Power of the Primes Sinnertwin Toy Review

Price- $16.99
Class- Deluxe


When I was younger, I had the G1 Abominus. I always felt like Sinnertwin and Hun-Gurr were brothers since they had a similar beast modes. Kinda sorta. Well, that has never been in any official cannon.

Bot Mode-

Sinnertwin looks very plain when you first see him. But in a good way. Not every transformer has to have a million colors and details. It's a nice change to have only a few colors and then the fine details really matter. Sinnertwin is a retool of the POTP Snarl and Sludge figures. But I don't have them because I don't think Dinobots should combine or be deluxe sized (at least voyager if not leader) so this mold is "new" to me. Sinnertwin is primarily orange and green. His head is green with a silver face and yellow eyes (which is a rare color for eyes in transformers). His arms are green, his upper legs are green. His torso and lower legs are orange. The G1 bot, his head was able to shift down to be the combiner limb, and Hasbro emulated that look with this figure. He has some silver on his abs and lower legs. From a purely visual standpoint, he looks GREAT. Sinnertwin has a port on his chest to clip Prime Armor onto. He has the same exact articulation as every other Terrorcon limb. But incase you haven't read the other reviews, his arms are on a ball joint so they can go up and down and in and out. There is bicep swivel, his elbows have appropriate bend. His legs can do the splits and move up and down. Knee bend. Waist swivel. and of course his head can turn. Very successful robot mode. Oh, his hands are 5mm.


Sinnertwin is pretty easy to transform. I used the instructions for the first time I transformed him, but after that I was good. For complexity, I rate Sinnertwin's transformation a 6 out of 10. For fun, 7.25 out of 10.

Beast Mode-

Sinnertwin's beast mode is probably the most impressive beast mode for the Terrorcon limbs to me (I'll get to that in a minute). He is a 2 headed dragon/dog/monster thing. Primarily orange with green limbs and tail. He has a purple horn on each head. Now here's where the figure really is impressive to me. The necks for each head are individually articulated. The jaws can open and close. There is a fair amount of articulation in the legs. So many times a beast mode is a brick or has really limited articulation. I really feel that hasbro went above and beyond for this beast mode. AND THERE IS WEAPON STORAGE! His blaster can peg into the beast mode back.


All POTP Deluxe figures come with Prime Armor, so Sinnertwin's Prime Armor is the same color scheme as he is. All Prime Armors have two thumbs, so I removed one for combined mode. You can open the prime armor and place a prime master (or titan master) into the armor. There is a tab which you can remove and it can act as a pistol, but I am not a fan of that. Rippersnapper also comes with a gun which resembles his G1 gun. I got a sword on Shapeways for him as well.

3rd Party Add Ons-

There are no 3P add ons SPECIFICALLY for Sinnertwin. Only Abominus.


Sinnertwin is my favorite Terrorcon limb. He looks great, has a lot of play value. Weapon storage.


Like some of the other POTP Terrorcons, some of the parts fall off because they are just held on with friction. But sinnertwin isn't as bad as others


If you have the other Terrorcons, it's a fair assumption to say that you have Sinnertwin. I don't know if I would say "get sinnertwin without getting the other terrorcons" but I really do enjoy this figure a lot. I rate Sinnertwin a 7.75 out of 10

Retools and Repaints-

POTP Sludge and Snarl (never getting those figures)







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