Power of the Primes Abominus Toy Review

This page reflects only the combined mode. Please click below for the review on each specific member

Hungurr (4-27-20)

Blot (4-28-20)

Cutthroat (4-29-20)

Rippersnapper (4-30-20)

Sinnertwin (5-1-20)



I love Combiners. Combiner Wars is what brought me back to being a Transformers collector. Abominus was one of the few combiners that I had completed as a kid. I always felt it was cool that he was the only combiner who represented Land, Sea, and Air.

Robot mode

Where every other combiner in G1 had a specific combined mode, the cartoon, the toy packaging, and the comic all had different configurations for Abominus. The configuration I prefer is Hun Gurr as the toroso (obviously) Cutthroat as the right arm, Rippersnapper as the left arm, Blot as the right leg, and Sinnertwin as the left leg. But you can configure him in any way possible. Abominus looks great and the engineering and articulation is the same as any non titan CW/POTP Combiner. Abominus chest is pretty different from the G1 version, but I'm okay with that. The chest is magenta and has a panel which opens to insert a Prime Master, An Enigma of Combination, or if you want, a Titan Master head. At one point, I displayed all of those ports with different Titan Master heads to represent Abominus' victims. The limbs stay on very well, but if I were grabbing the figure, I'd grab it by the torso. The limbs are all ratcheted so they can hold good poses. The "elbows" are made of the legs of the individual limbs, so there is some articulation. The suggested feet are the pink feet that come with Hun-Gurr with Prime Armor on the back. I don't do this because I prefer to flip them around and have the prime armor be the front feet and the Hun Gurr accessories be the support. There's nothing new or innovative in Abominus, but that's okay. Sometimes doing what you know works is a lot of fun.


For the limbs, I was able to form the arms and legs without using instructions or a video. For the torso I had to use the instructions. Pretty simple, but pretty satisfying. For complexity, as a whole I rate Abominus' transfrmation a 6.5 out of 10. For fun, a 7.5 out of 10


Here's where Abominus becomes a "not perfect figure". Abominus does not come with any weapons. The parts that come with the invididual figures are the Prime Armors which can act as hands or feet, and Hun Gurr comes with feet. But Abominus has no weapons. I got a sword off shapeways and a gun from a PE Combaticon Set.

3rd Party Add Ons-



Nothing crazy, just an all around fun toy to have.


The lack of weapons is actually a big deal for me.


Even though he has a few flaws, I really like Abominus a lot. I give him a 7.5 out of 10

Retools and Repaints-

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