Prime Starscream (FE Deluxe) Toy Review

Class- Deluxe


Prime is up there with some of my favorite Transformers storytelling. When I restarted collecting Transformers, it was just after Prime ended so I picked up a bunch of the figures over a few months. I skipped Starscream though. This was the point in my collecting where I could only have one figure of each character. So I had CHUG Starscream and didn't think I would want Prime Starscream. I did wind up getting TFCC Slipstream which is the same mold as Deluxe Starscream and I liked it alot. I was retaking a bunch of pics of Slipstream in May of 2020 and I realized that this specific mold looks more feminine to me than masculine. So in my head cannon, all of the variants of Deluxe Starscream (Slipstream, Dark Energon Starscream, and Arms Micron Thundercracker) are like the seekers, but female. In my head cannon I call them the Valkyries. There were two different Starscreams, one was the first edition deluxe and that was a bit harder to find in stores. The other is the pRiD Voyager. I do not have the voyager, and I don't plan on getting the voyager figure. This review will only cover the Deluxe figure.

Bot Mode-

I like this mold, but not as a Starscream. If you want a really good Starscream, go for Earthrise Starscream. If you want a quality Prime figure, you will like this figure. Despite really liking it, it does have some faults, but again, I like the figure and I have 3 decos of the mold. So Starscream is thin and lanky. Because of that, again it feels more like a female character than a male character. The deco is a little boring in comparison to lets say G1 Starscream, but being screen accurate, it is mainly silver, gunmetal, gray and a little black. Oddly there is a black Decepticon logo on Starscream's chest, I don't remember off hand if that was also in the show or if he had a purple logo. Either way, it isn't an issue for me at all if the logo is black or purple. There are tabs on his wrists which accommodate missiles. There are soft plastic spikes on the knees. Starscream does not have 5mm hands, they are open and look like he is about to give a karate chop. The arms are able to move up and down and in and out, but the shoulders are so big where if you put the figure in a "T" the head is obscured. There is a little bit of vehicle mode kibble on the back, but not so much where it is a distraction. There are the jet mode wings on his back and you can fold them backwards to give a slighty different and leaner look. THe knees bend and are on a ball joint at the thighs so you can turn them slightly to get a more natural look.


I really like Starscream's transformation. Possibly one of my favorite Transformers to actually transform. Like almost every other Prime figure, Starscream's transformation isn't like a Generations figure, but that's a good thing. It gives the line it's own identity. Starscream's transformation is easy enough, but unique where it is a lot of fun. Almost every part of the robot mode folds up perfectly. For complexity, I rate the transformation a 5.5 out of 10. For fun, an 8.75 out of 10.

Vehicle Mode-

Prime did not have "real" vehicles as their vehicle modes. They took artistic licence with them therefore they didn't have to pay royalties to get an existing vehicle to produce. Starscream is a jet which kind of sort of looks like a Russian MIG from the 80s. It has its own features so it isn't ACTUALLY a MIG. The vehicle mode is nice, but his legs are a little too visible for me. But other then that, it looks good. He keeps the same colors but adds some red details. There is a black afterburner on the rear of the jet. The wings have tabs on them so you can plug the missiles into the wings. The nose is soft rubber. Not the best vehicle mode ever, but I like it.


Starscream comes with two soft rubber missiles which are in a cluster of 3. They are fine but they are very easily lost. Because of this, the price of a complete Deluxe Starscream is a bit higher. Also, they fall out easily. Since I am an adult collector and I don't play with my toys, it isn't an issue to me.

3rd Party Add Ons-

Normally I don't mention Shapeways stuff for a figure because it isn't an actual add on kit. But someone on Shapeways made a blaster for Starscream (which I don't have yet) that really complete's the figure. Other then that, there are no 3rd party upgrade kits.


Fun transformation. Looks screen accurate. Aside for the issue of the missiles being easily lost, a lot of play value for a kid.


Starscream has a few issues but they are minor issues. I would've liked the shoulders not to be as high so he could make some more dynamic poses. The hands are opened like he is going to slap someone. Also, if you give this figure to a kid, I guarantee he/she will lose the missiles.


I like this figure a lot. I like it so much that I have 2 other decos of the figure. He isn't perfect, but he is a good figure. Also, to me he feels more female than male just because he is so think and lanky. If you are a fan of Prime I suggest you get this figure. I rate First Edition Starscream a 7.75 out of 10.

Retools and Repaints-

Beast Hunters Starscream (Major Retool)

Dark Energon Starscream (redeco in the spirit of G1 Skywarp)

Arms Micron Starscream (slight redeco with a micron)

Arms Micron Thundercracker (redeco with a micron)

Arms Micron Skywarp (different from Dark Energon Starscream)

TFCC Slipstream (redeco)







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