G1 Cartoon

Perceptor is another season 2 addition that one day is an Autobot.  No backstory is given of how he joined the Autobots or where he came from.  Like Wheeljack and Ratchet, he was more than just a warrior.  In fact, Perceptor was pretty bad at fighting.  He was the main science officer of the Autobots.

In his first appearance, he is in the Ark with the Autobots, Spike, and Chip Chase trying to figure out why time portals are opening up.  Perceptor offers his knowledge to Chip and shows off that he can transform into a…. microscope.  After Chip connects Dinobot Island to the time portals, Perceptor goes with the Autobots to Dinobot Island.  When the Autobots arrive on Dinobot Island, they quickly see the Decepticons stealing the island’s energy.  Megatron hits Optimus Prime with his cannon, and the rest of the Autobots attack the Decepticons.  Perceptor uses his shoulder scope as a weapon.  The Decepticons are starting to win the battle.  The Autobots are on the ground and the Decepticons are unleashing the full power of their weapons on the damaged Autobots.  The Autobots are facing destruction.  They are saved when the Dinobots join the battle with the dinosaurs of the island.  The Decepticons are defeated and retreat.

Perceptor’s scientific abilities went beyond research.  He was able to do micro surgery on small Autobot parts.  He helped repair Ironhide’s memory circuits when they were damaged.  Perceptor had a machine that was able to make small parts grow so repairs would be easier.  Brawn continues to put down Perceptor for not being a warrior.  Perceptor tries to explain that sometimes a strong thinker is needed instead of a strong warrior.  Optimus Prime enters the room and asks Perceptor, Brawn, Bumblebee and Ironhide to join him on a mission.  Perceptor convinces Optimus to allow him to stay so he can continue work on other projects.  When the Autobots return from battle, Perceptor and Sparkplug make plans to repair the damaged Autobots.  Brawn again comments that Perceptor is weak for not fighting.  While Perceptor is repairing Powerglide, he gets an idea on how to stop Megatron.  If a few Autobots are able to get inside of Megatron, they can disconnect the Heart of Cybertron from him, returning him to his normal power levels.  Perceptor wants to use his shrinking device to shrink a few Autobots to enter Megatron.  Brawn and Bumblebee join him on the mission, and Powerglide delivers them to Megatron.  When Powerglide delivers the three shrunken Autobots, all of the Decepticons are passed out from over energizing.  Inside of Megatron, Perceptor tells the other two Autobots that they have two hours to accomplish their mission, or the effect of the shrinking device will wear off and they will enlarge again.  They are quickly confronted by a security device called electro sanitizers.  They hide to avoid the devices but Brawn leaps into action and destroys them.  The three Autobots climb on gears inside of Megatron’s shoulder joints.  When Megatron moves his arm, they wind up falling.  Perceptor is about to be crushed by grinding gears, but Brawn catches him, saving him from destruction.  They continue their mission and Perceptor realizes that Megatron is horizontal.  He deduces that Megatron is flying, and Brawn assumes it is to attack the Autobots.  When they reach the Star Drive inside of Megatron’s chest, Brawn wants to simply smash it.  Perceptor explains that if they don’t disconnect it properly, it will detonate and take most of the planet with it.  Perceptor is able to disconnect the Star Drive and the Autobots make their way to exit Megatron’s body.  As they are leaving, the effects of the shrinking device start to wear off.  They are able to escape from inside of Megatron at the last minute.  The Star Drive is destabilizing and is about to explode.  Brawn throws it miles in the sky and Perceptor transforms into microscope mode and destroys it with an energy blast.  

Perceptor shows up for the battle against the Decepticons after Megatron thought the Autobots were dead.  The Autobots prove to be too powerful and the Decepticons retreat.

When all of the Autobots and Decepticons are starting to malfunction, Perceptor is trapped in microscope mode.  He comes to the conclusion that the Autobots and Decepticons are suffering from lack of Cybertonium.  Spike and Carly go to Cybertron, recover the Dinobots, bring back Cybertonium, and the Autobots are saved.

Perceptor is with Optimus Prime when the Autobots receive a distress call from Cosmos.  After hours of silence, they pick up Cosmos’ locator beacon.  Jazz and Perceptor travel inside of Omega Supreme to get to the moon of Titan to rescue Cosmos.  Perceptor is sent because he is the only one who an decipher Cosmos’ energy logs.  Omega Supreme exhausts more energy than he expected and winds up crashing on Titan.  Jazz and Perceptor search Titan for hours but can’t locate Cosmos.  While traversing the jungle, Perceptor transforms into microscope mode to perform a scan for Cosmos.  He locates an alien named Talaria instead.  Talaria shoots an arrow at the Autobots, and it bounces off their armor.  Perceptor quickly realizes that the false gods she mentions while attacking them are truly the Decepticons.  The Autobots ally themselves with Talaria to save Cosmos and vanquish the Decepticons from Titan.  Talaria leads the two Autobots to the main temple on Titan.  They discover Cosmos.  Cosmos has been deactivated but the Titans worship him as a god.  Before Jazz and Perceptor can reactivate Cosmos, they are caught by Starscream and Thrust.  The Decepticons open fire on the two Autobots, and the Autobots return fire.  They momentarily drive the two Decepticons out of the temple.  Astrotrain and the enslaved Titans attack the Autobots with energy crystal arrows.  The Autobots are forced to retreat without Talaria.  Jazz and Perceptor hide from the Decepticons in the jungles of Titan.  They eventually get to the energy crystal cave.  Perceptor transforms into microscope mode (it’s turning out to be a useful alt-mode in this episode) and analyzes the crystals.  He discovers that they are very unstable.  Jazz and Perceptor split up.  Perceptor harvests some of the crystals to refuel Omega Supreme.  Jazz tries to help by smashing the crystals with a rock for Perceptor.  Perceptor frantically stops him, he is afraid the impact will make the crystals explode.  After Perceptor safely gathers a sack full of crystals, he returns to Omega Supreme to refuel him.  Perceptor leaps over a ravine to get to Omega.  Once Perceptor refuels Omega Supreme, they fly together to the main temple on Titan.  Instead of riding inside of Omega Supreme, Perceptor holds onto the outside of his rocket mode.  They arrive just in time to save Jazz from the Decepticons.  When Omega Supreme lands, Perceptor stumbles off.  With Omega Supreme’s help, the Autobots save the Titans, fix Cosmos, and return to Earth.

Powerglide, Perceptor, Warpath, Seaspray, and Beachcomber travel to the beach together to explore.  Perceptor finds an interesting rock and transforms into microscope mode to study it further.  He finds that the rock has a high amount of gold and silver inside of it.  The group of Autobots are attacked by Blitzwing, Ramjet, and Thrust.  The Autobots leap into battle to defend themselves.  Once Blitzwing starts to attack, Warpath tells Perceptor to get out of Microscope mode and help the Autobots fight.  Perceptor fires on Thrust with both his hand blaster, and his shoulder mounted cannon.  Perceptor knows that Beachcomber doesn’t like fighting, so he calls out to Beachcomber to defend him.  Beachcomber is no where to be found.  After a few minutes, Beachcomber returns to the battle and Perceptor asks where he was.  Beachcomber refuses to tell him.  Ramjet strafes the two Autobots and they try to run away.  He flies into them and they are knocked down.  Perceptor tries to help Beachcomber up, but Thrust appears.  Thrust is covered with Electrum, a rare substance that makes a Transformer impervious to damage.  Perceptor fires at Thrust with his shoulder cannon, but the energy blast bounces off Thrust’s Electrum armor.  Perceptor shoots a missile from his arm at Thrust, again, it does no harm to the Decepticon.  Seaspray tries to help Perceptor by attacking Thrust, but he causes no damage.  Perceptor orders the Autobots to retreat because something is peculiar with Thrust (it is strange that Beachcomber and Thrust both knew what the Electrum was and what it could do, but the top Autobot scientist didn’t recognize the Electrum).  Some of the Autobots escape, but Thrust transforms and deploys claws to grab Seaspray and Perceptor.  Thrust abducts them and brings them to Megatron.  Starscream has Thundercracker and Skywarp bring him Perceptor and Seaspray.  He wants them to battle each other for his entertainment.  The Decepticons give Perceptor and Seaspray a gun so they can fight.  Seaspray fires at Perceptor but misses.  The blast hits one of the Seekers and bounces off of him.  Perceptor and Seaspray work together to escape.  Using the guns that the Decepticons gave them, they shoot the hull of the Decepticon’s Undersea base.  The Decepticons are distracted by the falling debris, and this gives the Autobots the opportunity to escape.  They run to the elevator, but Megatron arrives with Beachcomber as a prisoner.  Perceptor and Seaspray remain in Decepticon captivity.  Beachcomber is able to free himself and then he frees Perceptor and Seaspray.  Beachcomber uses his stolen laser rifle to blast a hole in the hull of the Decepticon base.  The hallway fills up with water and the Autobots swim to freedom.  Perceptor, Beachcomber, and Seaspray prepare to tell the Autobots about the Electrum pool, but before they can, Optimus Prime and the Autobots arrive.  Earlier, Powerglide found the pool and reported back to the Autobots.  Perceptor coats himself with Electrum once the Autobots arrive.  The Electrum coated Autobots fight the Electrum coated Decepticons, but neither side is able to damage the other.  During the battle, the Decepticons’ Electrum wears off and they are forced to retreat.  Unfortunately, the beautiful valley that hid the Electrum poll was destroyed in the battle.

Bumblebee returns from a mission in space with Morphobot spores on his back.  After Ratchet removes them, he gives Perceptor a sample to study.  Perceptor quickly transforms into microscope mode to study them.  With Prowl watching, Perceptor realizes that the Morphobots are truly Morphobots.  They previously thought they were extinct.

Cosmos returns to Earth and gives Optimus Prime an ore sample that he stole from the Constructicons.  Optimus Prime gives it to Perceptor to analyze.  

The Decepticons take control of a Baseball Stadium to build a Space Bridge.  Perceptor and the Autobots make their way to the stadium to defend the humans.  When they arrive, they find the Decepticons are already terrorizing the humans for their own twisted fun.  Perceptor tries to deactivate the Space Bridge while the Autobots are battling the Decepticons.  Trailbreaker tries to assist, but he really isn’t any help.  Before Perceptor can gain control of the Space Bridge, Megatron fires his cannon at the controls, destroying them.  Perceptor is sent flying into the air and lands inside of the Space Bridge.  The Space Bridge malfunctions and activates itself.  Perceptor is part of a group of both Autobots and Decepticons who are sent across the universe.  The transformers arrive on an alien planet, specifically an alien child’s room.  Both sides think that the other is trying to trick them.  The Alien planet is inhabited by creatures so large, that they can hold a Transformer in their hand.  A large sphere falls on Starscream and Perceptor tries to figure out what it is.  The Autobots watch as the Decepticons are attacked by strange creatures.  The Autobots load the Decepticons’ Energon Cubes inside of Optimus Prime’s trailer and start to explore the alien environment.  When the Autobots transform to explore, Perceptor rolls along with them in microscope mode.  They soon discover that they are in a giant child’s room.  Everything that has attacked the Decepticons is either a child’s pet or a child’s toy.  The Autobots hide inside of a toy house and watch the boy, named Aron, deal with the Decepticons in different ways.  Aron has no clue they are Transformers, he thinks they are all new toys.  Starscream gets free and finds the Autobots hiding in the toy house.  He starts a fire by shooting the Energon Cubes and the Autobots are discovered.  Aron quickly realizes that the Autobots are different from the Decepticons after Inferno puts out a fire that Starscream caused.  Also, the Autobots seem to be a little more passive.  Instead of immediately trying to escape like the Decepticons, they explored their alien surroundings.  The Autobots befriend Aron after they introduce themselves to him.  When Aron’s parents get home, he shows them the Decepticons first, then the Autobots.  The parents take the Transformers away and bring them to a lab so they can be studied and dissected.  Before the Autobots can be dissected, Aron grabs them and runs away.  Aron and the Autobots are chased by alien police.  A bully named Marty tries to take the Autobots away from Aron.  Optimus Prime shoots the cage open and the Autobots climb into a garbage can to hide. .  Aron gathers the Autobots and brings them to his house so he can hide them.  On their way, the Autobots tell Aron about Earth.  Aron wonders if he can use his father’s telescope to see Earth.  This inspires Perceptor to come up with a plan using the Energon in Aron’s house as well as the telescope to create a makeshift space bridge.  Before the Autobots can get to Aron’s house, the authorities catch up with Aron and the Autobots have to go into the sewer to hide.  The Decepticons have escaped from the lab by this point and there is a brief battle in the giant planet’s sewers.  Perceptor and Soundwave duel with each other using pencils and bent paperclips.  Perceptor is able to overcome Soundwave.  Soundwave attacks again and smashes Perceptor’s pencil with his paperclip staff.  Perceptor falls into the alien sewage and Soundwave walks closer and closer to finish off the Autobot.  Perceptor kicks Soundwave in the stomach sending him flying into Bumblebee.  A giant alien rat turns a corner in the sewers and sees Perceptor.  Perceptor runs for his safety while calling out to Optimus Prime for help.  Optimus shoots the rat and sends it flying into Bumblebee.  A wave of sewage ends the battle.  The Decepticons fly away, but the Autobots use a discarded cup to stay above water.  They eventually make their way to Aron’s house.  e Autobots sneak into Aron’s house while riding on his pet who is named Nitro.  Perceptor formulates a makeshift Space Bridge using the stolen Energon, the telescope, and his own light cannon.  The Decepticons interfere and the Autobots have to trade Bumblebee’s safety for the device.  The Decepticons return to Earth, but the Autobots are able to leave the giant planet by modifying Aron’s toy rocket ship into a real spacecraft.

While still inside of Aron’s toy rocket, the Autobots race through space to return to Earth.  The rocket starts to slow down and Inferno criticizes Perceptor’s work quality.  Which is messed up because Perceptor took a TOY and turned it into a spacecraft that lets them travel light years away from the giant planet.   The Autobots are captured by an alien captain named Bosch.  He wants to sell the Autobots into slavery for Energon (which is kind of strange because I thought only Transformers had use for Energon).  Perceptor tries to defend himself, but seems to be at a loss for words.  Seriously, again, I want to point out that Perceptor took a TOY and was able to create not only a fully functional space craft, but also a propulsion system AND created a navigational computer.  Oh, and a fuel system.   The Autobots are captured by an alien captain named Bosch.  He wants to sell the Autobots into slavery for Energon.  They are deactivated and put into stasis pod like tubes.  The Autobots are sold into the slavery of Lord Gyconi after Smokescreen loses while gambling.  The Autobots are reactivated and given unstable Energon to make them fight in a gladiatorial game.  The Unstable Energon will make them more aggressive, but it is short acting and can make them burn out quickly.  Gyconi is about to sell the enslaved Autobots to the Decepticons.  Smokescreen and his new friends save the Autobots and the Decepticons retreat back to Earth.  Their minds are restored and Bosch takes them all back to Earth.

Perceptor and the Autobots stumble across Optimus Prime’s research on Teletran-1.  He was looking for a Space Bridge to travel to Cybertron. Several Autobots follow him, but not Perceptor.

Seaspray intercepts an unusual signal from space.  He brings the transmission to Perceptor who has a hard time analyzing it.  The only thing he is sure about is that the signal is a distress call.    Cosmos takes Perceptor, Bumblebee, and Seaspray to investigate.  During the trip, Perceptor tries to further analyze the signal.  For some reason, he thinks that being a microscope will make him do a better job.  Seaspray realizes that the distress call wasn’t for the Autobots, but it was for the Decepticons.  Regardless of who sent the distress call, the Autobots continue their voyage to Tlalakan.  Once Cosmos reaches the atmosphere, the Decepticon commander, named Deceptitran, has his legions open fire on the Autobots.  The Decepticons are able to hit Cosmos with their artillery and the Autobots crash land in the alien jungle.  Some of the natives witness the crash.  The Decepticons attack the small group of Autobots.  Seaspray gurgles that the Autobots need to head for cover.  One of the Autobots destroys one of the Decepticon drones.  The Decepticon drops his energy whip and one of the natives named Alana picks it up.  She protects the Autobots by making a tree fall on the Decepticons.  The Autobots befriend Alana and her companions.  They guide the Autobots to the one secret that they have been able to keep from the Decepticons for all this time, the Well of Transformation. The natives go inside the well, and leave the Autobots outside.  The Decepticon drones are able to follow the Autobots and Natives to the Well.  After Bumblebee and Seaspray destroy the drones, the Autobots go to meet Alana at a waterfall.  Bumblebee notices Laserbeak spying on them.  Laserbeak is a bit more aggressive than usual.  He starts to chase the Autobots while firing his lasers at them.  Megatron and the other Decepticons join Laserbeak and the Autobots are forced to go underwater while Seaspray guides them in hovercraft mode.   Seaspray’s incompetence leads the Autobots off of a waterfall.  While underwater, Perceptor and the Autobots are guided to actual safety by Alana and her friends.  Once the Autobots realize that Bumblebee is missing, they assume that he has been captured by the Decepticons.  Alana guides Cosmos, Seaspray, and Perceptor to get reinforcements from her people so they can save Bumblebee.  While in the under sea city, Perceptor realizes that he has the ability to fix himself and Cosmos.   Cosmos, Perceptor and Bumblebee reach the Decepticon fortress just as Seaspray destroys the Decepticons’ supply of Energon Cubes.  The explosion destroys the fortress and the Tlalakans are freed.  The Autobots travel back to Earth inside of Cosmos.

Perceptor is the first non-human to be honored with a prestigious scientific award.  Perceptor is being awarded for his invention, a spray called Corrostop.  Corrostop is able to reverse rust on any metal and protect it in the future.  The Autobots plan to coat every single monument on Earth with Corrostop so it will last for eternity.  The first monument that the Autobots are preserving is the Statue of Liberty.  The Autobots only have enough to coat the Statue of Liberty at this point, but they are working to make more Corrostop for the world.  Even though Corrostop has no destructive properties, and Transformers don’t rust, Perceptor makes a point to tell the crowd that the Autobots don’t want the Decepticons to get a sample of it.   While the Autobots are spraying the Corrostop on the Statue, Perceptor is interviewed by a TV reporter.  He maintains his secrecy of Corrostop’s formula.   Drag Strip water skis to the island and leaps onto it.  He transforms into car mode and disrupts Perceptor’s interview.  Drag Strip transforms and withdraws his pistol.  He demands that Perceptor comes with him.  Perceptor starts to run away and Drag Strip opens fire.  He purposefully doesn’t hit Perceptor with his attack.  Motormaster stands on the roof of the ferry and swings a chain attached to the ferry’s anchor over his head.  He tosses it at Perceptor.  Perceptor is bound by the chains and falls into the water.  He calls out to Optimus to help, but Optimus is on the other side of the island with Ironhide.  The Stunticons gather Perceptor and bring him to an airstrip. Blitzwing is going to transport Perceptor to Megatron.  Ramjet and Dirge bring Perceptor to Megatron.  Megatron is staying hidden in the shadows, but it is evident to Perceptor that something is wrong.  Perceptor demands that Megatron reveals what he wants.  Megatron emerges from the shadows and reveals that he is infected by Cosmic Rust.  Dirge and Ramjet are shocked at their leader’s condition.  Megatron is weak, can hardly stand up, and is covered in a blight of rust.  Megatron asks for Perceptor’s help and plays to his Autobot morality.  Megatron says that he is willing to discuss peace between the Autobots and Decepticons if Perceptor will cure him.  Perceptor actually tries to negotiate with Megatron.  Perceptor tells Megatron that if he is serious about peace, he will surrender the lightning bug.  Megatron agrees to give Perceptor the Lightning Bug if he is cured.  Perceptor transforms into microscope mode to study Megatron’s affliction.  Perceptor diagnoses Megatron with a metallic plague (also known as cosmic rust).  Megatron is skeptical that a plague can affect something not organic.  Perceptor tells Megatron that he has heard stories of complete robot civilizations (Maybe the gobots?) being wiped out by the cosmic rust.  Perceptor also figures out that exposure to the Lightning Bug is speeding up the Cosmic Rust’s effects on Megatron.  Perceptor recommends that Megatron destroys the Lightning Bug, but Megatron refuses.  Megatron starts having a tantrum, demanding that Perceptor cure him.  In his tantrum, his hand falls off.  Perceptor tests Corrostop on Megatron’s severed hand.  The hand is instantly cured.  Megatron takes the Corrostop and covers his entire body with it.  The cosmic rust is cured and Megatron is shinier than before.  Megatron, of course, betrays Perceptor.  He infects him with Cosmic Rust and forces him into microscope mode.  He binds him to a platform with a bomb.  At noon, the sun will rise high enough to hit the lens of Perceptor’s microscope and light the fuse.  As the sun reaches it’s apex, Perceptor struggles to transform so the bomb’s fuse won’t be ignited.  The fuse starts to smolder just as the Autobots arrive.  Optimus goes alone so the other Autobots won’t be in danger.  Perceptor pleads with Optimus to let him explode so no one else is infected with the cosmic rust.  Optimus refuses to let Perceptor die.  He frees Perceptor and brings him back to the Ark.  Ratchet works on repairing Perceptor.  The Autobots try to figure out what causes the Cosmic Rust.  Wheeljack uses Teletran-1 and learns of the Autobot Colony of Antilla.  Antilla was the first recorded case of Cosmic Rust and everyone disintegrated.  Teletran-1 says that there is no cure.  .  The only known cure is Perceptor’s Corrostop, but the Autobots can’t make more.  The main ingredient has been used up and Cosmos was unable to find any on another planet.  Wheeljack wants to try to use the matter duplicator but it never functioned properly. Teletran-1 starts to malfunction and Optimus Prime notices that his hands are covered in cosmic rust.  When he looks at the Autobots behind them, they are all covered in Cosmic Rust.  To make things worse, Megatron is using his Lightning Bug weapon at a very low setting on the Ark.  The energy of the Lightning Bug speeds up the Cosmic Rust infection.  Perceptor rallies up enough energy to attempt to make the matter duplicator work with Wheeljack.  Perceptor uses old fashioned applied science to get the matter duplicator working.  In other words, he applies his foot to the device.  It works and the Autobots plan to return to the Statue of Liberty to get a sample of Corrostop.  Perceptor battles the Decepticons with the Autobots.  Superion defeats Menasor.  The Lightning Bug is destroyed and the Autobots are cured.

Many of the Autobots are on a mission to stop the Insecticons.  Spike stays inside of the Ark with Perceptor.  Perceptor is trying to fuel Spike’s interest in astronomy.  Perceptor transforms into microscope mode so Spike can get a better look at Teletran-1’s screen.  Perceptor gives Spike some basic knowledge about the universe.  Spike sees a shooting star, but Perceptor has to correct him and tells Spike that it is actually an asteroid not a star.  Perceptor tells Spike that the chances of a real star colliding with the Earth is very remote.  Perceptor travels to the Autobots who are fighting the Insecticons with Spike aboard Powerglide.  Perceptor tells Optimus that he has discovered that the Earth is shifting closer and closer to the sun.  Prowl helps Optimus Prime track down the Insecticons to recover the stolen Space Bridge control panel.  The Insecticons are found in a garage eating some of the cars. They are too late, when they get to the Insecticons, the control panel is already chewed up.  Perceptor is able to repair it using parts from both Optimus Prime and Megatron.

Perceptor was one of the few Autobots who survived passed the Movie

Perceptor discovers that the Decepticons are installing an engine on a green moon.  He brings Ultra Magnus, Superion, and Blaster to investigate..  The Decepticons want to use the engine to hurl the moon at Metroplex.  The Autobots are quick to attack the Decepticons to save their city.  In the battle between the Autobots and Decepticons, the moon is sent flying through space, it’s trajectory will make it crash into an inhabited planet.  The Autobots rush to stop it but the Decepticons interfere.  The Autobots and Decepticons start battling again.  he battle ends when a sonic attack comes from the planet and destroys the weaponized moon.  Several Autobots and Decepticons wind up falling to the surface of the planet.  When the Constructicons form Devestator, Perceptor fires on them in microscope mode, causing them to separate.  Perceptor winds up helping a civilization of sound aliens defend their city from the Decepticons.  Perceptor is severely damaged, but the sound aliens use their harmony to repair Perceptor.

Perceptor is shown next, fully recovered, helping Ultra Magnus and several other Autobots harvest a material called Isodrite.  Isodrite is able to power Transformer weapons and is a valuable resource.  The Decepticons had the same intention and find Perceptor and the rest of the Autobots already mining the material.  The Decepticons attack, hoping to gain possession of the Isodrite laden asteroid.  Perceptor tries to battle Galvatron, but is unsuccessful. The battle causes the asteroid to deteriorate and the Autobots retreat.
On Cybertron, Perceptor designed and implemented a new Power Core Converter which would increase the energy reserves for the Autobots.  Ultra Magnus questions the functionality of the converter, worrying that it may overload the power grid of Cybertron.  Perceptor explains how he made safeguards to protect the planet, and even if it does overload, he can jettison it into space.  The power core converter is successful, and it makes the Autobots self sufficient for their energy needs.  After the Decepticons unleash an ancient energy draining creature, which turns a number of Transformers into energy vampires, Perceptor comes up with a plan to restore the Transformers and defeat the creature.  He infuses the energy vampire Transformers with a mass amount of energy and they are restored.

Some time later, Perceptor intercepts an unusual signal which he deduces is a Quintesson signal from a very long time ago.  He sends Sky Lynx, Blaster, Outback, and Ramhorn to investigate.

When Rodimus Prime, Springer, Ultra Magnus, and Arcee are turned into humans by Old Snake, Perceptor is the Autobot who restores them.

Perceptor continues to invent new devices to better the Autobots who are on Cybertron.  He creates a power generator which should provide enough energy for the Autobots to have all of their power needs fulfilled.  Grimlock almost destroys it and Perceptor wishes that Grimlock and the Dinobots had more sophisticated brains.  Before long, Sky Lynx and Cosmos crash onto Cybertron after malfunctioning.  Perceptor witnesses the crash and goes with several other Autobots to investigate.  They find out that the generator has been sabotaged and is creating signals to disrupt Autobot transformations.  Along with the computer, Perceptor realizes that they have to repair the new generator before there is permanent damage.  Rodimus takes a team to the planet core to repair the generator, and Perceptor starts construction on a crane to help transport Sky Lynx and Cosmos to repair bays.  Perceptor finally sees combat when he accompanies Rodimus Prime, Kup, and a newly intelligent Grimlock to Unicron’s head.  The Decepticons harvested Anti-Electrons from the head and that is why the generator malfunctioned.  On their trip, the Autobots are attacked by Galvatron using an Anti-Electron cannon.  They crash into Unicron’s head.  Inside of the head, there are a lot of Anti-Electrons and the Autobots are effected by them.  Perceptor rarely sees battle and is terrified.  The Autobots are overwhelmed by the Terrorcons until super smart Grimlock creates the Technobots to help and the Decepticons are defeated.

While traveling in space, inside of Sky Lynx, with Blurr, Rodimus Prime, and Ultra Magnus, the Autobots pick up an unusual sensor reading and go to investigate.  They encounter a strange glowing metal disc.  Galvatron and the Quintessons both arrive to investigate themselves and start fighting with each other.  When the Autobots reach the disc, the Quintessons start attacking them as well.  The Autobots fly out of Sky Lynx and fight both the Decepticons and Quintessons.  Sky Lynx is able to defeat both Decepticons and Quintessons on his own.  The disc winds up being another Quintesson device.  The Quintessons open it to lure both sides of Transformers into it.  Perceptor starts to examine the disc in his microscope mode.  The Quintessons use their ship to fly into the opened disc, their wake pulls the Autobots and Cyclonus into it.  Perceptor is damaged and cannot transform back into robot mode..  The Quintesson ship us damaged, and they want to harvest parts from Perceptor to repair their ship.   The disc is a warp gate and the Transformers and Quintessons are transported across the universe, they wind up crash landing on a remote planet.  The remote planet is at a technological level of the dark ages.  It resembles culturally the era of Genghis Khan.  Perceptor winds up getting separated from the other three Autobots and crash lands into a snowy mountain.  A lone alien (who rides a giant iguana like a horse) takes Perceptor to his village.  The alien is a blacksmith and removes the Autobot symbol from Perceptor to use as a face for one of his creations, a robot named Ninjika (yes the aliens use swords and have limited science, but one guy is able to make an advanced robot…)  Unfortunately for Perceptor, he has vital systems behind the symbol.  Ninjika comes alive, a female kabuki robot, but with Perceptor’s voice (very unsettling) and mind.  The blacksmith tells Ninjika that at one point, his ancestor made a rocket ship to meet the gods and the test rocket had a robot like Ninjika as the pilot.  Before the rocket can take flight the Quintessons attacked and sent the planet back technologically by centuries.  They also created the metal disc which isolated the planet from the rest of the universe.  Ninjika tells the blacksmith that the Quintessons aren’t devils and can be defeated.  The Blacksmith takes Ninjika to the main city to address the population.  Ninjika arrives in the city at the right moment.  Blurr is about to be executed, and Ninjika explains that the Quintessons are their enemies, not the Autobots.  The aliens start to attack Cyclonus and a Quintesson, who were encouraging the locals to execute Blurr.  Cyclonus and the Quintesson start to retreat, but not until Cyclonus grabs Ninjika.  The Blacksmith leaps into the air and grabs Cyclonus as he flies away with Ninjika onto the Quintesson ship.  Aboard the ship, the Quintessons use the blacksmith as leverage so Ninjika/Perceptor will do what they want.  He/She gives the Quintessons his insignia, which housed the part that the Quintessons needed to repair their ship.  Ninjika falls lifelessly to the ground.  The Autobots attack the Quintesson ship, after defeating them, Rodimus orders that the Autobots escape.  Blurrr doesn’t leave until he recovers Perceptor’s missing parts.  Perceptor is then restored to full functionality.  Perceptor’s last act on that planet is to destroy the Quintesson lock, reintegrating the planet into the universe.  Sky Lynx then arrives on the planet and takes the Autobots home.

Marvel G1 Comic

Perceptor was an Autobot who stayed on Cybertron when Optimus Prime left aboard the Ark.  He resided in the Decepticon controlled city of Polyhex and was the leader of The Autobot Resistance Cell in the city.  His troops included Seaspray, Beachcomber, Cosmos, Warpath, and Powerglide.  Even though Perceptor was the leader, he was very democratic in his approach.

One day, Blaster comes to Perceptor and his troops to ask for help in rescuing his friend, an Autobot spy named Scrounge.  Perceptor refuses, saying it is too high risk and Scrounge is a useless Autobot.  Blaster tries to convince Perceptor to help him because he believes Scrounge has important information.  Perceptor shows him a wall of fallen Autobots, including Optimus Prime, who is believed to be dead on Cybertron.  Perceptor explains how after Optimus Prime left Cybertron, the war tipped in favor of The Decepticons.  Perceptor leads the search for Scrounge, but is unsuccessful.  He assumes that Scrounge is dead and orders his troops back to base.  After his soldiers save Blaster from The Smelting Pool, Blaster plays the message Scrounge gave him before death.  The message is from Earth saying Optimus Prime is still alive.

Soon after, Blaster approaches Perceptor again for a mission.  This time to save a neutral Cybertronian named Spanner.  Spanner is an expert in Space Bridge mechanics.  Perceptor agrees, realizing this could change the course of the war.  The entire resistance attacks Darkmount and Blaster accidentally stabilizes The Space Bridge.  Perceptor is part of the Autobot force that winds up on Earth, and is trapped there.  Perceptor is captured by Circuit Breaker and taken apart.  Later Circuit Breaker sets Perceptor free and he joins the main team of Autobots.

During Optimus Prime’s funeral, Perceptor gives the eulogy (which is kind of strange since he really didn’t know Optimus at all, just of his legend).  After the funeral, Perceptor gathers the highest ranking Autobots to pick a new leader.  He meets with Jetfire, Hot Spot, Blaster, Ratchet, and Silverbolt.  They all realize that each of them has a quality which made Optimus a good leader, but none of them have ALL of the qualities.  Before a leader is chosen, Grimlock storms the meeting saying that strength is the only quality that matters and he is the strongest Autobot.  Perceptor tries to explain that might doesn’t always mean right, but Grimlock doesn’t care.  He feels the Autobots should be taken in a new direction, a more aggressive direction.  Grimlock leaves, and soon after, the Ark is attacked by Trypticon, Perceptor is the first Autobot shot in the attack  Grimlock and The Dinobots save the rest of the Autobots and they offer Grimlock the title of Leader of The Autobots.  Initially Grimlock turns down the title, but Perceptor explains to him that in the battle, he showed a lot of the qualities which made Optimus Prime a good leader.

Perceptor is eventually killed in battle but shows up alive in the G2 comic.  He is part of a science team of Autobots which investigates the death of an entire planet.  They find a sample of a black ooze like material and the Autobots go back to Earth where Perceptor analyzes the material.  He reveals that it is made of the same cellular composition as Transformers and seems to be a by-product of the Transformer race,

IDW Re-Generation One

Perceptor is alive and well again in the Regeneration One continuity, most likely resurrected by The Last Autobot.  He acts as a science officer and remotely helps Kup and Springer disarm an explosive device set by several Decepticon terrorists.

When Grimlock returns to Cybertron in a new body, Perceptor is ordered to examine him while he is in a holding cell.  He quickly finds out that Grimlock didn’t purge the Nucleon from his body, but it is a new body with elements only found on Nebulos.  Perceptor doesn’t understand why the scientists of Nebulos would want to help Grimlock make a new body.  Grimlock was a trojan horse, during Perceptor’s examination, Grimlock attaches a device onto him which Scorponok invented.  The device is able to successfully change an Autobot into a Decepticon.  Perceptor is charged by Scorponok to build a large scale version of his alteration device.  The larger model will change every Autobot on Cybertron into a Decepticon in moments, instead of one at a time.

After Scorponok defeats Grimlock, he orders Perceptor to activate the device.  But it doesn’t work as intended.  Instead of turning the remaining Autobots into Decepticons, it makes the altered Autobots return to being Autobots.  Perceptor reveals that when he went to examine Grimlock in the holding cell, Grimlock gave him a way to not become a Decepticon.

The next day, Perceptor is part of an Autobot council which is trying to make a plan for the Autobot race to move on after being temporarily turned into Decepticons.  Perceptor explains how there may be permanent psychological damage done to the Autobot population, not just because they were turned into Decepticons, but because some of them enjoyed it.

During Bludgeon’s invasion of Cybertron, Perceptor joins Kup and Prowl in forming a strategy for defense.  He analyzes Bludgeon’s battle drones and realizes that they have Matrix energy inside of them, giving the drones the ability to regenerate.  He also figures out that the drones aren’t able to function without the War World feeding them instructions.  Kup takes the Wreckers to War World to shut down the drones.

After Jhiaxus is defeated and The Autobots return to a corrupted Cybertron, Perceptor is the one who figures out that all of the dark creatures that were attacking the Autobots were actually altered Transformers.

IDW Transformers

In the IDW comics Perceptor was a lot more useful than he was in the cartoon.  In his first chronological appearance, he is shown fighting on Cybertron with Ultra Magnus, Springer, and Wheelie.

After Scorponok makes a refinery explode, Wheeljack, Jetfire,Ratchet and Perceptor search the wreckage.  There is radiation in the area, but the scientists’ Rad Shields protect them.  Jetfire leads the Autobot scientists underground to look for survivors.

The four Autobots find ancient script on the wall of the cavern which they theorize discusses the Knights of Cybertron.  They also make a much more important discovery, a massive amount of naturally formed Energon.

Ratchet falls in the liquid Energon and emerges feral.  He tries to choke Perceptor, but Jetfire pulls Ratchet off of Perceptor and Ratchet calms down.  Perceptor theorizes that the Energon is unstable.  The science team detects something approaching, and they left their weapons outside.   The four Autobots discover an unusual beast like species in the caverns.  Jetfire is tackled by one of them and struggles to get free.   Ratchet has an escape plan, he transforms and makes a hole in the cavern wall into the next cavern so the Autobots can escape.  The Autobots see an ancient structure and the animals are too afraid to follow.  Jetfire transforms to scout ahead and finds something terrible, the Decepticon Titan Trypticon.

Optimus meets the Autobot Science Team.  They tell him that they found a large pool of liquid Energon under the planet, but it is being guarded by a dormant Trypticon.

After Metroplex falls., Optimus Prime is contacted by Jetfire and Perceptor who tell him that the ship that impaled Metroplex also punctured the coolant tanks.  Iacon is about to be flooded with coolant.  When the coolant mixes with the Cybertronian atmosphere, it makes toxic acid rain.  Iacon is about to be flooded with coolant.  When the coolant mixes with the Cybertronian atmosphere, it makes toxic acid rain.  The acid rain makes a perfect environment for Megatron’s second wave of attack, Sharkticons.

Inside an Autobot ship, Perceptor works on repairing Blaster.  A few hours later, someone tries to assassinate Blaster.  .  Blaster contacts Perceptor to help him investigate who tried to assassinate him.  Perceptor tells Blaster that the assassin used a White Static Cloud to evade the security system and keep his identity hidden.  Perceptor is confident that given time, he could clean up the image (who if you saw you really would know who it is), but Blaster says that he doesn’t think he has much time left.  Perceptor narrows down the suspect list to four Autobots; Mirage, Beachcomber, Bluestreak, and Inferno.  Blaster tells Perceptor that he trusts all of them with his life and thinks of them as his friends.  (again, if you just look at the distorted image, you can figure out who it is easily).  It turns out that the would be assassin was a mind controlled Beachcomber.  After he is defeated, Perceptor works on repairing Beachcomber.

Perceptor joins the Wreckers.  Drift helps the Wreckers by fighting Decepticons with his swords.  Kup has no idea who Drift is since Drift has no faction symbols on him.  Kup asks Drift what he is doing there.  Perceptor observes that Drift has been modified recently.  Drift and the team of Wreckers save Topspin, Blaster, Whirl, Sandstorm, and several other captives.  The Decepticons are about to enter the holding area to fight the Wreckers and Drift.  Perceptor tries to slow them down by creating blockages so the Wreckers can escape with their saved captives.  The captain of the ship, Turmoil, fires his blaster through the wall.  He hits Perceptor and creates an opening for the Decepticons.  The Wreckers and Drift start fighting the Decepticons again.  Later, Drift brings Perceptor to safety.

Hot Rod, Blaster, Kup, Springer, Blurr, and Drift were on an Autobot space craft that was hunting a Decepticon ship called the Torment.  Perceptor prepares to fire their weapons at the ship.  Blaster detects that the Torment is about to do a Quantum Jump and escape. Kup thought that they disabled the Torment’s quantum drive.  Blaster projects that their destination is Cybertron.  Springer assumed that Cybertron was off limits to anyone.  When they reach Cybertron, they find themselves surrounded by Decepticon warships.  The shields and navigation systems are malfunctioning.  The Decepticons open fire and the Autobots are left defenseless.  The Autobot ship crash lands on Cybertron.  Once Hot Rod finds out that the Autobots on Cybertron are allies, Kup reveals the Wreckers to them.    The next thing they know, a monster Insecticon scout approaches the Autobot base.  Roadbuster calls out to Kup.  Kup sends Drift to deal with the Insecticon.  With minimal effort, Drift decapitates the Insecticon.  Another Insecticon approaches and Perceptor uses a sniper rifle to kill the Insecticon with one shot.  Cliffjumper is impressed.

As the Autobots travel deeper into Cybertron, Kup suggests they stop and take a break.  

The Insecticon swarm starts it’s attack on the Autobots.  Perceptor tries to pick off the Insecticons with his sniper rifle.  The Autobots flee from the Insecticon horde.  Kup and Perceptor ride on top of Roadbuster while firing their blasters.   Kup tells everyone to stay close and he has something planned.  Before the battle, Kup and Perceptor hid a series of explosives.  At Kup’s command, Perceptor takes out two pistols and shoots the explosives, creating enough debris for the Autobots to get away.  Again, Perceptor impresses Cliffjumper.   Perceptor is hit in the neck with a dart by one of the Insecticon swarm.  Kup loads Perceptor on top of Roadbuster and the other Autobots open fire.  

The battle continues as the Autobots fight to survive.  The Autobots are about to lose, but they are saved by Omega Supreme.  Omega Supreme stomps a lot of Insecticons and then fires his blaster at them.  Optimus asks how Omega Supreme knew they needed help.  Hot Rod tells Optimus Prime that he signaled Omega.  Omega Supreme transforms into rocket mode and the Autobots escape back to Earth.

Springer greets the new Wreckers recruits aboard Ultra Magnus’ ship.  Springer is joined by Perceptor, Kup, Twin Twist, and Topspin.   Springer gives the Wreckers their next mission.  They are to go to Garrus-9 and defeat the Decepticons who overtook the prison.   For a year, the Decepticons have had control of the outpost.  Springer tells the Wreckers that they have a mole in the Decepticon Justice Division.

After Impactor is brought onto Ultra Magnus’ ship, Perceptor works on repairing him.  Even though Impactor is missing a hand, Perceptor is working on his head and it confuses Impactor.   Impactor asks Perceptor why he is examining his head.  Perceptor says that he found something in Impactor’s head.  Ultra Magnus assumes it is a tracking device that is also a bomb.  As the Wreckers start their mission, they realize that Verity (now with a suit of robotic armor) has left Ultra Magnus’ ship to join them.  The Wreckers breach the shields around Garrus-9 and almost right away, the Decepticons open fire.  Perceptor asks Top Spin to hold his legs so he can fire on the Decepticons.  The Autobots use the pods’ weapons to fire at the Decepticons.  Springer’s team’s pod is hit and crashes to the ground.  

Perceptor’s team encounters Overlord right away.  Overlord explains that he wasn’t expecting Autobots.  Rotorstorm corrects him and says they are Wreckers.  Rotorstorm tries to intimidate Overlord by trying to make him think the Wreckers can combine into a combiner.  It doesn’t work.  Overlord starts laughing, but then he kills Rotorstorm by shooting him in the head.  Overlord tries to reason with the Wreckers and tells them to simply surrender.  Perceptor tells Pyro to guard Verity while he and the other Wreckers attack Overlord.   Overlord is barely bothered by the team of Wreckers.  He is just too powerful for them to damage.  Stalker alerts Overlord that another team of Wreckers is trying to liberate the Autobot hostages.  Overlord communicates with all of the Decepticons in Garrus-9 and tells them that whoever brings him the head of a Wrecker will be able to leave the planet.  Perceptor climbs up on a ledge and fires his sniper rifle at an energy pod, causing an explosion.  Perceptor wants the Wreckers to find Aequitas.  Ironfist is freaking out from all of the death he has witnessed.  Perceptor realizes that the wall next to them is slightly out of synch (with what?) and it is impenetrable  He assumes Aequitas is on the other side.  Perceptor’s team of Wreckers find a comatose Fortress Maximus, who is missing his legs.  The Decepticons are trying to get the access codes out of Fortress Maximus’ mind.  

Perceptor and his team reach Aequitas and learn that it is a super computer, not a person.  Perceptor has to download all of the information on the computer before it gets into Decepticon hands.  Verity asks Perceptor why it is so big and Perceptor explains that Aequitas is able to calculate guilt.  Perceptor finds an access point and starts to download the information.  Aequitas is encrypted and the only way to reactivate it is to use the spark of a transformer (who will die in the process).  Perceptor is the only one who can operate Aequitas, so it is up to Pyro or Ironfist.  Pyro wants to go out in a blaze of glory, not by handing over his spark.  Top Spin sacrifices himself for the Wreckers to be able to access the computer.  Twin Twist dies as well.  Perceptor uploads Aequitas’ information into Ironfist’s mind.

Perceptor wants to activate the Deterrence Chips inside of the Decepticons’ heads.  Verity warns him not to because that would also kill Impactor, and the Wreckers need Impactor to survive.  Perceptor says that if he doesn’t, the Decepticons will kill all of the Wreckers.   Pyro offers to stay behind so Perceptor, Verity, and Ironfist can get to safety.  Perceptor and Ironfist transform to escape.  Verity rides on top of Perceptor.  Ironfist wants to go to the armory before they go to the spark extraction chamber because he has an idea.

Springer tries to occupy Overlord so reinforcements can save him.  Overlord tells Springer that he had his forces kill all of the Autobot staff on Garrus-9.  Before Overlord can kill Springer, Perceptor shoots Overlord’s hand.  Springer falls to the ground.  Ironfist throws a massive cannon to Springer.  Springer opens fire on Overlord, but it barely slows him down.  Overlord punches Springer in the head and half of his face is ripped off.  Perceptor rushes to help Springer, but Overlord kicks him away.   Before Overlord can kill Verity, Impactor transforms into tank mode and shoots Overlord.  Even though Impactor has the opportunity to kill Overlord, he realizes that he can’t.  The Wreckers return to Earth and Springer is on life support.

On the trip back to Cybertron, Ratchet and Perceptor examine Megatron to see if he has any hidden weapons.  Perceptor mentions that Megatron’s spark is unusually bright.  Ratchet and Perceptor signal Optimus and Xaaron that it is safe and Megatron has no weapons.



Perceptor is one of the smartest Transformers in existance. His intelligence is only rivaled by (possibly) Computron and Grimlock (after Grimlock's brain was altered). He was able to mass shift in microscope mode to be different sizes. He has been shown to be about half the size as a typical transformer in microscope mode, a proper microscope for a transformer size, and to shrink to be a microscope for a human. In robot mode and microscope mode, his scope can fire a powerful energy blast. In one episode, Perceptor was able to drive with other Autobots in microscope .

In IDW, Perceptor gave up the science stuff and became a bad ass sniper.

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