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Like Laserbeak, Ravage was more animal than humanoid.  He was another cassette of Soundwave’s used for various tasks.

His first mission on Earth was to investigate a truck which Thundercracker thought may be an Autobot.  His panther mode scared away the humans in the truck.

Ravage functions as a spy when Soundwave infiltrates the Ark.  He has Ravage insert himself into Teletran-1 and copy Autobot files about Earth resources. He runs away and hides in the shadows.  He is eventually caught and captured by Jazz and Prowl.

Ravage is put in a cage with Hound and Mirage guarding him.  Hound actually taunts the Decepticon with the key to the cage.  The Autobots use Ravage to feed false information to the Decepticons.  Hound and Mirage purposely discuss a facility where rocket fuel is being manufactured within Ravage’s earshot.  Hound “drops” the key and Ravage uses it to escape.  He then reports what he heard to Megatron.  Megatron knew it was an ambush, so he personally trips the trap.  The other Decepticons gather the remaining energy they needed to leave Earth.  When the Autobots attack the Decepticon space cruise, Soundwave sends Ravage to help repel the Autobots.  Ravage leaps at Sparkplug to attack him, but Cliffjumper kicks Ravage away.  Ravage then helps Megatron fight off Optimus Prime and escape.

Soundwave sends Ravage to recapture Spike and Bumblebee when they try to escape from being test subjects for the new Decepticon Space Bridge.  Ravage guards Spike who is trapped in an energy cage.

Ravage is sent to fight Prowl and Bluestreak when the Decepticons are trying to repair themselves.  During the battle, Ravage tackles Bluestreak.  Prowl shoots Ravage, saving Bluestreak.  Later, Soundwave sends Ravage to abduct Chip Chase because he has a formula for Anti Matter that the Decepticons want.

Later, Ravage fights Spike at the Autobot base when literally all of the Decepticons attack.

When the Decepticons are draining energy from the Earth’s core in the Arctic, Soundwave sends Ravage to look for Autobots.  Ravage finds the Autobots and attacks Cliffjumper.  Optimus Prime fires on Ravage, forcing him to retreat.

Ravage’s small size made him excellent at attacking humans.  When the Decepticons attack a dam, Soundwave sends Ravage to prevent the workers from calling the Autobots for help.
Soundwave sends Ravage inside of the Ark while Rumble is distracting the Autobots.   Sideswipe is about to fire on Rumble, but Ravage leaps on him.  Sideswipe shakes Ravage loose and tosses him into the wall.  The Decepticons retreat from the base when Laserbeak kidnaps Sparkplug.

When the Decepticons are victorious after activating a Space Bridge which brings Cybertron to Earth, Ravage attacks Optimus Prime.  Optimus Prime is saved only when a branch cuts an electrical wire that electrocutes Ravage.

When the Decepticons go to Bali to look for Insecticons, Soundwave uses Ravage to track them down.  Ravage quickly gets a scent and the Decepticons follow.  The Decepticons and Insecticons form an alliance.  Later, when the Decepticons and Insecticons are creating Energon Cubes at an oil refinery, the Autobots try to stop them.  Soundwave activates Ravage to defend the refinery.

Ravage attacks Bumblebee and Spike when they are leaving a video game arcade.  Spike uses jumper cables to shock Ravage, but they don’t know that Ravage planted a device on Bumblebee.  The device is a listening device.

When the Decepticons attack a gold mine, Soundwave deploys Ravage to subdue the miners.  One of the miners tries to hit Ravage with a club, but Ravage bites the club in half and drags the man out of the mine.  Then Ravage transforms and goes back inside of Soundwave.  Soon, Ravage is sent to help defend the Decepticon Solar Needle from the Autobots.  After Laserbeak injures Bumblebee, Ravage pounces on him.  Bumblebee kicks Ravage into Soundwave, knocking him down.

Soundwave sends Ravage and Rumble to battle Wheeljack, Bumblebee, and Spike in Atlantis.

While the Decepticons are in South America and clearing a path to a crashed space craft, Ravage acts as a look out.  He hears something in nearby bushes and investigates.  A large jungle cat jumps out of the bushes and attacks Ravage.  Ravage tricks the jungle cat to climb a tree, and then he shoots a rocket at it.  The jungle cat jumps off the tree to attack Ravage, but Ravage swipes his claws at it and it runs away.

Ravage and Rumble stand guard in the Decepticon base when Spike, Hound, and Skyfire are captured.  The Autobots and Spike escape when Spike uses an electromagnet to immobilize the two Decepticons.

Megatron manipulates the public to think the Autobots are evil.  The Autobots are on trial and the Decepticons watch.  When Spike tries to run out to get evidence, Soundwave sends Ravage to restrain him.  Ravage tracks Spike and chases him.  Spike evades Ravage by trapping him in a revolving door.

Spike makes a tape to show the world which exposes the Decepticons wearing Autobot suits.  Ravage reaches him again and tries to pounce on him.  Spike ducks and Ravage flies into a video terminal, causing him to be shocked.  Ravage recovers quickly and approaches Spike.  Spike picks up a chair to defend himself from Ravage.  Ravage stands up straight on his rear legs and swats the chair away from Spike.  Spike runs away with Ravage in close pursuit.  Spike stands behind a bookshelf and knocks it down onto Ravage.  Spike is able to escape from Ravage’s clutches.  Now that the Earth is accepting the Decepticons, Soundwave, , Laserbeak and Ravage go to a night club and entertain the guests.  Several girls pet Ravage like a puppy.  Megatron quickly reveals that he truly is evil at a press conference.  Spike runs off from the press conference with a tape that will exonerate the Autobots.  Soundwave sees this and sends Laserbeak and Ravage to catch him.  Spike trips on a light fixture and drops the tape.  Laserbeak shoots lasers from his eyes and destroys it.  Ravage speeds towards Spike with his fangs exposed.  He leaps at Spike, but Spike ducks causing Ravage to crash into a pile of boxes.  Laserbeak flies above Spike and shoots laser beams at him.  Spike runs through the hallway and dodges the barrage of energy.  Spike is rescued by Berger, who hits Laserbeak with a pole.  Ravage frees himself from the pile of boxes and tries to pounce on Spike.  Spike uses a bright light to blind and disable Ravage.

Soundwave deploys Ravage (and a few other cassettes) to help him steal the Autobot weapon called the Negavator from a military base.  As the Autobots drive outside of the compound, the Decepticons attack them.  In a rarely used strategy, Ravage uses his lasers to fight.  Ravage continues to fight in an uncharacteristic way when he shoots a missile at the bunker, causing the exit to crumble.  The Autobots ability to exit the bunker is severely impeded.  Soundwave is unable to get close enough to the Negavator to steal it, so he contacts Rumble, Frenzy, and Ravage to help him. The Decepticons retreat when Inferno is forced to short out the Negavator to save Optimus Prime.  Later, Ravage spies on Starscream after he allies himself with a mentally ill Red Alert to steal the Negavator.  Ravage reports back to Megatron.

Starscream fights Warpath and Hoist by Stonehenge.  Ramjet, Rumble, and Ravage are providing back up for Starscream.   Warpath deflects and attack from Ramjet, and the Decepticons fall off a cliff.  Starscream wants to retreat so they can recharge and get repairs.  Rumble stops them from leaving when he detects strange energy emanating from the stones.  Ravage is the first to run through the door, and the Decepticons follow.  They are sent back in time to the medieval times.  The Decepticons meet two knights and while they are talking, Ravage detects a woman spying on the Decepticons.  Ravage and the Knights race off to catch her.  The woman is named Nimue and she is a princess.  She tries to evade capture by running into a field of thorns, but this doesn’t slow down Ravage.  Ravage tries to leap on Nimue, but she is saved by Spike, Warpath, and Hoist.  Warpath drives into Ravage and knocks him into the field of thorns.  During a battle between the King’s army and the Decepticons, Ravage tries to attack Spike.  A wizard’s owl flies towards Ravage and lures him away from Spike.

Soundwave deploys Ravage to help defend the Decepticon drilling platform from an Autobot attack.

Ravage and Rumble leap into action to defend a Decepticon fortress from Tracks.  When Tracks tries to escape, Ravage and Rumble chase after him.

The Decepticons take control of a baseball stadium to create a space bridge.  Ravage chases the baseball players around the field for fun.  While the Autobots and Decepticons are fighting, Ravage leaps at Smokescreen and they fall into the Space Bridge.  The Space Bridge activates and Ravage is sent to the other side of the universe with a mixture of Autobots and Decepticons.  The transformers arrive on an alien planet, specifically an alien child’s room.  Both sides think that the other is trying to trick them.  The Alien planet is inhabited by creatures so large, that they can hold a Transformer in their hand.  Thrust is attacked by an aquatic creature and calls for Ravage to save him.  Ravage races towards Thrust, but is tangled up by a strange creature’s tentacles.  They soon discover that they are in a giant child’s room.  Everything that has attacked the Decepticons is either a child’s pet or a child’s toy.  The alien boy is named Aron, and he thinks the Decepticons are toys.  He places all of them inside of a bowl so he can play with them later.  He puts Ravage in a wheel with an alien hamster.  All of the Transformers are brought to a lab to be studied.   The scientists have no clue what a Transformer is, so they plan on dissecting them.  Before any Transformer is dissected, Aron runs off with the Autobots.  The Decepticons are put into cages so the Scientists can dissect them after the Autobots are recovered.  Ravage frees the Decepticons and they escape.  They learn that the Autobots want to use Aron’s telescope to help them go back to Earth.  The Decepticons trick the Autobots and use the telescope and the Energon to return to Earth.

The Decepticons approach Alpha Trion for the Key to Vector Sigma, but he pretends he has no idea what they are talking about.  Soundwave ejects Ravage to restrain Alpha Trion.  The Decepticons are successful in locating the key.   The Decepticons reach Vector Sigma’s chamber in the catacombs of Cybertron.  They find that the chamber is guarded by Centurion Droids .  Megatron orders Rumble and Soundwave to open fire on the droids, but their lasers have no effect.  Ravage joins the fight and pounces on one of the droids.  The droid tosses Ravage aside and continues marching towards the Decepticons.  Rumble runs to the same droid and shoots it with his laser at point blank range.  Megatron reveals that he has ownership of the Key to Vector Sigma.  The droids stop attacking and bow to Megatron.  Megatron commands the droids to attack any Autobot who is on the surface of Cybertron.

Ravage not only survived Transformers the Movie into Season 3 of Transformers, but he survived hundreds of years into the future and became a Predacon in a few episodes of Beast Wars. Ravage became more humanoid and was a secret agent for the ultimate Predacon leaders, the Tripredicus Council.

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Ravage was skilled at tracking and espionage. In Beast Wars, he was rebuilt and was armed with two guns with laser sights on them.

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