Perfect Effect Add On Kit for God Ginrai #1 (PC15)


Commentary -

PC-15 is a good set. I am happy that I own it but it isn't as needed as the other sets. But when the figure is my favorite incarnation of Optimus Prime, you go big or you go home.

Assortment -

There are three components of this set. 1) Thigh Gap Fillers for Super Ginrai/Magnus Prime. I normally don't do Gap Fillers, I wouldn't have gotten the set specifically for the fillers, but they are nice to have. Next is a Godmaster Ginrai/Powermaster Hi-Q. The figure is well articulated and can transform into an engine which attaches to the Jinrai Cab. He is about the same size as a Titan Master. I like it a lot, but the execution is a little off. The legs pop off everytime I transform it. But I keep him in engine mode attached to the cab. The last part is the money part of the kit. A new head that replaces the Titan Master/Headmaster Gimmick of Super Ginrai. It is very easy to install in the cab. It looks similar to the helmet that comes with the mainline figure, but this is so much more detailed and it has eyes that light up.

Pros -

I look at this set like hot fudge and Whipped Cream on a sundae. Ice cream is great on it's own, but if you add hot fudge and whipped cream, it is just that much better. The head is probably my favorite part of the set.

Cons -

The Ginrai/Hi-Q, his legs will always pop off.

Grade -

This upgrade kit gets a 8.25 out of 10.

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