ratchet works on repairing Omega Supreme, Optimus leads several Autobots to a military base to check up on the super fuel that they were protecting earlier.  He drives with Wheeljack and Hoist.  Blaster and the Aerialbots ride inside of his trailer. When the soldiers see the Autobots, they open fire, thinking that they were the Stunticons who earlier raided the base.  Slingshot wants to engage the soldiers in battle, but Optimus Prime wants to attempt a more diplomatic and delicate method.  He lifts his arms into the air to show his intentions for peace.  He tells the general that the Autobots already have a sample and the formula for the super fuel.  He asks the General why the Autobots would need to attack a military base to get something they already have.  The General is confused but wants to play it safe.  He tells the Autobots to stay back and Optimus Prime is fine with giving them the space they need.  Blaster picks up a high speed signal approaching, the the Autobots prepare for battle against the Stunticons.  While the Autobots are standing on a hill, the Stunticons drive towards them at full speed.  To avoid injury, the Autobots scatter and fall off the cliff.   Blaster and Ironhide walk towards Optimus Prime and Wheeljack to help them fight.  They are forced to scatter again when Breakdown tries to run them over. =Slingshot calls out to Silverbolt to help him, but Silverbolt starts to panic.  Fireflight swoops in and rescues Slingshot from Motormaster.  Motormaster falls to the ground and transforms into truck mode.   The Aerialbots are effective warriors, but most of them are very arrogant. The battle ends not because one force is more powerful than the other, but because Megatron wants the Stunticons to return to him.   Even though Silverbolt is afraid of heights, Optimus Prime makes him the commander of the Aerialbots.  Optimus hopes that if Silverbolt has to focus on the well being of his team, it will force him to overcome his fear of heights.  The Aerialbots desert the Autobots, but Silverbolt promises Optimus Prime he will bring them back.  In the meantime, Optimus Prime gets a report from Teletran-1 that the energy signature of the Key to Vector Sigma has been detected.  Optimus Prime learns that Megatron is using the energy of the key to transform Earth into a metallic version of itself.  Teletran-1 tells Optimus Prime that the Decepticons are 20 miles away from Seattle.  Optimus Prime rallies the Autobots to wrest the key away from Megatron.  Ironhide criticizes Optimus for letting the Aerialbots leave when they are truly needed.  Optimus Prime is optimistic that Silverbolt can bring them back  Once the Autobots arrive at the Decepticon camp near Seattle, Megatron sends the Stunticons to fight them.  The Stunticons start their attack in vehicle mode.  Motormaster plows into the Autobot ranks and splits the force down the middle.   Blaster and Optimus Prime step away from the battle to see that Megatron is getting closer and closer to Seattle.  Optimus Prime drives at full speed to stop Megatron.  Motormaster sees this and defends his leader by T-Boning Optimus Prime.  Optimus Prime starts rolling down a hill and he transforms to slow himself down.  Dead End races towards Optimus, but Optimus Prime snaps a limb off of a metal tree and defends himself from Dead End.  The metal tree limb breaks, but Dead End is not even slowed down.  The Stunticons circle Optimus Prime and get ready to strike.  Just as they are about to slam into Optimus at once, the Aerialbots arrive.  Optimus Prime is taken to safety by Slingshot. Optimus Prime assumes the ground is safe, so he jumps off of Slingshot.  Once Motormaster sees Optimus, he tries to run over the Autobot leader.  Silverbolt comes to the rescue and deflects Motormaster away.  Megatron orders the Stunticons to merge into Menasor.  Optimus Prime counters that when he commands the Aerialbots to merge into Superion.  Megatron is shocked that the Autobots finally have a combiner of their own.  After being repaired, Omega Supreme helps Superion defeat Menasor and the Decepticons withdraw.  Silverbolt destroys the Key to Vector Sigma and the cyberformed Earth reverts back to normal.

Wheeljack picks up energy signatures of fast moving, ground based Decepticons.  Optimus Prime quickly realizes that it is the Stunticons.  The Stunticons are attacking various locations and the Autobots leave their base to foil the Stunticons’ plans.  Optimus Prime, Bumblebee, Spike, and Blaster chase down Motormaster on a highway.  They set up a roadblock to impede Motormaster from meeting up with the other Stunticons.  Optimus Prime wants to drive into Motormaster, but Spike warns him about playing chicken with Motormaster.  Bumblebee tells Spike that Optimus Prime has no choice and Motormaster has to be stopped.  Optimus Prime drives towards Motormaster.  Both trucks rush towards each other as fast as they can.  Even though Motormaster is only a few weeks old, he tells Optimus Prime that he has been waiting a long time to fight him.  Both trucks slam into each other and there is a massive explosion.  When the smoke clears, they see that Optimus Prime has defeated Motormaster.  Optimus says he will never do that again.  Motormaster is disabled and the Autobots bring him to the Ark and keep him jailed.  Optimus Prime has Blaster disable the Stunticons’ ability to broadcast a distress call and comes up with an idea to battle the Decepticons.  Using camouflage paint, Optimus Prime, Jazz, Sideswipe, Mirage, and Windcharger disguise themselves as the Stunticons and infiltrate the Decepticon base.  Optimus Prime makes himself look like Motormaster.  Jazz resembles Dead End, Sideswipe as Breakdown, Mirage as Drag Strip and Windcharger as Wildrider.  Wheeljack gives Optimus (as Motormaster) the ruby which the real Motormaster stole so Megatron will think that the disguised Autobots are really the Stunticons.  The fake Stunticons transform and head to Megatron’s base.  Laserbeak approaches the fake Stunticons to lead them to the Decepticon base.  Jazz prepares to attack Laserbeak, but is reminded that they look like the Stunticons.  Once they arrive in the base, they know their disguises work.  Megatron fires his cannon into the air and the fake Stunticons are unsure what that means.  Optimus assumes that it is an invitation to join him, so the disguised Autobots start to drive to Megatron.  They continue to drive responsibly like Autobots, not recklessly as a Stunticon would.   Starscream is the first to notice something is not right when he sees the fake Stunticons driving so well.  Once the disguised Autobots reach Megatron, he takes the ruby from Optimus.  Megatron is about to activate the weapon.  The Autobots want to steal the power source away, but before they can, the real Menasor flies into the crater.  The real Menasor points at the disguised Autobots and tells Megatron that they are really Autobots.  As Motormaster, Optimus Prime accuses the real Menasor of being the impostor.  Megatron challenges the disguised Autobots to merge into Menasor for him.  This will prove their validity.  Using Windcharger’s magnetic abilities to connect them, and Mirage’s ability to make holograms, the disguised Autobots form a reasonable representation of Menasor.  This confuses the Decepticons, including the real Menasor who starts to doubt his own identity.  The two Menasors fight each other hand to hand.  The fake Menasor quickly knocks the real Menasor to the ground.  Soundwave says that the real Menasor has special powers, and only the real one would have them.  The real Menasor lifts up his arms again to expose his cannons.  He unleashes a furious barrage which knocks the fake Menasor to the ground.  Megatron readies the cannon and will fire it on whichever Menasor loses the fight.  The real Menasor takes out his sword and charges at the fake Menasor.  The sword disrupts Windcharger’s magnetic connection and the fake Autobot Menasor crumbles.  Not only do they fall apart, but the Autobots’ camouflage disappears and they appear as they normally should.  The Autobots transform and start to open fire at Menasor.   Megatron prepares to use the cannon on the Autobots.  Menasor is barely effected by any of the Autobots’ attacks.  Menasor swipes his arm at the Autobots and they scatter.  Megatron tries to fire his cannon,  and it hits a rock.  He tries to fire again but it explodes.  Ironhide had altered the ruby core while the Autobots had possession of it.  Optimus Prime hopes that Megatron learned that he can’t build weapons like that in the future.  Menasor is about to attack the Autobots, but even more Autobots arrive to help.  With the cannon destroyed the Decepticons fly away since there is nothing holding them there.

When the Aerialbots return from their rescue mission, they walk into a room where Optimus Prime is meeting with Ironhide, Wheeljack, and Ratchet.  All of the Aerialbots, except Silverbolt, are unable to stop talking about the Seekers.  They are really impressed with how they fly   Slingshot defends the Decepticons for letting the hostages fall to their doom by saying that it may have been an accident.  Ironhide thinks that the Aerialbots are arrogant punks.  He doesn’t think that they understand the Decepticons because they haven’t been fighting them for millions of years.  Optimus Prime chimes in and explains that is the point.  He addresses that the Aerialbots are only several weeks old, they just don’t understand.  Optimus Prime has faith (possibly some hidden knowledge as well) that the Aerialbots will learn.  Teletran-1’s alarm goes off and the Autobots learn that there is danger on Cybertron.  There are unusually high energy signatures on the planet.  The Autobots and Aerialbots take Omega Supreme to Cybertron to find out what the energy readings are.   When Omega Supreme lands on Cybertron, he tells the Autobots that he is running low on power.  Optimus Prime has him shut down while the rest of the Autobots look for a power source so he can recharge.  The Autobots and Aerialbots transform and split up to search Cybertron.  While the Aerialbots are on their own, they try to talk to the Decepticons to learn more about them.  Silverbolt reports back to Optimus Prime what is going on.  Optimus Prime thinks they are walking into a trap.   Optimus Prime and the Autobots arrive right after the Decepticon Kronosphere is activated. .  They drive right into a  war torn building to save the Aerialbots.  Starscream, Skywarp, and Thundercracker position themselves behind a pillar and and unleash a steady stream of laser fire at the Autobots.  Optimus Prime transforms and orders the Autobots to attack.  Ironhide remains in vehicle mode and slams into the pillar, removing the Decepticons’ point of cover.  Optimus Prime destroys the Kronosphere to prevent the Aerialbots from traveling back to the Big Bang.  Somehow (possibly a memory he regained) Optimus Prime is able to figure out that the Aerialbots went back in time 9 million years ago.  Optimus Prime, Wheeljack, Ratchet, and Ironhide work together to repair the Kronosphere to return the Aerialbots to the present.  Wheeljack is able to repair the Kronosphere.  He activates the return function and in two minutes, the Aerialbots will be back.  Unfortunately for the Autobots, the Decepticons attack the compound.  Optimus Prime leads the Autobots in defending the Kronosphere until the Aerialbots can return safely.  Megatron fires relentlessly at the Autobots and the Decepticons put up a good fight, even though they are outnumbered.  Before the Autobots can expel the Decepticons, a headless Guardian Robot tears the roof off the building and attacks.  Optimus Prime, Ratchet, and Ironhide fire their weapons at the Guardian Robot, but their weapons aren’t strong enough.  Ratchet and Ironhide transform to distract the Guardian Robot so Optimus can continue his assault.  he Aerialbots return and as Superion, they destroy the Guardian Robot.  The Decepticons have lost another battle and the Autobots return home.  

Perceptor creates a substance called Corrostop.  The Autobots want to use it to protect all of Earth’s man made monuments.  The first monument that the Autobots work on is the Statue of Liberty.  Optimus Prime helps spray the Corrostop on Lady Liberty.  The Autobots work quickly and Optimus Prime is pleased with the results.  A news reporter runs to Optimus to tell him that the Stunticons are attacking Perceptor on the other side of the island.  Optimus Prime sends the Aerialbots to rescue Perceptor.  The Aerialbots are not able to save Perceptor.  Back at the Ark, Megatron contacts Optimus Prime.  He tells Optimus that he is going to release Perceptor three miles away from the Autobot base.  Megatron tells Optimus that he has until noon to save Perceptor.  Perceptor is stuck in microscope mode and his lens will ignite the fuse to a bomb at noon.  Also, Perceptor has caught Cosmic Rust.  Optimus knows it is a trap, but he organizes most of the Autobots to save Perceptor.  Optimus Prime notices that Megatron isn’t there.  The Autobots stay back so Optimus can be the only Autobot who is in danger.  He frees Perceptor just in time, but as everyone suspected, it was a trap.  Megatron never intended on the bomb even damaging the Autobots, he wanted all of the Autobots to be infected by the Cosmic Rust.  Since the only known cure is Corrostop, the Autobots want to make more.  The Autobots can’t find anymore of the most important ingredient.  Wheeljack and Perceptor try to get the matter duplicator functioning so they can make more.  To make the situation worse, Megatron has parked himself outside of the Ark and he is using his Lightning Bug weapon to speed up the effects of the cosmic rust.   Megatron wants the Statue of Liberty destroyed so the Autobots can’t make more Corrostop and cure their Cosmic Rust.  Megatron gives Menasor control of the Lightning Bug.  Before Menasor can destroy the Statue, the Autobots reveal themselves.Optimus Prime opens fire and the rest of the Autobots follow his lead.  Menasor prepares to fire the Lightning Bug, but the Aerialbots appear from above him.  The Aerialbots make Menasor drop the Lightning Bug.  The Aerialbots merge into Superion to finish off Menasor.  Superion destroys the Lightning Bug and the Decepticons retreat.  The Autobots are able to replicate the Corrostop and cure their cosmic rust.

Optimus Prime responds to an intruder alert from Teletran-1.  He pulls up a visual of the intruder and sees a metal box on the ground at the entrance of the Ark.  The box is shaking and eventually rips open, exposing an energy creature called Kremzeek.  Kremzeek was accidentally created by Megatron.  It is a mischievous creature that eats energy.  Once Kremzeek is free, it leaps to one of the Ark’s security cameras and travels through the wiring inside.  Kremzeek exits the wiring in front of Optimus Prime.  It phases through the door and runs through the hallway of the Autobot headquarters.  Sparkplug comes up with an idea to contain Kremzeek and runs off for a moment.  Sparkplug rejoins the Autobots, but he has a spray that insulates the Autobots from Kremzeek’s energy.  Sparkplug sprays Optimus Prime first.  Optimus Prime joins the shorted out Autobots and Kremzeek sees him.  Kremzeek tries to enter Optimus Prime but the insulator spray protects him.  Kremzeek bounces off Optimus and it lands on the floor.  Kremzeek tries again and again with the same result.  Optimus grabs Kremzeek, but it is able to squirm out of Optimus’ grasp.  Optimus Prime has Sparkplug insulate the other Autobots before trying to make a plan to stop Kremzeek.  Optimus Prime and Sparkplug enter a room and see that many of the Autobots have been shorted out by Kremzeek.  Optimus Prime gathers Blaster, Bumblebee and Inferno so Sparkplug can insulate them against Kremzeek.  They are the last functioning Autobots.  They spread out through out the Autobot base to find Kremzeek. The Autobots and Sparkplug realize that the most logical place for Kremzeek to attack next is Teletran-1.  They rush to Teletran-1 to find Kremzeek has entered the computer and it is severely malfunctioning.  Optimus Prime has Sparkplug shut Teletran-1 down.  Kremzeek escapes capture and destruction by transmitting itself to Japan.  Optimus Prime and the small group of functioning Autobots take Omega Supreme to Japan.  Optimus tells Sparkplug to stay behind so he can start working on reactivating the other Autobots.  Omega Supreme lands on a Japanese beach and the Autobots promptly exit him to find Kremzeek.  Kremzeek emerges from the sand and launches himself at Optimus Prime.  Just like earlier, he bounces off of Optimus Prime’s insulated body.   Optimus remembers that Omega Supreme insult insulated.  He orders Omega to take off to prevent damage from Kremzeek.  Before Omega Supreme can fly to safety, Kremzeek enters him and shorts him out.  Omega Supreme falls out of the sky and sinks into the sand. Kremzeek leaps to a train station and enters a bullet train.  Kremzeek causes the bullet train to malfunction.  Optimus Prime transforms and the other Autobots grab onto him to travel to the train.  The Autobots want to save the passengers before the train crashes.  Optimus Prime speeds onto the tracks to catch the train.  Blaster asks what the plan is once they catch up to the train.  Optimus Prime says that they will worry about that when they catch up to the speeding train.  The train stops abruptly and Optimus slams into it.  The other Autobots are tossed off of Optimus into the air.  The Autobots regroup themselves and jump back on Optimus Prime.  The bullet train takes off and then stops safely at a train station.  Optimus Prime drives into the back of the train (again), and like before, the Autobots fall off of him.  Optimus Prime transforms and the rest of the Autobots follow him to the train.  Kremzeek flies out of the train and escapes by hiding in a man’s walkman (a walkman is a portable music player from the 1980s and 1990s.  Before MP3 players, people used a bulky portable cassette player to listen to music on the go).  Kremzeek is unable to stop himself from causing chaos and he shocks the man with the walkman.  Optimus Prime points out to the Autobots that he has found Kremzeek.  The man throws down the walkman and it explodes, releasing Kremzeek.  The Autobots pursue Kremzeek to an arcade.  Kremzeek escapes again and goes to Shibuya Industries.  Kremzeek disrupts the assembly line in the factory and continues it’s path of destruction.  When the Autobots enter the factory, they meet Dr. Yoshikawa.  At first he blames the Autobots for the destruction, but then Optimus Prime tells him about Kremzeek.   Without studying Kremzeek at all, Yoshikawa thinks that the Autobots can stop Kremzeek with radio waves.     Blaster isn’t able to destroy Kremzeek, he actually makes the creature multiply.  The legions of Kremzeeks continue to create a path of pandemonium throughout Japan. Yoshikawa theorizes that he may be able to reunite the Kremzeeks back into one Kremzeek.  Optimus Prime leads the Autobots to a power station to bait the Kremzeek legion.   The Autobots electrify a tower made of steel beams.  The multiple Kremzeeks are attracted to the tower and converge.  The Autobots are shocked when all of the Kremzeeks merge into one giant Kremzeek.  Optimus Prime orders the Autobots to cut the power, but it is too late.  The massive Kremzeek bursts out of it’s cage and slowly marches towards the Autobots.   The Giant Kremzeek causes more destruction than the army of Kremzeeks did.  The Autobots follow Giant Kremzeek into the city in vehicle mode.  Megatron activates his Energy Magnet and all over the world, energy is drained and funneled to the Decepticons.  The Autobots who are battling Kremzeek in Japan feel the energy drain.  Optimus Prime finally realizes Megatron created Kremzeek, but he thinks Kremzeek was created intentionally.  Kremzeek was actually created by complete accident.    Blaster comes up with an idea of how the Autobots can defeat Giant Kremzeek.  He devises a way to broadcast Giant Kremzeek to the Decepticons like Kremzeek transmitted himself to Japan.  Optimus Prime congratulates Blaster for finally coming up with a good plan.  The plan works and Kremzeek becomes the Decepticons’ problem.  After the Decepticons evacuate the Energy Magnet, the Autobots take a boat to finally finish off Kremzeek.  Yoshikawa deduces that they can use the Energy Magnet to dissipate Kremzeek.  Optimus Prime uses the Energy Magnet to make Kremzeek disperse.  He seems to be troubled that he has to kill a living being, even though the creature will destroy the entire world’s energy supply.

Optimus Prime and the Autobots watch a news report on Teletran-1.  They learn that Jazz and Cliffjumper were abducted by a group of unknown Decepticons lead by Starscream.  Optimus Prime  doesn’t feel that it is a typical Decepticon attack.  He notes that typically, the Decepticons attack to gain energy, not to capture Autobots.  Powerglide thinks that possibly Starscream went crazy.  The Autobot headquarters starts shaking from weapons fire.  Megatron and Decepticons are attacking.  The Autobots speed out of the Ark in vehicle mode and scatter.  Once they reach cover, they transform and take out their weapons.  Optimus Prime is the first to open fire.  Megatron demands that the Autobots return his property.  Optimus Prime has no idea what Megatron is talking about.  Megatron fires a warning shot and tells Optimus that he has one more chance to return what was stolen.  Megatron then announces that personality components of Renegade Decepticons were stolen from Cybertron.  Optimus Prime orders Megatron to return Jazz and Cliffjumper.  Megatron figures out that the Autobots didn’t steal the personality components and tries to end the skirmish.  While Megatron is contemplating, Optimus shoots him in the chest.  Megatron tries to fire back, but his cannon was damaged.  The Decepticons return to their base, leaving the Autobots very confused.  Powerglide asks what a Renegade Decepticon is, and Optimus has no idea.  Optimus Prime and the Autobots use Teletran-1 to learn about the Renegade Decepticons.  The Autobots realize that Megatron and Starscream are fighting each other and Optimus Prime doesn’t want the Autobots to get involved.  He does want to find Jazz and Cliffjumper, so the Autobots start searching for them.  Powerglide finds Jazz and Cliffjumper.  They are tied up at a power station by Starscream and the Combaticons.  Powerglide also tells Optimus that Megatron has lead all of the Decepticons to engage Starscream and the Combaticons in a firefight.  The Autobots transform and go to the power station to save their friends.  During the battle between all of the Decepticons, the Autobots are able to save Jazz and Cliffjumper.

Optimus Prime leads Sideswipe, Prowl, and Tracks to a destroyed city to protect the survivors from the Insecticons.   They stand elevated to assess the city.  Once they make a plan, the Autobots transform to engage the Insecticons.  While standing above the Autobots, Megatron fires on Optimus and Tracks.  Megatron misses, but Optimus Prime returns fire.    Instead of dealing with Megatron, Optimus Prime and Tracks transform into vehicle mode to engage the Insecticons.  The Insecticons are spreading through the city and destroying more and more of it.  Optimus Prime can’t fight the Insecticons with so many fragile humans around, so he calls the Protectobots to help evacuate the city.  The Protectobots are able to clear out all of the people from the city.  Optimus Prime and the other Autobots start to battle the Insecticons now that the humans are safe.  Optimus and Tracks deploy small lasers from their vehicle modes to fight.    The Autobots continue driving through the city and shooting Insecticons out of the sky.  Powerglide lands in the damaged city with Spike and Perceptor.  As Optimus is about to corner some Insecticons, Spike calls out to him and the Insecticons burrow through the ground and escape.  Perceptor tells Optimus that they received unusual energy readings from Cybertron.  Perceptor continues that these strange energy readings are causing the Earth to travel towards the sun.  Optimus Prime resolves that the Autobots must go to Cybertron to stop whatever is going on.  Spike rides inside of Optimus’ cab.  The Autobots drive to the Space Bridge.  When Megatron sees the Autobots approaching, he opens fire on Optimus.  Shrapnel rips off the controls of the Space Bridge and digs into the ground so Optimus can’t use it.  When the Insecticons are found, the Space Bridge control panel is chewed up and it is unusable.  Perceptor is able to repair it but he needs spare parts.  Optimus Prime agrees to donate some of his parts if Megatron will do the same.  With the Space Bridge repaired, Autobots and Decepticons join forces to stop the Combaticons.    The Decepticons and the Autobots use the Space Bridge to go to Cybertron.  When the two forces reach Cybertron, they hear Starscream in a cell calling for help.  Starscream blames the Combaticons for his treachery.  Shockwave tells Megatron that Starscream is lying.  Megatron frees Starscream, but only until they can fix the Earth .The Combaticons attack right after Starscream and Shockwave are freed.   Shockwave’s Sentinel Droids help the Autobots and Decepticons fight the Combaticons.  There is a massive fire fight in the streets of Cybertron.  Optimus Prime fires with both is regular Ion Cannon, as well as a gun from a destroyed Sentinel.    Optimus Prime tells Prowl and Sideswipe to cover him.  The Sentinel droids surround the Combaticons, so they merge into Bruticus.  Bruticus starts destroying everything in his path and keeps saying he hates Cybertron.   Starscream reveals that when he built the Combaticons, he gave Bruticus a weakness in case he rebels.  There are three spots on his back that if they are shot, Bruticus will be deactivated.  Bruticus picks up Megatron and lifts him in the air while shaking him.  Bruticus’ weak spot is exposed.  Optimus Prime runs behind Bruticus and fires on the three spots.  Bruticus falls to the ground and is not able to move.  Sideswipe deactivates the Combaticons’ control panel just before the Earth is about to reach the sun.  Megatron tells Optimus Prime that he will destroy Bruticus.    Megatron fires his cannon and Bruticus explodes.  The Autobots return to Earth.  After the Autobots leave, Megatron reveals that the Bruticus that was destroyed was a fake.  He reprograms the real Bruticus to be his loyal soldier.
When the Aerialbots are attacked by the Combaticons in Iran, Optimus Prime travels with the Autobots to save them.  During the battle, Slingshot is trapped inside of a cave.  Optimus Prime, Silverbolt, and Air Raid remove rocks from the mouth of the cave so Hoist can tow Slingshot out.   After the battle, the Autobots and Aerialbots travel together to a nearby Air Base for repairs.

While on monitor duty, Gears picks up a distress call from a school.  Optimus Prime sends Ironhide, Bumblebee, and Gears to investigate.  Later, the kids who sent the distress call earlier learn that Megatron is going to try to destroy the Autobot base.  They go to the Ark and tell Optimus what they learned.  Optimus realizes that they need Defensor to stop Bruticus.  Ironhide contacts the Protectobots.

Megatron killed Optimus Prime in the year 2005 during the battle of Autobot City. Optimus Prime passed on the Matrix of Leadership to Ultra Magnus and later Hot Rod acquired it and became Rodimus Prime. Despite dying in Transformers the movie, Optimus Prime returns to life twice.  The first time is when the Quintessons partially bring him back to life as a trap for the Autobots.  Rodimus Prime even gives the Matrix back to Optimus, reverting back to Hot Rod.  Zombie Optimus was severely impaired, but returns to Cybertron a hero.  He convinces the Autobots that Rodimus, and several other Autobots were killed and organizes the Autobot fleet to avenge them.  This was all done to lure the Autobots into a Quintesson trap.  At the last minute, Optimus sacrfices himself to save the Autobots.  His body was put into a ship heading towards the Earth sun.

Two scientists named Gregory and Jessica  were testing a newly created alloy, which would protect spaceships from solar radiation, near the sun.  They come across the dead Optimus Prime’s ship.  Gregory hated Transformers, especially Optimus Prime because his face was scarred one time when Optimus and Megatron were fighting.  Jessica convinces Gregory to bring Optimus Prime’s body back to Earth.  Optimus Prime’s ship winds up colliding with an asteroid, and a strange spore attaches itself to the hull of their ship, the Solaris.  After experimenting with the spores, Jessica, Gregory, and Jessica’s father Mark. realize that they are able to bring out hatred in living beings.  The Terrorcons aattack the lab to get the alloy.  In the battle with the Technobot, Jessica is injured.  Gregory and Mark develop a strong hatred for the Transformers.  They plan to use the spores on the Autobots and to use Optimus Prime’s body to lure the Autobots into a trap.  For some reason, Gregory and Jessica’s father temporarily change their plan and try to destroy Optimus Prime’s body.  Jessica stops them.  When the Autobots fall for the trap, Rodimus Prime remains one of the few who isn’t infected.  He is restored to life by one of his creators, a Quintesson.  

Once he awakens, Sky Lynx tells him everything that has happened recently with the Hate Plague.  Optimus Prime’s first order of business is to have the Autobots who were injured, but not infected, repaired.  Blurr, Kup, Wheelie, Blaster, and Steeljaw are all repaired, but Bumblebee is given a new identity as Goldbug.  Optimus is overjoyed to see his friend Bumblebee/Goldbug is still functioning.  He also renames Bumblebee as Goldbug.  The Autobots turn to Optimus to make a plan, but without the Matrix, he doesn’t have the wisdom to come up with a logical plan.  Optimus decides to take the Matrix from an infected Rodimus Prime.  Jessica Morgan introduces herself to Optimus and theorizes that the experimental alloy she created can be used as armor against the plague.  Optimus, the Quintesson, and the uninfected Autobots go on a quest to get the alloy back from the Decepticon base on Char.  Once he reaches Char, Optimus saves Galvatron from an army of infected Decepticons.  Galvatron leads the Autobots to the alloy, but not before he endangers them several times.  The infected Decepticons gain access to the caves and track down the Autobots and Galvatron.  They quickly infect Blaster and Goldbug.  Galvatron causes a cave in so they can get to the alloy with little interference of the infected Transformers.  They reach the metal, but there is only enough to coat one Transformer.  Galvatron wants to be that Transformer.  Galvatron aims his cannon at Optimus Prime, but for a brief moment, Galvatron is distracted and Optimus knocks the cannon off of Galvatron’s arm.  Sky Lynx grabs the cannon and points it at Galvatron.  Galvatron then starts to load the metal into Optimus Prime’s trailer.  Cyclonus sneaks into the room and infects Jessica, who winds up infecting Galvatron.  Sky Lynx and Optimus Prime are able to escape back to Autobot City with the alloy.  Inside of the deactivated Metroplex, Sky Lynx, the Quintesson, and Optimus Prime work to create a spray with the metal to protect Optimus from the virus so he can reclaim the Matrix.  Optimus is coated in the metal (and is now a shiny white) and seeks out Rodimus Prime.  Sky Lynx and Optimus Prime find Rodimus in a junk yard.  He tries to talk to Rodimus to get him to give the Matrix with his free will.  For a moment, it seems like Rodimus is going to overcome the virus, but he starts firing on Optimus.  Rodimus becomes bored and speeds off to an automated factory that builds cars.  Optimus follows him, still optimistic that he can get the Matrix back without hurting Rodimus Prime.  After Rodimus Prime continues to fire on Optimus, he realizes that he has to battle his protege.  Optimus uses the machinery in the factory to restrain Rodimus Prime and tries to open his chest to get the Matrix.  Rodimus kicks Optimus away and frees himself.  Rodimus Prime continues to try to kill Optimus, but even without the Matrix, Optimus is a superior warrior and is clear minded.  Optimus Prime winds up falling down off of some machinery, and Sky Lynx catches him.  Rodimus Prime infects Sky Lynx leaving Optimus to potentially be the last uninfected being in the universe.  Optimus transforms into vehicle mode and hides on the assembly line of the factory.  He ambushes Rodimus and takes the Matrix back.  He travels into the Matrix and learns of the hate plague and that the only thing that can cure it is the combined knowledge of the Matrix.  Optimus Prime opens the Matrix, spreading it’s energy and wisdom across the universe.  The Hate Plague is destroyed (for now).  Optimus reclaims leadership of the Autobots, but the Matrix is empty and powerless.

For several months after the Hate Plague is destroyed, the Decepticons stay quiet.  Optimus Prime spends a lot of time trying to commune with the Matrix again, but the Matrix is still empty.  He receives visions of a something big happening, something that will change the lives of the Autobots.  Goldbug then notifies Optimus Prime that many many Decepticons are approaching Autobot City in attack formation..  Optimus Prime rallies the Autobots to defend the city and the Earth.  The battle is a brief one, and Optimus Prime deduces quickly that it was a diversion.  Optimus Prime and Ultra Magnus head to the vaults inside of Metroplex and find Punch.  He was injured by Pounce and Wingspan.  Optimus Prime finds that the vault is missing the key to the Plasma Energy Chamber.  He orders every functioning Autobot to head to Cybertron.  On Cybertron, the Autobots and Decepticons battle for control of the Plasma Energy Chamber.  Optimus Prime doesn’t know that the key is no longer on Cybertron, so he sends Fastlane and Cloudraker to search Cybertron for it.  The battle continues and Optimus Prime learns that the key is no longer on Cybertron.  Optimus leaves the battle to speak to Alpha Trion, whose mind is still in Vector Sigma.  Optimus uses the Matrix to reactivate Vector Sigma.  Optimus Prime is able to commune with Alpha Trion, and Alpha Trion guides Optimus Prime to Nebulos.  Optimus Prime takes a shuttle to Nebulos where he sees that the Autobots have bonded themselves with several Nebulans.  With a team of Headmasters and Targetmasters, Optimus Prime leads the Autobots to reclaim the key to the Plasma Energy Chamber from the Decepticons. They recover it from inside of Scourge, but before they can retreat back to Cybertron, they are attacked by Scorponok.

Scorponok captures Arcee and travels to Cybertron.  The Autobot Headmasters, Targetmasters, and Optimus Prime use Optimus’ shuttle to follow.  Optimus Prime orders the Autobots to help the damaged Cerebros into the shuttle.  Spike tells Optimus that he and Cerebros are staying on Nebulos and Optimus is about to object.  He gets a vision from Alpha Trion and agrees to let Spike stay on Nebulos.  On the trip back to Cybertron, Optimus gets yet another vision from Alpha Trion.  Alpha Trion tells Optimus Prime that no matter what, he can’t let the key to The Plasma Energy Chamber be destroyed.  When the Autobots reach Cybertron, they find that it isn’t there anymore!  Optimus Prime deduces that there is only one place Galvatron would move Cybertron to.  That place is Earth.  Optimus Prime has Kup set a course to Earth to fight the Decepticons.  When they reach Cybertron, it is in Earth’s orbit.  Optimus finds many deactivated Autobots.  Optimus (again correctly) assumes that Galvatron is going to open the Plasma Energy Chamber to make the sun go super nova.  The Autobot Headmasters and Targetmasters feel that the logical course of action is to destroy the key before Galvatron can open the chamber.  Optimus Prime won’t let that happen.  He knows he needs to fulfill the destiny from his visions.  The Nebulan partners of the Autobot Headmasters and Targetmasters leave their Autobot partners to destroy the key.  Optimus Prime and the Autobots follow them to Scorponok, but find themselves in a trap.  They are captured by the Decepticons.  Cyclonus relishes that he is going to be the one who finally kills Optimus Prime.  Before he can fire on Optimus, the ground starts shaking.  Fortress Maximus arrives to save the Autobots and defeat the Decepticons!  After Fort Max and Scorponok battle, Cerebros and Spike save Optimus Prime and the captive Autobots.  Optimus Prime orders Spike to close the Plasma Energy Chamber (the energy doesn’t effect organics, but more on that in Beast Machines), but Spike refuses to listen to Optimus Prime’s orders.  He wants to save Daniel first (and by saving Daniel he saves Arcee).   The Plasma Energy Chamber opens and starts to cause Earth’s sun to go supernova.  All of the surviving Autobots are incapacitated from the energy.  Spike and the Nebulans are able to survive because they are organic.  They rewire the afterburners on Cybertron to suck the energy into Vector Sigma, which breathes life back into Cybertron.

Marvel G1 Comic

For Eons, The Autobots and Decepticons lived in peace with each other.  Megatron had dreams of destruction and domination.  Optimus Prime was the leader of the Autobots, the less aggressive race on Cybertron.  He was the only one who was able to unite the forces of Autobots into one fighting force, and the only Autobot powerful enough to fight Megatron directly.  The fighting shook loose Cybertron from its orbit and sent it hurtling into space.  One day Optimus was made aware of an asteroid field that Cybertron was going to crash into by an Autobot Elder.  The asteroids would destroy Cybertron.  Optimus gathered a group of Autobots to clear away the asteroid field as well as be able to protect itself if the Decepticons attacked the ship.  The ship was called The Ark and it was successful in making a path in the asteroid field.  Cybertron then passed by a planet which was lifeless at the time, the planet Earth.  This success inspired Optimus to attempt to make peace with the Decepticons, but before any diplomacy could take place, The Ark was attacked by Megatron in his destroyer.  Still weakened due to destroying the asteroid field, the Autobots had a difficult time protecting themselves from the Decepticons.  To finally destroy the Decepticons, against Prowl’s guidance, Optimus plotted a course directly into the then lifeless planet Earth.

For Four Million years, both the Autobots and Decepticons lied dormant inside the Ark until 1984.  A scout drone searches the planet and orders the Ark and is unable to distinguish the difference between Autobots and Decepticons, so both factions are repaired and revived.  The Decepticons quickly left The Ark.  Soon after, Optimus sent a small reconnaissance team, lead by his second in command Prowl, to explore earth.  The morning after the recon team comes back (without Bumblebee), Optimus and several other Autobots debate if they should let the human population know about the existence of Transformers.  They are in need of fuel and Optimus feels it would be the best thing to do.  After a short debate, Optimus decides to reveal the Autobots to the planet Earth.  Soon after, Optimus gets a communication from Bumblebee telling him that The Witwickys will help The Autobots convert Earth fuel to be able to be a fuel source for The Autobots.  Optimus Prime quickly sends out a delegation to meet and thank Sparkplug and Buster (in the Marvel G1 comic, Buster took the place of Spike).  Right after the Autobots meet the Witwickys, the Decepticons attack.  Optimus orders the Autobots to defend themselves and specifically Bumblebee to defend Buster and Sparkplug.  Although other Autobots are fighting, it is clear that Optimus Prime is the most powerful Autobot, easily dispatching Decepticons.  Megatron joins the fight and they start to fight.  Megatron uses humans as shields but Optimus stays true to his morals and protects the humans.  He throws an engine block at Megatron’s head, defeating him.  Before Optimus can destroy Megatron, Megatron takes Sparkplug and the Decepticons escape with their hostage.  Optimus vows to Buster that he will rescue Sparkplug, but the Autobots are running dangerously low on fuel.  Optimus orders the Autobots back to the Ark where they can refuel, carrying a damaged Sideswipe in his trailer.

Soon after Sparkplug is kidnapped, The United States Military attacks Megatron’s Fortress.  Optimus Prime leads another strike force to protect the Military and to defeat Megatron.  With Spider-Man’s help, the Autobots save Sparkplug who already made the process for The Decepticons to convert Earth fuel into a fuel for Transformers.

After the battle, the Autobots debate on what they should do, and Optimus says that it is their responsibility to defeat the Decepticons since they brought them to Earth.  He charges Sparkplug to create fuel for the Autobots like Sparkplug did for the Decepticons.  Buster and Sparkplug try to escape but Sparkplug has a heart attack and is taken to the hospital by Ratchet.

Soon after Ratchet takes Sparkplug to the hospital, Huffer shows Optimus that soon after The Ark crashed, Shockwave came from Cybertron to investigate and The Ark created The Dinobots to protect it.  The final fate of the Dinobots was made unknown to the two Autobots.

Optimus Prime leads the Autobots in re-fueling and almost immediately after, The Decepticons attack the Autobot Base.  The Decepticons almost win, but before they can, they all collapse in pain.  It turns out that Sparkplug added a corrosive to the fuel that he made for the Decepticons causing them to fall.  Before the Autobots can celebrate, they are attacked by Shockwave, who came out of stasis lock and the Autobots are defeated.

Shockwave takes control of the Ark and wants to dissect Optimus to get the Creation Matrix.  Optimus’ head is removed from his body for study.  Buster finds it and Optimus transfers the program into Buster.  When Ratchet comes to investigate, the head of Optimus Prime convinces Ratchet that he must become a warrior in this hard time.
Optimus retained a trace of Matrix Energy in his head, which Shockwave kept as a hostage in his new base, an Aerospace Factory.  Shockwave used the matrix energy to create The Constructicons and Optimus felt responsible. At this point, Optimus has run out of Matrix energy and Shockwave starts to debate why he should keep Optimus’ head alive.
After capturing Buster, Shockwave sets a trap for the Autobots.  He uses Jetfire to transport Optimus’ head to a swamp, that once it was reunited with Optimus’ body, it attacked The Autobots.  But it wasn’t the REAL Optimus Prime’s head.  Buster saves the real Optimus Prime’s head with a Matrix controlled Jetfire and reunites Optimus’ head with his body, saving the Autobots and defeating Shockwave.  Instead of killing Shockwave, he leaves him sinking in a swamp and goes to save Buster from the Decepticon Base and they transfer the Creation Matrix back into Optimus.

Optimus Prime wastes no time in using The Creation Matrix.  He gives Jetfire a spark, and then creates several new Autobots, Smokescreen, Tracks, Hoist, Grapple, and Skids.  All of the new Autobots, aside for Jetfire and Grapple, are sent out to explore Earth with Bumblebee until Optimus learns of a Decepticon plot to harness sound energy and turn it into Energon.  He sends the new Autobots to investigate.

After Grapple is “born” Optimus gives him one instruction, design and construct Omega Supreme.  After Grapple is successful, Optimus uses The Matrix to give him life.  Omega Supreme was meant to protect The Ark and be a defense against Devestator.  Oddly, Optimus was kind of a dick when introducing Omega Supreme to the Autobots, he says that Omega Supreme is inferior since he is one robot instead of 6 robots that combine into one.  Optimus wants to know the secret of Devestator so he sends out all of the Autobots except Omega Supreme and Ratchet to search out Devestator.  With the convoy Optimus sends out, they are stopped by US Military.  He uses Jetfire as a distraction to get them through.  They then declare full combat on The Decepticons.  But The Decepticons aren’t there, the only thing there is automated defenses which damage a few Autobots, as well as Shockwave and The Constructicons..  Optimus sends Bumblebee in a different direction to scan Devestator.  Once Shockwave orders The Constructicons to merge, Bumblebee alerts Optimus Prime.  The Autobots want to leave, but Optimus won’t let them until the humans are safe.  On the way back to The Ark, Skids is attacked by Ravage and falls down a cliff.  Optimus assumes Skids is dead and keeps the convoy going.  Back at The Ark, Optimus feels the first loss of a soldier in a long time and becomes very sad.  Skids is later recovered by a human and repaired.  Eventually Skids returns to the Autobots.

After recovering from injuries from the previous battle, a human who was held captive by The Decepticons tells Optimus that he heard that seven Autobots came to Earth from Cybertron.  Optimus sends Jetfire to investigate.  Bumblebee then contacts Optimus Prime, telling him that on the news is a story of a crazed man holding workers of a dam hostage with a strange, powerful gun.  Optimus realizes that the gun is Megatron.  He sends the Aerialbots to the dam to defeat the Decepticons, which they do.  On the way back from the battle, Insecticon Bombshell hides on Silverbolt and is able to infiltrate The Ark.  While Ratchet is giving Optimus Prime an examination, Bombshell shoots a cerebro-shell inside of Optimus.  Because Optimus is so powerful, Bombshell is only able to monitor Optimus’ thoughts, not control him.  Bombshell is able to copy Optimus’ Creation Matrix program, and this gives Megatron the ability to make new Decepticons.  

Optimus sends Skids to look for the missing seven Autobots who came from Cybertron.  When The Stunticons attack Skids, Optimus sends The Aerialbots to assist Skids.

Wheeljack finds and removes the Cerebro Shell from Optimus, preventing the Decepticons from using The Creation Matrix anymore, and preventing them from listening in on Autobot plans anymore.  Wheeljack reverse engineers it and uses it to listen in on Megatron and The Decepticons.  They learn that Vortex has reported to Megatron that Ethan Zachary has created a device which can create unlimited energy from the magma below the ocean floor.  Optimus takes The Protectobots with him to protect Ethan Zachary and the device.  They encounter Megatron and The Combaticons outside the laboratory where Ethan Zachary is working.  The two opposing forces have a stand off, The Protectobots merge into Defensor and The Combaticons merge into Bruticus.  Megatron challenges Optimus to a fight to the death, and Ethan Zachary intervenes.  Ethan is an amateur Video Game Programmer and suggests that he imports the consciousness of all of the Transformers where they can fight without damaging anything in the real world.  The winner would gain control of his energy harnessing device.  Megatron adds one term to the scenario, that the leader of the losing side will be destroyed.  Everyone agrees with Ethan Zachary being the one to control the kill switches.  Inside the computer game, Optimus orders that the virtual people in the game are protected as if they were real.  Optimus defers to Hot Spot to lead, but Hot Spot knows Optimus is a better commander and lets Optimus lead his team.  Optimus sends the Protectobots to scout so they can find Megatron and the Combaticons.  The Protectobots defeat all of the Combaticons leaving Optimus Prime and Megatron to stand off against each other.  Optimus brings Defensor to back him up.  Defensor destroys Megatron, but Megatron cheats, bringing himself back to life and attacks Optimus.  Optimus is hanging off of a cliff.  Optimus swings up causing virtual creatures to get injured and die, but Optimus defeats Megatron.  Back in the real world, Ethan Zachary is about to press the button to destroy Megatron, but Optimus Prime says that even though he defeated Megatron, he had to break his rule of not killing anyone, even a virtual anyone.  Optimus says that he feels he cheated the game and tells Ethan Zachary to kill him.  Ethan Zachary presses the button and kills Optimus Prime.  The Protectobots leave and unknown to them and any other Autobot, Ethan Zachary copied Optimus Prime’s mind and memories onto a computer disk.

Optimus Prime isn’t shown for a long time, but the next time he is shown, instead of being the leader of the Autobots, he is a computer generated character in one of Ethan Zachary’s games.  Optimus’ avatar is able to leave the game and interacts with Ethan Zachary, completely unaware that he used to be the legendary leader of The Autobots.  Ethan Zachary reveals to Optimus the true story of Optimus Prime, but the computer program is too naive to fully comprehend.  Goldbug goes to speak to Ethan Zachary and finds that Optimus’ mind is truly alive, but doesn’t remember his past.  Ethan Zachary tried to shock Optimus into remembering by showing him newspaper articles about the Transformers, but nothing worked.  Goldbug and Ethan Zachary make another attempt to bring Optimus’ full mind back by altering the game to include Decepticons.  Optimus explores Cyberspace in this attempt and winds up being swept into a Decepticon computer.  He winds up fighting a computer generated Scorponok who inserted himself into cyberspace as well.  Optimus starts to partially regain his memories, but still thinks he is computer game.  Ethan Zachary gives the disc with Optimus’ mind to Goldbug and Goldbug leaves.  Fortress Maximus attempts to rebuild Optimus, but they find it is impossible with their current resources.  

Goldbug is ordered by Fortress Maximus to go to Nebulos to see if they can help restore Optimus Prime.  Goldbug inspires Nebulan scientist, Hi-Q, to rebuild Optimus Prime.  Not only does Hi-Q rebuild him, but he makes a much more powerful body.  Unfortunately, Nebulos poisoned their atmosphere to prevent Transformers from coming back to the planet.  Optimus Prime is resurrected, but he immediately becomes sick.  He also still thinks he is a video game character and calls out to Ethan Zachary.  Seeing Goldbug, Optimus is shocked back into his true persona, the true leader of The Autobots, but he is still dying.  Hi-Q is inspired by The Autobots and Optimus Prime and volunteers to become Optimus Prime’s Powermaster, saving him.  Optimus Prime’s first act after being saved is defeating the two Decepticons who were besieging Nebulos.  Optimus, Goldbug, and the newly minted Autobot Powermasters then leave Nebulos.

Now fully restored, Optimus takes command of the Autobot starship Steelhaven.  He tells the story of the Transformers to Hi-Q and the rest of the Nebulan crew.  The crew then receives a transmission from The Cosmic Carnival and want to go.  Optimus says they need to focus on recovering the Autobots stuck on Earth’s moon, but then see in the transmission the Autobot Sky Lynx.  Optimus and Goldbug leave Steelhaven to investigate the carnival.  They encounter the group of children who Blaster saved previously from the Combaticons.  Optimus approaches the children and their handler, and he asks the children if they want to leave.  The children say yes but their handler won’t let them go.  Optimus demands to speak to the owner of the carnival.  They meet with the owner of the carnival, an alien named Mr. Top.  Optimus requests that the children are handed over to him so he can bring them back to Earth and Mr. Top refuses, saying they have a debt to pay to him.  Optimus and Goldbug continue to look around the carnival and they see Sky Lynx doing an impressive acrobatic routine.  After the show, Optimus and Goldbug go backstage to speak to Sky Lynx.  He learns that Sky Lynx and the children accidentally entered the carnival without paying and had to work off their debt.  Optimus vows to Sky Lynx that he will do everything he can to save the children.  Optimus speaks to their handler, Berko, and finds out he was abducted from Earth.  Optimus says he will bring Berko back to Earth if he sets the children free.  Goldbug and Berko go to free the children while Optimus Prime goes to free Sky Lynx.  He inserts himself into Sky Lynx’s act and breaks him out of servitude.  They escape to Steelhaven and make their way back to Earth and unites Grimlock’s forces with Fortress Maximus’ forces.

While monitoring Earth Television, Optimus and Fort Max observe a commercial for Club Con, a tropical resort run by Decepticons.  Optimus sends Blaster to investigate and they learn of the Decepticon plot to recover two Autobot cassettes which hold records of Cybertronian History.  When Ratbat and Starscream watch the cassettes, they see a visual record of Optimus Prime and the Triggerbots fighting Megatron for the city of Boltax from millions of years ago.  Even though his is millions of years younger, they see that Optimus was always diplomatic, wise, and brave.  Alone, he enters Boltax and learns of The Underbase, a collection of great knowledge.  Optimus learns that the knowledge of Underbase is too much for any one Transformer to hold and Megatron arrives.  Megatron obviously wants the power of The Underbase for himself.  Optimus is severely injured by Megatron and the Decepticons and Megatron is about to take the power of The Underbase for himself.  To protect it, Optimus sends it into space, preventing anyone from possessing the power of The Underbase.  
Back in the present, Optimus takes Blaster and Fortress Maximus to investigate Club Con.  When they get to the location of where Club Con was, they find it isn’t there anymore.  

They are eventually signaled by Buster Witwicky and go to the arctic where the Decepticons have relocated.  By this time, Ratbat and Scorponok joined forces, and their unified army attacks Optimus Prime and the Autobots.  After a savage battle where numerous Autobots were killed, Ratbat eventually calls a truce because he realized that everyone was manipulated by Starscream.  Starscream wanted the Underbase and Optimus Prime recalls that he fought for it back on Cybertron. The Autobots and Decepticons unite to fight Starscream.  The new alliance takes Ratbat’s Decepticon ship to the location in outer space where Starscream has started to absorb the Underbase.  Optimus fires on him, disrupting the absorption but Starscream destroys the ship, stranding Autobots and Decepticons in space.  Optimus planned for this and had the Ark ready to save the Transformers.  They head back to Earth and divide into teams to defeat Starscream. Each team is made up of a combination of Autobots and Decepticons and is led by a commander from each side. Optimus stays aboard the Ark to live up to his promise to protect Buster.  He sends Fortress Maximus to partner with Soundwave in his place in leading a strike team.  With Hi-Q’s help, Optimus creates a weapon which would hopefully destroy Starscream.  When Ratbat and Scorponok return to the Ark, they attack Hi-Q and Buster, thinking that Optimus is manipulating the Decepticons so Optimus can absorb the Underbase energy for himself.  Without Hi-Q linked to him, Optimus doesn’t have the energy needed to successfully fight both Decepticon leaders.  Optimus tries to reason with them, explaining his plan.  Hi-Q and Optimus figured out the functionality of the Underbase energy and uses his knew found discovery to form a plan to defeat Starscream.  Scorponok believes him and kills Ratbat, saving Buster and Hi-Q.  Scorponok wants the power for himself, so he disables Optimus and sets off into space himself, hoping to absorb the Underbase energy.  Optimus quickly recovers and engages Scorponok in space.  When the full force of the Underbase energy comes towards Earth, Optimus makes sure it hits Starscream.  This over powers Starscream and kills him.  Optimus knew that no one being can contain all of the Underbase energy.  Both armies gather their living, dead, and wounded, and Scorponok orders the war to continue, but not until tomorrow.  Optimus also reveals that any Transformer who is bonded with an organic (Ie Headmasters and Powermasters) or have organic armor (IE Pretenders), were less damaged by Underbase energy than the typical Transformer.

Optimus and the Autobots need reinforcements and new parts.  He sends Landmine and Cloudraker to a black market in space to get new microchips and brings in a number of Micromasters to Earth from Cybertron.  The methods of the Micromasters are a little unorthodox and angers Optimus.  This causes the Micromasters to go out on their own.  

Ratchet becomes fatigued from over working.  He is spending all of his time trying to rebuild and repair the fallen Autobots that Starscream killed and wounded.  Optimus sees this and orders Ratchet take some time off.  Optimus starts to feel responsible for his friend’s state of mind, feeling that he may have unintentionally put too much pressure on Ratchet to restore the fallen Autobots.  But Optimus knows it is only a matter of time before Scorponok makes a full assault against the Autobots.  Sooner than later, a group of Decepticon Micromasters attack the ribbon cutting ceremony of a new experimental jet.  Optimus takes a strike force to save the humans, leaving the Ark virtually unguarded.  Ratchet is one of the few inhabitants of the Ark at this point.  

At the airfield, Optimus and the Autobots have a tense stand off with the Decepticons.  One of the Decepticon Micromasters damage Optimus’ communications system is damaged, preventing Ratchet from contacting him.  Scorponok arrives and orders the Decepticons to attack!  Scorponok and Weirdwolf single out Optimus and attack them together, Optimus easily fends them off.  With an uncharacteristic savagery, Optimus Prime attacks the rest of the Decepticons. Optimus damages numerous Decepticons, but causes a lot of damage to the airbase.  He suddenly realizes that he isn’t acting like himself and feels he is becoming as much of a menace as the Decepticons.  He tries to rediscover his personal code and morals to end the battle before anyone else gets hurt.  Optimus realizes that someone is manipulating both armies, and he orders a retreat.  Scorponok orders his forces to not allow the Autobots to leave the battle and all of the Decepticons focus on Optimus.  But Optimus Prime is too powerful and fends off all of the Decepticons on his own.  Optimus again tries to get Scorponok and his Decepticons to stop fighting, claiming that both sides are being manipulated by an unknown enemy.  Scorponok fires on Optimus who shrugs it off.  Scorponok starts to realize Optimus’ goal for peace.  Hot Rod tries to attack Scorponok and Optimus won’t let him.  Before Optimus and Scorponok can figure out who is plotting against them, they are attacked by a newly rebuilt Starscream.  Starscream has been restored by Ratchet and Megatron as a Pretender.  

Starscream attacks both sides, but isn’t mindless.  Ratchet gave Starscream back his mind when be rebuilt his body.  He reveals that Megatron is alive, and Optimus puts everything together.  He also says to himself that part of him always knew Megatron was still alive.  Starscream focuses on attacking Optimus Prime, using his Pretender shell as a partner.  Scorponok watches and orders his Decepticons to help Optimus fend off Starscream.  Eventually Starscream is defeated by Scorponok.

Optimus Prime starts to become overwhelmed.  Enemies are returning, and he is reminded about how many of his friends and soldiers he’s lost.  Ratchet is just the newest name on the list.  Optimus is reminded though that Bumblebee, Jazz, and Grimlock are all alive again, but it isn’t enough for him.  He can’t figure out how many Autobot losses are acceptable to defeat the Decepticons.  Optimus goes to the moon to take a walk to clear his head.  While trying to clear his mind, Hot Rod devises a plan to control a droid and make it look like it went out of control.  He wants Optimus to destroy it, regaining his confidence.  The droid actually does go out of control, damaging many Autobots, including Hot Rod, Kup, and Blur.  Hot Rod’s plan actually does work though, Optimus recaptures his inner strength and warrior spirit.  He winds up destroying the droid.

After finding out that Unicron has been awakened, Optimus sends out numerous teams of Autobots throughout the a far off galaxy to look for the Creation Matrix.  When he died (the first time), it was inside of his corpse when they shot his body off into space.  Also, Optimus joins with a Cybertronian Autobot named Emirate Xaaron to add to his forces.  After weeks of searching, the Matrix is finally found, but not by an Autobot, by Decepticon Thunderwing.  Thunderwing promptly uses an Autobot shuttle to get aboard Optimus Prime’s ship and starts his barrage on the Autobots, now powered by the Matrix.

Optimus Prime starts defensively fighting with Thunderwing, and when other Autobots try to help Optimus, he orders them away so the Matrix won’t be damaged.  After Thunderwing kills Landmine and damages several other Autobots, Optimus realizes he can’t hold back.  He unleashes his full power against Thunderwing.  Optimus gains the upper hand in the battle, but he can’t bring himself to kill Thunderwing.  While he is internally conflicted, Thunderwing takes advantage of the distraction and fires on Optimus with the Matrix.  He then starts beating Optimus with his bare fists.  Optimus tries to make contact with the Matrix and take control of it again, and to buy some time, he asks Thunderwing about the fate of Bumblebee, Jazz, and Grimlock.  He tells Optimus that Bumblebee, Jazz, and Grimlock are de-powered and still on VsQs  A damaged Optimus watches Thunderwing attack and kill many of his soldiers, and notices that the Matrix is now fully in control of Thunderwing.  Again, he tries to reason with Thunderwing and the Matrix.  When Thunderwing kills his own soldier, Spinister, he starts to break the control that the Matrix has on him.  Optimus notices this and attacks Thunderwing.  He knows he has to kill him, but Optimus’ code of honor won’t allow him to.  The Matrix starts to assert it’s control over Thunderwing again.  Thunderwing is defeated by Nightbeat who causes Thunderwing to be sucked into space and caught in an explosion.  The Matrix is lost again, but Thunderwing is dead.

Optimus tours the Ark, noticing that his soldiers are, for the most part, in a good mood.  They are repairing themselves and morale is uncharacteristically high.  This winds up upsetting Optimus Prime.  He doesn’t think that his soldiers are prepared to take on Unicron, especially that they don’t have the Matrix to use as a weapon.  He continues to get painful episodes, which are warning him about Unicron coming, but keeps them hidden from the rest of the Autobots.  He then goes to meet with Nightbeat, who he gave the job of looking for evidence that Ratchet is still alive.  Nightbeat tells Optimus that there may be a chance that Ratchet is still alive and reveals that Ratchet and Megatron went into the Space Bridge moments before the Decepticon base exploded.  Nightbeat creates a device that will go into the realm of the space bridge and “sniff out” Ratchet.  Even though the probability of finding Ratchet is low, it gives Optimus something he really needs, Hope in the future.  Nightbeat’s device is successful.  It brings back Ratchet, but now he is fused with Megatron into some new hybrid creature.

The hybrid reaches out to Optimus, some of the Autobots think this is an attack, but Optimus is open minded.  He lets the Hybrid reach out to him, and Kup sees the creature and goes to attack.  Optimus gets in the way and the Megatron half punches Optimus Prime.  Kup fires on the hybrid but Nightbeat stops him.  After the creature attacks Kup, Nightbeat, and one of the Autobot Pretenders, it escapes on the Ark.  Kup wants to hunt it down, saying it is too much of a liability to the Ark, the crew of the Ark, and the numerous Autobots who are in stasis lock on the Ark.  Optimus Prime refuses to let him harm the hybrid Ratchet Megatron creature.  He wants to try to save his friend.  The creature starts to damage the Ark, making it’s orbit around Earth start to degrade.  If this continues, the Ark will crash into Earth.  Kup threatens Optimus that if the creature isn’t put down, he will relieve Optimus Prime of command and kill the creature.  Optimus agrees and takes the gun from Kup to kill the creature.  The Hybrid and Optimus Prime battle, and Optimus reminds himself to stay strong.  He defeats the creature in battle, but he can’t bring himself to kill it.  The Ratchet part of the creature starts to beg Optimus to kill him.  Optimus can’t kill the creature, he brings the creature to Fixit, and Fixit tells Optimus that he thinks he can separate the creature into it’s original parts.  But he can’t have Ratchet back without having Megatron back as well.  Optimus tells him to try.

Optimus realizes that he needs to do something drastic to combat Unicron.  He contacts Scorponok and arranges for the Autobots to surrender to the Decepticons with the intention of forming an alliance with the Decepticons.  The Autobots are treated as prisoners and almost immediately, Optimus starts to have second thoughts.  Optimus is kept away from his soldiers, guarded by Soundwave.  Optimus continues to ask to speak to Scorponok so they can make a strategy to defeat Unicron together.  Soundwave continues to refuse and Optimus Prime knocks him out so he can find Scorponok.  He first frees Hot Rod and Kup so he doesn’t have to face the Decepticons alone.  Kup doesn’t want to help Optimus Prime, he feels betrayed by his long time leader and friend.  Optimus explains to him that Unicron is not a Decepticon and they have to combat him differently than they would fight the Decepticons.  Kup grudgingly agrees and they go to attack Scorponok.  Hot Rod and Kup battle Scorponok and Bludgeon, and they are at a stalemate until Optimus Prime orders everyone to stand down.  He pleads with Scorponok to unite both armies to combat Unicron.  Scorponok agrees to form a true partnership and moments later, Scorponok’s base is attacked, and destroyed, by Shockwave and his band of Decepticons.

Optimus survives and sees a number of Decepticons still alive.  He realizes that he has to search through the destroyed structure to look for surviving Autobots.  Kup reminds Optimus that there is an alliance between him and Scorponok.  Kup tells Optimus that he should help Scorponok in battle instead of looking for more survivors.  Optimus makes his priority finding the fallen Autobots, but will intervene in the fight between Scorponok and the rogue Decepticons before it spills over into the human world.  Optimus emerges from the wrecked base with a number of Autobot survivors to witness Shockwave’s Decepticons fighting Scorponok’s Decepticons.  He orders Kup and Highbrow to contain the battle from further effecting the near by human population, and then he takes Nightbeat into the city with him to help Scorponok.  Optimus sees that Scorponok has started to gain the upper hand on Shockwave and before he can kill Shockwave, Optimus Prime stops him.  Scorponok calms down a little bit, but before any action could be taken, they are attacked by GB Blackrock’s team of super humans, The Neo-Knights,

The Neo-Knights focus their attack on Scorponok, Optimus Prime tries to stop the battle because he needs Scorponok to stay alive.  He knows that without Scorponok, the Autobot/Decepticon Alliance will fade away and they won’t be able to stop Unicron.  The battle moves very fast and Circuit Breaker starts to change her focus of attack from Scorponok and Shockwave to Optimus Prime himself.  Blackrock tries to get her to stop, reminding her that Optimus Prime is their ally.  Shockwave transforms into gun mode to attack Scorponok and this jogs Circuit Breaker’s memory that Shockwave was the Decepticon who crippled her.  She stops attacking Optimus Prime and kills Shockwave.  Peacefully, Optimus approaches Scorponok to ask if they are enemies or allies.  Scorponok says that they are now allies.  The peace is short lived when Optimus, Scorponok, both of their armies, and the Neo-Knights are transported by Primus back to Cybertron to fight against Unicron.

Primus has inhabited the body of Emirate Xaaron and he re-tells the story of Unicron and Primus.  Optimus Prime starts to feel a little uncomfortable about Primus taking over Xaaron.  An unnamed “Autobot” sneaks off to meet with a Cult of Unicron.  This cult has one purpose, to destroy Optimus Prime.  Optimus sees that Circuit Breaker is catatonic and asks Blackrock how she is doing.  He explains that her extreme hatred of Transformers caused her to have a mental breakdown because she is on a planet inhabited only by Transformers.  Optimus pleads to Primus to send the humans back to Earth and Primus doesn’t respond.  This causes Optimus Prime to feel even more uneasy about his contact with Primus.  Scorponok asks Optimus to speak in private.  Scorponok tells Optimus Prime that he is afraid of the upcoming battle, and afraid of dying.  Optimus tells Scorponok that he is afraid as well.  He tells Scorponok that he died once before and doesn’t want to do it again, but the battle is for the greater good of not only the Transformers, but the Universe as well.  Scorponok’s worries are slightly alleviated and he tells Optimus that if he was to die, he would be honored to die in battle fighting WITH (not against) Optimus Prime. The shared moment quickly ends when both Optimus Prime and Scorponok are attacked by the Cult of Unicron.  The group of fanatics outnumber the powerful leaders and they quickly separate Scorponok from the fight.  Scorponok realizes that they only want to destroy Optimus Prime, but now he looks at Optimus as his friend.  He snaps out of his fear and saves Optimus from being destroyed by the Cult of Unicron.  Optimus and Scorponok fight off the cult, and Optimus Prime is secretly defended by Galvatron.  Galvatron then fires his arm cannon into the air which signals the Autobots and Decepticons to help Optimus Prime and Scorponok fight off the Cult.  Scorponok starts to drag out killing the cult members, finding joy in it, and Optimus stops him, trying to impart Autobot compassion onto the Decepticon leader.  The last of the cult members are killed and Primus explains that they were programmed to target whoever the leader of a combined army would be.  Optimus starts to feel like he is a chess piece in Primus’ never ending battle with Unicron.  Before he can confront Primus, he falls to the ground in pain, sensing the Unicron is near.  When he looks to the sky, he sees Unicron as arrived at Cybertron.

Unicron wastes no time in attacking AND eating Cybertron.  All of the Transformers are frightened by the awe inspiring size and destructive power of Unicron, even Optimus Prime.  He is overwhelmed with the sheet magnitude of his new opponent.  Primus tries to calm the armies of Cybertron down so they will fight, but Unicron is too powerful.  Optimus watches as Primus tries, and fails to attack Unicron.  The body of Xaaron is just too weak to fully capture all of Primus’ power and can’t act as the nemesis again to Unicron.  The Autobots take control of the planetary defenses and they cause Unicron some pain, this starts to rally all of the troops and add to morale.  Unicron inflicts many casualties to both Autobot and Decepticon armies.  Unicron senses that Optimus Prime is the leader of the united army and attacks him.  Optimus dives out of the way but is still injured.  He asks Scorponok to take command of the army, but Scorponok’s fear of dying returns.  Scorponok pushes down his fear and attacks Unicron, who kills him.  Scorponok dies in Optimus Prime’s arms with Optimus calling Scorponok his friend.  Optimus starts to feel the pain of the Matrix again, he falls down in pain.  When he gets up, he realizes he has to do anything it takes to defeat Unicron.  At that moment, a blast of Matrix energy attacks Unicron.  Thunderwing arrives on Cybertron.  He is half alive and fully corrupted by a tainted Matrix.  Thunderwing successfully attacks Unicron and Optimus realizes that even though it seems like the Matrix has become evil, it hasn’t.  It has developed it’s own sentience and is seeking out experiences.  Regardless, it isn’t the tool he is used to and he may have to destroy it.  Thunderwing and the Matrix are defeated by Unicron.  The Matrix falls to the ground and Optimus realizes that this is his opportunity to destroy Unicron.  He separates from Hi-Q and grabs the Matrix.  He flies (for the first time, he was never shown to be able to fly on his own before this issue) with the Matrix inside of Unicron.  Unicron is overwhelmed by the goodness of the Matrix energy and explodes.  Unicron is dead and Cybertron is safe, but Optimus Prime is dying.  
In the aftermath of the battle, Optimus’s severely damaged body is found by a group of Transformers including Prowl, Bludgeon, Wheeljack, and several others.  Optimus is clinging onto life due to the residual Matrix energy that he absorbed while killing Unicron.  Prowl asks Wheeljack if he can repair Optimus Prime, and Wheeljack says he can’t.  Optimus gives Prowl a message for Grimlock and then dies (again).  Prime’s message was naming Grimlock the new leader of the Autobots.

Optimus is brought back to life (again), by Hi-Q and The Last Autobot.  The Last Autobot was a dormant, ancient Autobot created personally by Primus to be the last defense for all Autobots.  Hi-Q wound up being the container for all of Optimus Prime’s personality and knowledge, and The Last Autobot created a new body with Hi-Q at it’s core.   With the Decepticons about to kill the last remnants of Autobot resistance on Klo, Optimus joins the fight.  He battles Bludgeon one on one, and is able to stay ahead of the Decepticon Leader.  When Bludgeon starts to loose the battle, he orders his Decepticons to attack Optimus at once.  The Last Autobot uses his power to resurrect ALL of the fallen Autobots on Klo, giving Optimus an army to battle the Decepticons with.  The Autobots defeat the Decepticons and  they retreat into space.  Optimus tells the Autobots that Cybertron has also been repaired and they can all go home.

Years later, the Decepticons, still led by Bludgeon, resurface.  They are attacking alien worlds to steal weapons.  Optimus takes an assault team to fight Bludgeon.  Ultimately, one of the aliens scares off the Decepticons.  Optimus Prime starts having visions of a blight which will destroy Cybertron and Earth.  He worries that he has become no better than Megatron and the other former Decepticon leaders, and worries that he is craving battle and violence too much

Optimus Prime is summoned by Grimlock to meet.  He goes to the meeting place with Kup and Hot Rod and they are ambushed by Decepticons.  The Decepticons focus on Optimus because they want his dead body as a trophy, but he is too powerful for the band of Decepticons.  He transforms into truck mode and plows through them.  The Decepticons are quickly defeated and Grimlock arrives.  He takes them to his newest discovery, an abandoned Decepticon stronghold.  He shows Optimus that he found records that the Decepticons have been colonizing various worlds and turning them into mini Cybertrons.  Before the Autobots can make a plan to liberate these worlds, they are attacked from orbit by Jhiaxus’ warship.  Jhiaxus doesn’t kill the Autobots, he brings the injured Autobots to his ship where he explains the status quo of Decepticons.  He explains how while the Transformers aboard the Ark were dormant for millions of years, the majority of the “real” Decepticons left Cybertron to spread the Decepticon empire.  He tells Optimus that because he focused on Earth for so long, he didn’t realize what was really happening in the universe.  Optimus and Grimlock are moved to a holding cell and Optimus is depressed.  He realizes that the Autobots really lost the war that he thought they won.  He feels like a relic in an era he now doesn’t understand.  Grimlock explains that nothing has changed, they are still Autobots and Jhiaxus is a Decepticon.  It is their duty to stop Jhiaxus.  Optimus realizes that Grimlock is right.  They escape from their cell, killing the guards and stealing their weapons.  They free the other captive Autobots and escape from Jhiaxus’ warship.

Optimus winds up in the K’Tord Nebula and Jhiaxus catches up with him.  They battle each other one on one.  Optimus is injured by Jhiaxus who realizes he missed personal combat.  Something about Optimus has changed. where several years ago, he would try to make peace with an enemy or restrain himself from seriously injuring an enemy, now he is savage and brutal in battle.  He tries to beat Jhiaxus so badly that Jhiaxus will beg for mercy.  Optimus starts to hide to collect his thoughts, he starts to realize that something is wrong and he is too violent.  Jhiaxus starts firing wildly hoping to lure Optimus out.  Optimus approaches Jhiaxus to attempt to make peace between the two factions.  He says that there is something which is making all of the Transformers on the planet to feel intense fear, which is making them mentally unstable.  Upon realizing that, a black semi liquid creature emerges from Optimus and Jhiaxus, which Optimus realizes was controlling them.  Jhiaxus kills it and everyone starts to return to their normal personalities.  Optimus and Jhiaxus form a very brief moment of peace, where each agrees to return to their armies, but the next time they see each other, it will be as enemies again.

Optimus continues to have his apocalyptic visions, each one is more vivid and disturbing than the one before.  He starts to see his friends and allies, like Kup, in them, deactivated.  Coincidentally, Kup brings Optimus Prime out of his latest vision.  He tells Optimus that Grimlock has left the Autobase with the rest of the Dinobots and other Autobots to form a raiding party. Grimlock and his troops are captured and Optimus commandeers a Decepticon shuttle to save them.  Optimus realizes he has to find out what the visions he has been experiencing mean, so he hands over leadership to Grimlock and goes back to Cybertron.

When Optimus Prime returns to Cybertron, he meets with priests of Primus who help him commune with the Matrix.  They warn him that the process can be dangerous, and Optimus says he will do whatever he can to prevent the apocalyptic visions he has been receiving.  Optimus starts to commune with the Matrix and sees the origin of the Transformer species, which he already knew from his encounter with Primus.  He flash forwards eons later, to a point where he was dormant on Earth and witnesses something he didn’t know.  He sees Transformers reproducing (asexually) without the Matrix.  He realizes that The Transformer race evolved slightly while he was on Earth and Jhiaxus and his forces are a result of that evolved reproduction.  Optimus realizes that his Autobot forces aren’t enough to defeat this new type of threat, and he may have to sell his soul to get the help he needs.  Optimus leaves the Matrix too early though, if he stayed connected a few moments longer, he would have witnessed the byproduct of the Cybertronian Asexual Reproduction was the creation of a sentient, black cloud.  The same cloud Optimus was seeing in his visions.

Optimus returns to Earth alone to save it from the Decepticons.  He intentionally came alone to prevent all out war from further hurting Earth and it’s human population.  He also wants to use diplomacy to try to join forces with Megatron to fight against Jhiaxus and his imperialistic Decepticons.  He quickly engages the Decepticons on Earth, but Megatron shoots Optimus in the back, damaging him.  Megatron continues to damage Optimus until Optimus Prime is defeated.  Megatron then uses a device to steal Matrix energy from Optimus so he can create a new Decepticon Army.  Optimus Prime is about to be destroyed by Megatron when Grimlock and the Autobots save him.  The Decepticons are defeated and retreat back to War World.  After Optimus Prime is repaired, Megatron approaches him to propose an alliance to fight against Jhiaxus.  After a few tense moments, Optimus agrees to the temporary alliance.  Sideswipe tells Optimus that Jhiaxus has invaded the planet of Ethos and is starting to destroy it.  Optimus Prime organizes his troops and tells Megatron that he has to act as an Autobot would or leave the alliance.  He explains that no innocent life will be taken and that the alliance will do everything it can to safeguard life.

On Ethos, Optimus and Grimlock keep their distance from Jhiaxus’ forces.  They watch as the Cybertronians kill the population of the planet.  Optimus is disgusted by the sheer violence that he is witnessing.  He starts to question his faith in Primus, wondering if Primus had in mind Jhiaxus and his forces when he created the Transformers.  The Autobot/Decepticon alliance is successful in fighting Jhiaxus’ soldiers on Ethos.  Optimus recognizes that it took the Decepticon savagery to defeat the imperialistic Cybertronians.  He starts to worry that the Decepticons may rub off on the Autobots and they will loose their way.  After the battle, Optimus boards the War World to make a strategy with Megatron.  He starts to hope that the alliance will last after Jhiaxus is defeated and the Transformers will be united again.  He also internally debates if he should tell Megatron about the apocalyptic visions he has been having.

Optimus’ prophetic visions lead him to the planet of Jasik where he and Megatron, and several Autobot scientists investigate the death of the entire planet.  They quickly realize that Jhiaxus ISN’T responsible for it.  He orders Kup to heighten security and to give Megatron any information he needs.  They take a sample of the black ooze like material found on Jasik and bring it back to the Autobot base on Earth.  Perceptor analyzes it and reveals that it is a by-product of Transformers.  Optimus recognizes it from his visions.  Optimus Prime starts to wonder what the connection between the black ooze and his Matrix vision of Transformer reproduction is, and how they are connected.  Before they can do more research, Jhiaxus attacks!

Optimus Prime, Megatron, and the Autobots fight Jhiaxus and his Cybertronians, but the Cybertronians outnumber and overpower them.  The alliance proves to be more powerful than Jhiaxus expected and his army starts to be defeated.  Before they can be defeated, Jhiaxus orders every one of his troops to join the battle.  Optimus asks Megatron to join him while he attempts to travel to the War World, which is orbiting Earth, so he can reclaim the Matrix.  When Optimus Prime and Megatron reach War World, they find that it has been altered.  They are led to a large room where they find that Starscream has merged with both the Matrix and War World, becoming a living weapon.

Optimus and Megatron attempt to fight the enhanced Starscream, but he is too powerful.  Megatron suggests that Prime tries to speak to the Matrix, but Optimus tells him that the Matrix has been corrupted (again) and that you can’t fight the Matrix.  Starscream binds Optimus and Megatron using the War World, Megatron is the first to escape and he goes to the power core of War World to attempt to detonate it.  Optimus soon follows and they split up to inflict more internal damage to the Starscream/War World juggernaut.  Optimus heads to the control center and finds that some external force is helping him avoid death and Starscream’s traps.  Optimus contacts The Twilight to ask Jhiaxus for help in destroying Starscream.  Jhiaxus doesn’t respond and starts firing on Earth.  The War World attacks Jhiaxus’ ship, damaging it, and Optimus starts to realize that the goodness of the Matrix is starting to take control away from Starscream.  Before Optimus can retake the Matrix, the Swarm approaches (Click Here for information on The Swarm).

Optimus realizes that The Swarm is the cause of the apocalyptic visions he has been having.  Before he can act against The Swarm, Starscream pleads with Optimus to help him.  The Matrix is “corrupting” Starscream to be good.  Starscream realizes that The Swarm will kill him first since he is such a large target and he doesn’t want to die a hero.  Optimus Prime orders Starscream to give him back the Matrix.  Starscream does and reverts back to himself.  Reunited with the Matrix, Optimus is ready to save the Universe (again).  He takes a small spacecraft to try to speak to Jhiaxus, so they can fight The Swarm as a unified Transformer race.  Soon after Optimus enters the Twilight, The Swarm attacks and the crew starts to abandon ship.  Optimus seeks out Jhiaxus who finds him first and attacks Optimus Prime.  He punches Optimus Prime so hard in the face that Optimus looses the ability to speak.  Severely damaged, Optimus tries to defend himself from Jhiaxus, who continues to brutally attack him.  Jhiaxus is about to kill Optimus, but Optimus Prime is saved when The Swarm breaches The Twilight’s shields, giving Optimus the opportunity to escape.  The Swarm then kills Jhiaxus and destroys the Twilight, sending Optimus into space.  Optimus Prime is saved by Megatron and Starscream who bring him into their shuttle craft.  Starscream offers Optimus a canister of Rheanium Gas to protect him against the Swarm, and Optimus refuses.  He realizes that he has to die to save the universe from The Swarm.  He struggles to stay alive as The Swarm starts to consume him and realizes that his apocalyptic visions have started to become a reality.  At the last moment, he unleashes the energy of The Matrix onto The Swarm, but in the process he dies (yet again!).  The Swarm is defeated and Optimus Prime feels his consciousness travel through out the entire universe at once.  Optimus Prime is quickly rebuilt (again) this time by The Swarm who has merged with the wisdom of Primus.  This officially ends the conflict between the Autobots and Decepticons.  They unite as one race.

IDW Re-Generation One

Twenty one years after The Last Autobot restores Optimus Prime and Cybertron, the Autobots have become the dominant race on Cybertron.  Cybertron has been restored to a new golden age and the Decepticon numbers have dwindled.  Optimus Prime has separated himself from the rest of the Autobots and lives in an outpost in the Cybertronian Capital Iacon alone.

Hot Rod is one of Optimus Prime’s few contacts to the outside world and is thought to be “The Chosen One”.  Kup and Ultra Magnus visit Optimus Prime to tel him of rumors of Decepticons trying to gain political power.  Optimus does not allow Kup and Ultra Magnus to use military power to stop the gathering.  He feels that eventually, the Decepticon movement will fade away as Megatron has. Optimus Prime has made a standing order that the Autobots are not to use a full military strike against the Decepticons to maintain a Unified Cybertronian Alliance.  Unfortunately, Soundwave leads an attack on an Autobot outpost and The Last Autobot is killed.

Soon after, against orders, The Wreckers foil a Decepticon plot to set off a bomb . It would have killed numerous Autobots and made the Decepticons gain political power.  Optimus and Ultra Magnus meet to discuss what the outcome should be for The Wreckers.  On one hand, they disobeyed Optimus Prime’s orders, but on the other hand, they uncovered a Decepticon conspiracy.  While speaking to Magnus, Optimus Prime feels that Unicron is coming.

Optimus continues to mentor and teach Hot Rod and explains to him that he feels lonely most of the time.  He tells Hot Rod that because he is OPTIMUS PRIME all other Autobots feel that he is above them and is flawless.  He continues to tell Hot Rod that he does feel like he has made errors and feels fear and isn’t as perfect as all of the other Autobots feel he is.  Ultra Magnus interrupts the lesson to show Optimus that Kup used the Cosmic Carnival to sneak off to Earth with the rest of The Wreckers.  Magnus also reveals to Optimus a message from Springer asking for help, and a challenge to battle from Megatron.  Optimus quickly reverts back to his warrior self, he orders the Autobots to Earth to defeat Megatron.  Optimus Prime leads the Autobots personally to Earth, leaving Hot Rod on Cybertron.

Optimus Prime arrives just in time to save Springer from being executed by Megatron.  Optimus and Megatron quickly resume their millenniums old battle with each other.  After being attacked by Optimus, Megatron quickly gets up and shoots Springer in the head, killing him.  This enrages Optimus.  Optimus snaps, he is overwhelmed with rage and starts to savagely attack Megatron.  Megatron retaliates by ordering his Zombie Decepticons to kill the Autobots who came with Optimus Prime.  Ultra Magnus knows that Megatron is using Optimus Prime’s biggest weakness to win, that being Optimus Prime’s compassion. Ultra Magnus takes control of the surrounded Autobots, giving Optimus the ability to focus on defeating his nemesis.  Optimus continues to attack Megatron who tells him that no matter who wins, Megatron will launch all of Earth’s nuclear missiles at once.  The fight rages on with Optimus finally getting the upper hand, he lifts a large piece of concrete over his head, about to use it to crush Megatron, but he hesitates.  He (again) refuses to kill Megatron, hoping he could imprison him.  Megatron (again) takes advantage of the situation and impales Optimus with a metal rod.  Kup kills the Ratchet head which Megatron has been carrying around, and it causes Megatron intense pain.  Optimus realizes that he has no choice but to kill Megatron and rips the spark out of Megatron’s chest, apologizing to Megatron that he had no other option.

After the battle, Optimus Prime and the Autobots help clean up.  Optimus starts to mourn Megatron, realizing that as different as they were from each other, they were also different sides of the same coin.  He doesn’t allow First Aid to repair his wounds and scars, saying he needs to keep them as a memory of all the Autobots he lost.  Spike and GB Blackrock (the leaders of the human resistance) approach Optimus and tell him that they want all Autobots off of Earth.  Optimus offers to help rebuild, but the human races holds ALL Transformers accountable for the destruction on Earth, not just Megatron and the Decepticons.  Even though the humans mandate that all of the Autobots leave Earth, Optimus stays.  He tasks Ultra Magnus with continuing training Hot Rod.  He feels that his constant resurrections have effected him in a way he can’t figure out yet.

On Earth, Optimus Prime makes the journey from Washington DC to the Yukon (where the Ark had crashed at the end of the G1 book).  He plans to destroy the Ark.  Optimus arrives to the Ark just as it starts to fly away, with Galvatron inside.  Optimus mistakes Galvatron for Megatron.

Optimus contacts Ultra Magnus on Cybertron and learns about an invasion attempt by a resurrected Scorponok.  Magnus begs Optimus to come back, and tells him that the Autobots need him more now than ever.  Optimus still has full confidence in Hot Rod to lead the Autobots into a new era, but Ultra Magnus doesn’t agree.  He thinks that Hot Rod will never be able to grow into the role of Autobot leader..  Optimus tells Ultra Magnus that he can’t return to Cybertron until he tracks down Galvatron who escaped Earth on a repaired Ark.
While remaining on Earth, Optimus is attacked by Spike Witwicky who already told Optimus that Earth is not allowing ANY Transformers to live on the planet.  Optimus Prime refuses to fight back and Spike almost kills him.  Spike is stopped by Linda Chang, a member of the new Earth government who wants to hear what Optimus Prime has to say.  She is also Spike’s wife.  Optimus surrenders into their custody and travels to their safe house to meet with GB Blackrock.  Optimus suggests that the Autobots transport the surviving humans to Nebulos to start a new life.

Optimus starts to build a space bridge for the human refugees to travel to Nebulos.  Spike (or should I say Circuit Smasher), approaches him and acts as if he is going to impede Optimus’ construction.  Optimus explains how he misses the Spike that was bonded with Fortress Maximus and misses Buster.  Mentioning Buster sets Spike off.  Spike leaves and Optimus continues construction.  In his communications with Cybertron, he learns that Hot Rod has become Rodimus Prime.  He formally welcomes Rodimus and acknowledges that he is the “official” Prime and true leader of the Autobots.

Optimus finishes construction of the Space Bridge and is about to start the exodus of Human refugees to Nebulos.  As soon as Optimus activates the Space Bridge, Fortress Maximus emerges from it and attacks Optimus!  Optimus Prime is damaged as Maximus grabs Spike to bring him into the Space Bridge.  Optimus tries to stop Fortress Maximus, but Fort Max is too powerful for Optimus to battle.  Fortress Maximus takes Spike through the portal and leaves Optimus on the ground, gravely wounded.

The leader of the human resistance brings Optimus to their headquarters where GB Blackrock attempts to repair him.  Unfortunately, as intelligent Blackrock is, Cybertronian technology is beyond his intellect.  Linda Chang responds that she just wants Optimus functional enough for him to answer some questions.

Optimus is transported into the nexus of the multiverse, called Zero, by the Dark Matrix Creature.  He is split into three versions of himself, Original, Powermaster, and his form after being rebuilt by The Last Autobot.  All of these Optimus Primes are controlled by The Dark Matrix Creature and fight Rodimus Prime.  Rodimus uses the Covenant of Primus to summon an army of Rodimus Primes and Hot Rods from throughout the multiverse and the Dark Matrix Creature is defeated.  Optimus and Rodimus are transported back to Cybertron, this time to The Primus Chamber.  Optimus finally finds peace in death.

IDW Transformers

Much like in the G1 cartoon, before he was Optimus Prime, he was known as Orion Pax.

Orion Pax was an Autobot that in his first chronological appearance was shown to be upgraded by Wheeljack.  Orion is quick to complain that he has a mouth now instead of the “face plate” typically associated with Optimus Prime. Orion wants to test out his new upgrades, but Wheeljack warns him to take it easy.  As the issue progresses, we learn that this is a new body for Orion.  Rung offers to give Orion counseling so he can adjust to his new body and suggests two books for him to read.  Orion isn’t interested.   Orion wishes he had his old body, but Zeta Prime tells him that its always good to have an upgrade.  Zeta Prime sends Orion on a mission to save Ratchet.  Ratchet was kidnapped by the Decepticons and is held in the Rust Spot.  Only Orion’s upgrades give him the ability to survive in the toxic zone of Cybertron.  In the briefing, Zeta Prime explains that Orion will be exchanging a Decepticon prisoner for Ratchet.  As he is about to depart, Alpha Trion approaches Orion Pax to wish him luck.  This is the first time that they met. Orion has a special trailer made for him to hold the Decepticon prisoner.   Alpha Trion joins Orion Pax and his partner on the mission of the prisoner exchange.  As the three Transformers travel together to save Ratchet, they are attacked by a buzz saw.  The Autobots are attacked by slicers, savage Decepticons. Orion Pax is quick to open fire.  They are outnumbered but the three Autobots defend the trailer.  Orion’s face is cut and he mentions again that he wishes he still had his face plate because that would’ve protected his face.  During the battle, the Decepticon prisoner escapes from the trailer cage, but he is quickly recaptured.  He actually calls out for the Autobots to save him.  The prisoner is the binary transformer known as Rack and Ruin.  Orion wants to know them and why they are Decepticons.  Rack and Ruin beg Orion to not hand them over to Megatron so he won’t execute them.  Orion tells the duo that early on he found Megatron to be charismatic, and he understands there are problems with the Autobot leadership, but he will fight the Decepticons.  Soon, Thundercracker and two other Decepticons intercept Orion and bring him to Bludgeon.  Once the Autobots get to the Decepticon base, they learn that the Decepticons really want Alpha Trion, not Rack and Ruin.  Orion demands to speak to Megatron, but Bludgeon refuses.  Orion anticipated this and stomps his foot on a button on the trailer.  Guns emerge from the trailer and arm the Autobots.  The Autobots are outnumbered and Rack And Ruin defect from the Decepticons.  They lead the Autobots underground to safety as Orion Pax provides cover fire.  The Decepticons all leap onto Orion Pax to subdue him.  Bludgeon binds Orion to a missile aimed for an Autobot colony.  As the missile approaches, Orion frees himself by transforming into vehicle mode and redirects the missle to crash in an unpopulated area.  Orion saves the day and takes a piece of shrapnel and restores his face plate.

Orion, Kup, and Ironhide save Blurr from destruction and try to recruit Blurr.  But Blurr doesn’t want to be a warrior.  Even without the Matrix of Leadership, Orion is very wise.  He convinces Blurr to help save Zeta Prime because he is the only one who is fast enough to reach the targeted prime.
Orion is modified again, this time he is given a chamber in his chest.  Orion has no idea why he has this empty space inside of him.  He is determined to stand for truth and justice.  Orion leads an Autobot patrol in Torus-City Nyon (aka The Rust Narrows).  His is joined by Hound, Bumblebee, Prowl, and Ironhide.  Hound detects a transponder signal of a Decepticon arms dealer.  Orion Pax tactically divides the team of Autobots.  Orion, Ironhide, and Prowl enter a building where Swindle is selling phase charges to a nameless Decepticon.  The Decepticon attacks the Autobots and from outside, Bumblebee acts as a sniper and shoots the Decepticon in the head.  Swindle attempts to escape by transforming.  Orion contacts Silverbolt to provide air support.  Swindle starts firing wildly and is about to cause civilian casualties.  Orion rushes Swindle and disables him with his bare hands.   Orion demands that Swindle reveal Megatron’s location, but he refuses.  Orion starts to beat Swindle to get information out of him.  Orion is about to execute Swindle, but Bumblebee stops him.  Before Orion can continue, one of the phase charges explodes and the Autobots see the bomber leaving the building.  Prowl wants to chase the bomber, but Orion tells him to stand down.

Orion and the other Autobots bring Swindle to Zeta Prime.  In their downtime, Orion spars with his friend Ultra Magnus. Orion convinces Magnus to use all of his skills, and he throws Orion Pax.  Orion gets up and punches Ultra Magnus in the face. Orion is debating if giving Swindle to Zeta Prime was the right move.  Magnus councils him and thinks that the war is only going to last a short time.  Orion wonders if the Autobots are actually the good guys.  Orion goes to the target range where Bumblebee and Ironhide are competing against each other.  Orion tells them to be ready for a new mission.   Orion Pax is entering the council as Soundwave is escaping.  Soundwave runs into Orion but is still able to leave. Zeta assigns Orion to track down Soundwave.  The Autobots track Soundwave to the factory district.  They corner him and Soundwave ejects Ravage to help him fight.

As the war started, Orion Pax watches a news broadcast which says that Nominus Prime is missing  Three Cybertronians enter the police station to speak to Orion.  They subtly threaten him and demand to see Whirl.  Whirl is jailed for beating a prisoner (Megatron).  The three thugs demand Orion releases Whirl.  Orion refuses.  Later, while walking in the street, Orion is jumped by the three thugs.  He defeats them in battle.

Orion Pax gathers his team to recover Soundwave.  The Autobots track Soundwave to the factory district.  They corner him and Soundwave ejects Ravage to help him fight, then Rumble, then Soundwave.  Orion Pax is the last one standing and he charges at Soundwave with his gun drawn.  The citizens of the city are worried because they don’t fully trust the Autobots at this time.  Frenzy uses his sonic abilities to make the citizens anxious about Autobots and they rush Orion Pax.  Orion frees himself and shoots Frenzy.  Orion rushes to Soundwave and punches him through the chest.  Soundwave quickly recovers and picks up a piece of rubble.  He hits Orion Pax in the head with the rubble and tackles Orion.  Both combatants fall into a hole, but Orion Pax is able to overcome the Decepticon. Orion wants Ironhide to help transport Soundwave back to the council.  But several Decepticons arrive and point their weapons at Orion’s head.  The Decepticons tell Orion that Megatron wants to speak to him and then he will be free to go back to safety.  Bumblebee warns him that it is probably a trap, but Orion keeps an open mind.

Megatron commends Orion for being idealistic, but Orion snaps at him and says that Megatron knows nothing about him.  Megatron tells Orion that he has been flattered by Orion when he found out that Orion quoted his manifesto to the council.  Orion says that Megatron is a criminal posing as a revolutionary  Megatron tells Orion that Orion is a revolutionary posing as a cop.  Megatron offers that he and Orion join forces for the good of Cybertron  Megatron uses Laserbeak to show Orion a conversation between Zeta Prime and Starscream.  Zeta wants to harness the Energon of transformers in Nyon to add to his power.  Orion tells Megatron that he never trusted Starscream.  Megatron replies that is a wise move.  Orion was just stalling so his team could come and save him.  Orion runs at Megatron and kicks him in the face.  The other Autobots save Orion and Bumblebee and they escape inside of Sky Lynx.  When Orion Pax returns to Zeta Prime, Zeta chastises him for not recovering stolen information.  He even goes as far to call Orion Pax an embarrassment.  Orion explains to Zeta that he got intelligence on Megatron first hand.  Zeta criticizes Orion for leading his team into an ambush, again.  Orion theorizes that they were set up.  Zeta Prime doesn’t want to hear it.   Zeta Prime wants Orion to capture Soundwave so he could be made an example to other Decepticons.  Orion Pax is very uncomfortable about this.  Zeta shows Orion and his team a hologram of who they think the bomber is, the transformer named Hot Rod.  Zeta Prime orders Orion Pax, Prowl, Bumblebee, Silverbolt, Hound, and Ironhide to arrest Hot Rod.  Hot Rod is suspected to be a terrorist who uses bombs to create chaos.  Orion and his team go back to Nyon to search for Hot Rod. Prowl tells Orion that their target (Hot Rod) is in the Acropolex.  Ironhide thinks it is a trap.  As a team, the Autobots enter the Acropolex.   When Orion Pax’s team of Autobots reach the building, Hot Rod ambushes them and escapes in the structure.  Moments later, the Autobots follow and they see statues of the Knights of Cybertron.  Hound thinks that Cybertron was managed better under the Knights of Cybertron instead of the unpredictable and violent Zeta Prime.   Hound realizes that the room is rigged with plasma mines.  Hot Rod lures the Autobots into a room filled with Energon tanks.  He intentionally chose that room because he knows that the Autobots won’t be able to fire their weapons without potentially harming themselves.  Orion demands that Hot Rod surrenders.  Hot Rod shows the Autobot team the masses of Nyon who had their Energon drained by Zeta Prime.  Hot Rod tells Orion that he knows a lot about him and has admired him.  He knows that Orion would be a better leader than Zeta Prime.   Hot Rod tells Orion that he needs to either arrest him or stand with him.  Hot Rod’s plight inspires Orion Pax to stand up against Zeta Prime.  Orion sees that Zeta sent the Omega Sentinels armed with the Energon draining weapon against Nyon.

Orion Pax and his Autobot team prepare to create a diversion so Hot Rod and the Nyons can escape from Zeta Prime  Orion and the Autobots prepare to fight the Omega Sentinels.  They know that they can’t defeat the legions of Sentinels, but they can slow them down.  Orion gives everyone a task.  Hound is to lay mines, Bumblebee is to be a sniper, Ironhide is to use the Cyclone Launcher.  Orion Pax and Prowl are the bait.  Despite their best efforts, the Autobots are unable to even scratch the Sentinels.  Orion hopes that the Autobots were able to give Hot Rod enough time to escape.   Hot Rod prepared for this, despite not wanting to, he detonates the city.  In the aftermath, Orion Pax sees Zeta Prime and attacks him.  Orion leaps towards Zeta Prime, but Zeta uses the Energon Draining Device.  

Zeta is about to finish Orion Pax off when he is shot in the back.  Megatron and the Decepticons attack Zeta Prime and save Orion.  Megatron uses his legions as cannon fodder so Zeta Prime’s Energon Draining Weapon will overload.  In the aftermath of Megatron and Zeta Prime’s battle, Astrotrain transports Orion Pax and his Autobots to the Decepticon base for repairs.  Shockwave personally performs repairs on Orion Pax.  Orion is skeptical that Shockwave is going to actually repair him.  Megatron enters the room and Orion tells Megatron that Megatron was right about Zeta Prime.   Orion still is skeptical that he can trust Megatron.  Megatron tells Orion that he wants justice for Nyon.  Hot Rod confers with Orion Pax.  The Decepticons took them in, but neither of them trust the Decepticons.  Orion decides to ally himself with Megatron.  Orion Pax and Megatron leap out of Astrotrain to engage Zeta Prime.  Zeta opens fire with the Vamparic weapon and hits Megatron.  Orion leaps towards Zeta Prime and takes Zeta’s weapon.  Orion then kicks Zeta Prime in the face, but Zeta Prime rips Orion Pax’s arm off.   Once the battle is won, Megatron betrays Orion Pax and shoots him in the back.  Orion Pax is thought to be dead and the Decepticons take control of Cybertron.

Orion is stuck underground and is barely functioning.  He receives a vision of the Matrix of Leadership which bonds with him.  He becomes Optimus Prime.  Optimus Prime makes his way back to Iacon to save the Autobots.  Bumblebee and Ironhide find Optimus Prime.  They quickly realize their leader has been changed.  Orion organizes the Autobots and shows them the Matrix.  At this point, he is accepted as the leader of the Autobots.  He reveals Metroplex to the other Autobots.

Optimus wants Blaster to help spread the word of freedom around Cybertron.  He saves Blaster from Wildrider and Breakdown. , Sky Lynx transports Optimus Prime, Prowl, and Blaster to Iacon so they can spread the word of freedom.  Optimus organizes a march on Iacon of hundreds of Autobots.  Optimus Prime challenges Megatron to battle.  Megatron uses the Energon draining weapon against the Autobots.  Optimus prepared for this and Metroplex soars through the air to battle the Decepticons.  Metroplex destroys Megatron’s weapon and Optimus challenges him to battle.  Optimus unleashes an energy axe in one hand and his blaster in the other.  Optimus slices Megatron’s fusion cannon off of his arm.  Optimus punches Megatron in the face, but Megatron punches a hole in Optimus’ side.  Optimus punches Megatron again and Megatron pretends to ask for mercy.  He sees a blaster and is about to use it, but Hot Rod gets in the way. Megatron grabs Hot Rod as a hostage, but Hot Rod gets loose.  Optimus fires his ion blaster at Megatron.  Megatron is defeated for the day, but the war will continue.  Megatron is saved by Soundwave and Astrotrain but is assumed to be dead.

With Megatron assumed to be dead, the war is (temporarily) over.  Optimus addresses the Autobots who are skeptical that he will be a good leader.  Both Zeta and Sentinel Prime were fascists so the Autobots assume Optimus will be as well, especially that he was a high ranking officer of Zeta Prime’s.  Dai Atlas feels that Optimus possessing the Matrix does not make him a good leader and doesn’t trust him at all.  Bulkhead (from TF Prime) tells Dai Atlas to give Optimus respect because he defeated Megatron.  Bumblebee stands up for Optimus and tells the crowd that since the Matrix chose Optimus Prime, that is enough reason for him to trust Optimus.  Dai Atlas wants to leave the meeting, but out of respect of the Matrix, he decides to stay.  After the meeting, Bumblebee walks with Optimus inside of Metroplex to Optimus’ quarters.  When Optimus enters, he sees his old mentor Alpha Trion waiting for him.  Alpha Trion comments that he is impressed that an Autobot built for battle is so adept at politics.  Optimus is surprised that the Autobots are choosing a leader to lead them instead of being free.  He assumed that once the Decepticons were defeated, there would be a new golden age on Cybertron.  Alpha Trion tries to make Optimus realize that he is worthy of the Matrix.

Optimus Prime summons Dai Atlas to Metroplex.  Optimus is sparing with robotic drones and Dai Atlas joins him.  Dai Atlas still wonders if Optimus is fit to lead the Autobots, especially in the short time of peace.  Optimus tries to convince Dai Atlas that he isn’t a tyrant like Zeta Prime and says that leading in time of peace is harder than during war.

Optimus Prime, Ultra Magnus, Dai Atlas, Bumblebee, Prowl, and Ironhide travel inside of Sky Lynx to a refinery.  They are responding to an alarm that went off.  They find the Dinobots fighting Scorponok and the Decepticons.  Optimus wants to confront the new leader of the Decepticons, Scorponok.  He asks Dai Atlas to assist him, but Dai Atlas says he is only there to observe.

Grimlock and Scorponok fight.  Grimlock starts to lose control and Optimus Prime shoots him.  Optimus Prime is surprised that Grimlock is so out of control.  He attempts to arrest the Dinobots and the Decepticons, but Grimlock says he just wants to leave Cybertron.  Grimlock threatens to blow up the refinery, but Optimus convinces him to stand down.  Scorponok leaps towards them and overloads the refinery.  The refinery explodes.

The explosion kills many Transformers, but not Optimus Prime.  Optimus addresses the Autobots to report what happened.  Optimus retreats into his quarters inside of Metroplex where Dai Atlas joins him.  Optimus is depressed that he didn’t anticipate Scorponok’s actions and Transformers died.  Dai Atlas tells him that despite being a Prime, Optimus can’t anticipate everything.  There is a severe energy shortage on Cybertron now.  Dai Atlas suggests that the Transformers leave Cybertron to look for a new home world.  Optimus Prime refuses to abandon Cybertron.  Dai Atlas threatens to leave, and Optimus tells him that even though he can stop him, he won’t.

Optimus summons Kup to give him background on the Dinobots.

Optimus meets the Autobot Science Team.  They tell him that they found a large pool of liquid Energon under the planet, but it is being guarded by a dormant Trypticon.

Dai Atlas leaves the Senate to organize a mass Exodus from Cybertron due to the new energy shortage.  Optimus tries to get everyone to stay on Cybertron and addresses the population that there is a large Energon supply under the planet.  Dai Atlas says that it is unusable because it makes Transformers go mad who take it.  Bulkhead (from Tf Prime!!!) says they should look into refining the Energon.  Bumblebee tells Optimus that a transmission from Prowl is coming in.  Prowl tells Optimus Prime that there is about to be a riot at the spaceport of Transformers who want to leave the planet.  Dai Atlas wants to let the security forces to do nothing to let the riot burn out on it’s own.  Optimus tells Atlas that now that he isn’t in the Senate anymore, he has no authority.  Optimus organizes security officers to go to the spaceport.  Optimus Prime arrives at the spaceport and is greeted by Prowl.  Dai Atlas warns Optimus not to do anything rash.  The civilians are starting to get restless and agitated.  Someone hits Optimus Prime with a piece of machinery (or a chair, not totally sure) and because the civilians were used to the oppressive Zeta Prime, they expect Optimus to react violently.  Optimus Prime tries to calm down the crowd.  He reluctantly allows anyone who wants to leave Cybertron to leave, and Dai Atlas goes with them.  Dai Atlas thinks there is something wrong with the Matrix that it chose Optimus Prime.  Kup and the Dinobots arrive to help.  Grimlock offers to turn himself in for the chaos that the Dinobots accidentally caused.  Grimlock explains what happened to turn the Dinobots feral.  Moments later, the Decepticons attack the spaceport, destroying many of the shuttles with civilians on them.  Optimus Prime is injured and knocked to the ground  Grimlock transforms into his feral beast mode to defend him from the Decepticons.  

Grimlock ravages the Decepticons with his beast mode.  Optimus Prime tries to get Grimlock to calm down and transform back into robot mode, but he cant.  After several are destroyed or damaged, the Decepticons retreat.  Optimus Prime wrestles with Grimlock and gets him to transform back into robot mode.  Grimlock transforms and is calm again.

Many Cybertronians leave Cybertron.  Optimus is very overwhelmed and frustrated and Alpha Trion tries to comfort him.  Alpha Trion tells Optimus Prime that it isn’t a leader’s job to tell his soldiers what to do, it is a leader’s job to teach them how to make the right choice.  Optimus gets a call from Bumblebee who tells him that Trypticon has risen from under Cybertron.  Optimus rallies his troops.  Silverbolt is doing aerial recon.  Ironhide is organizing a strike team.  Ultra Magnus is gathering explosives.  Optimus Prime doesn’t have a solid plan, but he is working on it.  Optimus Prime goes into the heart of Metroplex.  He asks the Titan Cityformer for help, but Metroplex tells Optimus that he doesn’t have enough energy to transform.  Optimus Prime knows he must deal with Trypticon without Metroplex.  Optimus Prime has the Autobots evacuate the nearby city so civilians won’t be harmed by Trypticon.  The Autobots think they have defeated Trypticon, but that only lasts momentarily.  Flying technorganic animals emerge from Trypticon and attack the Autobots.  Ratchet encountered them earlier and thought that they were native to the caves under Cybertron.  In fact, Trypticon manufactured them.  

Trypticon reawakens and starts blasting buildings with his mouth cannon.  Optimus Prime challenges Trypticon.   Optimus takes out the Matrix, half hoping it would scare Trypticon, and the other half hopes he can open it to use as a weapon.  Trypticon swipes at Optimus Prime with his tail, sending the Autobot leader flying in the air.  Trypticon stomps on Optimus Prime, but he survives.  Optimus starts to doubt that the Matrix made the right choice by choosing him.  Optimus quickly realizes that he is worthy, but before he can act, the Dinobots arrive in their spaceship.  They jump out of the ship and attack Trypticon.  Megatron arrives on the battlefield alone.  He threatens Optimus and boasts that he is a better leader than Optimus Prime.  Optimus is very weak and can only crawl.  Megatron wants to kill him, but not until he is stronger, so it will mean something.  Megatron tells Optimus that he will have to settle for making Optimus watch him defeat Trypticon.  Before Megatron could do anything, Grimlock tackles him and the two transformers fight.  Megatron punches Grimlock in the face.  Grimlock is starting to get angry and lose control, but Optimus helps Grimlock center himself.  Before the battle can continue, Trypticon eats Megatron, and Grimlock.

Ironhide, Bumblebee, and Ultra Magnus find the severely damaged Optimus Prime.  They want to get him repaired, and Ultra Magnus puts the matrix back inside of Optimus Prime.  Bumblebee tells everyone that Trypticon is heading towards Metroplex.

Optimus Prime is repaired and takes a short sabbatical from leading the Autobots.  He goes on a small vacation with Ironhide to the Grav-Haraan glacier.  The two Autobots climb one of the glaciers.  Optimus mentions that he likes the secluded glacier because there he isn’t a leader, he is just Optimus Prime.   Ironhide loses his footing and is about to fall, before he can fall, Optimus Prime grabs him.  Optimus and Ironhide reach the apex of the glacier and pick up a strong Energon signature nearby.  They take out their weapons to investigate.

Optimus and Ironhide travel on foot through the arctic terrain.  They realize that the Energon signature is not of a structure because it is moving slowly.  The Energon signature is from a large Transformer.  As they get closer they start to recognize the Transformer’s shape, it is the Omega Sentinel called Omega Supreme.  Optimus asks Omega Supreme what he is doing.  Omega tells him that they are trespassing and he is waiting for the Prime.  Optimus Prime tells Omega Supreme that he is the Prime, but Omega only knows of Nova Prime.  To prove that he is the current Prime, Optimus shows Omega Supreme the Matrix.  To prove that he is the current Prime, Optimus shows Omega Supreme the Matrix.  Omega Supreme accepts Optimus as the true leader of the Autobots.  He asks what happened to Nova Prime, Optimus tells him that Nova Prime has been missing for a very long time.  Omega Supreme transforms into rocket mode and brings Optimus Prime and Ironhide back to civilization

Omega Supreme stands guard, silently, outside of Metroplex.  Optimus wants to help Omega Supreme resolve whatever is bothering him.  Bumblebee brings Optimus to a meeting with several other Autobots.  There is a large object in lower orbit of Cybertron.  Optimus asks if it is the Transformers who left Cybertron.  Bumblebee says that it it is too big and they realize it is Trypticon.  Hot Rod suggests that they shoot Trypticon out of the sky, but Bulkhead replies that if Trypticon crashed on Cybertron, it would devastate much of the planet.  Optimus wonders what Trypticon’s target is.  Trypticon starts descending onto Cybertron.  Optimus Prime has the newly repaired Metroplex transform into robot mode to battle Trypticon.  

While Metroplex and Trypticon are fighting, Optimus realizes that a small ship left Trypticon before he landed on Cybertron.  Optimus Prime asks Omega Supreme if he knows the status of the second ship.  Omega tells Optimus Prime that the ship is staying in low orbit of Cybertron.  Optimus fears that Megatron has out planed them.  Trypticon continues to fight Metroplex on the surface of Cybertron.  As Metroplex is about to win, Megatron flies the sharp Quintesson ship into Metroplex and impales him.  Metroplex falls to the ground.  Optimus screams in horror.  Optimus Prime has the Autobots prepare for a Decepticon invasion.   Megatron’s siege begins with Junkions resurrected as Decepticons.  During the battle with the zombie Junkions, Optimus Prime is a bit overwhelmed.  While he is fighting, he is contacted by Jetfire and Perceptor who tell him that the ship that impaled Metroplex also punctured the coolant tanks.  Iacon is about to be flooded with coolant.  When the coolant mixes with the Cybertronian atmosphere, it makes toxic acid rain.  The acid rain makes a perfect environment for Megatron’s second wave of attack, Sharkticons.   The Autobots defeat the Sharkticons and Megatron sends in his armored division to attack.  Optimus Prime commands Omega Supreme to help fight.  He wants Omega to use his fusion cannon to make Megatron’s army scatter.  Omega Supreme is targeted by all of the Decepticons and falls to the ground.

Omega quickly recovers.  Optimus Prime and the Autobots were saved when Trailbreaker created a force field around them.    Once the dust clears, Optimus Prime leads the Autobots back into battle.  Optimus sees that Megatron has left the main assault force.  Optimus Prime wants to take on Megatron himself, so he tells the Autobots to hold the line while he pursues his nemesis.  Optimus Prime is intercepted by Motormaster.  The two Transformers race towards each other in vehicle mode at full speed.  Optimus crashes into Motormaster, sending the Stunticon flying.  The other four Stunticons rush towards Optimus, but Optimus Prime is saved by Omega Supreme.  Omega fires his cannon at the Stunticons, disabling them.  Optimus Prime confronts Megatron.  Megatron is ready to continue their fight.  Megatron turns his hand into an energy mace and Optimus turns his hand into an energy axe.  Both leaders run at each other at full speed.  Megatron smacks Optimus Prime in the head with his mace.  Optimus Prime slashes Megatron’s leg with his axe.  Megatron prepares to use the mace again, but Optimus Prime deflects it.  Megatron says all he wanted to do was make Cybertron a better place, but he was deceived.  Optimus asks what that means.  Megatron doesn’t fully explain, but Optimus stays optimistic that Cybertron can return to a paradise.    The two leaders continue their fight.  Optimus Prime cuts deeply into Megatron’s shoulder.  Megatron counters by hitting Optimus Prime in the face with his mace again.  Megatron tells Optimus that they are destined to do this for millions of years unless Optimus Prime kills him.  Optimus Prime doesn’t want to kill Megatron.  Part of him still admires Megatron for trying to fix Cybertron before the war started.  Megatron wants to die, he is haunted by Pentius’ spark, which part of it merged with Megatron.  Optimus Prime opens his chest and uses the matrix to purge the Quintesson’s corruption of Megatron.  Megatron thanks Optimus, but Megatron tells Optimus Prime that he will never stop hating him.  Optimus Prime knows this and punches Megatron in the face.  The battle ends and Megatron is jailed.

Optimus Prime leads a team of Autobots to attack a Decepticon convoy which is transporting Energon.  The Decepticons fight back and Optimus Prime tells the Autobots to hold their ground.  Optimus Prime has Blurr break through the Decepticon ranks so they will chase him.  Windcharger wants to do it, but Optimus Prime tells Windcharger that Blurr is faster.  Optimus wants Windcharger to help hold the line with Groove.  Optimus Prime tells Prowl that the Autobots need to hold the line no matter what.  Prowl wants to get to the high ground to prevent the Decepticons from going into the alleys.  Optimus tells Prowl to send Hound to do it.  Optimus wants Prowl to take control of the troops so he can flank the Decepticons.  Prowl suggests that Silverbolt does an air strike so Optimus won’t have to fight alone.  Optimus tells Prowl that his mind is made.  Optimus sneaks through the alleyway but is shot in the back by Soundwave.  Soundwave ejects Rumble (who is black in this issue) and tells him to rip out Optimus Prime’s eyes.  Optimus is saved when Ironhide arrives.  Ironhide drives over Ravage, slams into Soundwave, and punches Rumble.  Optimus and Ironhide observe the Decepticon convoy.  Optimus hits Ramjet with the butt of his rifle.  The Constructicons and Octane expect Optimus to surrender since he is outnumbered. Optimus says that he is hoping the Decepticons will surrender.   Ironhide is above them with Soundwave’s rifle pointed at the Decepticons.  Ironhide is under orders to shoot the 75 tons of Energon that the Decepticons are transporting.  If the Energon explodes, it will kill all of the Decepticons and Optimus Prime.  For a moment, the Decepticons call his bluff, but then they surrender.  That night, the Autobots celebrate their victory.  Prowl commends Optimus Prime for capturing 5 Decepticons without firing a single shot.  Optimus says he couldn’t have done it without his soldiers.  Prowl asks Optimus if he is going to address the troops.  Optimus wants his soldiers to celebrate the night.  Optimus goes outside and sees Kup.  Kup suggests that Optimus addresses the troops.  Optimus feels that he isn’t a good enough public speaker to do it.  Ironhide agrees with Optimus.  Kup tells Optimus that he is a Prime now and he is more than just a soldier.  He is a leader.  Optimus predicts that the war is going to last for a lot longer than everyone expects.  Kup asks why and Optimus tells him that they aren’t just fighting an army, they are fighting a philosophy and they can’t defeat that.  Ironhide asks Optimus Prime if he thinks that they can’t win.  Optimus Prime replies that an idea can’t be defeated, but it can be changed.  Optimus goes back into the building, but Ironhide remains talking to Kup.  Ironhide tells Kup that Optimus Prime is the finest soldier he ever met and he loves him, but he doesn’t always understand him.  Kup agrees.  An assassin tries to shoot Optimus Prime at the party.  Ironhide dives in the way and gets shot saving Optimus.

Millions of years later, Optimus Prime relocates to a space station in Cybertron’s orbit.  Searchlight approaches Optimus to tell him that Prowl sent him a message from Earth.  Optimus gets an apocalyptic vision of the future.

Optimus learns that an Autobot science vessel, containing Jetfire and the Technobots, has gone missing.  He tells Searchlight to gather the wreckers for him.  While speaking to Springer (the leader of the Wreckers), he learns that Springer is prepared to destroy Cybertron to prevent Thunderwing from being resurrected.  Dogfight approaches Optimus Prime, eager to go to battle.  Optimus is more seasoned now but appreciates Dogfight’s enthusiasm.

Optimus winds up back on Cybertron with the Wreckers.  They save Afterburner and Nosecone from destruction and continue their mission to stop Bludgeon.  Springer asks Optimus if he wants to sit out the fight, Optimus doesn’t want to.  Optimus Prime and the Wreckers save Jetfire and Scattershot from Bludgeon’s Decepticons.

Bludgeon successfully resurrected Thunderwing, but Optimus Prime and the Wreckers defeated Bludgeon.  Now that Bludgeon is gone, the Autobots destroyed the device which was controlling Thunderwing assuming that would stop it.  Thunderwing is not destroyed, but he is out of control.  Thunderwing makes his way to Cybertron to destroy the Autobots.  Optimus Prime is prepared to destroy Cybertron to defeat Thunderwing.  He doesn’t want to have to do it, but he knows Thunderwing can’t be allowed to survive.  Optimus watches the Wreckers battle Thunderwing from an underground bunker.  Jetfire comes up with a plan, he realizes that the Ultra Energon is only good for short bursts of energy, and Thunderwing has been using it continually.  Optimus realizes that they need to keep attacking Thunderwing, but they are running out of soldiers.  Optimus Prime has Dogfight reactivate the Centurion Droids to help fight.  At that moment, the Decepticons arrive on Cybertron to HELP the Autobots defeat Thunderwing.  The droids occupy Thunderwing.  Optimus Prime arrives on the battlefield and fires his ion blaster at full power.   The Wreckers add their firepower to the mix.  Thunderwing is overpowered and is deactivated.  Jetfire deciphers Bludgeon’s data files and tells Optimus about Shockwave’s Project Genesis on Earth.  Optimus also learns that Megatron is on Earth.  He sets a course for Earth.

Optimus Prime meets with several other Autobots in their hidden base; The Ark-19.  

Once Optimus Prime settles in at the Ark-19, he contacts Cybertron to confer with his advisers.  Prowl enters the room and tells Optimus that the humans are on their way home.  Optimus thanks him for taking care of this.  He is worried that even if the Autobots help humanity, it may be too late and the entire planet is in danger from the Decepticons.  Optimus Prime learns from Jetfire that there are records of Shockwave and Soundwave being on Earth years ago.  Optimus Prime wonders where they are.

Ironhide contacts the Ark-19 and tells the Autobots that he and Sunstreaker were attacked.  It looks like Sunstreaker was destroyed.  Optimus Prime, Jazz, and Wheeljack travel in vehicle mode to rendezvous with Ironhide.  Ironhide tells the traveling Autobots that Sunstreaker’s remains are in a police station in Springfield.  Optimus Prime sends Jazz and Wheeljack to recover the remains.  bathroom.  Optimus Prime orders Ironhide to bring Jimmy and Verity back to the Ark-19 so they will be safe.  Jazz and Wheeljack are slowed down by The Machination.  As the humans are escaping with Sunstreaker’s remains, Optimus Prime intercepts them and they crash into his legs.  Optimus brings Sunstreaker’s remains back to the Ark-19 and Ratchet concludes that the remains aren’t Sunstreaker.  Optimus realizes that the humans who made the ruse must obviously know that Transformers exist.

Optimus feels the need to call for reinforcements.  Prowl is insulted, but Optimus reaffirms him that it is not a reflection of his command skills.  Ironhide wants to look for Sunstreaker personally, but Optimus Prime tells him that Ironhide is needed with more important tasks. Prowl and Optimus Prime scan Earth for any Decepticon activity.  They discover Megatron’s energy signature in the nation of Bratvia.  Optimus Prime tells Prowl to ready a strike team.  Optimus Prime, Prowl, Wheeljack, and Jazz teleport to Bratvia.  When they arrive, they immediately transform into vehicle mode.  Optimus’ trailer teleports soon after they arrive, but Optimus transforms it into battle station mode and deploys roller.

Blitzwing targets Optimus Prime, but before the Decepticon can fire, Roller sneaks behind Blitzwing and shoots him.  Blitzwing is disabled.  Nightbeat contacts Optimus Prime from orbit, just as Megatron reveals himself.

Megatron fires his fusion cannon at Optimus Prime.  Optimus Prime transforms into robot mode and fires back.  He tells Megatron that he thinks that the Ore-13 went to his head.  Optimus Prime says that the Megatron he knew was calm and collected.  Optimus continues to fire his blaster, but Megatron powers through the onslaught.  Optimus Prime tactically fires on Megatron’s arm, destroying his fusion cannon.  Megatron wants to take advantage of the situation and kill Optimus Prime with his bare hands.  Optimus Prime throws down his gun so it will be a fair fight.  He rushes Megatron and punches him into the air.  Megatron quickly gets the upper hand.  He rushes towards Optimus again and tosses him into a row of trees.  While pummeling Optimus Prime, Megaton tells him that he used to respect Optimus Prime as a leader and tactician.  But Earth is a new world.  Optimus tackles Megatron, but Megatron continues to have the advantage.  Optimus restrains Megatron, but Megatron has new powers now that he is supercharged with Ore-13.  Megatron shoots an energy blast from his mouth that blinds and burns Optimus Prime.  Megatron punches through Optimus’ chest and damages his spark core.  Megatron is about to crush Optimus Prime, but Roller shoots Megatron in the back.  Megatron punches a snow covered hill and causes an avalanche that buries Roller.

Optimus is barely hanging onto life.  His mind is still active though.  Luckily, his consciousness downloads itself into his trailer.  His mind starts to have visions of a previous Prime named Nova Prime.  Nova Prime’s mind doesn’t fully notice Optimus at first, but it quickly realizes that Optimus is the current Prime.  Optimus fears the vision and what it means for the future.  .  Suddenly Optimus radios Prowl.  Prowl thought Optimus was dead, but Optimus explains that he downloaded his mind into his trailer and that saved him.  Optimus Prime tells Prowl, Jazz, Wheeljack, and Hardhead that he knows how to defeat Megatron.  He realizes that the Ore-13 is almost identical to the Ultra Energon he encountered when he recently fought Thunderwing.   The Autobots continue attacking Megatron, but Megatron is just too powerful.  Optimus Prime recovers and sneaks behind Megatron.  He shoots Megatron in the head with his Ion Cannon.  Megatron gets up but finds himself to be very weak.  Optimus explains to him that is the price of Ore-13.  Megatron rallies enough energy to transform and enters Skywarp’s cockpit.  The Decepticons retreat.  Prowl rushes to Optimus to help him up.  Optimus tells Prowl that he will need some time in the CR Chamber.  Optimus contacts Nightbeat who tells him that the Koska facsimile has died.

While Optimus Prime recovers from his near death experience, he reviews messages about Kup, Ultra Magnus, Sunstreaker, and Wheelie.  Prowl tells Optimus that Hot Rod is recovering but no one has heard from Ironhide.  Prowl tells Optimus that Ratchet is looking for Ironhide and Nightbeat is analyzing data from the Decepticons.  Prime also learns that Verity and Jimmy are suffering no ill effects from the gas they inhaled.  Optimus Prime is still dealing with the fact that he almost died at Megatron’s hands. He remembers how important it is to be a Prime and what it means for Cybertron.  The Primes are supposed to be unable to be corrupted.  Optimus walks out in the middle of Prowl’s briefing.  He goes to the Ark-32 to travel to the Muta-Gaath nebula.  Omega Supreme is stationed inside of a fake asteroid in the Muta-Gaath nebula.  Optimus Prime seeks his council.  Optimus Prime has been having visions of Nova Prime and asks Omega Supreme to tell him about Nova Prime and the first Ark.  Omega Supreme asks why he wants to learn about Nova Prime and the first Ark, and Optimus explains that the visions he has been having feel like a warning of a danger approaching.  Optimus asks if it is possible that Nova Prime could be corrupted.  Omega Supreme tells Optimus Prime that he and Nova Prime had a disagreement on things.  Omega Supreme continues to tell Optimus that Nova Prime wanted to expand the bounds of Cybertron’s influence and be imperialistic.  Nova Prime felt that the Cybertronians should shape the entire universe in their image.  Optimus Prime realizes that the first Ark wasn’t meant for exploration, but expansion.  Suddenly the fake asteroid starts to shake.  Monstructor bursts into the facility.  Optimus Prime asks what “it” wants.  Omega tells him that it is a “they” not an “it” .   Omega and Monstructor fight in the asteroid and Monstructor is over powering Omega Supreme.  Optimus Prime tries to protect Omega by shooting Monstructor in the back.  Monstructor emits a force field that absorbs the energy attack.  Optimus tries something else, he sees a large mechanical claw above Monstructor.  He fires on it to make it fall on Monstructor.  Monstructor swats it away.  Optimus shoots the ground below Omega Supreme, causing both of them to fly into the vacuum of space.  Monstructor follows them into space.  Optimus grabs onto Omega Supreme and they fly to a safe place in the nebula.  Optimus Prime tells Omega that it is time for answers and asks about Monstructor.  Omega Supreme tells him that Nova Prime’s science officer, Jhiaxus, created them.  Omega explains that the experiment went bad and after Nova Prime and Jhiaxus disappeared, Omega made it his responsibility to make sure that Monstructor doesn’t cause havoc through the universe.  Optimus Prime (uncharacteristically) chastises Omega Supreme for “playing god”.  Omega Supreme tells Optimus Prime that Monstructor has a weakness in his chest.  Optimus Prime tries to talk Monstructor down, but Monstructor grabs Optimus to kill him.  Optimus Prime punches Monstructor’s chest and exploits the weakness.  Optimus Prime promises to help Monstructor.  Optimus has Jetfire study the individual Decepticons to reverse what was done to them.

Nightbeat gathers Optimus Prime, Prowl and Bumblebee.  He explains to them the larger conspiracy at hand.  It seems that one of the Decepticon facsimiles gained some independence and took pictures of the Decepticon base.  It then uploaded the pictures to the mini computer which Verity stole from the facsimile.  When Verity activated the mini computer, it alerted the Decepticons.  Before the meeting, Nightbeat asked Bumblebee to scout around the area where he found a lot of, what seems to be human surveillance equipment monitoring the Autobots.  The humans were watching the Autobots for weeks and waited to abduct Sunstreaker.  Optimus Prime asks if anyone has any recommendations on what they should do.  Nightbeat explains that the Ark-19 is compromised and they should move it.  Optimus agrees and has Prowl make the preparations.  Bumblebee suggests that they reverse the signal on the homing beacon in the computer to find who is watching them.  Optimus agrees that is a good idea.  Prowl commands the Autobots to prepare the Ark-19 to move to a new location..  The Ark-19 starts rising out of Lake Michigan and begins traveling to it’s new location.  Ratbat spies on the Autobots from above.  Hardhead picks up that something is approaching them in the air.  The Autobots realize it is Sixshot.  The Ark-19 is too slow and bulky to evade the Decepticon.  Before the Autobots an open fire, Sixshot fires his weapons and the Ark-19 starts to crash onto a town.

The Ark-19 continues to fall to the ground.  The main engines are gone.  The power grid is off.  The Cloaking Device is malfunctioning.  The Autobots have fifty two seconds before the Ark-19 crashes into a town.  Optimus Prime tells Ratchet to use the maneuvering thrusters to move them a little bit.  Nightbeat tells Optimus that the nearest coast is 200 miles away.  The Autobots are able to prevent the Ark-19 from crashing into the town, but there is still a little destruction.  Also, the world now knows that they exist.  Optimus has Ratchet take Verity and Jimmy to an escape pod and Optimus wants Ratchet to join the humans.  Nightbeat is to wipe the computer core of the ship and transfer it to the Ark-32.   Optimus tells Prowl to leave no trace of Cybertronian technology.  The ship crashes into water and self destructs.

The Autobots survive and save Ratchet from Sixshot.

Sixshot transforms back into robot mode to battle the Autobots.  Sixshot shoots Bumblebee and Jazz rushes to his side.  Hardhead transforms into APC mode and shoots Sixshot.  The other Autobots transform and Optimus Prime orders them to keep firing on Sixshot  Sixshot transforms into Tank mode.   Only the humans notice that news helicopters are recording the battle for the world to see.  Sixshot and Optimus battle one on one.  Sixshot transforms from Tank mode into his blaster mode (not submarine) and takes to the skies.  He blasts the ground below Optimus and sends him into the air.  Optimus knows that Sixshot will destroy Earth if the Autobots don’t stop him.  Optimus tells all of the Autobots to open fire at full strength.  Meanwhile, a military drone is watching the battle.  Nothing the Autobots do can harm Sixshot.   P.  Optimus rushes towards Sixshot and punches him in the chest.  Sixshot’s armor is slightly cracked.  From the boat, Verity is able to signal Ratchet with the megaphone.  Ratchet tries to warn Optimus, but Optimus is being choked by Sixshot.  Optimus asks Nightbeat how much more time he needs.  Nightbeat tells Optimus that he is ready.  All of the Autobots teleport off the battlefield. When the Reapers attack Earth, Megatron calls Sixshot back to base.  Optimus teleports away just as the air strike is starting.

The Autobots have a few moments of downtime.  Optimus Prime looks into Jhiaxus’ history and has a hard time differentiating fact from legend.  Optimus Prime learns that Garrus-9 (a jail which Fortress Maximus is the warden) has been breached.  He brings all of the Autobots back so they can go back to Cybertron.

On Garrus-9, Prowl briefs Optimus Prime, Fortress Maximus, and Jetfire on some escaped prisoners, the Decepticons who make up Monstructor.  Prowl tells the group that they found out that one Transformer survived the crash, but someone decapitated the survivor.  Optimus leaves Fortress Maximus in charge.  Optimus wants to confer with Prowl aboard the Ark-32

Aboard the Ark-32, Optimus tells Prowl that Omega Supreme identified the Transformers who have attacked the Autobots in recent times.  One is Galvatron, the other is Cyclonus.  Both were part of the crew of the original Ark.  Doubledealer contacts Optimus Prime and tells him that he may have the answers to all of his questions about Nova Prime and the first Ark.

Optimus Prime is still on Garrus-Nine.  Fortress Maximus alerts him that Nova Prime is attacking.  Optimus Prime tells Maximus to call back the Autobots so he can meet with Nova Prime (now going by Nemesis Prime). alone without anyone else getting hurt or killed.  Optimus Prime meets Nemesis Prime in the sub level of Garrus-9.  Optimus is very cautious and keeps his blaster pointed at Nemesis Prime.  Optimus Prime asks Nemesis what happened to him.  Nemesis Prime says that nothing happened to him that he didn’t allow.  Nemesis Prime shoots a bolt of dark energy at Optimus which hurts him.  Nemesis Prime calls it “The Darkness”.

Nemesis Prime expects that he can now control Optimus.  The Darkness is like the Matrix and it doesn’t harm Primes (also I’d like to think that the matrix protected Optimus).  Optimus Prime tries to reason with Nemesis Prime.  He explains to Nemesis that the Darkness controls him, not the other way around.  Nemesis Prime unleashes a powerful blast of energy to harm Optimus.  Optimus is in pain and tries to reason with Nemesis Prime.  He tries to reach out to his compassion.  Nemesis Prime won’t stop and Optimus vows to stop him.  Nemesis Prime continues to hurt Optimus with his energy blasts.  Galvatron sneaks up from behind Nemesis and shoots him in the back, and it looks like he is dead.  Galvatron wants Optimus Prime to give him the Darkness.  Galvatron tells him that the only way he can get rid of it is to give it to him or Optimus has to kill himself.  Optimus Prime gives Galvatron The Darkness, but then throws him in a solar pool, hoping to kill him.

The Autobots stay on Cybertron for about a year in Earth time.  In that time, the Decepticons attack New York City.  On Cybertron, Optimus Prime is still in stasis lock from his previous injuries.  Prowl and Jazz continue to check in on their leader.

Sideswipe feels that there is no point of the war anymore.  He starts to compare the Autobots to Decepticons because all of the planets that any Transformer goes to is ravaged by their war.  Now that the planet is barely habitable, he just doesn’t see a reason to keep fighting.  Before he can continue, he is interrupted by Optimus Prime (who was repaired somehow which is strange because several hours earlier, Ratchet was saying that it is impossible to repair Optimus).  Optimus tells the group that he admits that the Autobots may have lost their focus.  They allowed innocents to be hurt and killed.  Optimus tells the group that they have to remember that the Autobots help the weak.  Optimus rallies the Autobots to resume their want to live and fight.

The Autobots prepare to make a final stand against the Insecticon swarm.  Wheeljack salvages a cannon from the Wreckers’ ship.  Optimus Prime talks to Ironhide.  Ironhide wonders why the Autobot leadership never told the rest of the Autobots that the Matrix was in Decepticon hands.  Ironhide tells Optimus that he is the greatest Prime he ever served with.  Optimus remembers that when they first met, Ironhide hated him.  Ironhide and Optimus rejoin the other Autobots.  Tracks asks Optimus if he is afraid.  Optimus Prime jokes that he would rather face the Insecticon swarm than one of Kup’s drills.  As the Insecticon swarm approaches, Roadbuster fires the massive cannon at them.  The battle continues as the Autobots fight to survive.   Optimus, Kup, Prowl, and Jazz stand together and shoot the Insecticons.  The Autobots are about to lose, but they are saved by Omega Supreme.  Omega Supreme stomps a lot of Insecticons and then fires his blaster at them.  Optimus asks how Omega Supreme knew they needed help.  Hot Rod tells Optimus Prime that he signaled Omega.  Omega Supreme transforms into rocket mode and the Autobots escape back to Earth.

The Autobots arrive in New York City, inside of Omega Supreme, just as the military attacks the Decepticons with a squadron of jets.  The Decepticons stop worrying about the jets and focus on the Autobots.   The Autobots try to gain ground.  Optimus Prime tells Blaster to jam the Decepticons’ communications.  The Autobots lose some ground, but they split up.  Megatron assumes that the Autobots are retreating.  In reality, they are giving Omega Supreme room to fight Devestator.  Optimus Prime tells Omega Supreme to move the fight so he doesn’t destroy the city.  Omega Supreme grabs Devestator and flies into the air Megatron shoots Roadbuster and disables him.  Optimus Prime confronts Megatron one on one.  Optimus Prime declares that Earth is under his protection.  Megatron says that this is all about the Matrix.  Megatron tells Optimus that the human race isn’t as pure as he thinks.  The world military is willing to kill everyone in New York City with a nuclear bomb just to kill the Transformers.  Optimus Prime and Megatron start grappling with each other.  Megatron knees Optimus Prime in the stomach.  Megatron tries to confuse Optimus again, but Optimus Prime says that the Autobots need to be bigger than the Decepticons.  Megatron tries to shoot Optimus, but Optimus dodges the blast and rips off Megatron’s cannon from his arm.  Optimus Prime then hits Megatron with the cannon.  Megatron punches Optimus Prime in the face, then Megatron grabs the exhaust pipes on his shoulders and headbutts him.  Megatron lifts Optimus up and tosses him into a building.   Spike uses a weapon which was reverse engineered from Cybertronians and shoots Megatron in the head.  Optimus Prime grabs the fusion cannon again and smashes Megatron in the head.  Before Optimus Prime can finish him off, Starscream and the Decepticons arrive to recover Megatron.  Optimus Prime wants them to leave Megatron.  Optimus tells Starscream that he would be leader of the Decepticons.  Starscream wants to take leadership from Megatron, not be given it by Optimus Prime.  Starscream picks up Megatron and flies away.

Immediately after Megatron is defeated, Optimus Prime and Prowl survey New York City.  Optimus is troubled by the damage that they caused and wants to help rebuild.  Prowl tells him that they need to stay hidden..  Soon, more and more Autobots come to Earth.  Prowl and Optimus Prime greet Jetfire, Seaspray, and Windcharger.

Ironhide is tired of fighting.  He is worn out and wants to stop, but he is too valuable to the Autobots.  Optimus Prime tells his old friend that no matter what he chooses, he will respect that choice.  Optimus also feels a little overwhelmed because the war is changing more than he expected it would.  Ironhide tells Optimus Prime that he doesn’t trust his own judgement.  Optimus connects that statement with the fact that Ironhide beat the crap out of Mirage when he wrongly thought that Mirage was a traitor.  The two friends reminisce about their first meeting when Optimus Prime was first a prime (this doesn’t fit in because according to previous story lines, Ironhide was part of Orion Pax’s unit, so he knew Optimus before he was a Prime).  At first, Ironhide didn’t believe Optimus Prime would be a good Prime.  Back in the present, the two friends share a drink of Energon together.  For the first time in IDW, we see that Optimus can retract his face mask to expose his true mouth.  They start talking about the past again and when they fought Trypticon.  Back in the present, Optimus Prime reveals that he wouldn’t have been a successful Prime without Ironhide’s help and guidance.  Optimus tells Ironhide that if he left the Autobots, he would be missed.  Ironhide decides to stay.

Optimus Prime reflects on the past.  He makes it his goal to spread peace throughout the universe, but he abhors that wherever Transformers go, the war follows them.  He regrets the damage caused to Earth, but the humans won’t let the Autobots help rebuild.  The Autobots stay in hiding since Skywatch is hunting them.  Hot Rod is fed up with the constant hiding and is tired of them always fighting Skywatch.  Optimus Prime tells him that the Autobots need to stay on Earth because it is vulnerable to Decepticon attack.  Hot Rod points out that attacks rarely happen by the Decepticons.  Hot Rod accuses Optimus Prime for feeling he has to protect everyone and everything, but not dealing with the actual issue.  Hot Rod tells Optimus that they know where Skywatch has brought the fallen Autobots.  Hot Rod wants to attack, but Optimus only will approve a covert mission.  The mission is a failure and Ironhide seems to have died.  Optimus Prime steps down as the leader of the Autobots.  Optimus drives to the Skywatch base and surrenders.

Skywatch puts an inhibitor bolt on Optimus, trapping him in vehicle mode.  Spike Witwicky wants to interrogate Optimus, so he deactivates it.  Optimus comments that the bolt was very unpleasant.  Spike starts to interrogate Optimus Prime.  Optimus tells him that he will not give Skywatch any information about the Autobots, but he will accept any punishment they want to give on behalf of all Autobots.  Spike says that a general is on his way to talk to Optimus Prime.  Optimus welcomes anyone that wants to speak to him.  Spike tries to play good cop/bad cop with Optimus.  Skywatch captures several other Autobots and Spike tries to use them as leverage against Optimus Prime.

Optimus Prime remains in Skywatch custody.  He is confined to an area in an energy cell.  Spike continues to talk to Optimus to interrogate him.  Optimus acknowledges to Spike that he knows Spike doesn’t trust him.  Spike admits that he doesn’t and Optimus Prime tells him that it is very understandable.  The Transformers have come to Earth without an invitation and brought their war.  Also, the Transformers have been hiding in plain sight without anyone knowing.  Optimus tells Spike that for thousands of generations (to a human), he has been a soldier and now that the war is over, he doesn’t know how to lead.

Spike returns to the Skywatch base to talk to Optimus Prime again.  He asks why the death of one Autobot inspired Optimus to surrender.  Spike takes responsibility for Ironhide’s death.  He said that Skywatch did it and he shouldn’t have let it happen.  Spike asks Optimus if he is serious about making a change.  Spike frees Optimus Prime to help him battle Menasor.  Optimus Prime falls from the sky in truck mode and crushes Swindle.  Optimus transforms to fight Menasor and save Ultra Magnus.  Once Optimus Prime opens fire, Menasor drops Ultra Magnus.  Optimus leaps on Menasor’s shoulders and shoots him in the face.  Optimus Prime defers command back to Bumblebee.  Bumblebee has the Autobots combine their fire on the individual limbs instead of all of Menasor.  While Menasor is weakened, Optimus Prime targets the Motormaster torso and Menasor falls.  Optimus Prime contacts Spike at Skywatch to take the Decepticons into custody.  To the Autobots’ dismay, Optimus Prime goes back into Skywatch custody.  Bumblebee is tired of being a fugitive of Skywatch, and even though he was betrayed by Horiuchi, he is open to talking to Spike.

(the following section is about the IDW Infestation storyline, it is unknown if this is canon or not since there are many continuity errors)

When Galvatron makes his way to Earth, he finds that Las Vegas has been infected by zombies.  He kills several in both of his modes.  One of the Zombies is a sweep.  He is assisted by Cyclonus and Scourge.  Optimus Prime, Prowl, Kup, Bumblebee, and Drift arrive to face off against the three evil Transformers (Remember, in IDW, Galvatron and his forces are NOT Decepticons). s.  Optimus and Galvatron face off, Optimus is optimistic because he has already defeated Galvatron in the past.  Galvatron shoves Optimus away and Bumblebee rushes to his side.  Spike joins the fight in his Skywatch mech.  Galvatron fires at Bumblebee and the rest of the Autobots fire on Galvatron.  Cyclonus and Bayonet (who is a weird inter dimensional vampire like creature who is making everyone think she is a transformer, but she won’t get a profile) counter attack.  Galvatron lifts up Optimus Prime and tells Optimus to bow to him.  Optimus Prime asks what Galvatron is doing on Earth and Galvatron says he doesn’t have time to explain.  .Galvatron kicks Optimus Prime and then tosses Bumblebee aside.  Spike and Skywatch focus their firepower on Galvatron.  Spike incorrectly refers to Galvatron as a Decepticon.  One of the Skywatch agents tries to put an inhibitor bolt on Galvatron, but he fails.  Skywatch gets two inhibitor bolts on Galvatron, but it doesn’t stop him.  Galvatron fires his cannon through one of the Skywatch mechs.  Bumblebee grabs a third inhibitor bolt and leaps towards Galvatron.  Galvatron is disabled.  Cyclonus and Bayonet raise their hands to surrender.  They want to ally themselves with the Autobots to stop the infestation.  Where Galvatron wanted to eradicate the Zombies, Optimus Prime wants to contain them.  He gives the Autobots different assignments to quarantine the zombie filled zone of Las Vegas.  Wheeljack arrives and erects a force field around the city.  Galvatron regains use of his body and tells the Autobots where the zombies came from (a different dimension’s space).  

Bayonet reveals her true colors, she isn’t a Transformer, but she is an interdimensional vampire named Britt.  Britt uses her magic on the Transformers, causing them pain.  She knows that their technology will not prevent her magic at all.  Britt reveals that she used her powers of perception to make everyone see her as a Transformer.  Kup gets an arm free and shoots Britt in the face.  Optimus and Prowl rush to Kup’s side after Britt drops him.  The Zombies (both human and robot) try to crowd Optimus Prime and Galvatron’s forces.  Prowl calculates that the living will lose to the dead.  Optimus Prime asks for suggestions.  Calmly (which doesn’t often happen with Galvatron), Galvatron explains he has a plan to use the Heart of Darkness.  Optimus Prime and Prowl transform to rush into battle with Galvatron, Cyclonus, and Scourge flying behind them.  Optimus Prime is upset that Galvatron’s attack also hurt humans and Galvatron doesn’t care.  Both sides of Transformers regroup to make a battle plan.  Galvatron demands command of the Autobots.  Bumblebee refuses.  Galvatron tells everyone that the Infestation isn’t the biggest problem.  Optimus Prime disagrees.  Wheeljack announces that the force dome that he created is running out of power and the zombies will soon be able to leave Las Vegas.  Britt plans to get Cybertron from a previous timeline to turn into a zombie army (or something like that, this whole storyline is really convoluted).  Prowl communicates with Kup (who is still infected and barely holding onto life) and tries to separate the virus from his core consciousness.  Prowl tries to get Kup to destroy the time portal that Britt made.  Kup is able to change the coordinates of the portal and the zombies, Britt, and Kup are sucked into the Dead Universe.  Galvatron retreats when the crisis is over and Jhiaxus makes a portal.

Optimus Prime returns to Skywatch custody.  He meets with Spike’s father, General Daniel Witwicky.  Spike tries to convince his father that Optimus Prime is on their side and the Autobots can become valuable allies.

Spike goes to Optimus Prime’s cell and asks him why he is confining himself.  Optimus asks what Spike wants, and Spike says he needs Optimus Prime’s consultation.  The Combaticons have allied themselves with North Korea.  Spike briefs all of the Autobots and explains (again) that the Combaticons are working with North Korea.  Spike tells Bumblebee and Optimus that the Combaticons are too powerful for Skywatch to fight.  Optimus tells Spike that it is a good idea if Skywatch stays out of it, the Combaticons are very dangerous.  Bumblebee quickly agrees with Spike and forms a team to battle the Combaticons.  Before the Autobots leave to fight the Combaticons, they watch the President address the nation.  The President says that any nation harboring Cybertronians will be dealt with accordingly.  Spike doesn’t acknowledge the orders and takes the Autobots to North Korea.

The Autobots are shipped to South Korea in a cargo ship.  They remain in vehicle mode so they won’t cause an international incident.  When the coast is clear, the Autobots emerge from their shipping containers.  Spike is unhappy with how Skywatch handled transporting the Autobots, and Optimus tells him that an army is only as good as their leader.  Spike calls Optimus Patton.  Optimus doesn’t know who that is and Cliffjumper thinks that Spike was referring to Patton Oswalt.  The Autobots go inside of a hangar and Spike tells them that no matter what, they have to stay in vehicle mode.  If it gets out that the US is harboring the Autobots, the President will be Impeached (he doesn’t know about the clandestine arrangement), Spike will be arrested, and the Autobots will be deactivated.  Spike brings Skywatch weapons for the Autobots.  Wheeljack installs weapons on The Autobots’ vehicle modes and they race with US Soldiers to battle the Combaticons.  Smokescreen is the first to go into battle and the soldiers are confused why a sports car would be on a battlefield.  Smokescreen opens fire on Vortex and kicks up a lot of dirt and smoke.  The Autobots have some cover now from the smoke.  In vehicle mode, Optimus Prime slams into Onslaught.  Cliffjumper opens fire on Vortex so he can’t fly away.  Onslaught continues to grapple with Optimus Prime while he is in truck mode.  Skywatch mechs join the Autobots.  One of them shoots Onslaught in the face.  Skywatch and the Autobots plan to drive the Combaticons into the ocean.  Onslaught reminds his foes that the Combaticons are water proof.  Broadside appears in boat mode and fires at the Combaticons with his massive cannons  Vortex continues his dogfight with Jetfire and slashes his wing.  Jetfire crashes into Broadside and the Combaticons escape.

The Autobots go to where the Combaticons are hiding.  Suddenly, smoke fills the room and Optimus Prime drives into the room and slams into Vortex.  .  Jazz drives into Brawl’s legs.  Optimus contacts Bumblebee, who contacts Cosmos.  Cosmos disables spy satellites above North Korea so the Autobots can fight in robot mode.  Optimus Prime transforms and punches Onslaught in the face.   Before the battle can continue, the Predacons show up because the battle is getting too close to China, who they have pledged allegiance to.

Optimus Prime tries to make peace with the Predacons before a massive battle starts.   Optimus Prime offers the Predacons to join them in America.  They decline. The Predacons plan to walk away and go back into China.  Before they can, Onslaught fires on them with his backpack cannon.  Onslaught hits Rampage in the back and the other Predacons plan to counter attack.  The Predacons attack the Autobots first.  Optimus Prime fights Rampage while Jazz and Cliffjumper fight Headstrong.  Divebomb transforms into beast mode and fires at everyone from the sky.  Tantrum bowls over Prowl in beast mode.  Rampage transforms into beast mode and grapples with Optimus Prime.  Optimus tries to keep Rampage from biting his arm off.  A Skywatch agent named Sandra starts to broadcast the battle live to everyone in the world.  While inside of his Skywatch Mech, Spike tries to calm everyone down.  He learns that Russia is about to launch nuclear missiles at all of the Transformers who are fighting.  Rampage transforms back into robot mode and grabs the mech.  He welcomes the nuclear attack.  Onslaught intercepts a radio transmission and confirms that Russia is about to launch nukes.  Rampage commands the Predacons to stop fighting and warns the Combaticons and Autobots not to cross their boarder.  Thundercracker flew away while everyone was busy fighting.  Cosmos redirects the missles to the Arctic, and then Optimus Prime reveals that Thundercracker didn’t ditch them, he went into North Korea to destroy their Energon manufacturing plant.  Ratchet asks what will happen to the Autobots.  Prowl says it is in the hands of the humans.

A human with a Decepticon weapon tries to assassinate Bumblebee.  Optimus Prime takes a Skywatch plane to see Bumblebee.  Optimus Prime is anxious and asks them if the plane is going at it’s top speed.  Spike tries to calm Optimus down.  Smokescreen asks how a regular person got Decepticon weaponry.  Smokescreen accuses Spike of setting the Autobots up.  Optimus still has faith in Skywatch, Spike, and the alliance.  Optimus tells Spike that once they see to Bumblebee, they have to go over some things.  Before Skywatch and the Autobots get to their destination, they pick up something approaching the plane at very high speeds.  Jazz tells all of the Skywatch agents to get inside of their mechs.  Something tears apart the plane.  

The Skywatch agents go inside of Optimus’ trailer.  Optimus manufactures oxygen so they won’t die.

The Autobots and Skywatch agents survive.  When it gets dark, they emerge from water.

Megatron contacts Optimus Prime and his group of Autobots (and Skywatch agents!).  Megatron tells Optimus that he has abducted the other Earthbound Autobots in a communication.  Megatron knows that Optimus and the Autobots are already on their way to save their friends.  Megatron wants to destroy Optimus Prime and Earth.  Skywatch tracks the transmission to New Mexico.  The Autobots and Skywatch agents prepare to attack the Decepticons.  The Autobots transform and drive to save their friends.  Smokescreen scouts ahead for Optimus Prime.  As the Autobots get close, Optimus Prime tells them they should travel the rest of the way on foot.  When Optimus Prime sees Megatron, he tells the Autobots to stay back and he goes to Megatron alone.  Megatron is standing with Soundwave in the desert.  Optimus approaches with his hands up, and Megatron tells him that he looks foolish.  Megatron tells Optimus that his new armor is impenetrable, but if the other Autobots attack Soundwave, he will have the Autobot prisoners killed.  Megatron says he doesn’t want Optimus Prime dead yet.  Megatron points to the nearby city and says that there are 46 humans in the city armed with Decepticon weaponry made from his old body.  Megatron then says that there are hundreds of weapons across Earth and Optimus will never be able to find all of them.  Optimus tries to talk to Megatron.  He says that the Transformer race can learn a lot from the human race.  This amuses Megatron.  Megatron then surprises Optimus by telling him that the captured Autobots are in the city.  Megatron’s plan is to discredit the Autobots since the Autobots would have to kill humans to save their friends.  Optimus Prime wants Skywatch to find the captured Autobots.  Jazz drives them since he is the fastest.  Megatron finds humor in the fact that the humans will be the downfall of the Autobots.  The irony that the Autobots do everything they can to save humanity, but the humans now have a way to hurt the Autobots.  Optimus Prime points his gun at Megatron.  This entertains Megatron.  Optimus Prime doesn’t fire on Megatron, he shoots Soundwave in the head.  Megatron wants to kill Optimus now, but Soundwave is one of his most loyal soldiers.  Megatron grabs Soundwave and flies away.  Once Soundwave is disabled, the Decepticons lose control of the humans with the Decepticon weapons.

Wheeljack works on repairing Thundercracker inside of Omega Supreme in base mode.  The news is reporting on how Jazz killed a human.  Thundercracker wants to to hear the news story, but Optimus Prime won’t turn the volume up.  Wheeljack is insulted that Thundercracker wants Ratchet to repair him, ,not Wheeljack.  Wheeljack tells Thundercracker that Ratchet is repairing other Autobots.  Optimus Prime leaves the repair bay and meets with Spike.  Optimus Prime refuses to let the Decepticons win.  Spike tells Optimus that he shouldn’t blame himself for Jazz killing a human and the Decepticons gaining ground in the war.  Optimus Prime says that he doesn’t blame himself at all, he blames Megatron.  Optimus and Spike go to another repair bay where Optimus visits with Ultra Magnus.  Optimus tells Ultra Magnus to rest and conserve his energy.  Ultra Magnus apologizes for everything that has happened recently, but Optimus says that he is not to blame.  He commends Ultra Magnus for everything he has recently done.  Ultra Magnus reveals that he put a tracking device on Soundwave.  Spike and Optimus Prime make a battle plan  Spike tells Optimus that the Autobots and Skywatch can get to the Decepticons within 35 minutes.  Spike makes an inventory of the Skywatch arsenal.  Optimus is not sure that their weapons are sophisticated enough.  Optimus Prime goes to Ratchet for an update on the Autobot repairs.  Specifically, Optimus Prime asks Ratchet if Jetfire is cleared for duty.  Ratchet says he is repaired, but he shouldn’t go into combat for a while.  Optimus Prime says that he has other plans and needs Jetfire to go to Earth’s orbit.  Jetfire says that he wants to help fight the Decepticons.  He feels bad for failing in North Korea and wants to provide air support for the Autobots.  Optimus Prime tells him that he has more important than fighting the Decepticons directly.  Optimus tells Jetfire that he wants him to meet with Cosmos in Earth’s orbit.  Jetfire doesn’t understand why Optimus needs someone in Earth’s Orbit when Cosmos is already there.  Optimus Prime says he needs a scientist for this task.  As Optimus is prepping the Autobots and Skywatch for battle, Jazz approaches him.  Jazz wants to go into battle.  Optimus tells him that Jazz is not on combat duty until they can sort out what happened earlier.  Jazz tells Optimus Prime that he needs all the soldiers available.  Optimus Prime tells Jazz that his choice is final.  Optimus leaves the base alone so no one else will get hurt.  When the Skywatch cargo plane gets close to the Decepticon base, Optimus Prime jumps out of it and crashes through the roof of the base.  Shockwave exclaims that Optimus has arrived.  Optimus Prime challenges Megatron to battle.  If Megatron doesn’t accept the challenge, Optimus threatens to shoot Shockwave in the head.  Megatron agrees and gathers the Decepticons to watch the historic moment.  Outside the base, for the millionth time, Optimus Prime tries to talk it out with Megatron before they fight.  Megatron tells Optimus that he isn’t going to kill him, he is going to incapacitate him and let the humans do what they want with him.  In a strange way, the two enemies are close friends.  They exchange pleasantries with each other before starting to fight.  Optimus Prime is impressed with Megatron’s new rail gun.  Megatron tells him that he can destroy a transformer with it without it being at full power.  Optimus takes out his blaster and tells Megatron that he has had the same blaster for millenniums  Optimus comments that this is the first upgrade he has seen Megatron have since they first met (which is wrong because he changed his alt mode when the Transformers came to Earth)  Optimus opens fire and asks Megatron if he knows what a kinetic harpoon is.  The blasts bounce off Megatron.  Optimus transforms to drive away.  Megatron is surprised that his old nemesis is retreating and sends Astrotrain to catch him.  Optimus tells Megatron that his attack was just to gauge target and range information.  A massive beam of energy rips through the sky and hits Megatron.  Optimus is hit in the blast and transforms back into robot mode.  Megatron is impressed because that actually hurt him.  Optimus uses his gun and bashes Megatron in the head.  The gun shatters.. Optimus grabs Megatron and asks if he can ever die.  Megatron takes the beaten Optimus Prime back to the Autobots.  Megatron surrenders to the Autobots.  Soon, Optimus is repaired and he visits Megatron in a holding cell.  Megatron is restrained and can’t move.  Optimus tells Megatron that if he tries to escape, Omega Supreme will transform and Megatron will be dismembered.  Megatron tries to make Optimus Prime stop trusting Spike and Skywatch.  Megatron tells Optimus that Spike killed Scrapper.  Optimus is shocked and finds it hard to believe.  Optimus walks out of the brig.  Optimus goes to Prowl and tells him that he wants Prowl to investigate Scrapper’s death, but Spike is not to know.

Rodimus gives the Matrix back to Optimus.  Optimus Prime officially renames Hot Rod.  He is permanently known as Rodimus now.Optimus addresses the Autobots.  He tells them that Cybertron is habitable again, but Galvatron is out there forming an army.  Optimus plans to go back to Cybertron inside of Omega Supreme and tells the Autobots that he will take whoever wants to go with him.  All of the Autobots aside for Bumblebee plan to go back to Cybertron.   Bumblebee talks to Optimus privately.  He is insulted that Optimus Prime didn’t consult him before addressing the Autobots.   Bumblebee feels that no one respects him as leader now that the Matrix is back inside of Optimus Prime.  Optimus explains that he doesn’t want to give Bumblebee the burden of the Matrix.  Optimus tells Bumblebee that Bumblebee is the rightful leader of the Autobots.  Prowl enters the room to talk to Optimus Prime.  Bumblebee tells Optimus that he needs Ultra Magnus and a few other Autobots to stay on Earth with him.

Ratchet and Perceptor signal Optimus and Xaaron that it is safe and Megatron has no weapons.  Ironhide goes to Optimus Prime.  Optimus tells Ironhide that he still doesn’t understand why Megatron surrendered.  Ironhide suggests that Optimus speaks to Megatron directly.  Optimus has been putting off doing that, but he knows that he must.  Optimus Prime stands outside of Megatron’s cell.  He knows he must speak to Megatron, but he really doesn’t want to.  Optimus Prime tells Omega Supreme to give him and Megatron privacy.  Optimus Prime enters the cell and the two enemies address each other.  Optimus deactivates Megatron’s restraints so they can speak as equals.  Megatron asks Optimus if he hates him.  Optimus honestly doesn’t know.  Megatron tells Optimus Prime that in the course of the war, on other planets, entire civilizations have risen and fallen.  The Cybertronians have not changed their way of life in millions of years.  Optimus asks a hypothetical question.  What would Megatron do if he defeated the Autobots.  Megatron wants to bring Cybertron into a new golden age and have peace through tyranny.  The two leaders reminisce about their previous battles. After Optimus speaks to Megatron, he gathers the Autobots.  Optimus knows that they have to try Megatron for his crimes, but he doesn’t know how Megatron can get a fair trial.  Ultra Magnus suggests that they have Tyrest be the arbiter.  Everyone thinks that Tyrest is dead, but Magnus says he isn’t.  Rodimus reveals that he was listening in on Optimus Prime’s conversation with Megatron.  Optimus forces all of the Autobots out of the room in anger.  Optimus Prime returns to speak to Megatron.  Optimus tells him that this will be the last time they speak.  Megatron asks Optimus if he plans to kill him.  Optimus tells Megatron that his fate has not been written yet.  Optimus asks again why Megatron surrendered.  Again Megatron won’t answer.  Optimus asks if Megatron has any remorse.  Megatron says “no”.  Megatron says he would kill as many beings as he needs to so he can be the victor of the war.  Megatron claims that without him, Optimus Prime would not have the fame that he has.  Optimus Prime activates the energy cage and Megatron writhes in pain.  Optimus leaves the cell and asks Omega Supreme why he allowed him to activate the energy field.  Omega tells Optimus that he didn’t give Optimus Prime full power and if he did, Megatron would be dead now.

Optimus speaks to Ratchet.  Optimus Prime is shaken that he resorted to torturing Megatron and that he almost killed him.  Optimus Prime is starting to doubt himself.  Ratchet suggests that he asks the Matrix what to do.  The lines of what choices Optimus is making or the matrix is making is starting to blur.  Optimus Prime goes to Rodimus.  He asks Rodimus how it felt when he was bonded to the Matrix.  Where it was painful for Optimus, it was pleasurable for Rodimus.  Optimus returns to Megatron.  He asks Megatron what he would choose if he were convicted, imprisonment or death.  Megatron says death.

The Autobots continue their voyage back to Cybertron and Optimus visits.  Again.  Megatron knows something is wrong and that Cybertron is under attack.  Megatron goes through the likely threats; Thunderwing, Shockwave, and Starscream.  Optimus feels bothered that Megatron summoned him, and Optimus doesn’t believe that Megatron is genuinely concerned about the condition of Cybertron.  Optimus Prime reminds Megatron that nothing outside of his cell is his concern anymore and walks away.  Megatron threatens Optimus and tells Optimus that he is more powerful than Optimus can imagine.  Optimus Prime retorts that is what started the war millions of years ago.  Outside of Megatron’s cell, Ironhide approaches Optimus Prime.  He tells Optimus not to let Megatron get under his skin.  Optimus tells Ironhide that he is glad that he is back and appreciates that he is young again.  Optimus Prime goes to Jetfire.  He wants to know the status of contacting Chief Justice Tyrest.  Jetfire tells Optimus that he hasn’t been able to reach Tyrest.  On behalf of Rodimus, Garnak contacts Optimus Prime to tell him that the Autobots are approaching Cybertron.  Communications to Cybertron have not been restored, but Galvatron’s army is sending signals into space using their weapons (think Morse Code).  Jetfire analyzes the message and tells the Autobots that it is an invitation to land on Cybertron.  Optimus also realizes that the way Galvatron is sending the message is also Galvatron showing he has a sizeable army on the surface.  When the Autobots land on Cybertron, Optimus Prime splits them up.  Optimus has Drift and Rodimus go with him.  Optimus Prime also decides to take Sunstreaker and Ironhide since they have spent the most time on Cybertron in recent times.  Optimus Prime has Cliffjumper stay behind to organize the landing party of reinforcements.  Optimus Prime wants Omega Supreme to stay in orbit and not to fight unless he is needed.  Optimus Prime tells the Autobots that Omega Supreme is their only way home.  Ironhide comments that Cybertron is their home.  Cliffjumper doesn’t agree with his assignment but he follows Optimus Prime’s orders.  Almost right away, Galvatron approaches the Autobots.  Galvatron welcomes the Autobots back to Cybertron.  This is Ironhide’s first meeting with Galvatron (that he can remember) and right away, he doesn’t like Galvatron.  Optimus Prime is very wary of Galvatron’s intentions.  Galvatron tells Optimus Prime and the Autobots that he doesn’t want to fight them and he plans to give them Cybertron when his mission is completed.  Galvatron refuses to tell the Autobots what his plans are for the future.  Optimus asks who Galvatron is preparing an army to fight.  Galvatron tells the Autobots that it is something that can destroy them all.   .  Optimus declines the alliance, but tells Galvatron that he doesn’t want to fight.  Galvatron points his cannon at Optimus and tells him that if the Autobots aren’t going to ally themselves with him, they will be destroyed.  Before Galvatron can fire, Ironhide tackles him.  Galvatron orders the Sweeps to attack the Autobots.  The Sweeps attack the Autobots in force.  Optimus Prime opens fire and Ironhide follows his lead. Cyclonus strafes the battlefield in jet mode.  Galvatron grabs Cyclonus and escapes.  After the battle, Optimus gathers the Autobots.  He tells them that he doesn’t trust Galvatron (really?  Did we really have to have the obvious explained to us?).  Cliffjumper implies that Sunstreaker is an expert in not trusting.  Optimus reprimands Cliffjumper.  The next thing the Autobots see is the Kimia Outpost in Cybertron’s orbit

As the Kimia Outpost arrives in Cybertron’s orbit, it deploys its main cannon to attack the surface.  All of the Autobots dive to cover.  Optimus Prime sends the Autobot fliers, including the Aerialbots and Powerglide, to do recon.  Optimus Prime rallies the ground troops for different tasks.  Since Sunstreaker has the most recent knowledge of Cybertron’s cities, he is sent to create a mobile base of operations.  Drift is sent to back up Sunstreaker.  Cliffjumper and Wheelie are sent to scout ahead to find out what Galvatron is planning.  Optimus Prime has Ironhide unload Omega Supreme.  Ironhide is very happy to help.  Rodimus wants to go into space, but Optimus Prime is skeptical.  Rodimus explains to Optimus that he can provide a better perspective of the battle from inside Omega Supreme.  Optimus Prime is a little surprised that Rodimus had such a good idea and sends Trailbreaker to join him. Galvatron learns of Cliffjumper and Wheelie spying on him and his forces (because Wheelie is a fucking moron and shoots a Sweep with a sniper rifle giving away his position) and Optimus rallies the rest of the Autobots to save them.  Rodimus contacts Optimus and says that they need to destroy the outpost before it destroys Cybertron.  Both Optimus and Rodimus are aware that there are Autobots aboard the outpost who may die.  Rodimus plans to ram Omega Supreme into the Kimia Outpost.  The Kimia Outpost is destroyed.  Optimus transforms and leaves the battlefield.

Optimus Prime, Drift, Rodimus, and Ironhide maintain their pursuit of Galvatron and his forces.  Optimus’ team knows that the Decepticons have joined the fight (to help the Autobots against Galvatron).  Optimus, Drift, Rodimus, and Ironhide wind up at the crater which was created when the Kimia Outpost fired on Cybertron.  There is now a massive hole on Cybertron which digs deep into the center of the planet.  Optimus knows that Galvatron is under the surface of Cybertron.  Rodimus asks how, and Optimus Prime explains that the Matrix is connected to Galvatron somehow and the Matrix is guiding Optimus to him. Alone, Optimus climbs into the hole.  The Autobots warn Optimus that it is probably a trap.  Optimus Prime asks “why would that matter?”  Optimus Prime’s team trusts Optimus and they follow him.  Almost right away, they encounter Galvatron.  The Autobots train their weapons on Galvatron.  Galvatron starts ranting that “It is almost here!”   All of Galvatron’s forces and the Decepticons merge into the Deceptigod known as D-Void.  Even Drift falls under the trance because he was once a Decepticon.  Drift uses his sword to slice Ironhide’s gun.  Drift gains a moment of clarity and impales himself with his sword.  Rodimus and Ironhide rush to his side (he’s still alive).  Cliffjumper contacts Optimus Prime who tells Cliffjumper that it isn’t a good time.  Megatron steals Cliffjumper’s communicator to talk to Optimus.  Optimus is dismayed that Megatron was able to escape.  Megatron (who oddly is the only Decepticon not under D-Void’s trance) tells Optimus that they need to work together..  Optimus wants to pursue Galvatron.  Optimus tells Megatron that he has always claimed that Cybertron was important to him.  Optimus tells Megatron that he needs him to prove it and protect the planet from D-Void.

Under Cybertron’s surface, Optimus Prime and his group are trying to come up with a plan.  Rodimus is tending to Drift, who is clinging to life.  Optimus Prime wants to get back to the fight, but Rodimus tells him that without repairs, Drift will die.  Rodimus realizes what D-Void and Galvatron’s plan is.  The two evil entities want to use the Heart of Darkness to corrupt Vector Sigma.  At virtually the same time, Optimus and Rodimus realize how to defeat D-Void, use the Matrix (to light their darkest hour).  Rodimus asks Optimus if the Matrix can heal Drift, and Optimus tells him that it can’t.  Optimus Prime sends Ironhide back to the surface to get Drift help.  Optimus Prime and Rodimus enter the chamber of Vector Sigma and open fire on Galvatron.  Optimus using his Ion Cannon, Rodimus using his wrist lasers.  The two Autobots are too late.  Galvatron has already opened the Heart of Darkness and is using it to corrupt Vector Sigma.  Suddenly, the Autobot Shuttle which was carrying the survivors of the Kimia Outpost crashes into Galvatron.  Galvatron emerges from the wreckage and the Autobots open fire on him.  Rodimus tells Optimus Prime to use the Matrix.  Optimus is apprehensive to do it.  Vector Sigma is lost, Cybertron may be lost.  Optimus wants to hold onto the only thing they have left.  Rodimus is optimistic that they can save the day and not lose the matrix.  Optimus Prime is conflicted.  Galvatron shoots Optimus Prime.  Galvatron monologues and tells Optimus that he has won and he will be the rightful ruler of Cybertron.  Suddenly, from behind Galvatron, Cyclonus attacks Galvatron with his bare hands.   Before he can attack his opponents, Galvatron starts to fade away.  Optimus Prime has no choice, if he doesn’t use the Matrix NOW, the entire universe will die.  Optimus Prime opens his chest to expose the Matrix.  Optimus Prime uses the Matrix to destroy the Heart of Darkness.  The Autobots have won, but the Matrix has fused into a ball of metal that is now inert.



Optimus Prime is the most powerful Non-Combiner and Non-Titan Autobot. He possesses the Matrix of Leadership which gives him tremendous wisdom. His trailer is able to transform into a battle station and it has the ability to deploy a small drone named Roller. He was also able to deploy an energy axe from his hand. As a Powermaster, he was able to combine with his trailer to create a super mode. The Super Mode had increased strength and firepower.

Wacky Facts

Optimus Prime's girlfriend (Elita-1) is also technically his sister

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