Planet X Grimlock (aka Vulcan) Toy Review


Class- 3P (about the size of a large Voyager scale figure)


One of the first figures I got when I restarted collecting was FOC Grimlock. That opened the doors to me getting the other Dinobots in the FoC aestethic. I honestly wasn't planning to get Grimlock at first. I thought the mainline release was good enough. Well, after I got the other 4 Dinobots, and the "fake" Dinobot Paddles, I realized that FOC Grimlock was not going to cut it. He came out around 2010 or so in the economic downturn, so he feels cheap and hollow. So it was a natural progression to get Planet X Grimlock. I'm going to just say it right now, he's one of the favorite figures in my collection. Read on to see why.

Bot Mode-

I get a fair amout of 3P figures. MMC is probably my favorite 3P company, but Planet X is a solid second place. The first thing you notice about Grimlock is that he is really bulky. Also, he isn't hollow at all. Since a 3P figure is more expensive than a mainline figure, I hold them to a different standard than I would for a figure that I get at target for 20 bucks. Where FOC Grimlock was kind of hollow and scrawny, Planet X Grimlock is an intimidating bruiser with phenominal articulation. His head looks just like G1 Grimlock with a red visor. His hands can open and close. He has good articulation in the arms including elbow bend and bicep swivel. His legs move up and down and in and out and have thigh swivel and a little more than 90 degrees of bend in the knee. His shield and sword can plug into his shoulders, but it doesn't look natural so I don't do it. His hands when closed have 5mm holes. He is heavy, but has no dicast.


I love the transformation for Grimlock. It is a little unique with how the forms. Out of complexity, I rate it a 6.75 out of 10. For fun, an 8 out of 10.

Beast Mode-

Grimlock's beast mode is tremendously awesome looking. He is a T-Rex, but a robot T Rex. He normally stands in the same way as Beast Wars MEgatron, but there is also a fan mode that he can stand up more like G1 Grimlock. His jaws open and close. He has silver TRex Arms which can move. his tail can bend.


PX Grimlock comes with a sword and a shield. Both look great. Unfortunatly, he doesn't come with a gun, which is strange. Most of the other Planet X Dinos came with a gun or two and a sword or two. But there is an option that isn't shapeways. The MP Grimlock gun fits PERFECTLY in Planet X Grimlock's hand.

3rd Party Add Ons-



Even if you don't get the other PX Dinos, Grimlock works very well on his own. He isn't just a G1 Rehash, he has his own personality. Really fun transformation. Great articulation.


The only bad thing is that he doesn't come with a proper gun.

What Changes Would I Make?

He needs a gun. Yes, I get the fact that he has 5mm hands and you can get something from another figure or shapeways. But Sludge came with 2 hammers and 2 guns. Snarl, 2 guns 2 swords. Slag 2 guns 2 swords 2 sheathes. So why couldn't they have just added a gun for Grimlock in this set. What would've it cost? A quarter? A buck?


PX Grimlock is one of my absolute favorite figures in my collection. He is fun, displays well and only has a minor flaw. I give Planet X Grimlock a 9.5 out of 10

Retools and Repaints-

Metallic Redeco

Lava Redeco



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