Renderform TR Autobot Headmaster Weapon Upgrade Kit


Commentary -

I kind of got to the Renderform party a little late. Azim makes some AMAZING hand crafted and casted stuff. Personally, I hate most of the weapons that came with the TR Autobot Headmasters (specifically Highbrow and Chromedome). Renderform made G1 inspired weapons for the figures.

Assortment -

When Renderform was selling the accessories, you could've gotten them on their own or in a multipack that included all of them and a slingshot for TR Wheelie. All of them fit in the hands perfectly in the hands of the figures. My little nitpick is that the G1 guns for Highbrow were more pistols and Renderform's are more rifles, but they still look great.

Pros -

Always great to have some quality weapons for any figure. These fill the need that Hasbro created.

Cons -

No actual cons of this set.

Grade -

Where the TR Galvatron set is basically mandatory for the figure, the Autobot Headmaster set is more optional, but it is amazing none the less. This upgrade kit gets a 9.5 out of 10.

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