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Red Alert was introduced in Season 2 of G1, but there was no explanation of how he joined the Autobots.  He was the security director of the Autobots and a little neurotic and paranoid.  Red Alert transforms into a fire chief’s car that is based off a lamborghini.  He shares a model with Sideswipe.

In Red Alert’s first appearance, he helps Inferno fight a fire in the Autobot base that was caused by the Dinobots.  Red Alerts first real mission was to join Prowl, Jazz, and Inferno when time displaced bandits are fighting with bikers.  When the Autobots encounter the bandits, the bandits try to run away.  Red Alert keeps them close with his blaster.

When the mayor of Central City declares an Autobot Day holiday, Red Alert is part of the parade in vehicle mode.  

Red Alert joins the Autobots when they go to a rocket base to test a new weapon called the Negavator.  The weapon was created by Wheeljack as an addition to the Autobot arsenal. The Negavator is a tank like vehicle which a Transformer can ride inside of that has the power to vaporize mater.  In it’s first test, the Autobots vaporize a space rocket.  This event is one of the few times when the Autobots join forces with the government.  Red Alert is the only Autobot who isn’t excited about Wheeljack’s invention.  He mentions that the Autobots have had super weapons in the past and still haven’t vanquished the Decepticons. Before the Autobots can discuss the pros and cons of having a new weapon, Red Alert’s early warning system alerts the Autobots that Decepticons are approaching (blue sparks shoot out of his head as a warning device).  Optimus Prime orders Red Alert to guard the Negavator while the rest of the Autobots transform to defend the base.  Red Alert asks Inferno to help him protect the Negavator.  While the Decepticon cassettes are fighting the Autobots, Soundwave sneaks around the military base to steal the Negavator.  Red Alert controls it remotely and fires the Negavator at him.  Soundwave hides by transforming into cassette player mode.  Inferno realizes the other Autobots need his help and wants to leave Red Alert’s side.  Red Alert asks Inferno to stay in the control room with him.  Optimus Prime gets Red Alert angry when he gets in the way of him fighting Soundwave with the remote controlled Negavator.  Inferno again tries to leave so he can fight, but Red Alert won’t let him.  Soundwave and his cassettes retreat after the Negavator is disabled.  As Rumble is flying away, he shoots a missile inside of the Autobot bunker and Red Alert is damaged.  Red Alert is trapped under a large piece of debris.  He calls out for Inferno to help him, but Inferno isn’t there.  Red Alert’s early warning system starts to go off, but he already knows that he is in danger.  Hoist hears Red Alert’s calls for help and transforms into vehicle mode to rush into the control room.  Red Alert is still angry that Inferno left his side and Red Alert blames Inferno for the damage he took.  Hoist tells him that the Decepticons hurt him, not Inferno.  When Inferno reaches the bunker, Red Alert continues to blame Inferno for his injuries.  Red Alert storms out of the control room and Optimus Prime chases him.  Inside of an armory, Red Alert tells Optimus that Inferno betrayed him.  Optimus defends Inferno’s actions and explains that without Inferno, the Decepticons would have taken control of the Negavator.  Red Alert is starting to become paranoid from the damage to his circuits.  He thinks that Inferno and Optimus Prime are against him.  Red Alert tells Optimus that Inferno is after his job as security director.  Optimus suggests that Red Alert gets examined by Hoist.  Optimus leads the Autobots back to the Ark, and Red Alert starts to think that Optimus Prime is out to get him.  His early warning system continues to go off causing him intense headaches.  He continues to get more and more paranoid.  Optimus leads the Autobots back to their headquarters through a desert canyon.  Megatron and Rumble are standing on the top of the canyon and are spying on the Autobots.  Rumble accidentally knocks some rocks into the canyon, and the Autobots stop.  Optimus Prime asks Red Alert to analyze the noise.  Red Alert still hasn’t been repaired from the missile attack, so his warning systems don’t hear the noise of the rocks hitting the ground.  The Autobots are ambushed by the Decepticons when Rumble uses his pile drivers to create an avalanche.  They transform into robot mode, but boulders continue to fall on them.  Starscream, the Seekers, and the Coneheads swoop down from the air in jet mode and start unleashing a fury of weapons fire on the Autobots.  Red Alert is shot in vehicle mode and it forces him to roll on his side.  The battle is short and the Autobots are able to protect the Negavator. Optimus Prime asks Red Alert why he didn’t warn the Autobots of the Decepticon attack.  Red Alert becomes very defensive and accusing Optimus Prime and the Autobots of wanting to get rid of him.  Optimus realizes that Red Alert is more damaged than he thought.  Optimus orders Inferno and Hoist to restrain Red Alert so he can be repaired.  Red Alert’s logic and reasoning circuits are damaged.  Red Alert’s paranoia continues to grow, he thinks that the Autobots want to disassemble him to turn him into spare parts.  Red Alert pushes past Inferno and Hoist and runs into a forest.  Optimus orders the Autobots to find him so they can repair him before he gets worse.  Red Alert stays in vehicle mode and enters a city.  He finds himself in an alley and transforms to catch his breath.  He hears someone from inside of a garage calling his name.  When he gets closer, he sees that it is Starscream.  Starscream tells Red Alert to stay quiet so no one catches them.  Red Alert raises his gun and points it at Starscream.  Red Alert calls Starscream his enemy, but Starscream tries to manipulate Red Alert’s fragile mind.  He tells Red Alert that he could have shot him at any time, but he won’t.  Starscream tells Red Alert that they need each other.  Red Alert says he will never be a Decepticon, and Starscream tells him that he wasn’t asking him to become one.  Starscream manipulates Red Alert by playing with his paranoia.  He tries to make Red Alert validate his thoughts and says that the Autobots are intimidated by him.  Starscream tells Red Alert that the Decepticons are intimidated by his superiority too, and that is why Megatron left him behind.  This makes Red Alert believe that all of the Autobots are jealous of him.  He continues to shoot blue sparks from his head.  Starscream gets Red Alert to want to help him steal the Negavator and take control of the Autobots.  Red Alert travels to the Autobot Bunker in the Military base with Starscream.  Starscream complains that they are moving too slow.  Red Alert takes Starscream to a secret entrance that only he knows about.  Red Alert wants to get even with Optimus because in his mind, Optimus betrayed him.  Starscream keeps reinforcing Red Alert’s thoughts that the Autobots are out to get him.  Red Alert leads Starscream through the maze like corridors of the bunker.  They run as fast as they can to prevent detection from the tunnel drone.  They are stopped by a gate in the tunnel and the tunnel drone approaches.  Red Alert tells Starscream that even he can’t stop the drone and if it catches them, they will be atomized.  Red Alert shoots the lock on the gate with his blaster and they continue in the tunnels.  The tunnel drone gets closer and closer, and Starscream wants to shoot the bars on the gate to get through.  Red Alert warns him not to or the alarm will sound.  Starscream shoots the bars to save himself from the tunnel drone.  They escape destruction and fall into a hole which leads them right to the Negavator.  Red Alert’s code to open the doors is changed, so Red Alert gets inside of the Negavator and blows a hole in the door so he and Starscream can escape with the Negavator.  Optimus Prime, Inferno, Hoist, and Ironhide intercept Red Alert as he is trying to leave the bunker with the Negavator.  They think that Starscream his holding Red Alert prisoner, but Red Alert tells them that Starscream is his partner.  Optimus Prime tries to reason with Red Alert and tells him that he needs help.  Hoist offers to repair Red Alert’s malfunctioning mental circuits.  Red Alert still thinks that the Autobots want to disassemble him.  Starscream climbs on the Negavator and Red Alert makes it roll towards the Autobots.  Starscream screams at Red Alert to blast the Autobots while he has the chance.  Red Alert fires the Negavator, but not at the Autobots.  He destroys the path for the Autobots to follow him.  Red Alert is frantic and shooting blue sparks from his head.  He tells the Autobots that the last shot was a warning shot.  Red Alert and Starscream start to leave the bunker when the rest of the Decepticons arrive with Megatron.  Starscream rips Red Alert out of the Negavator and gives it to Megatron.  Red Alert and Starscream wrestle, but Starscream tries to get away when he learns that Red Alert is about to explode.   Starscream shoots Red Alert with his null ray, but he winds up curing Red Alert’s mental illness.  Megatron orders Red Alert to use the Negavator on the Autobots, or he will use it on Red Alert.  Red Alert sets the Negavator to explode and the Decepticons want to retreat.  Inferno redeems himself to Red Alert when Inferno rushes into the bunker and risks himself to save Red Alert.

After the Dinobots are defeated by the Decepticons in an airport, Red Alert, Hoist, and Inferno arrive to help clean up and repair the Dinobots.  Red Alert mentions that he had a bad feeling when he heard that the Dinobots were sent alone to combat the Decepticons.  Red Alert follows Optimus Prime to a power plant that the Decepticons are trying to control.  As the Decepticons are making Energon Cubes, the Autobots arrive to fight.

Megatron successfully disrupts all communications on Earth.  One of many disasters caused was a train wreck.  Red Alert and Inferno rush to action to put the fire out and save the survivors.  Red Alert complains that there is always a fire that they have to put out.  Red Alert shoots down a tree to put the fire out.  I guess he didn’t know that wood is flammable.  Inferno ultimately puts the fire out with his fire suppression foam. Red Alert’s early warning system goes off.   Before they can figure out why, Red Alert and Inferno are attacked by the Decepticons.

Red Alert is with Optimus Prime when the Autobots receive a distress call from Cosmos.  Optimus Prime tells Cosmos to beam him the coordinates, but Red Alert stops him saying it is too dangerous.  Later, when the Autobots learn of Cosmos’ location, Optimus Prime wants to go on a mission to save him.  Red Alert prohibits Optimus from going on the mission, mentioning that Optimus Prime is too important and can’t be put in jeopardy.  

Perceptor creates a substance called Corrostop.  The Autobots want to use it to protect all of Earth’s man made monuments.  The first monument that the Autobots work on is the Statue of Liberty.  Red Alert helps spray the Corrostop on Lady Liberty.

Inferno and Red Alert fight fires with the Combaticons send the Earth racing towards the sun.

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Red Alert had internal sensors which warned him of danger. He was also able to shoot fire retardant foam from his hands

Wacky Facts

Red Alert was the first Transformer with Mental Health Issues. Later, Galvatron would exhibit his own mental illness

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