Prime Airachnid Toy Review

Class- Deluxe


Like I mentioned in the Prime Wheeljack review (see here), I am a big fan of Transformers Prime. So when I started collecting again a few years ago, I got most of the figures that were in the show. Actually all of them I think I've had at one point. Airachnid was actually a really interesting character and I was a bit angry that they never finished her character arc. The figure has a REALLY bad reputation. I mean REALLY bad. Did I give into the hype or did I actually enjoy the figure? Oh I've owned this figure twice, the first one I had broke so I just got another one.

Bot Mode-

So Airachnid is thought of being one of the worst figures made in the last 15 years or so. Is that thought accurate? ABSOLUTELY. I F'n HATE this figure. The only reason she is in my collection is that I wanted everyone who was on screen as a figure (come on, someone make a Voyager or Leader sized Hardshell!!!!). Airachnid is just a mess all together. Her feet are too thin and there is no tab on the back of the feet, so she can't stand up. Her arms are really weird and have less than minimal articulation. The head can turn, but barely. Her hands are weird. Her rotor legs are weird. The thing is, I can actually see SOME good from her. The sculpting is actually ok in terms of the small details. You can see a way too small Decepticon logo on her chest. Honestly, there really is NOTHING good about her bot mode, and that's sad.


Like all Transformer Prime figures, the transformation is a bit different from CHUG figures. It's easy but a pain in the ass to do since everything has to tab in perfectly or it falls apart into a floppy mess. for complexity, I give it a 4.5 out of 10. For fun, a 2 out of 10

Vehicle Mode-

Airachnid's vehicle mode is actually kind of cool. It is a stealth helicopter with purple spinning rotors. Airachnid's weapons can plug into the side of the helicopter. There is actually a removable canopy for the cockpit and there is a little chair inside. But it is too small to fit any figures that I know of inside. Airachnid's helictoper mode is all black and there is a small Decepticon logo on the nose.


Airachnid comes with two blasters that can peg onto different ports on her body.

3rd Party Add Ons-



Looks okay in vehicle mode


The hands are horrible. The transformation is not fun. The head can't move more than very very slightly. She has a hard time standing up without a stand. Articulation is horrible


I think this is the worst rating I've given to a figure. I rate Airachnid a 2 out of 10. Unless you are insane like I am and you want everyone who was in Prime, stay the hell away from this figure

Retools and Repaints-







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