G1 Cartoon Background -

Reflector was in the cartoon often in season one, but had very limited characterization  . Reflector is a Decepticon who was three robots with one mind.  They transformed into a camera used for surveillance.  He/They were primarily background filler or grunts.

IDW Background -

Reflector is shown with Runabout and Runamuck fighting the Autobots on Cybertron, soon after Megatron took control of the planet.

Reflector next appears on the same planet where Wheelie was marooned.  They crashed on the planet as well and they are trying to get information from a local creature (that looks like Groot).   Wheelie has been marooned on the planet for years and wants to steal the Decepticon space ship.  The twp Reflectors are distracted when Wheelie frees the alien.  The Reflectors chase the alien and mention they are low on ammo so they will have to use their hands.  When Wheelie enters he ship, he sees that the third Reflector has been killed from being impaled.  Soon, the two Reflectors find Wheelie and the alien about to escape the planet.  They shoot the alien, injuring him, and take him hostage so Wheelie will give the Reflectors the spaceship.  The two Reflectors take off, but Wheelie sabotaged the ship and it exploded, killing the Reflectors.

Reflector shows up alive with no explanation.  After Rumble destroys a VW Bug, they remind him that the Bug wasn’t the real Bumblebee.

The Trio of Reflectors become a little sadistic.  In the Decepticon controlled New York City, they play “games” with the human survivors.  Their “toys” wind up making a moist mess.  Reflector considers trying to put them back together.  Starscream watches.

After the Autobots save Earth, Reflector rides inside of Astrotrain through space.

Swindle and Scrapper spy on the Autobots who want to leave Earth.  The Decepticons were trying to gauge Omega Supreme’s power levels for a possible attack. The Autobots are collecting around Omega Supreme.  They are joined by Thundercracker, Drag Strip, Octane, and Reflector.  Before the first shot is fired, everyone decides to talk to each other.  Hot Rod and Swindle agree that it doesn’t make sense to fight anymore because the war is over.  Prowl doesn’t want to ally himself with Decepticons.  Hot Rod suggests everyone votes.


Abilities -

Reflector was able to mass shift to be the same size as a human's camera. He/They were very talented at espionage

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