Power of the Primes Cutthroat Toy Review

Price- $16.99
Class- Deluxe


Welcome to part 3 of 6 of the toy reviews for Power of the Primes Terrorcons. Same commentary as the other 2 so far, hard to find in stores, always liked the Terrorcons, blah blah blah.

Bot Mode-

Cutthroat is a retool of POTP Swoop (which I don't have and will never get). It works well as a retool, but there are enough new parts where people aren't getting mold fatigue. Cutthroat is a mish mosh of colors, but it isn't jarring and it actually works really well. His head is tan with a silver face and red eyes. His beast mode head is the same color tan and makes up a good chunk of his chest. Also his arms and upper legs are the same tan. His torso is green with some silver and blue. He has purple wings from beast mode on his back, but I don't mind since the original figure had the same look. He has 5mm hands. His lower legs are the same green and like Blot, there is a little bit of beast mode kibble on the legs, but not enough to bother me. Also if the original figure had some beast mode kibble on the legs, it doesn't bother me that the modern version does. Cutthroat looks great, but his engineering is a little off. At first, he seems great, but the jaw from beast mode can fall off and get lost, as well as the lower arms. I've actually owned 3 Cutthroats because he keeps falling apart. Now I just keep him in Abominus mode so it isn't that much of an issue. His arms can move up and down and in and out. He has over 90 degrees of bend on his elbow. His legs can do the splits and there is about 90 degrees of bend in the knees. Aside for the previously mentioned engineering issues, I really like him a lot.


Cutthroat's transformation is pretty straight forward and I didn't need the instructions or a video to transform him the first time. For complexity, I rate his transformation a 5 out of 10 and for fun, a 6 out of 10

Beast Mode-

Where Blot had a vague monster mode, Cutthroat has a well defined vulture beast mode. It looks really good and keeps the same color scheme. His jaw can move up and down, but it is only held together with friction so it can pop off. He has silver toenails on his feet and a red eye. I really like how his wings can fold in and out and move up and down because it can get some really interesting poses. Again, aside for engineering issues, Cutthroat is great.


Cutthroat comes with Prime Armor like ever POTP Deluxe. The armor can peg into ports on his wrists and act as a melee weapon. A lot of other POTP figures have a port on their chest but Cutthroat doesn't. The Prime Armor has a piece of plastic on it which can be removed and can act as a pistol with some imagination. Cutthroat also comes with a double barrelled blaster. Like Blot, I am very satisfied with the accessory compliment. I also got him a sword on shapeways.

3rd Party Add Ons-

There are no 3P add ons SPECIFICALLY for Cutthroat. Only Abominus.


He looks great in both modes. Has good accessories.


He really needs some pins instead of things being held together with friction


I like Cutthroat, but because of some of the engineering issues, he is actually my least favorite POTP Terrorcon. But that doesn't mean he is bad. I like him, I advise getting him, I just think he needs a few tweaks to be a better figure. On his own, not taking into account that he is part of a team and a combiner limb, I give him a 6 out of 10

Retools and Repaints-

POTP Swoop (Pretool)



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