Power of the Primes Hun-Gurr Toy Review

Price- $29.99
Class- Voyager


There were a lot of confusion towards the end of Combiner Wars if we would ever get the rest of the combiners. I am a big fan of Combiners, and honestly, thats one of the big things that brought me back as a Transformers collector. I also have a soft spot for Abominus. I had the G1 version and I adored it. So this is the first of 6 daily reviews of the Terrorcons as a whole. I'm going to start with their leader and go from there.

Bot Mode-

Hun-Gurr is not a retool, but I need to get it out of the way that he does share some engineering with Combiner Wars Silverbolt. How does that work you ask? Well, they don't share any parts, but the transformation is similar. Which is actually kind of cool when you think, Silverbolt is a Jet and Hun-Gurr is a 2 headed monster. Hun-Gurr is a really cool figure, but he does have a few flaws which I will get to later. Hun-Gurr is very accurate to his G1 self. He is primarily off white with some dark gray on the forearms and purple spikes through out the torso. He has a standard Decepticon logo on one shoulder and a sticker which resembles the heat activated stickers of G1. His head is purple with a silver visor. Again, looks great. His arms are on ratchets and have pretty standard articulation. The arms can move up and down and in and out. He has bicep swivel. Standard elbow bend. Due to transformation, his hands are able to move a little, but it doesn't look natural (the transformation joint is meant to hide the hands in beast mode). His legs have full range of motion and the monster heads made up the feet. He has a little bit of a backpack which is fine. Due to the arms primarily being on ratchets, the articulation is a bit stiff. Not stiff in the sense that it is hard to move, it is stiff in the sense of it is a little inhibited. His hands have 5mm hands.


Hun-Gurr's transformation is pretty simple and if you have Silverbolt, you really will see how similar their transformations are, but not the same. I was able to do the transformation without using the instructions or watching a video. For complexity, I rate Hun-Gurr's transformation a 5.25 out of 10. For fun, a 7 out of 10

Beast Mode-

Don't get me wrong, Hun-Gurr's robot mode is great. I really can't think of many improvements I would want. But the beast mode is great. He is a 2 headed monster/dragon thing. It works really well and the beast mode has a lot of playability. He keeps the exact same color scheme as robot mode. I really like the amount of articulation in the heads. The jaws can move open and closed and because the neck is made of the robot mode legs, there is a lot of motion. There is a bit of kibble on the stomach because that's where the chest plate for combined mode is.


Here's where I am a little disappointed with the figure. Combiner Wars voyagers all came with a weapon, even most of the POTP Voyagers did, but Hun-Gurr only comes with an enigma of combination and two feet for combined mode which can act as Melee Weapons. Its a bit of a let down but Shapeways solves that problem for me. I got a G1esque gun and a sword for Hun-Gurr.

3rd Party Add Ons-

There are no 3P add ons SPECIFICALLY for Hun-Gurr. Only Abominus.


Hun-Gurr is a fun toy, he was hard to find for a really long time like a lot of POTP figures. Oddly, I was able to get him in retail. He has a fun transformation. He looks good. Great play value for a kid.


The accessory thing is a bit issue to me.


Without taking into account that he is a combiner, Hun-Gurr by himself is a really good figure. Yes, he has some issues, specifically the accessory thing. But Hun-Gurr is a welcome addition in my collection. He's one of those figures that I really don't see how they can make a better version that would warrant a replacement. Out of 10, I give Hun-Gurr a 7.75 out of 10

Retools and Repaints-

CW/UW Silverbot/Scattershot/Cyclonus (shared enginering)

Generations Select Turtler (retool)



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