Planet X Star Saber (aka Kadmos) Toy Review


Class- 3P (about the size of a Leader scale figure)


I have no clue why, but I love Star Saber. I never watched Victory aside for a few clips on Youtube. I haven't gotten to where he is introduced in the IDW comics. So why do I like him? NO clue. No Clue at all. I remember when Robotmasters was a toyline, I really wanted the Star Saber/Victory Leo set. Well, I'm actually kind of glad I didn't get it because they are too small. Every year, I go to NYCC and I save all year for it. Every year, I take the left over money and buy a nice (and more expensive than I normally would spend) Transformer. 2019 was Planet X Star Saber and Planet X Deathsaurus. On a side note, MMC (who is probably my favorite 3P company) is making their own Deathsaurus, but I am probably skipping it because I don't need 2 Deathsaurus' and PX already made a Star Saber to go with their Deathsaurus, AND they are making a Victory Leo at some point in 2020 or early 2021.

Bot Mode-

Today, I wrote the reviews for Prime Airachnid (click here to read it, but the general idea of the review is Airachnid is the worst transformer made since the Unicron Trilogy), and Planet X Star Saber. As much as Airachnid is one of the worst figures I've ever owned, Star Saber is one of the best I've ever owned. The short summary is Star Saber is probably the best figure that Planet X has EVER put out. And I have at least 10 of their figures. The first thing you notice when you take Star Saber out of his box is that he is HEAVY. About 50% of the figure is diecast (to quote Rhinox, or maybe Optimus Primal, it's a lost art). He weighs more than I expected. From what I heard, PX Star Saber is more of an IDW look than a Victory look. I don't care it's awesome. He is tall, about the same size as Titans Return Overlord. Because Star Saber is so heavy, most of his joints are on a ratchet, which really adds to the figure. You can remove his face mask and replace it with a different one, but I never wanted to do that so I didn't and now I can't find the bag with the extra face which I probably wasn't going to put on the figure. Star Saber has a ton of articulation. His head is on a ball joint so it can look up and down and left and right. His arms have really good articulation, they can move out and in and up and down. Bend at the elbow. EACH FINGER is individually articulated and there is a slit on the inside of his hand to hold his sword. He has waist rotation AND waist tilt that can tip left and right. Legs have bend and in and out movement. Some ankle tiltage. This figure really goes above and beyond. THe only thing i don't love is that his shoulders are a bit high up, so they impede just a little bit of movement. Oh, and the backpack (which isn't big) impedes a little movement from the arms as well.

There is an inner bot mode which is about the size of a scout figure, but I really don't care about it and never transformed it. Maybe one day I will and I'll revisit this review


Every Planet X figure I own has a more complicated transformation than a mainline figure. Some of them really anger me because they are so compilcated, but Star Saber's transformation is both fun and just challenging enough to make it a good experience. For fun, I rate it a 7 out of 10. For complexity, a 6.75 out of 10

Vehicle Mode-

The vehicle mode looks AMAZING. If you've seen the original Japanese G1 toy, it was impressive. PX Star Saber's is equally as impressive, and it has it's own identity. Star Saber's vehicle mode is a Cybertronian Space Jet. Planet X actually improved upon the original design which had the robot head visible. The PX Version doesn't have that at all and I think it is a nice improvement. The Space Jet keeps the same color scheme as the robot mode, primarily Red White and Blue with some yellow thrown in. There is a small blue window in the cockpit. Also, there is retractable landing gear. It holds together very well. The only down side is, there are fins on the bottom of his vehicle mode which fold up with you put him down because of... well... gravity. They could have reduced the part count a little bit by molding them in.


Star Saber comes with two accessories. A very cool sword which plugs into the slit in his hand. Also, a shield which is made up of the nose cone of the jet mode. There is a tab to insert it on his arm, but it doesn't stay on very well. You can't use other swords in his hand (such as a Dr Wu Star Saber, and I tried) because the slit in the hand needs to have the peg or the hand won't hold it.

3rd Party Add Ons-

Not sure if this counts as a 3rd party add on, but Planet X is planning a Victory Leo figure which will combine with Star Saber to become Victory Saber


Simply amazing in both Robot and Vehicle modes. Incredibly well engineered, especially with all of the diecast in him. Fun as hell.


The backpack prohibits just a little arm movement, and as much as I love that his hands have individually articulated figures, I think I would've rather had a standard 5mm hand so it could hold other things aside for the sword he came with. Also, the shield doesn't stay on as well as I would have liked.


Again, it is kind of ironic that in one day I am writing 2 reviews, one which is probably the worst figure in my collection (Airachnid) and this one. As much as I really dislike the Airachnid figure, I adore the Star Saber figure. He is getting some of the highest marks I could ever give a Transformer that I review. Out of 10, I rate Star Saber a 9.25. Aside for a few minor gripes, he is basically perfect

Retools and Repaints-





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