G1 Cartoon Background -

When Galvatron takes over the Cybertronian colony of Paradron, the Predacons join him as an invasion force.  When the leader of Paradron escapes detention, Razorclaw hunts him with the Combaticon Brawl.  Brawl is too slow to catch Sandstorm, but Razorclaw continues to pursue him.  He winds up knocking Sandstorm off a bridge into a large chasm.  They watch Sandstorm transform into his helicopter mode and they continue their chase, but are unable to catch their prey.  Divebomb eventually catches up with Sandstorm and finds him fueling a rocket.  Galvatron gives Divebomb permission to kill Sandstorm.  Sandstorm is able to escape again, this time in his rocket.

When Starscream’s Ghost returns, he attacks Galvatron in Scourge’s body.  After retreating to Unicron’s head, Galvatron orders the Predacons to lead the hunt to kill Scourge (Galvatron thinks that Scourge is a traitor, not that he is possessed by Starscream).  Cyclonus convinces Galvatron to let him find Scourge, not the Predacons.

On Cybertron, the Predacons stalk Rodimus Prime, Ultra Magnus, and Springer as they investigate a strange electromagnetic anomaly in a deserted area of Cybertron.  They take advantage of the strange fog and attack the Autobots!  Tantrum knocks Springer to the ground as Divebomb and Rampage attack Ultra Magnus.  Headstrong focuses on Rodimus Prime and forces the Autobot leader to the ground.  Headstrong is out maneuvered by the Autobot leader and is thrown into the ground.  Ultimately, the Predacons form Predaking to fight the Autobots.  Before he can attack, Predaking and the Autobots are attacked by monsters!  Predaking and the Autobots attack the monsters, but nothing they can do hurts them.  No matter what, the monsters keep on attacking.  Predaking believes himself to be powerful enough to defeat the monsters, he fires on two of them, but one grows larger, even larger than Predaking.  The monster kicks Predaking to the ground and he separates into the Predacons again.  Next, a large purple dragon joins the fight and attacks Razorclaw.  Razorclaw and Springer are captured by the dragon.  Next a witch appears (this episode is really like a strange fever dream I’ve had) who summons a giant.  The giant grabs Divebomb (who in this episode is voiced by the same voice actor as Spike) and Ultra Magnus.  The dragon brings Razorclaw and Springer to a castle where they are imprisoned together.  They encounter a princess who is tied to a stone pillar.  She offers a reward if they can defeat the dragon and free her, and Razorclaw oddly wants gold (No clue what a Transformer would do with gold though).  Back on Cybertron, Divebomb is freed from the giant when Rodimus Prime tricks the witch to turn the giant into a toad (god damn it this episode is bizarre).  Now a Hydra creature manifests itself and grabs all of the Transformers.  They are saved by a biplane which drops a bomb on the Hydra.  The Predacons and Autobots agree to not fight each other until their missing comrades are recovered.  On the way to save Razorclaw and Springer, the Predacons fight against a mutated Venus Fly Trap creature.  Back in the castle, Springer tries to come up with a plan to escape, Razorclaw suggests that they wait for the guards to come in and attack the guards.  Ultra Magnus defeats the Venus Fly Trap and the rest of the Predacons are attacked by giant alien clowns (I promise, I’m really NOT making this up).  In the castle, somehow Razorclaw, Springer, and the princess escape captivity.  Springer uses a “magic” lance to fight the dragon and Razorclaw just watches, saying that he will not help an Autobot.  The rest of the Predacons, along with Rodimus Prime and Ultra Magnus, encounter a fun house.  They enter and are attacked by distorted mirror images of themselves.  Razorclaw continues to watch the dragon fight Springer, and the princess convinces Razorclaw to help.  Springer mounts Razorclaw (no not in that way you perv) and rides him like a knight would ride a horse.  Together, Razorclaw and Springer defeat the dragon and escape the castle.  They follow a yellow brick road and are reunited with the Autobots and Predacons.  It turns out that everything that the Predacons encountered was a manifestation of Daniel Witwicky’s nightmares made real by the Quintessons.  After the Quintessons are defeated, Razorclaw wants to continue fighting the Autobots.  He orders that the Predacons form Predaking, but they are too damaged to combine.  They retreat back to the rest of the Decepticons.

Predaking joins Galvatron on Earth when Galvatron attacks the Protectobots in a scheme to steal Metroplex’s transformation cog.  

One time, while flying through space, Predaking intercepts an unusual radio signal.  He contacts Charr and tells Cyclonus that he is going to investigate the signal and quickly realizes that it is a Quintesson frequency.  Cyclonus tells him to be ready for combat since the Autobots may have picked up the signal as well.  Predaking tells Cyclonus that he would be pleased to go into battle against the Autobots.  Predaking arrives on the desolate planet where the Quintesson signal is coming from.  He has trouble maneuvering through the jungle, so he splits into the five core Predacons.  In their beast modes, they cut a path through the hostile jungle.  They destroy every obstruction in their way.  The Predacons find the device, but only after the Autobots activated it.  The Predacons attack, but the Autobots try to escape using Sky Lynx.  Sky Lynx knocks Divebomb out of the sky which motivates the Predacons to merge back into Predaking.  Predaking’s first target, Sky Lynx.  Sky Lynx is too fast and nimble for Predaking to fight, and Sky Lynx keeps the Decepticon behemoth occupied long enough for the Autobots to escape with the device.  Predaking, along with Galvatron, Cyclonus, and Scourge, track down the Autobots and attack them right after they escape from the Quintessons.  The Deceptions are able to get the device, but Predaking refuses to leave the battle until he destroys Sky Lynx.  Galvatron orders Predaking to retreat and reminds him that he is the leader of the Decepticons.  The Decepticons go to an uncharted planet where they fight the Autobots for possession of the Quintesson device.  The battle ends when the Quintessons arrive and take the device for themselves.  Both forces chase the Quintesson ship, but the Quintessons escape through a warp gate.

The Predacons reappear on Earth’s moon as part of a large battle against the Autobots.  Eventually both armies charge each other.  Headstrong attacks Grimlock, but Grimlock uses his tail to trip Headstrong and make him fall to the ground.  The battle ends when all of the animal based Transformers (including the Predacons) are summoned by Primacron’s assistant to battle Tornedron.  On their trip, the Headstrong insults Grimlock and the Dinobots stand up for him.  The two teams of Transformers briefly fight each other and the Terrorcons start to help the Predacons.  The battle ends when Trypticon shakes everyone to cause a brief truce.  When the animal based Transformer arrive at an ancient planet, they learn about Tornedron and Primacron.  Sky Lynx and Trypticon are the first to fall to Tornedron, causing the animal Transformers to split up.  One by one they are defeated until Headstrong decides to fight instead of run.  This inspires Razorclaw to make the Predacons form Predaking.  Tornedron morphs himself into a large, Predaking sized robot (that looks just a little like Unicron), and they fight.  Predaking fires on Tornedron with all of his firepower, but all it does is make Mecha-Tornedron bigger and stronger.  Eventually, Mecha-Tornedron is so large that Predaking looks like a Micromaster next to him.  Predaking’s energies are absorbed by Mecha-Tornedron.  The Predacons return to life after Grimlock defeats Tornedron.

Marvel G1 Comic Background -

Right after Megatron defeated Optimus Prime, he fell into madness.  Shockwave contacts Razorclaw to bring the Predacons to Earth to hunt Megatron.  He figures it will either cure Megatron’s madness, or they will kill Megatron making Shockwave the leader of The Decepticons again.  The Predacons take on new alternate modes which resemble Earth animals and take the Space Bridge to Earth.  Since they have never met Megatron, they change their faction symbols from Decepticon to Autobot.  They do this to further motivate Megatron to snap out of his madness.  When Megatron is alone, the Predacons take advantage of this and attack Megatron.  A maddened Megatron is no match for the Predacons, who work as a unit to hurt Megatron.  As Megatron attempts to gain ground, Razorclaw attacks in lion mode, slashing off half of Megatron’s face.  Megatron starts winning and Razorclaw realizes as long as they fight Megatron one at a time, he will pick them off, so the Predacons merge into Predaking.  Shockwave flies to the battle and starts to play both sides of the battle.  Predaking is defeated and Soundwave finds a recording that Shockwave sent to the Predacons ordering them to hunt Megatron.

Months later, the Predacons are seen working for Shockwave and Ratbat.  They are gathering materials for the Decepticons to construct a new base.  They are then ordered to recover the corpses of Goldbug and The Throttlebots who were executed by RAAT.  What no one knew was, the leader of RAAT smuggled the brain modules of the Autobots out before their bodies were destroyed in toy cars.  The Predacons attack the RAAT base with little resistance.  They even wind up killing a few soldiers.  Divebomb carries Ratbat who studies the destroyed Autobot bodies, realizing they are missing their brain modules.  Ratbat sends the Predacons to seek out the brain modules with his supervision.  They track the Brain Modules to a mall where Buster Witwicky has taken ownership of the toy cars which house the brain modules.  He needs fresh batteries to keep the Autobot brains functioning.  The Predacons scare the shoppers and cause damage to the mall, before locating Buster Witwicky and the Toy Car Autobots.  Buster gets the batteries he needs and escapes, resuming his journey to The Ark.

During the battle between the Decepticons and Autobots on the moon, Grimlock seems to kill one of the Predacons but all of them show up living later.

The Predacons remain under Ratbat’s command and are part of the battle between Scorponok’s Decepticons and Ratbat’s Decepticons in the arctic.  During the battle, Rampage engages Apeface and they battle each other in Beast Mode.  When Rampage bites off Apeface’s arm, Apeface takes it away from Rampage and beats Rampage with it.  Tantrum attacks Scorponok, and Scorponok winds up literally tearing Tantrum apart, but Tantrum isn’t killed.

When the Autobots and Decepticons unite to fight the Underbase powered Starscream, The Predacons are part of the strike team led by Scorponok and Grimlock in Tokyo.  After Starscream defeats the Dinobots, the Predacons attack and are killed, but never formed Predaking.

IDW Background -

Before the war, Headstrong was shown as a gladiator in Kaon who fought Megatron.  Soon the other Predacons join Megatron’s army.

After the war starts, the Predacons go to the planet of Canis Tor to hunt the local wildlife.  In their downtime, Razorclaw and Rampage wrestle in beast mode.  The rest of the Predacons watch in beast mode.  Divebomb falls off a tree and the Predacons see Astrotrain approaching.  Starscream gets out and brings the Predacons back into the Decepticon army.  Razorclaw asks how Starscream found them.  Starscream replies that he followed the path of murdered worlds.

The Predacons are part of the strike force that invades Cybertron after Metroplex is defeated.

Hot Rod is saved by a new Decepticon named Slinger who was once Hot Rod’s friend.  Because he turned his back on the Decepticons, Razorclaw tears Slinger apart in front of Hot Rod.  The Predacons prepare to pounce on Hot Rod, but he is saved when the Dinobots back him up.   This actually makes the Predacons happy because they view the Dinobots as worthy prey.  The Predacons prepare to pounce on Hot Rod, but he is saved when the Dinobots back him up.  AS the Predacons start to focus on the Dinobots, Hot Rod stands behind Razorclaw and shoots him with his arm cannon.  Together, Grimlock and Hot Rod fight Razorclaw.  The Predacon slashes Grimlock’s shoulder and Hot Rod’s chest.  Grimlock grabs Razorclaw’s jaws and rips them apart.The Predacons survive and wind up on Earth.  Razorclaw learns that Thunderwing has been resurrected and reports to Megatron.  Megatron tells Razorclaw that they will destroy any planet where Thunderwing goes, even Cybertron.

The Predacons fly to Cybertron in a Decepticon warship called Thanatos.  They orbit the planet and despite Megatron’s orders, Razorclaw does not want to destroy Cybertron if he doesn’t have to.  Razorclaw fears Megatron and tells the crew that if they have to, they will destroy Cybertron so Megatron doesn’t destroy them.  The Predacons watch as Thunderwing flies into Cybertron’s orbit.  The Predacons watch Thunderwing battle the Autobots and they prepare to destroy the planet from orbit.  The Predacons and Decepticons watch as Thunderwing is about to destroy the Wreckers.  They go to the surface to attack Thunderwing, knowing that if they can’t, they will destroy the planet.  Thunderwing is destroyed at the last moment.

Tracks tells the Autobots a story of his first combat mission.  In the past, Jazz is trying to get Tracks to safety, but they are hunted by the Predacons.  The Predacons call out to Tracks and Jazz.   They promise to give the Autobots a painless death if they just surrender.   Tracks fires at the ground beneath the Predacons.  He refers to them as Terrorcon rejects which angers them.  Razorclaw tells him that they have killed other Decepticons for less.  Jazz sneaks up from behind the Predacons and attacks.   Jazz disables Headstrong with his bare hands after taking Headstrong’s sword.  The Predacons plan to attack, but he transforms into vehicle mode and speeds past them.  Tracks jumps on Jazz’s roof so they can escape together.  Rampage and Tantrum transform into vehicle mode to fight, but they hit an explosive trap.  Jazz drives into wreckage so he and Tracks can hide.  Jazz goes out to battle Razorclaw and Divebomb.  Tracks musters up enough courage to transform and crash into Divebomb.   Jazz and Razorclaw face off with each other one on one.  Jazz strikes first and knocks Razorclaw back.  Razorclaw drops his sword.  Razorclaw recovers quickly and punches Jazz in the face.  Then Razorclaw knees Jazz in the stomach. Razorclaw goes to punch Jazz again, but Jazz blocks the attack.  Jazz does a high kick which hits Razorclaw in the face.  Razorclaw tries to punch, but Jazz grabs his fist.  Razorclaw starts to choke Jazz and then head butts him.  Razorclaw slashes Jazz with his claws.  Jazz is injured and only has a short time before he goes into stasis lock.  Before Razorclaw can finish off Jazz, an Autobot dropship arrives with Ironhide and Bluestreak.

Three years after Megatron’s defeat, most of the Decepticons are living on an asteroid with very limited resources.  Razorclaw watches and plans.  Rumors spread that Razorclaw is eating the weaker Decepticons.

All of the Predacons, minus Razorclaw, pledge loyalty to China.

Optimus Prime tries to make peace with the Predacons before a massive battle starts.   Optimus Prime offers the Predacons to join them in America.  They decline. The Predacons plan to walk away and go back into China.  Before they can, Onslaught fires on them with his backpack cannon.  Onslaught hits Rampage in the back and the other Predacons plan to counter attack.  Optimus Prime fights Rampage while Jazz and Cliffjumper fight Headstrong.  Divebomb transforms into beast mode and fires at everyone from the sky.  Tantrum bowls over Prowl in beast mode.  Rampage transforms into beast mode and grapples with Optimus Prime.  Optimus tries to keep Rampage from biting his arm off.  A Skywatch agent named Sandra starts to broadcast the battle live to everyone in the world.  While inside of his Skywatch Mech, Spike tries to calm everyone down.  He learns that Russia is about to launch nuclear missiles at all of the Transformers who are fighting.  Rampage transforms back into robot mode and grabs the mech.  He welcomes the nuclear attack.  Onslaught intercepts a radio transmission and confirms that Russia is about to launch nukes.  Rampage commands the Predacons to stop fighting and warns the Combaticons and Autobots not to cross their boarder.  

Razorclaw watches Rodimus defeat the Decepticons while being patient in Beast Mode.  Razorclaw pounces on Rodimus and tries to eat him.  Rodimus puts the Cerebro Shell in Razorclaw’s mouth.  Razorclaw is under Rodimus’ control now.  Razorclaw walks into Starscream’s throne room and Starscream asks what he wants.  Razorclaw tries to pounce on Starscream.  Starscream disables him and Rodimus walks in with guns pointed at Starscream.  Starscream realizes that Razorclaw was under Rodimus’ control.  

Optimus Prime offers the Predacons to join them in America.  They decline. The Predacons plan to walk away and go back into China.  Before they can, Onslaught fires on them with his backpack cannon.  Onslaught hits Rampage in the back and the other Predacons plan to counter attack.

(To be continued)

Abilities -

All of the Predacons are expert trackers. Their combined form, Predaking, is possibly the most powerful combiner in G1

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