RiD2.0 Bumblebee of Megatronus Toy Review



The second RID came out just as I was starting to collect Transformers again. It was an interesting (but not totally successful to me) take on Transformers. It was somewhat a continuation of Transformers Prime (which is one of my favorite Transformer Shows of all time) but very loosely aside for a few episodes with some Prime characters in it. To me, Bumblebee can be a car aside for a VW Bug. Of course Bee can speak to me. But he isn't the leader of the Autobots and as much as I loved Will Friedel's voice as Batman Beyond, it didn't work as Bumblebee for me. But I am totally going off on a tangent. Some of the RiD2.0 figures were really cool, and some were very lackluster.

Bot Mode-

Bumblebee is a warrior class figure. In RiD2.0, Warrior class is the same as a generations or studio series deluxe. RiD2.0 is also a "kids" line That means a slightly cheaper price and not a complex figure. Bumblebee is YELLOW. Very very Yellow. Also, the RiD2.0 figures have a unique animated aestethetic which again, in some figures it works, but in others it doesn't. For Bee, it works more than others. I would say that the animated design is less than a Transformers Animated figure. Aside for YELLOW, Bee has a silver face with blue eyes, a red autobot symbol on his chest (which you can scan with an app, but I never did that so I don't know specifically what it does) Bumblebee has black shins with a YELLOW vent on each shin. Black lower arms which have 5mm hands, but they are open (which I normally prefer but these are a little too open so he can't hold weapons as well as I'd like). He has gray upper legs. His arms can bend at the elbow and move up and down, but due to engineering, he can't move his arms outwards. His legs can do the splits and move up and down and bend at the knee. There is minimal kibble, but the kibble that is there is on the back of the legs.


I really like Bee's transformation. It is simple, but more complext than other RiD2.0 figures. I was able to do it without a video, but the first time I needed to use the instructions. For complexity, I rate Bee's transformation a 5 out of 10. For fun, a 7.25 out of 10

Vehicle Mode-

In vehicle mode, Bumblebee is a stylized yellow sports/muscle car. It doesn't feel like a camaro in any way though. Maybe a little camaro with a little charger mixed in with a bunch of imagination. Obviously he is primarily YELLOW but there are some black details on the hood, black tires and blue windows. I don't like that the windshield is clear plastic but the side windows are painted. I'd prefer one or the other. The wheels have no paint on them, but since this is the kids line, I am okay with that. The vehicle mode tabs/pegs together well and rolls fine.


Bumblebee comes with a clear blue sword. It is really interesting but it doesn't feel like what I imagine a Bumblebee should have as a weapon. But that isn't an issue of the figure, that is an issue of the source material. He holds the sword okay, but not amazingly because he has the open hands. I would've liked to have seen him come with the blaster he used in some of the earlier episodes. Also, there is no storage for the sword in vehicle mode. Again, this is a kids line, so I have lower expectations than a Generations or Studio Series figure

3rd Party Add Ons-



Its a fun figure, great for kids. I like the vehicle mode.


Articulation is a bit lacking and the hands should be a little more closed than they are. Also, I'd like just a little more paint application (like silver paint for the hubcaps)


Bumblebee has some problems, but he is a good figure. Just the general source material of the figure doesn't make me think Bumblebee, but as a totally different character, he's a good figure. Especially for a kid. He is one of the high points of the RiD2.0 line. I can totally understand if the adult collector isn't going to buy this, but for a kid it is a great intro to transformers. I rate RiD2.0 Bumblebee a 5.75 out of 10 for an adult collector and a 7.25 out of 10 for a kid collector

Retools and Repaints-

Takara Tomy Warrior BUmblebee (A slight redeco with a different scanable autobot logo) (I will not be getting this because it is basically the same figure)

Night Ops Bumblebee (color scheme inverted, I may get this figure down the line to replace this figure with)

Clash of the Decepticons Bumblebee (Redeco, probably won't get this figure)

Supreme Mode Bumblebee (Takara) (redeco with additional weapon) (Probably won't get this figure)

Night Strike Bumblebee (Redeco with Black Sword)

Black Knight Bumblebee (Takara) (redeco with red sword)

Decepticon Island Showdown Bumblebee (exactly the same as this figure but in a 2 pack)



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