Transformers Prime Deluxe Soundwave Toy Review


Class- Deluxe


When Transformers Prime came out, I wasn't collecting Transformers at the time. Also, aside for the first episode, I really didn't watch the show faithfully until half way through season 2.I got the APC KO of Prime Optimus, and it rekindled my love of Transformers Prime, so I kind of went on a kick of getting the figures. I actually had the Cyberverse Soundwave for a while. I figured his vehicle mode was in better scale with the other figures than the deluxe one. Then, I wanted the deluxe figure. Honestly, it's more important to me that the robot mode is in scale than the vehicle mode (for the most part). The "problem" is that the Deluxe Soundwave can go for A LOT of money. More than I'm comfortable spending on a figure. Somehow, I tracked one down for a really reasonable price.

Bot Mode-

Generally, I try not to get too many of the same character (aside for Optimus, Bumblebee and Megatron). But Prime Soundwave looks so different from every other Soundwave that I feel like it is okay and can be a totally different character. Where G1/Siege Soundwave is a dark blue and is very boxy looking, Prime Soundwave is lean and almost mysterious looking. He is VERY thin. His main color is a light navy blue. He has very little kibble and backpack and is very screen accurate. His face in the show lacked emotion and the figure does as well. It is a helmet with a dark gold face with no expression. His arms are as thin as the rest of the body and as per the show, they look like the wings of vehicle mode. This doesn't bother me because it is screen accurate. His chest holds the small Laserbeak accessory but if you take it out of his chest, it just doesn't look good, theres just a big hole where the chest should be. So far, I've been very kind in this review. I really do like this figure. But here's some of the bad stuff. His articulation is pretty limited. His arms can move up and down and in and out but there is no bicep swivel. The hands are NOT 5mm holes so he can't hold a weapon (honestly, it's been a while since I saw Prime and I don't remember off the top of my head if he ever used a weapon). His legs have pretty standard articulation. Normally, I take between 110 and 500 pics for a figure, Soundwave I took only 73 of. So that kind of shows how he really doesn't have that great articulation because there are so few poses I can put him in.


Almost every TF Prime figure has a different type of transformation scheme from a CHUG figure. Soundwave's feels more like a CHUG transformation than a Prime transformation. It's neither good or bad, its just my feelings on the issue. The transformation is pretty easy (I didn't need to use the instructions) but at the same time, it is a lot of fun. For complexity, I rate the transformation 5.5 out of 10. For fun, I rate it a 6.5 out of 10.

Vehicle Mode-

One of the biggest things that bothers me about G1 is that most of the vehicle modes are too flashy to be disguises. If I saw an Indy Racer parked outside of my house, I would really notice it a lot. There is a guy who lives across the street from my friend whose car is painted to look like Smokescreen, and again, it stands out. Prime Soundwave's alternate mode is a military flying drone. Not that Soundwave really went into vehicle mode often, but it is a legitimate disguise for an alternate mode. It keeps the same color scheme as robot mode, and there isn't any notable articulation.


I mentioned earlier that Soundwave only comes with Laserbeak. It doesn't look like as much of a bird as G1 Laserbeak, but its cool. I really wish he had 5mm hands or some type of blaster though. In the show, Soundwave used tentacles so I may try to track down some legos to make the tentacles.

3rd Party Add Ons-



Despite a few flaws, I really do enjoy Prime Soundwave. He has a fun transformation, he looks good.


I would've really liked to have seen some more accessories, if not accessories, 5mm hands so he could hold some shapeways stuff. Also, the articulation isn't perfect


I really was on the fence about getting Soundwave, but I'm really glad that I did. While he isn't a perfect figure, he is a fun figure. I rate him 6.5 out of 10

Retools and Repaints-

Beast Hunter Soundwave (Major retool)




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