Transformers Prime Smokescreen (Arms Micron) Toy Review


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I hate comparing one figure to another when I do a review for the site. It feels biased and I feel I need to be as unbiased as possible when doing a review. I can't help but break that rule for this figure. Not only comparing the Arms Micron Smokescreen to the Beast Hunters release, but as well as somewhat comparing it to Knock Out. The Arms Micron version of Smokescreen is not a new mold. Nor does it have any new parts. It started out as a Knock Out figure and ended as a redeco which is Smokescreen. This was only released in Japan. I had the Beast Hunters Smokescreen figure, but it had a lot of problems which I couldn't overlook. So I spent a little more money than I would've liked to and I wound up getting the Knock Out Redeco.

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So I am one of the few people that really liked the character of Smokescreen in Prime. The figure had a lot of problems. I got rid of it so I won't be doing a review on it unless I get a new version of it (which is unlikely). The Beast Hunters figure has limited articulation and weird arm kibble. In early 2020, I did a new photoshoot with Prime Knock Out and I remembered how much I really like the mold, so I assumed by extension, I would like the Smokescreen deco. It works well as Smokescreen, but it is very far from perfect. I'm just going to say it now, this version is my prefered version, but if something else came out (which I doubt anything Prime will be revisited anytime soon is going to happen, at least not mainline stuff) I would have no problem getting it. First I'll talk abot the bad. If you want a perfectly screen accurate figure, you aren't going to get it in this figure. He is Knock Out repainted. No new parts. And that brings us to the 2nd bad thing. I would've loved to have seen Takara sculpt a new head and maybe even new hands (I'll get to that in a moment). Takara even has the history of taking an existing American toy and retooling it (specifically a new head) to make it a new character. They did this by turning Prime Wheeljack into Arms Micron Wildrider. So it isn't out of the realm of possibilty. The last thing I don't like about the figure is, I don't like his hands. They are claws which work well for Knock Out, but I would've liked to have seen newly tooled hands. But that honestly isn't a huge deal for me. So now the good. First in comparison to Beast Hunters Smokescreen, he is really good. Even though he is a redeco of Knock Out, he looks enough like Smokescreen where it works. Smokescreen is primarily white (more of a slight off white) with a blue torso and black deails on the legs. His hands are kind of claws and are open 5mm hands. Like many prime figures, the articulation isn't perfect. He can move his arms up and down, but not outwards a lot. THere is okay bend at the elbow. His legs pop off easily but they are on ball joints so it is easy to pop back on. Honestly, I'm not sure if this is an issue on every figure or just mine. Either way it isn't a bad thing. I suspect it is a QC issue for just my figure because I've had 2 or 3 Knock Outs and that issue didn't happen to any of them. His head, despite being Knock Out's, looks enough like Smokescreen where I like it. I like the chest, it is a cool transformation, but I've seen a lot of people (Myself included) mistransform it. The head lights of the car mode are on the upper torso, I've seen a lot of people (myself included) fold that part down too much. It is easy to do because the construction of the figure needs a slightly bigger peg, but it is still a cool figure. His legs can do the splits and front kick. There is a little bit of toe articulation. For what it's worth, I think it is a quality figure that is a solid repaint. Oh there is not any type of backpack.


Prime figures have a slightly different type of transformation than a Generations figure. There is usually more folding panels. Once you understand that is going to happen, the transformation is pretty fun and not too hard. For fun, I rate Smokescreen's transformation a 7.25 out of 10. For complexity, I rate it a 5.75 out of 10. I was able to do it without instructions or a video.

Vehicle Mode-

Smokescreen's vehicle mode works very well. I wouldn't say it is a stronger mode than the robot mode, but I would say they are equally well made. I really like the vehicle mode, but like the robot mode there are some problems. Smokescreen is a primarily light gray sports car with a 38 on the side (which is an homage to the G1 toy). He is meant to look like a race car in the world of Fast and Furious. I would've liked to have seen just a little more detail on the car mode. It feels a bit plain. But I still like it. He has black wheels which I would've liked to have seen just a little bit of silver paint for hubcaps. But that's something I can do myself. The only thing I don't love about the vehicle mode is that the windows are clear. When a window is clear and we see an interior of a car, I really like it. But when we just see kibble, I'd rather have silver painted windows. Again, a detail I can do myself down the road if I want to. He holds together well and rolls well.


Arms Micron Smokescreen comes with a Micron (mini con) that also transforms into a weapon. I didn't get this with the figure complete so I don't have the micron. In the cartoon he didn't have a micron. I would've liked to have seen him come with the hand blasters that he had in the series but no one aside for FE Optimus and FE Bee come with their hand blasters. In the show, Smokescreen also had a device which made him able to phase through objects, the figure does not have that either. THose things I more expect to see being made as a 3p add on not a main line release, but I understand the logistics that they can't give a figure two asprin sized blasters.

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While not perfect, the better choice for a Prime Smokescreen figure


Articulation is a bit limited in the arms, but otherwise pretty good. Also, there are places where there are stickers instead of paint. I prefer paint over stickers any day of the week


I gave this figure a harsh review, but in reality, I do like the figure a lot. It isn't perfect and if someone came up with an alternative for Prime Smokescreen, I would get it, but for now, its the best option out there. I rate him 6.75 out of 10

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Arms Micron Knock Out

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