What Optimus Primes Are Left????

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If you've been collecting Transformers, you'd understand the harsh reality that... well.... we're going to get at least one, but probably two Optimus Prime figures a year. In Combiner Wars, we got Voyager Optimus Prime and the retool Battle Core Optimus Prime (who is great if you get the SND Kit to turn him into Nova Prime). In Titans Return, we got Powermaster Optimus Prime, G2 Laser Optimus Prime, and a retool/redeco of both of those (Super Ginrai/Magnus Prime and the redeco of Laser Optimus). In POTP, we got Leader Optimus, Nemesis Prime, and the later retool of Star Convoy. Siege, Voyager Optimus Prime and the later redeco of Nemesis Prime. Also, Cybertron Optimus Prime Earthrise, Leader Optimus and Alternate Reality Dead Optimus. I wouldn't be surprised if we get some other redeco of Leader Optimus as well at some point (it really is a great figure)

Its a given that Hasbro is going to keep giving us Optimus Primes. I'd love if they skipped a year and gave us a Rodimus or Star Saber or Dai Atlas, but Optimus Prime is in the top 2 of most popular AND recognizable characters. A grandparent who is at Target and wants to get their grandkid a transformer, they know Optimus Prime and Bumblebee, and most likely they will buy the character they know. Earthrise Optimus is amazing. He isn't just my favorite Earthrise Figure or my favorite Optimus Prime figure, but he is my favorite figure of all time. So we know that HasTak is going to release something in future Generations lines, but what's left? Honestly, there's A LOT they can do if they are creative enough. Oh, I skipped Action Master Optimus because he doesn't transform.

Lets start Chronologically.

Orion Pax - While not the traditional Optimus, it still is Optimus. There are several IDW versions they can choose to do as well as a G1 look.

Hate Plague Immunity Optimus Prime - this would be incredibly easy to make. Take the cab from Earthrise Optimus Prime, redeco it to be all white and don't package the trailer. This was only in one episode of G1, but it is a VERY easy redeco which while I don't see it being a mainline release, I can see them doing this as a Pulse exclusive.

G2 Optimus Prime - This is an easy redeco/retool. Just take Earthrise Optimus Prime and slightly change the trailer to be able to plug some guns into, make the trailer black, throw on some G2 Autobot Logos, and there you go. The thing with this is, while it is very easy to do, there are two issues with Hasbro (or Takara) making this figure. 1) G2 isn't the most loved of franchises. I liked it a lot, but there are a lot of people who find it to be a little weak, especially that the comic only lasted 12 issues and was undone by IDW Re-Generation One. But they did do G2 Sideswipe in Siege and in Earthrise there is G2 Rotorstorm, as well as a rumor of a G2 Megatron. So it isn't completely impossible. The other issue I see with doing a 2nd retool/redeco of Leader Earthrise Optimus Prime is, while it is a pretty easy and cost effective way to reuse the mold, are people going to spend another 50+ dollars just to get a slighty different Optimus Prime? The ability to do it is there, but is there fan desire? If this wasn't the year of the pandemic or if there was still Botcon, I would say this is a perfect opportunity for an SDCC/NYCC/Botcon exclusive. Limited numbers, don't put it on Pulse in huge numbers.

Hero G2 Optimus Prime - Towards the end of G2 we got a deluxe Optimus with a weird air missile gimmick. It was very 90s and I hated the figure.

G2 Laser Optimus Prime - One of the last G2 figures was an Optimus Prime with a unique look, he wasn't a tractor trailer, he was a gas truck. He had a removable trailer that turned into a base, a bitchin sword, and really cool shoulder pads. Yes, Hastak has already done a figure of this 90s figure, actually they did two of them in Titans Return. But with the new formula of Leader figures being a Voyager sized figure with extra stuff, they can redo this figure right. Also, there is a really good (and probably more famous use of the mold) to be Car Robots Black Convoy / Robots in Disguise Scourge. I know if they made an updated Black Convoy with that formula, I would get it without hesitation. Two mainline uses with one expensive mold at the leader price point.

G2 Car Optimus Prime - There was a basic/legends sized figure of Optimus as a car. While an option for an Optimus to be made, I just don't see it being a big draw for people that aren't children of the 80s/90s. This would be a perfect candidate for a simple retool to fill out Generations Select.

Machine Wars Optimus Prime - Machine Wars is another iffy continuity that is more important than most fans think. In the 90s, between G2 and Beast Wars, there was a KB Toys (remember them???) exclusive line that was primarily made of redecos/retools and a few new molds (basic/legends scale). There wasn't much story aside for it being in the near future in an apocalypse. The Machine Wars Optimus Prime was a redeco of a UK Exclusive figure which wasn't Optimus Prime named Thunderclash. My buddy from summer camp had that Optimus and it was pretty cool, but it didn't 100% feel like Optimus (mainly because the face didn't have the mask). MMC made their version. So Machine Wars Optimus Prime is a good contender for future figures especially that they can also make a Thunderclash from the figure. I'm not sure if this could be the main Optimus of the year, I can see them doing this as a secondary (like Cybertron Optimus in Siege) or a retool of mainline Thunderclash in a pulse or convention type thing.


Car Robots Super Fire Convoy - Taking into account that HasTak has done an Optimus Prime who isn't GEEWUN, this is a possible figure. The design of Fire Convoy is a very beloved design. The original figure from 2000/2001 actually still holds up today really well minus a few details. As much as I can see Hasbro making a Fire Convoy, I'm not sure if they will do it right unless it is the main Optimus of that line. One of the draws of Fire Convoy is that he can combine to be God Fire Convoy/Omega Prime. The Siege Cybertron OPtimus, while cool, wasn't able to combine with the canon combined forms of Cybertron Optimus (Leo Breaker and Wing Saber). Also, there really isn't much redeco/retool potentials for this character. Yes, there was Sam's Club redeco, but that wasn't in the show and if HasTak is going to do a leader sized figure, I'm sure they are going to want to get as much use as possible out of at least the engineering.


Beast Wars Optimus Prime - If you haven't watched Beast Wars, spoiler alert, the REAL Optimus Prime is actually in it (come back for a future phase for Beast Wars/Beast Machines profiles). But I'll give the really short version, The Maximals are future Autobots, but they are kind of sort of human sized. There has been speculation that Beast Wars will get a Generations line in the near future. While I'd love to see that, the figures would be out of scale with an Optimus Prime in that world. Well, there are two words which can make that a figure in the Beast Wars scale.... Commander and even Titan. Make a Commander sized or Titan Optimus Prime. This would be in scale with the smaller Beast Wars figures and since there are only one Titan and Commander a year, it could be an interesting venture to do.


Armada Optimus Prime - This figure is simply as inevitable as Thanos (bad Avengers Joke). We've seen that HasTak has created some sort of Armada Optimus Prime a few years ago, but we still haven't seen the figure get released. I'd be shocked if this figure doesn't come out because everything is already engineered and paid for. Also, there is an in show redeco (Powerlinx) so they can get a few uses of the figure. The original figure is horrible and didn't hold up to other figures when it came out.


Energon Optimus Prime - Another potential Leader sized figure which while possible, I don't think they would do it justice unless there was a complete Energon line. The basics of the figure make sense to redo in the future, but like Super Fire Convoy, are they going to do it "right"? If they were to do it "right" they would have to also dedicate a Titan to the line (Omega Supreme) for Optimus to combine with as well as another Voyager or Leader to have the combination with Wing Saber. I'd love this figure if done right, but I don't know if they would do it right


Devils Due Gi Joe vs Transformers Hiss Tank Optimus Prime - This is a figure which a lot of people have wanted for a REALLY long time, but only in the last few years has it looked like it was in the horizon. In the early 2000s, Devils Due did a series of really interesting Gi Joe vs Transformers comics. The first one had most of the 1984 Transformers as Cobra Vehicles. With the crossovers line (Ecto-1, Top Gun Jet, and Back to the Future Delorean), I can see them retooling an existing figure (I am saying Earthrise Megatron) as a Hiss Tank and making it an exclusive.


Animated Optimus Prime - Animated is probably the only continuity I don't like. But there is a posibility for both a voyager and two leader class figures with the formula of a Leader being a Voyager figure with extra stuff. First, the voyager, there could be the main cartoon Optimus (in either an Animated or Non Animated aestethetic) and retool that into Cybertron mode Optimus. Then take the Voyager Earth mode and add a trailer, or make the Jetpower armor. The thing is, Animated figures, aside for the aesthetic, are comperable to a Generations figure from Combiner Wars to now. So I feel it is more probable that a Generations look of Animated Optimus is more possible than a straight Animated rehash.


TF Prime Optimus Prime (season 1 and 2) - I love the look of TF Prime Optimus, but HasTak isn't blind and dumb , they know that the APC KO exists. What can they do to make a better figure at the same or lower cost? Honestly, not much. First Edition Optimus holds up perfectly with a modern collection. pRID Optimus is a piece of crap especially if you can get the First Edition (or it's KO). So unless they made an Optimus with a trailer and a shit load of weapons and alternate head, I don't see this logically being made.


TF Prime Optimus Prime (season 3) - This figure is much more likely to be made. Either as a traditional Leader or even a Commander sized figure (which I would hope it would be). Beast Hunters Optimus (the voyager version) came out during the great economic downturn of the 2010s. The figure is hollow, poor articulation, too small, and is lacking his signature weapons. I'd love to see a YUGE Beast Hunter Optimus done right. The thing is, no retool/redeco potentials of this figure that I can logically think of.


RiD2.0 Optimus - RiD2.0 was interesting where it was a show that didn't have Optimus as the main character and the warrior figure was WAY too small. There was a Japanese Optimus Prime which was proper scale that honestly, its an okay figure. It's not perfect, but it is a fun figure and a unique look. Honestly, I can see Hasbro just taking that figure and re-releasing it on Pulse with some minor changes.


Cybertronian Optimus Prime - This is another iffy potential. We had Optimus Prime in WFC that was a deluxe. ITF made an affortable Oversized KO (About voyager size) that is really good. FOC Optimus, again possible, but Planet X made one. Would HasTak do a figure which a 3P company already did that was already a bit of a niche figure? Honestly, I'd get both if were made. Also, retool potentials are of course Ultra Magnus




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