Renderform Galvatron Upgrade Kit


Original Price: 45.00 on Renderform

Commentary -

So about 85% of Titans Return Galvatron is pretty good. But the head just makes the figure go from a solid A to a solid C-. The headmaster gimmick (sorry, Titan Master) is just so poorly executed that after having the figure for maybe.... 6 weeks, I put him down and never picked him up again. I'm a BIG Galvatron fan. For some reason, I've always prefered Season 3 of G1 over Season 1 and 2. Galvatron was just more interesting than Megatron. So, the VERY talented Azim of Renderform came up with a great upgrade kit.

Assortment -

There are two sets, a G1 inspired head set and an IDW inspired head set. I only have the G1 set, but if i can find the IDW set, i would totally get it as well. The set comes with a helmet with light piping, four faces, a cannon adapter, and a gun. The IDW set comes with an axe instead of a gun and a different helmet. The head is as easy to pop onto the figure as a titan master is. Please note, you need to fold the mask of the figure into the chest for this to work, but that is pretty obvious.

Pros -

This is probably my favorite upgrade kit of all time. And I have a lot of sets between Dr. Wu and Nonnef and Matrix Workshop and Fansproject, and whoever else. The set is easy to install (takes about 8 seconds) and changing the face plates is very easy. I love the options you have for the different faces(As Emgo316 says Options are good), but I like the frowny face so much, I really don't change the faces that much. Not that the other faces aren't good, they are actually pretty amazing but I just REALLY like the frowny face. The rifle is a nice touch and it homages the G1 Galvatron figure's accessory. The cannon adapter is the silent star of this set. I honestly didn't expect to find the cannon adapter to be needed at all. But when I installed it, it just improves the figure even more and makes him more accurate to the G1 model.

Cons -

Azim of Renderform is a one man show. He hand casts EVERY part himself. He doesn't have a factory, it isn't 3D printed. This isn't his main job. So it takes a little longer to get the item than if you got something from lets say Matrix Workshop. People sometimes get nervous about the time frame, but Azim has NEVER cheated a single customer of their money. Just be prepared that if you get a set from Renderform, it will take a little more time to get in your hands than another vendor. But trust me, (as Alton Brown says) Your patience will be rewarded. Please note that Renderform had nothing to do with this review. I am honest with everything I review and if it was bad, I would say it was bad. This is a perfect upgrade for a figure which was lacking. I've bought 4 Renderform kits, and EVERY single one of them I love.

Grade -

This upgrade kit gets a 10 out of 10.

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