Car Robots God Magnus/RID Ultra Magnus Toy Review

(Please note, I do not have the Japanese version to compare)

Class- Super (not a size class which is used anymore)


While I liked the first RID as a cartoon, it isn't one of my favorites. THe odd trade off was, where the cartoon was pretty lighthearted, the toys felt more like they were designed for adult collectors. There were more complicated transformations than what we were getting in Beast Machines. The figures had more details on them. All in all, I really enjoyed the original Robots in Disguse. For me, I prefer the Japanese names. In my ever so evolving head cannon, God Magnus (who will be reffered to as God Magnus as much as possible) is just another one of many Magnuses.

Bot Mode-

God Magnus actually holds the record of the most times I've bought a figure. I have had a total of five of the magnuses. Not because I love them, but because finding parts online cost almost as much as getting a brand new one. Okay, I liked God Magnus when I got him in 2001 (I God Magnus is one of those figures who I specifically remember buying, RID was just coming out and I got my last paycheck for summer work) but honestly, there's a lot that can be done to change him. His head is very well sculpted and he has gold metallic eyes. A really nice touch and I like it a lot. His arms have both subpar articulation and aesthetics. He can move his arms adequatly, but there is no bicep swivel. Also, the arms are a bit too short and to hold his weapon (Owned the figure for almost 20 years and I still can't get it to hold well), you have to use a port in his armpit. He has wings on his back, which are nice because in the show he actually did fly once or twice. Back to the weapon, it is too heavy and the ports are not made well, so if you can get it to stay in his hand, it will slide down. His legs are WAY too long and look out of proportion. There is no knee bend or thigh swivel, but there is just a little bit of forward movement. THis is a weird fault, but when I got God Magnus, I really thought he was way too big. I didn't have any Decepticons/Vehicons/Predacons/etc who were the same size for him to have a fight with. It wasn't until 2003 where we got Armada Tidal Wave. Almost all of God Magnus' parts can be taken apart for transformation.


THe first few times I transformed Magnus, It kind of bothered me. I was used to the last 5 years of simple transformations of Beast Wars and Beast Machines. I pushed through and eventually understood how to do it. For a figure that came out in 2000, I have to compare at least his transformation to a figure today. The transformation is unique enough where it isn't horrible to do, but there is a lot of partsforming. Also, there is no margin for error. I rate the compexity of God Magnus' transformation a 5.25 out of 10. I rate it a 6.5 out 10 for fun.

Vehicle Mode-

In vehicle mode, God Magnus is a car carrying truck. One of the great features of this figure is that the three car brothers are able to fit inside of the truck at the same time. At first, I really thought that this was the superior mode, but it has the same stupid problems as the robot. THe biggest problem is that if you don't have the rear part of the truck tabbed in correctly, it won't transform correctly. His weapon can plug into the top of the truck in a few configurations. THere is very limited robot kibble in the vehicle mode. So I've kind of given a bad rap to God Magnus. The truth is, for what he is, I do like him. Some of the smaller things really pop on the figure. He has a chrome cow catcher in vehicle mode. It is vacumized Metal and it can slide down to show off some guns. A lot of the smaller parts of the figure actually have some really nice pained details. It's one of those situations where you're like "wow if they didn't do this, I'd sill be happy to buy it.


God Magnus comes with a MASSIVE gun. I mean if you have it stand up on its own, it is taller than a deluxe figure. From a conceptual POV, the gun is really well engineered, but from a practical POV, it is a pretty big failure. He has a hard time holding it. I'm sorry but if a figure is engineeed in 2001 we know HasTak has the ability to fix problems like that. Alas they didn't. THe gun has 3 modes, cannon, mini gun, and both. All of the modes have trouble being held and they can only be held by God Magnus.

3rd Party Add Ons-



He fills a purpose. He is far from my favorite figure of all time. Honestly he's probably in the lower half. But we know you are going to get him jst make God Prime/Omega Prime/God Convoy/God Super Fire Convoy and for that purplese he is great.


Proportions are weird, don't like the vehicle. Too much parts forming. Subpar weapon


Honestly, I accept this figure, but I never have him on his own. He isn't even the best at being the worst combined Optimus (That's Armada Prime to me), but for some nostalgia thing, I can't seem to get rid of him. I would give this to a kid.

Retools and Repaints-

Black God Magnus (released twice in Japan, once on his own once in a 2 pack)

Clear God Magnus (Japanese also came with sword)

Cybertron 2 Pack of Optimus and Magnus (no differences in figures just packaging)

Takara Encore 2 Pack (Slightly different decos, I heard that both figures have some quality control issues nad I am happy with what I already have.




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