Power of the Primes Darkwing/Blackwing Toy Review

Price- $16.99
Class- Deluxe


One of my absolute favorite issues of the Marvel G1 book was when we were introduced to the Decepticon Powermasters (and Powermaster Optimus Prime) on Nebulos. It was just an amazingly fun issue. So several years ago, when we first learned about Power of the Primes, I was so excited to see Dreadwind and Darkwing (called officially as Blackwing, but I go by the g1 name) were going to be released. Sure, they are heavy retools of Combiner Wars figures, but some of my favorite characters were finally being made in a way that weren't con exclusives or a simple redeco.

Bot Mode-

First, I have to say that Darkwing is a retool of Combiner Wars Air Raid. So he is able to form the leg or arm of a combiner, but I've never done that. He is mostly new parts though. From the front, Darkwing is blue and gray and aqua. From behind, he is mainy purple and gray. His head is very accurate to his G1 version. The head kind of reminds me of Armada Red Alert, which in turn makes me think of Power Ranger or Robocop. His torso, which is mainly blue, has a panel which you can flip up which exposes a 5mm port which you can attach prime armor to. Also his arms have ports on them for the same reason (see below pics) or if you wanted his blasters, but I never did that either. He has pretty standard articulation. His head is on a ball joint, so it can move up and down and left and right. His arms can move up and down and in and out and they have satisfactory elbow bend as well as bicep swivel. He has waist articulation. His legs can move up and down and in and out and bend at the knees. The only thing I would want that he doesn't have is ankle tilt and wrist swivel. But those are more extra than standard to me. He has 5mm hands.


Darkwing's transformation is pretty simple, and somewhat fulfilling. I was able to do it without instructions or watching a video. For complexity, I rate it a 5.75 out of 10. For fun, I rate it a 6.5 out of 10.

Vehicle Mode-

I like Darkwing's vehicle mode, but I don't adore it. It's fine, it does what it is meant to do, but something about it makes me not love it. He is a gray and blue and purple Earth jet. The wings are purple and they can move in and out. The thing I don't love is that there is a fair amount of kibble on the bottom, so it doesn't totally look like a robot in disguise. You can peg the blasters under each wing. The cockpit is painted on and is aqua.

Darkwing also forms the back half of a super jet with Dreadwind. The transformation is simple, but just to be safe, I watched a video on the transformation once and never had to do it again. The super jet mode is the front half of Dreadwind with the back half of Darkwing. The robot head of Darkwing is visible, which is really awkward and strange. It is held together by one peg so it can slump a little or fall apart easily


Darkwing comes with Prime Armor. That is the gimmic of the year. It is a large square which has fingers and two thumbs. You can plug it into a few ports on the chest or arms to be armor or a melee weapon. You can also plug Prime or Titan Masters into it. He also comes with two really cool blasters. I found guns which resemble his G1 guns on Shapeways and got them.

3rd Party Add Ons-



Lets face it, Darkwing is a character from 1988 who was never in a cartoon and was only in the comic a few times. So the fact that we got a figure that has new parts and can combine with a different figure is amazing in itself. But to look at the figure itself, he has good articulation, adequate transformation, good accessories. Even though it isn't executed perfectly, I do like the super jet mode


His jet mode has a bit of kibble.


Not going to lie, Darkwing does have his faults, but his gains are more impressive. He is a fun figure and one of my favorites in the Power of the Primes line. I rate Darkwing a 6.75 out of 10.

Retools and Repaints-

CW/UW Air Raid G1/G2(original mold)
CW/UW Skydive G1/G2 (retool of original mold)
Botcon Cicaidacon (retool of original mold)
Botcon Terrorsaur (Retool of original mold)
UW Curse Thrust (Retool of original mold)
CW Guyhawk (retool of original mold)
CW Hellbat (retool of original mold)

I'm actually surprised they didn't do a Takara Legends redeco of the Masterforce character



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