Rodimus Prime/Hot Rod



G1 Cartoon

Hot Rod was introduced in Transformers the Movie, living on Earth and a friend of Daniel Witwickey (son of Spike).  He is young for a transformer and has the personality of a Human Teenager.  He was the first to realize that The Autobot Shuttle coming from the Autobot base on one of the moons of Cybertron was filled with Decepticons.  After fighting in the war of Autobot city, he became witness and participated in the final battle between Optimus Prime and Megatron.  At one point, he saw Megatron was reaching for a blaster while pretending to surrender and in the process was taken hostage.  Because of this, Megatron was able to fire on Optimus, mortally wounding him.  Hot Rod felt responsible for Optimus’ death.  Ultra Magnus was named the new leader of the Autobots and Hot Rod was part of the evacuation party when Galvatron came to rip the Matrix out of Ultra Magnus’ chest.  Hot Rod, Kup, and The Dinobots crashed on Quintessa where they were forced into a kangaroo court of the Quintessons.  The Dinobots and Wheelie saved Hot Rod and Kup and soon after, all of the survivors of Autobot City were reunited on the planet of Junk where they went to fight Unicron.  Galvatron was eaten by his master Unicron and inside of Unicron, Hot Rod and Galvatron fought for the Matrix.  Hot Rod retrieved the matrix from Galvatron, defeating him and was both reformatted into Rodimus Prime as well as destroyed Unicron.  After this, the Decepticons went into hiding.




Rodimus Prime became the new leader of the Autobots in this new era of peace with Ultra Magnus as his advisor.  Rodimus quickly became overwhelmed, he went from teenager to adult, soldier to general in the course of minutes.  In the beginning he missed his old carefree life but he eventually adjusted to it.  Rodimus lacked Optimus Prime’s patience.  When the Quintessons kidnapped Ultra Magnus, Kup and Spike, he vowed to “trash” every Decepticon he could find until they were brought back.  He sent Arcee and Springer to track down the Quintesson mercenary who sabotaged the Galactic Olympics where Ultra Magnus, Spike and Kup were kidnapped.   Went to Charr with Grimlock thinking that the decepticons were involved but found out they were too weak to do anything.  Despite their lack of Energon, they attempted to beat Rodimus and Grimlock to death until they were saved by Springer and Arcee.  Rodimus was knocked unconcious.  While unconscious, his spark retreated into the matrix briefly where he saw visions of the Quintessons, learning that his comrades were kidnapped by the Quintessons.  Despite Springer wanting to take Rodimus back to Cybertron for repairs, Rodimus ordered the small group of Autobots to go to Quintessa.  At the nick of time he saves his comrades and is backed up by an assault force of the Aerialbots.  After saving Kup, Ultra Magnus, and Spike, they escape in the nick of time before Quintessa is destroyed by The Quintessons.  The destruction of Quintessa destroys the Autobot ship sending them through space to A planet of Goo (there are more than one), where the Autobots are trapped.  A custodian droid mistakes the autobots for garbage and Springer is thought to be destroyed.  The droid’s next target is Rodimus who uses the planet’s goo to destroy the droid.  While on the Goo Planet, the Decepticons (who are under leadership of the Quintessons at this time) attack, Galvatron comes and attacks the decepticons for treason and under Galvatron’s leadership, the Decepticons leave.  Rodimus finds out that the goo planet is maintained by The Jukions. When Galvatron returns, this time alone, the Junkions save the Autobots.  While on the Planet of Junk, Rodimus deactivates himself to commune with the past Autobot leaders in the matrix.  He learns that Cybertron at one time was a factory run by The Quintessons.

The Quintessons formed a very strained relationship with the Decepticons, mainly giving The Decepticons information about the Autobots.  When they alerted Galvatron about where Rodimus Prime, Ultra Magnus, Kup, Arcee, Daniel and Spike were traveling, it caused the Autobots to fly into an asteroid belt.  Their ship was destroyed, but they escaped in an escape pod.  Unfortunately, they were marooned in space and Ultra Magnus estimated that it could take months for them to be found.  In hopes of finding supplies and air for Daniel and Spike, they dock in a mysterious structure the size of a large city.  The structure turns out to be an Autobot tomb.  Daniel goes off by himself exploring and finds a severely damaged Optimus Prime.  The Autobots are skeptical that Daniel actually saw Optimus, Rodimus leads the Autobots to Optimus’ tomb, still skeptical that Optimus is alive, thinking that The Matrix would’ve told him that Optimus is alive again.  When they open the coffin, they see that it is empty.  The autobots are then immediately attacked by The Decepticons who entered the tomb.  Rodimus’ brash attitude causes him to run directly at the invading force, not thinking about the consequences.  His mind for leadership quickly returns after Arcee is shot in the leg and orders his comrades to retreat into the tomb,  The Autobots are defeated, and as Galvatron is about to fire the death blow, The Autobots are saved by Optimus Prime who both physically defeats the Decepticons and scares them to leave.  Mentally, Rodimus immediately reverts to Optimus’ subordinate, deferring to Optimus to see what he should do.  Optimus implies he wants the matrix back, but Ultra Magnus makes the point that Optimus is too damaged to be a successful leader at this specific moment.  Optimus reveals that he built an escape ship out of parts in the tomb.  Rodimus takes this as proof that Optimus is competent and goes to give him The Matrix.  Being in close proximity to the matrix causes Optimus pain but be puts the matrix inside of him, causing Rodimus to turn back into Hot Rod.  Optimus then turns on the Autobots, firing on them.  A confused Optimus escapes in the escape pod and sets the self destruct to detonate in the tomb.  Hot Rod still has full faith in Optimus, saying that he knows Optimus has a plan.  The Autobots fashion a spacecraft out of the materials in the tomb to escape and return to Cybertron where Optimus mobilized the entire Autobot Force to lure them into a Quintesson trap.  Hot Rod finally accepts that this isn’t the Optimus Prime that he knew and looked up to, he rushes to fight Optimus.  Hot Rod breaks open the blast doors to the bridge of the ship and calls out Optimus.  Optimus is in pain and in a moment of clarity asked what took Hot Rod so long to come to reclaim command.  The Matrix is rejecting him and he reveals that his resurrection was a Quintesson plot.  Optimus looses control and fires on Hot Rod, begging Hot Rod to stop him.  Hot Rod has a hard time doing that because The Matrix makes Optimus very powerful.  In the end, it is The Matrix that saves Hot Rod, it rejects Zombie-Optimus causing him to return it to Hot Rod, reformatting him again to Rodimus Prime.  Zombie-Optimus in a last moment of clarity sacrifices himself to save all of the Autobots.

Rodimus is next seen in the episode introducing Starscream’s Ghost. Rodimus was leading the Autobots in battle against Cyclonus (possessed by Starscream) and the Sweeps.  They were on Cybertron trying to capture Octane who tried to quit being a Decepticon.  Rodimus granted Octane amnesty and protection.  The possessed Cyclonus and Octane manipulate Galvatron into a trap where Rodimus fights Galvatron hand to hand and defeats him.  Galvatron is captured by very quickly escapes.


Rodimus sends Perceptor to investigate a temporal anomaly in space with Wreck Gar, Blurr, Blaster, and Blaster’s cassettes to protect Perceptor.  The group is attacked by the quintessons and Rodimus comes as reinforcements with Superion.  The mere sight of Superion causes The Quintessons to leave their time window experiment.  The Quintessons brought from the past the leader of the Transformer revolt from when the Quintessons ruled Cybertron.  Rodimus learns that as long as the Time Window is open, the laws of time and physics across the universe are being altered and the universe is in danger of destroying itself.  Rodimus talks to the time displaced A-3 who believes that Rodimus is a Quintesson spy.  Suddenly the Quintessons attack from air with their warships and by ground with their Sharkticons to destroy the Time Window.  Rodimus orders defensive postures and orders the Aerialbots to again merge into Superion.  Rodimus is injured and Kup takes command.  Rodimus is repaired and receives a transmission from the Quintessons asking to form a temporary alliance to prevent time from destroying the universe.  Rodimus slowly begins to trust the Quintessons and accepts their instructions to repair time.  A-3 now trusts Rodimus completely, he volunteers to go into the time window to find the time displaced Autobots and send them to their proper time.  As the time displaced Autobots return to their proper time, Rodimus closes The Time Window and time self corrects itself.

During another diplomatic event, Rodimus scolds Daniel for being rude to an alien diplomat.  By this time, Rodimus is really coming into his own as a leader and political figure.  When Carly notices Daniel is missing, Rodimus is the first to try to calm her down.  He sends Ultra Magnus, Blaster, and Blaster’s Cassettes to search for Daniel.

Sometime after Superion lost Cyclonus and Scourge in a black hole, a rocket emerges from it.  The rocket is broadcasting a distress call, so Rodimus Prime sends Springer and Blurr to investigate.  Sandstorm is saved and Rodimus has Kup interrogate him.  Sandstorm tells Rodimus Prime that Paradron is a hidden Autobot colony and that the Decepticons found it and took it over.  Kup doesn’t believe Sandstorm, but Rodimus Prime does.  Rodimus organizes a strike force to liberate Paradron.  Rodimus Prime uses a decoy shuttle, which was shot out of the sky, as distraction to sneak onto Paradron.  Rodimus teams with Springer and Sandstorm to liberate the enslaved colonists.  Other Autobots attack the Decepticons.  Rodimus Prime gives the colonists weapons to help fight against the Decepticons, but the colonists are pacifists.  Rodimus Prime and Sandstorm inspire the colonists to fight for their freedom.  Ultra Magnus is ordered to take control of the Energy supply of the colony.  Ultra Magnus is outnumbered and calls Rodimus Prime for back up.  The Autobot numbers are spread too thin and Rodimus cant afford to give him any back up.  He orders Ultra Magnus to blow up the Energon supply.  Sandstorm tells Rodimus that will cause the entire planet to explode.  Rodimus Prime knows this, but he has to sacrifice Paradron to protect the universe from the Decepticons.  Rodimus offers Cybertron as a new home to the colonists and organizes a mass evacuation with Sandstorm.  The planet is destroyed and the Decepticons are defeated.  Cybertron gains a lot of new refugees that are never mentioned again.

On Cybertron, Rodimus pieces together a series of events which involve Starscream’s Ghost returning and causing havoc.  Starscream and Scourge steal Metroplex’s eyes and install them into Unicron.  This causes Rodimus Prime and several other Autobots to go to Unicron’s head.

One day on Cybertron, Rodimus was managing Springer as he was installing a new Power Core Converter.  Galvatron and several Decepticons sneak onto Cybertron, wanting to steal the power core, Rodimus sends Ultra Magnus and several other Autobots to investigate.  Eventually, an ancient energy absorbing creature is set free and heads towards the power core, in it’s path, it is absorbing all of Cybertron’s energy.  Ultra Magnus briefs Rodimus on what happened with the Decepticons and the energy vampire form of Scourge, a few Sweeps, Cyclonus, Kup, Wreck Gar, and Springer attack.  Perceptor restores them and the Decepticons escape.  Rodimus Prime tells Perceptor to shoot the power core into Outer Space and that removes the creature from Cybertron, forced to be adrift in Space for eternity.  The creature eventually winds up feeding on a number of Quintessons.

Even though Rodimus was the leader of the Autobots, he still tried to maintain the relationship he had with Daniel that he had when he was Hot Rod.  One night when Daniel was having nightmares, it was Rodimus who came to his bedside to console him.  Daniel was having reoccurring nightmares about a giant Galvatron, and Rodimus Prime tells him that the next time he has the nightmare, to imagine Rodimus Prime fighting Galvatron.  After leaving Daniel, Rodimus joins Ultra Magnus and Springer, while they investigate a strange electromagnetic reading.  The Predacons stalk the trio of Autobots and attack them.  Headstrong, in his beast mode, over powers Rodimus, knocking him to the ground.  Rodimus eventually out thinks Headstrong, he uses Headstrong’s momentum against him and throws him into the ground.  The Autobots are able to defend themselves against the larger Predacon force, but then, the Preadacons merge into Predaking.  Before the battle can continue, both sides are attacked by monsters (actually the classic Universal Studios monsters, Dracula, Wolfman, Frankenstein, Mummy, and some others).  A large purple dragon soon joins the fight and captures Razorclaw and Springer.  A witch appears and Rodimus orders both sides to cease fire.  The witch summons a giant to attack who captures Ultra Magnus and Divebomb.  Rodimus again uses his intellect instead of brute force to defeat the giant.  He gets the witch to attack the giant, and turns it into a toad.  Rodimus Prime figures out that the Transformers have no power over the monsters, but the monsters can hurt each other.  A bucket of water appears out of nowhere, and Rodimus throws it on the witch, causing her to melt (There’s no place like home, There’s no place like home).  When Ultra Magnus asks how Rodimus Prime knew that would work, Rodimus explains that he spent a lot of time with Wreck Gar talking TV.  Next, a Hydra creature attacks the Transformers!  They are saved by a World War I era plane that drops a bomb on the Hydra, which slithers off into a hole.  Rodimus sees that the pilot of the biplane resembles Daniel Witwicky!  The Predacons and Autobots make a tentative truce to they can save their captured friends.  On their way to save Springer and Razorclaw, the Autobots and Predacons are attacked by a mutant Venus Fly Trap and giant alien clowns.  They retreat into a fun house where they are attacked by distorted mirror images of themselves.  They then encounter a giant Galvatron, and Rodimus realizes that they are being attacked by Daniel’s subconscious when a giant Rodimus Prime saves the day.  Rodimus calls out to Daniel, who has been captured by the Quintessons.  The Quintessons were trying to understand the human mind better and the experiment caused all of the really fucked up strange shit to happen.  Rodimus frees Daniel and the Quintessons are defeated (for the moment).

On Earth, Rodimus Prime and the Protectobots watch various news feeds and wonder why the humans are always fighting with each other (Honestly, isn’t this a bit hypocritical since the Autobots and Decepticons have been at war for what, MILLIONS of years???).  Rodimus chastises the Protectobots for waiting for an invitation to help the authorities.  The Protectobots help the local authorities and Ultra Magnus asks Rodimus why he was so hard on the Protectobots.  Rodimus again is starting to feel overwhelmed by his role as leader.  Ultra Magnus tries to convince Rodimus that he is doing a great job as leader, and compares him to Optimus Prime.  This makes Rodimus even more confused on how he is leading the Autobots.  When Galvatron and the Decepticons attack the Protectobots, Rodimus Prime takes Ultra Magnus, Ramhorn, and Steeljaw to protect the Protectobots.  Rodimus doesn’t understand why Galvatron is targeting that specific area, but before he can find out, Galvatron fires on a building, the rubble buries Rodimus.  Galvatron then briefly mentions plans for an Ultimate Weapon, but retreats with the rest of the Decepticons.  The whole battle was a diversion so Swindle could steal Metroplex’s transformation cog.  When Rodimus returns to Metroplex, First Aid explains he tried everything he could to protect the cog, but he is a medic not a warrior.  Rodimus tries to make First Aid value his use as a medic, but First Aid quits being an Autobot.  This makes Rodimus Prime doubt his ability as a leader even more.  Trypticon starts a destructive journey to destroy Metroplex and Rodimus Prime leads several Autobots to slow down Trypticon.  Menasor attacks a one armed Defensor, Rodimus Prime and Ultra Magnus save Defensor.  Rodimus then sends the Aerialbots to impede Trypticon.  The Aerialbots damage Trypticon enough where he is forced to retreat.  The battle is over, but the war is far from over.  They still need to recover the transformation cog and Rodimus Prime needs First Aid to install it.  Hot Spot volunteers to try to talk to First Aid about rejoining the Autobots.  Rodimus and Ultra Magnus give themselves new paint jobs and try to sneak onto the dam where the Decepticons are attempting to repair Trypticon.  The two Autobots are forced to reveal themselves to save Daniel.  Rodimus disables Vortex and Ultra Magnus saves Daniel.  Galvatron and the Stunticons approach the dam, Rodimus Prime and Ultra Magnus plan to occupy the Decepticons while Spike and Daniel attempt to steal Trypticon’s transformation cog.  Their mission winds up being very successful and they return to Metroplex with Trypticon’s pilfered transformation cog.  First Aid restores Metroplex and Metroplex defeats Trypticon.  Galvatron arrives holding a small remote control.  He threatens to use his “Ultimate Weapon” unless the Autobots surrender.  Rodimus starts to believe in himself again and realize that Galvatron is bluffing.  There is no ultimate weapon.  Galvatron flies away in defeat.

 In the universe, there were two planets which were warring against each other.  Their war became so savage that they both predicted that if it didn’t stop, within a generation both societies would be extinct.  Rodimus Prime hosted a delegation to try to broker peace with Ultra Magnus and Spike as his diplomatic envoy.  While several Autobots are on a mission to recover a Quintesson journal, Rodimus does everything he can to work for peace between the two planets.  No matter what he does, the diplomatic parties of each planet can’t seem to agree on anything and actually resort to a physical fight.  After the leaders of both species calms down, Rodimus grabs both of them so he can sit them down and make them talk.  Unfortunately, there is too much hatred between the two races, both diplomatic parties pull out weapons and start shooting at each other (why weren’t they searched before the meeting started????).  Rodimus gets fed up he fires his blaster into the air and lets the warring aliens fight one another (I don’t think Optimus, or even Sentinel Prime would’ve done that).  Sky Lynx bursts into the room and shows the ambassadors the Quintesson Journal.  The ambassadors realize they have been manipulated for years so the Quintessons could make money off of them.  An uneasy peace treaty is formed when Rodimus and Ultra Magnus prevent Quintesson ships from destroying both of the alien planets.

Rodimus spends most of his time on Cybertron.  He delegates Ultra Magnus to oversee the construction of a new energy device.  When Rodimus goes to check on the status, he is very bored.  Magnus reminds him that sometimes leadership isn’t very exciting.  The two Autobots are interrupted by Sky Lynx, who reports to Rodimus Prime that he was attacked by Junkions.  Rodimus Prime sends the Aerialbots to investigate.  The Aerialbots are damaged in battle, and Sky Lynx returns them to Cybertron in their combined form of Superion.  Rodimus Prime, Ultra Magnus, and First Aid greet them as they arrive.  Before he passes out, Superion tells Rodimus that the Quintessons are involved.  Rodimus Prime decides to personally investigate.  He brings Ultra Magnus, Kup, and Blaster to investigate, and they use Omega Supreme to travel.  Before they arrive on the Planet of Junk, they are attacked by a group of Decepticons.  Omega Supreme crashes on an asteroid, and the Decepticons continue their attack.  Rodimus Prime, Kup, and Blaster lead the Decepticons away from Omega Supreme as Ultra Magnus works to repair him.  Cyclonus wants to personally hunt Rodimus Prime.  Rodimus runs from Cyclonus, and at the right moment, he attacks, damaging Cyclonus’ leg.  Ultra Magnus repairs Omega Supreme, and this causes the Decepticons to retreat.  The Autobots board Omega Supreme and resume their trip to Junkion.  When they arrive, they find an interstellar war above Junkion.  The Decepticons cause Omega Supreme to crash again.  Rodimus and Galvatron come face to face with each other, for the first time in a long time, and the two leaders are quick to battle with one another.  Galvatron’s madness makes him the better fighter.  He savagely beats Rodimus Prime, throwing him around like a rag doll.  He is about to destroy Rodimus, once and for all, but Rodimus deflects the blast to a Quintesson ship.  This exposes the Quintesson manipulations and all of the conflicts end when Blaster neutralizes the subliminal signals.

When a group of criminals bombed a city to create a diversion for their nefarious plot to steal Newtronium, the Autobots helped the authorities with rescuing civilians.  Rodimus Prime and Ultra Magnus engage the criminals who are at the harbor of the city.  The criminals try to attack the two Autobots, but their weapons are not powerful enough.  Rodimus recovers the Newtronium, but the leader of the criminals shoots the canister, causing it to explode.  Rodimus is sent flying into Ultra Magnus and they fall into the water.  This gives the criminals the opportunity to escape.. These criminals allied themselves with a former terrorist named Old Snake (Aka Cobra Commander from GI Joe), to separate the minds of Springer, Arcee, Rodimus Prime, and Ultra Magnus from their bodies.  The minds were put into synthoids, human replicas, and the bodies were used as weapons.  Rodimus and the human Autobots escape, but Rodimus gets captured again.  He learns that the criminals want to use the blank Autobot bodies as a Trojan Horse so they can destroy Metroplex.  Eventually, after a short experience of being a human, Rodimus is restored to his regular form by Perceptor.

Perceptor creates a new power generator which would provide the Autobots on Cybertron enough energy to last them, well forever.  Rodimus Prime seemed to be bored with the unveiling, so he allowed Ultra Magnus to lead the ceremony.  Before the ceremony, Rodimus tried to teach Grimlock how to activate the generator, by flipping one switch.  During the ceremony, Grimlock couldn’t remember how to do it and Rodimus was very frustrated.  Eventually, Grimlock flips the wrong switch and the generator starts to malfunction.  Rodimus rushes to save Grimlock from himself.  Rodimus reaches the control room and shows Grimlock again what to do.  Finally, the generator is activated.  Right after the generator is activated, Rodimus Prime watches Sky Lynx and Cosmos crash onto Cybertron.  He rushes to their side with several other Autobots.  Rodimus finds out that the generator is malfunctioning and that the Autobots need to go to the planet core to repair it.  The underground tunnels of Cybertron are like one big labyrinth, and Perceptor gives Rodimus an electronic compass to help him navigate the tunnels.  Grimlock wants to examine it, but Rodimus is afraid that Grimlock will break it.  Grimlock childishly takes the compass away from Rodimus and accidentally breaks it.  Grimlock storms off, and Rodimus orders Kup to follow him.  Rodimus Prime and Ultra Magnus stay together and try to find the power generator.  When Rodimus and Ultra Magnus get close to the generator, Rodimus starts to loose control of his transformations.  He switches between modes uncontrollably and has to retreat back into the tunnels.    Ultra Magnus and Rodimus Prime continue to travel through the tunnels, but the automated defenses attack them.  They are saved by Grimlock, who through an accident, now is super intelligent.  Grimlock simply opens the door and Rodimus Prime and Ultra Magnus are saved.  Grimlock figures out that Anti-Electrons are what caused all of the transformation malfunctions, and that Unicron’s brain still has a lot of them in it.  Grimlock tells Rodimus Prime that they need to go to Unicron’s head to prevent anyone from harvesting any more Anti-Electrons.  Rodimus, Kup, Perceptor, and Grimlock head to Unicron’s head (which is still orbiting Cybertron as a moon), but are attacked by the Decepticons using an Anti-Electron weapon.  The Autobot shuttle crash lands into Unicron’s head and Galvatron sends the Terrorcons after the survivors.  Inside of Unicron’s head, Rodimus again loses control of his transformation functions, this time, oddly transforming into Hot Rod’s vehicle mode.  The Terrorcons are too powerful for the small Autobot team and take on a lot of damage.  Rodimus Prime and the small team of Autobots are about to be destroyed by the Decepticons (and Terrorcons!).  At the last minute, the newly created Technobots arrive and save the Autobots.  The Autobots celebrate their victory, as well as the new Technobots AND the fully functioning generator back on Cybertron.

Rodimus Prime eventually returns to Earth and winds up leading the Autobots in a very large battle against Galvatron and the Decepticons on the moon.  He still has parts of Hot Rod’s personality show once in a while.  During the battle, he makes fun of the Decepticons for not having any guts.  At once, the all of the Decepticons attack the Autobot beachhead.  Rodimus orders the Autobots to rush into battle, abandoning their position.  Two Sweeps wind up attacking Rodimus, but he transforms into vehicle mode to escape.  The Autobots are holding their own, but they are outnumbered.  Rodimus Prime calls for Sky Lynx to help, and orders the Autobots to hold their ground until Sky Lynx arrives.  Suddenly, all of the animal based transformers, both Autobot and Decepticons stop fighting.  They are summoned to unite to fight Tornedron.  The Decepticons fly away and soon after, the Autobots are attacked by Tornedron and their energy is absorbed.  Rodimus Prime is brought back to life after Grimlock defeats Tornedron.

Rodimus Prime stays on Earth and provides combat assistance to Defensor in Japan.  Rodimus Prime takes a quick scan and finds no one was injured.  Sky Lynx then tells Rodimus that he is receiving a transmission from the Japanese government.  They want to meet with Rodimus Prime.  The Japanese government is very unhappy with Transformers, especially the Autobots.  They are tired of all of the damage caused to the country by the constant battles between the two warring factions.  Rodimus, partially being sarcastic, says that he’ll leave protection of Japan to the Japanese.  Rodimus is starting to feel overwhelmed (again) as leader of the Autobots.  He hopes for better days, but they aren’t coming.  Kup tries to cheer up Rodimus, but Rodimus simply has too many responsibilities for him to do.  The next thing they know, Marissa Fairbourne arrives and tells Rodimus that the EDC needs his help.  This is the last straw for Rodimus Prime, he is tired of being the chosen one and storms off in vehicle mode.  He tries to let off some steam by driving on a curvy Japanese road, but Captain Fairbourne tries to catch up with him to cheer him up.  They are attacked by Stunticons Wildrider and Dead End!  Rodimus tries to out drive them and is reveling in the fun of it.  He almost feels like Hot Rod again.  The Stunticons release an oil slick, causing Marissa Fairbourne to loose control of her car.  Rodimus goes to save her, but before he can, Wildrider slams into him, knocking him off a cliff.  He is severely damages, and the two Stunticons take the Matrix from him, causing him to revert back into Hot Rod.  Hot Rod is actually pretty happy to be Hot Rod again.  No longer does he have the responsibility of leadership.  Ultra Magnus wants to lead the Autobots to recover the Matrix, but Hot Rod would rather be a kid again.  Even if the Autobots recover the Matrix, Hot Rod doesn’t want it back.  He transforms into vehicle mode and storms off.  He winds up at a Japanese dojo looking for enlightenment.  The Sensei gives Hot Rod lessons in how to think and ultimately plants the seeds for Hot Rod to accept leadership again.  Scourge leads the entire Decepticon army to attack Earth.  Scourge for some reason focuses on trying to kill a random man and old woman.  Scourge corners them in an alley, but they are saved when Hot Rod drives into Scourge!  Hot Rod sees the Matrix inside of Scourge.  He realizes that the Matrix has corrupted Scourge and that he has the obligation to take it back from the Decepticon.  He fires on Scourge, only damaging him slightly, and Scourge returns fire.  Hot Rod is too agile for the mutated Scourge to hit.  Hot Rod is able to get a good shot off on Scourge.  Scourge is knocked to the ground and Hot Rod takes the Matrix back.  Scourge returns to his regular, un-mutated form, and Hot Rod becomes Rodimus Prime again.  Now fully accepting his role.  The Decepticons retreat after Galvatron and Cyclonus arrive and Scourge is defeated.

Rodimus Prime, Ultra Magnus, Perceptor,  and Blurr are traveling through space inside of Sky Lynx.  Sky Lynx’s sensors pick up an unusual reading and the Autobots investigate.  They come across a strange disc shaped, glowing, metal object in space.  Galvatron and the Quintessons approach to investigate themselves.  The Decepticons and Quintessons start to fight, and when the Autobots arrive at the disc, the Quintessons attack them too.  Rodimus orders the Autobots to leave Sky Lynx, and the three factions start to battle.  The battle is very brief, Sky Lynx proves to be more powerful than the two Decepticons and the Quintessons.  The disc winds up being another Quintesson device.  The Quintessons open it to lure both sides of Transformers into it.  The Quintessons use their ship to fly into the opened disc, their wake pulls the Autobots and Cyclonus into it.  The disc is a warp gate and the Transformers and Quintessons are transported across the universe, they wind up crash landing on a remote planet.  The remote planet is at a technological level of the dark ages.  It resembles culturally the era of Genghis Khan.  Rodimus, Magnus, and Blurr are separated from Perceptor.  When they crash, the inhabitants of the planet think they are devils.  Blurr injures his leg in the crash, and Rodimus helps him get around.  The three Autobots search for Perceptor.  Blurr asks to be left behind so he won’t impede Rodimus and Magnus.  Rodimus is hesitant to leave his friend behind, but Ultra Magnus convinces him to.  Rodimus Prime and Ultra Magnus travel on a mountain road in vehicle mode to find Perceptor.  They hope that Perceptor is functional enough to instruct them on how to repair him.  On their way, Rodimus and Ultra Magnus are intercepted by a group of alien marauders with melee weapons.  The marauders strike Rodimus Prime and Ultra Magnus with their weapons causing Rodimus to start to fall off of a cliff.  Rodimus finally tips off the cliff when one of the aliens hits him with a large hammer.  He tumbles down the mountainside, finally slowing his fall by transforming into robot mode.  The aliens try to do the same to Ultra Magnus, and when one of them throws a mace at Magnus, Rodimus destroys it with a missile.  This scares the marauders off.  Rodimus Prime and Ultra Magnus reach the village where Perceptor made his last transmission from.  They find him, in microscope mode, missing his Autobot insignia.  Behind the insignia was vital parts, without those parts, Perceptor is inert.  They start to look for the missing parts.  They arrive in the city to find Cyclonus has allied himself with the Quintessons and that they have taken the parts they needed from Perceptor.  Blurr has been repaired and has stormed the Quintesson ship.  Rodimus Prime and Ultra Magnus rush to help Blurr battle Cyclonus and the Quintessons.  Rodimus Prime then rescues the hostage blacksmith from the Quintessons and orders the Autobots to leave the ship.  Cyclonus and the Quintessons escape.  Sky Lynx then arrives on the planet and takes the Autobots home.

Rodimus Prime starts to have dreams and visions of Optimus Prime.  He thinks that from the great beyond, Optimus Prime is trying to tell him that he isn’t a good enough leader for the Autobots.  Ultra Magnus approaches with Jessica Morgan, a scientist who helped recover Optimus Prime’s dead body.  She thanks the Autobots again for helping her walk again, and Rodimus Prime looks at the act as a very ordinary event.  It is part of him to do the right thing and help others.  She tells Rodimus that her father and boyfriend have Optimus Prime’s body.  Rodimus organizes the Autobots to reclaim Optimus.  She tells Rodimus that it is a trap, but Rodimus still wants to retrieve Optimus.  Rodimus and the Autobots head to the lab with Jessica as his passenger.  When they reach the lab, Rodimus Prime breaks up the large Autobot force into smaller teams.  Rodimus and Jessica enter through the front door to try to make a peaceful arrangement.  Rodimus Prime and Jessica find Optimus’ body, but they are forced to watch in horror as Ultra Magnus and his team walk into a trap.  Ultra Magnus, the Aerialbots, and the Throttlebots are infected by the hate plague.  Rodimus Prime and Jessica transport Optimus Prime’s body away in time to be attacked by Ultra Magnus.  Even though Rodimus doesn’t have the agility in vehicle mode that he had as Hot Rod, he is about to outrun the bulky Ultra Magnus.  Jessica helps Rodimus navigate through the lab to escape.  They encounter Jessica’s father who throws a bottle of hate spores at Rodimus, but Rodimus is able to dodge it.  They get to the loading bay, but before they can escape the laboratory, Bruticus and a number of other Decepticons attack.  The Decepticons are infected, and Rodimus Prime tells Galvatron to avoid anyone glowing red, or he will be infected too.  For some odd reason, Rodimus brings Optimus Prime’s body to Wreck Gar, hoping Wreck Gar can bring him back to life (why not Perceptor?).  Wreck Gar and the Junkions are unable to, and Jessica asks who created Optimus Prime.  Rodimus remembers that the Quintessons did and hopes one of them can bring Optimus back to life.  He contacts Sky Lynx to bring him a Quintesson.  After Sky Lynx agrees, Rodimus realizes he has to deactivate Metroplex, or the plague can spread even faster.  An infected Ultra Magnus arrives and wants to battle Rodimus.  As Rodimus deactivates Metroplex, he sees Ultra Magnus in the reflection of a monitor.  Rodimus does everything he can to avoid his second in command from touching him.  He throws a console at Ultra Magnus, giving him the few moments he needs to finally deactivate Metroplex.  Rodimus is able to escape, but Ultra Magnus chases him.  Ultimately, Rodimus does escape from Magnus and Wreck Gar helps him restrain Magnus.  Ultra Magnus is able to infect Wreck Gar, who infects Rodimus Prime.
Rodimus Prime becomes feral.  He battles some car based Transformers (it is unclear if it is the Throttlebots or the Stunticons) and then Optimus Prime arrives.  Optimus Prime is covered in an alloy which protects him from the virus.  Rodimus is happy to see Optimus, but gives into his rage.  For a moment, it seems like Rodimus is going to overcome the virus, but he starts firing on Optimus.  The two Autobots start to battle.  Rodimus transforms into vehicle mode and speeds off to an automated car factory.  Optimus follows him.  Optimus Prime tries to convince Rodimus to give him the Matrix, but Rodimus is too crazed.  He fires on Optimus until Optimus restrains him with some of the machinery in the factory.  Optimus approaches Rodimus Prime to take the Matrix back, but Rodimus kicks him and frees himself.  He opens up a vat of molten metal, hoping to kill Optimus with it.  Sky Lynx saves Optimus from a bad fall, and Rodimus grabs onto Sky Lynx, infecting him.  Optimus hides in the assembly line, and ambushes Rodimus Prime.  He takes the Matrix back, causing Rodimus to turn back into Hot Rod.  Optimus Prime then uses the Matrix to cure the entire universe from the hate plague.

Hot Rod is very happy to return to being Hot Rod and not have the responsibility of leadership anymore.  In the short peaceful time after Optimus returns, Hot Rod returns to Cybertron.  He often shows off his speed, one day, racing Blurr.  He even resumes his friendship with Daniel Witwicky, something he was rarely able to do as Rodimus Prime.  Hot Rod and several other Autobots follow Scourge, who was looking for the Plasma Energy Chamber.  Hot Rod suggests that they use a shuttle to catch up to him.  When they reach the Plasma Energy Chamber, a bolt of Plasma Energy hits the shuttle, sending it to the distant planet of Nebulos.  They crash into water and the shuttle explodes after the Autobots are able to get to safety.  Hot Rod suggests that they look for a used ship dealer on the planet.  The Autobots are attacked by a group of Nebulan rebels, who think that the Autobots were weapons sent by The Hive to destroy them.  The rebels attach magnetic bombs on the Autobots.  As the rebels are about to activate the explosives, the Decepticons arrive.  Through very little effort, Spike is able to convince the rebels that the Autobots can help them.  The rebel leader sets the Autobots loose to battle the Decepticons.  Hot Rod is damaged in the battle, and the Decepticons take him as a hostage when they retreat.

The captive Hot Rod watches as Scourge tries to interrogate Kup and Blurr.  Scourge starts to torture Kup, and Hot Rod tells Scourge to torture him instead of Kup.  Hot Rod and the other captive Autobots are saved by the newly created Autobot Headmasters.  They are brought to the rebel base where they try to plot out their next action.  Hot Rod acts as a lookout at the base.  The next thing they know, Hot Rod is notifying the Autobots that the Decepticons are about to attack.  The Decepticons are able to defeat the Autobots now that they have bonded with Nebulans themselves.  The Decepticons recover the key to the Plasma Energy Chamber and retreat to Hive City.  Hot Rod then becomes a Targetmaster himself, bonded with the Nebulan sharpshooter Firebolt.  Optimus Prime then arrives on Nebulos and meets the enhanced Autobots.  Optimus Prime leads the Autobots to Hive City, hoping to reclaim the key from the Decepticons.  Blurr and Kup follow Hot Rod into battle, and the Autobots are able to recover the stolen key.  Before they can make their way back to Cybertron, Scorponok rises from the ground and attacks the Autobots.

Scorponok kidnaps Arcee and Daniel as Hot Rod and the Autobots watch.  Scorponok transforms into city mode and flies to Cybertron, with the rest of the Decepticons.  Hot Rod and the Autobots follow using Optimus Prime’s shuttle.  When they reach Cybertron, they find that it isn’t there anymore!  Hot Rod disturbs a vision that Optimus Prime is having, but the vision leads the Autobots back to Earth..  When the Autobots reach Earth, they find that Cybertron is orbiting it.  After exploring Cybertron, they find many deactivated Autobots.  The Autobots who are Headmasters and Targetmasters are some of the last Autobots who are functioning.  They want to destroy the key to the Plasma Energy Chamber so Galvatron can’t harness it’s energy, but Optimus Prime won’t allow it.  When Optimus reveals that he merged with Vector Sigma and spoke to Alpha Trion, Hot Rod starts to worry about Optimus Prime.  Hot Rod continues to follow Optimus Prime though.  He and the rest of the Autobots are captured when they try to stop the Nebulan rebels from attacking Scorponok to destroy the key.  Before Hot Rod is executed, Fortress Maximus appears and the captive Autobots are saved momentarily.  Hot Rod and the rest of the captured Autobots are freed by Cerebros and Spike.  

Hot Rod's Targetmaster Partner


Marvel G1 Comic


He never became Rodimus Prime aside for a one off storyline which took place in a possible future.  He served under Fortress Maximus and was binary bonded with Firebolt.

Hot Rod was a young Autobot who was a member of Fortress Maximus’ unit on Cybertron.  When Fortress Maximus decides to leave Cybertron for Nebulos, Hot Rod follows him.  After a few conflicts between the Autobots and Nebulans, The Autobots are hated on Nebulos. To show his commitment to peace, Fortress Maximus surrenders himself, pulling his head off, to the Nebulan government.

Hot Rod is part of the commune which is led by Kup in the Nebulan forest.  He doesn’t help build the new city, but he continues to monitor the stars for Decepticons, hoping they won’t come to the new home of the Autobots.  The Decepticons ultimately come to Nebulos and Hot Rod refuses to battle.  He stays in the peaceful Autobot Commune in the Nebulan wilderness, after he surrenders all of his weapons.  After living for several months in the commune, the Decepticons wind up taking over Nebulos.  Hot Rod receives a message from Earth and a debate is started if these Autobots should leave Nebulos for Earth, some want to, but others realize they made trouble on Nebulos and they have to solve it.  Also they realize they can’t run away from the Decepticons because The Decepticons will just follow them.  One day a group of Nebulan Freedom Fighters go to the commune to ask for help and offer to be Binary Bonded with several Autobots to become their new weapons, Hot Rod is one of the Autobots who agrees and they become the first group of Targetmasters.  Their first mission is to ambush Scorponok who attacks the Autobots and thinks they are weaponless.   The Autobot Targetmasters battle the Decepticon Headmasters who are under powered, but the garden starts to get damaged.  The Autobots retreat so they can save the garden.

After Fortress Maximus returns from captivity, Hot Rod tells him of the transmission he received from Earth.  This causes Fortress Maximus and his group of Autobots to leave Nebulos for Earth.  Soon after he arrives on Earth, Hot Rod, the other Autobot Targetmasters, and Fortress Maximus attack a Decepticon base to save Buster Witwicky from the Decepticons.  Hot Rod and the other Targetmasters are damaged and Fort Max starts his solo attack on the base and winds up getting severely damaged in the process.

Some time later, Hot Rod contacts a restored Fort Max that he has found Grimlock and The Ark.

Hot Rod isn’t shown for a considerable amount of time.  He just shows up one day after The Underbase Saga acting as a communications officer on the Ark.  He notifies Optimus Prime that a group of Decepticon Micromasters have attacked a military base which was unveiling a new, experimental plane.  When the Decepticons try to overwhelm Optimus Prime, Hot Rod tries to save Optimus.  But Optimus is too powerful for the Decepticons and doesn’t need help.  Optimus calls for a truce, but Hot Rod still wants to attack the Decepticons.  Optimus doesn’t let him.

The Autobots and Decepticons call for a tentative cease-fire when Optimus and Scorponok realize that they are being manipulated by a third party.  That third party reveals itself when, Starscream, newly rebuilt as a Pretender, appears and claims loyalty to Megatron (who was thought to be dead at the time).  Starscream attacks both factions, Autobot and Decepticons, damaging both.  Hot Rod finds out that if he attacks the Pretender Shell, it will cause the robot Starscream to feel pain.  This gives Scorponok the opening he needs to defeat Starscream.

In the aftermath of that battle, Hot Rod and Kup notice that Optimus is becoming depressed and considering giving up fighting.  They know that can’t happen or the Decepticons will win.  Hot Rod makes a remote control for a warrior robot (a sparing mech not a sentient Transformer) and plans to make it look like it is going crazy so Optimus will swoop in and destroy it, giving Optimus the confidence he needs.  Against Kup’s advisement, Hot Rod activates the robot and looses control of it, causing it to go crazy and hurt numerous Autobots.  Kup is the first target of the droid and after damaging Kup, the droid attacks several other Autobots.  The droid also cuts off Hot Rod’s hand and grabs onto him, planning to kill him.  Before the droid can further damage Hot Rod, Optimus snaps back to himself and saves Hot Rod.  Hot Rod’s plan works, even though it was incredibly risky.  Optimus regains what he felt his lost and has a renewed sends of self worth.

When Thunderwing attacks the Ark, now powered by the Matrix, Hot Rod is one of the first to attack Thunderwing, and he is one of the first to be defeated.  In the aftermath of the battle, Hot Rod helps round up Thunderwing’s soldiers, now prisoners of the Autobots.

Hot Rod soon becomes a prisoner himself.  Without the Matrix to combat Unicron, Optimus Prime surrenders to Scorponok, hoping he can form an Autobot/Decepticon alliance.  Scorponok imprisons all fo the Autobots.  When Optimus escapes, Hot Rod and Kup are the first Autobots he frees.  Hot Rod and Kup quickly attack Scorponok and Bludgeon.  Hot Rod pretends that he is going to kill Zarak, bu ripping him apart,  unless the Autobots are freed.  Zarak commands Scorponok to crush Kup’s head unless Hot Rod puts Zarak down.  Optimus Prime enters the room and orders Hot Rod to end the bluff so he can make a plan of attack with Scorponok.   Optimus and Scorponok create a true alliance but are attacked by Shockwave and Starscream.  

Scorponok’s headquarters is destroyed, both sides have many injuries but Hot Rod survives.  After the battles between Autobot vs Decepticon, and Decepticon vs Decepticon, and Decepticon vs Neo-Knight, Hot Rod is among the group of Transformers teleported to Cybertron by a newly awakened Primus.

Years later, after Unicron is destroyed and the Decepticons are defeated, Hot Rod remains a loyal soldier for Optimus Prime.  When Bludgeon and the Decepticons resurface, Hot Rod helps Optimus Prime fight them off on an alien world.  During this specific battle, Hot Rod leaves the battle to look for an alternative method of fighting the Decepticons, but the Decepticons are scared off by one of the guardian aliens.

Hot Rod joins Optimus Prime and Kup to a meeting with Grimlock.  But before Grimlock can get there, Decepticons attack the Autobots.  The Autobots easily defeat the nameless Decepticons and then Grimlock arrives.  He takes them to an abandoned Decepticon fortress to show Optimus that the Decepticons have been expanding their empire.  Jhiaxus, the newest leader of the Decepticons, attacks the abandoned fortress from orbit and Hot Rod is among the Autobots captured.  Grimlock and Optimus are the first to free themselves and then they save the rest of the Autobots.  The newly freed Autobots steal several Decepticon shuttles and escape.

Optimus Prime temporarily leaves the Autobots and puts Grimlock in charge.  Hot Rod takes advantage of the downtime to do some training.  He challenges several Aerialbots and Protectobots to war games and defeats them in mock battle.  Groove gets the best of Hot Rod, but then he is rescued by the Dinobots, who ambushed the team of Aerialbots and Protectobots.  As much as Hot Rod enjoyed winning, he feels that they shouldn’t be wasting their time with war games and should be out in the universe defeating the Decepticons.  He storms off in a temper tantrum.  


Rodimus Prime was shown in two stories in the G1 Marvel book.  First was a retelling of the Season 3 episode “The Big Broadcast of 2006” (I never understood why they adapted a random episode of the cartoon in the comic book).  The other time he was shown was in a story which took place in a possible future where Galvatron and the Decepticons defeated the Autobots and took over Earth.  Rodimus was kept prisoner, tied up between two skyscrapers.  Eventually Galvatron executes Rodimus.







IDW Re-Generation One

Decades after The Last Autobot restored Cybertron to a new golden age, Hot Rod is rumored to be “The Chosen One” and studies with Optimus Prime.  He craves contact with other Transformers and is excited when one day Kup and Ultra Magnus come to visit.  Hot Rod has grown tremendously in the last twenty years, he is more thoughtful, diplomatic, and less headstrong.  

Hot Rod is Optimus Prime’s primary contact to the outside world and not only learns about being a better Autobot, but learns about Optimus Prime as a fellow Transformer, not the flawless leader that everyone assumes that Optimus Prime is.  Ultra Magnus interrupts that particular lesson with important news, the Wreckers are on Earth and need back up.  Optimus takes a force of Autobots to save Earth, but leaves Hot Rod on Cybertron in command of the Autobots.  Optimus mentions that he senses true greatness in Hot Rod.  Hot Rod wonders if Optimus is planning to die on Earth.  

After Optimus leaves for Earth, Hot Rod has a vision where he is the sole inhabitant of Cybertron. In the vision, he is attacked by savage Cybertronian wolves. Hot Rod quickly wakes from this vision, unsure of what it meant.  Almost immediately, Blur approaches Hot Rod and tells him that the Decepticons have attacked the Hall of Silence.  Hot Rod quickly deduces that they are going after Thunderwing’s remains.  Hot Rod leads the investigation to find out who broke in and how they broke out.  Hot Rod continues to ask himself what Optimus Prime would do in this situation.

Hot Rod and Grapple are locked out of the Hall of Silence, and they debate if they should destroy the Hall to prevent any Decepticons from accessing Thunderwing’s remains.  The remains hold the last bit of Matrix Energy, and can be turned into a weapon.

Hot Rod orders a team of Autobots to explore the tunnels leading to the Primux chamber, which hasn’t had anyone inside of it since Bumblebee, Jazz, and Grimlock encountered Primus decades earlier.  He is hoping to find Primus and use his energy.  Crosshairs then goes to Hot Rod to tell him that Grimlock has returned from Nebulos.  Hot Rod takes a security force with him to the spaceport to “welcome” Grimlock back to Cybertron.  But Grimlock is considered a renegade now and has an arrest warrant in his name.  Hot Rod orders Crosshairs to arrest him.  Once Grimlock is in a holding cell, Hot Rod wants Perceptor to examine him to see how he purged the Nucleon from his system.  

Hot Rod sets up a temporary council of Autobots to govern while he investigates the Primus chamber.  While he is searching for Primus under Cybertron, the planet is being ravaged by Scorponok.  Scorponok found a way to change Autobots into Decepticons.  While underground, he encounters the same Proto-Cybertronians  which he saw in his vision.  He begins to fight them but is outnumbered.

He escapes into the tunnels and finds two Cybertronian artifacts; a sword and a golden disc, The Sword of Primus and The Covenant of Primus respectively.  He takes both and has another vision, this time showing him that the Proto-Cybertronians were some of Primus’ first creations.  Once he takes both artifacts, the Proto-Cybertronians stop attacking and start to bow down to Hot Rod.  Hot Rod leaves the catacombs to travel back to the surface of Cybertron.

While Hot Rod was exploring the catacombs of Cybertron, Scorponok almost conquered the planet with a device that transformed Autobots into Decepticons.  Hot Rod was one of the few who wasn’t effected by this device.  He meets with a council of Autobots to make a plan for the future of the race.  Perceptor explains that not only did most of the Autobots become Decepticons (temporarily), but some of them actually enjoyed it and there are going to be a lot of Autobots with psychological issues they will need to deal with.  
Hot Rod wants to integrate the Cyber Wolves into Autobot population.  He finds out that they were one of the first life forms which Primus created.  He also wants more Autobots to help him explore the catacombs under Cybertron.  Hot Rod walks through Iacon with Kup.  He tells Kup that he has been having visions of the future of Cybertron and will need Kup’s guidance more in the future.  When Hot Rod tells Kup that he wants to reveal his prophetic visions to the Autobot population, Kup advises him that it is too soon.  He continues to tell him that the Autobots are too vulnerable from almost being turned into Decepticons and they need to heal more.  Hot Rod continues to walk through Iacon and addresses the Autobots.  He receives criticism almost immediately from the crowd, they feel he should’ve prevented Scorponok from attempting to alter all of the Autobots into Decepticons.  He tells the crowd that he wants to incorporate the Proto-Cybertronians into the population of Autobots.  The crowd is against this and someone throws a grenade at Hot Rod.  Kup protects Hot Rod, but a riot starts.  Kup helps Hot Rod to safety.  

Hot Rod is almost disgusted at how violent the Autobots have become in the aftermath of Scorponok’s invasion.  Kup tells Hot Rod that he thinks Optimus Prime made a mistake in giving command of the Autobots to Hot Rod and it would be a good idea to give command to Ultra Magnus.  Hot Rod goes to contact Ultra Magnus when the Dinobots approach him.  They tell Hot Rod that they think Grimlock is still alive.  Their faith in something good restores Hot Rod’s morale.  He orders Ultra Magnus to spearhead the reconstruction of Iacon while he is away with the Dinobots.

Hot Rod takes the Sword and Covenant of Primus, and travels with the Dinobots to the catacombs of Cybertron to search for Grimlock.  They wind up in the Primus Chamber where Primus is remaining dormant (or possibly dead).  Hot Rod starts having a surreal out of body experience, feeling like he has been there before.  Hot Rod has a vision of numerous versions of him (Energon, Combiner Wars, Animated, and several other continuities in the Transformers Multiverse) standing in the chamber.  Hot Rod is awakened from his vision by Swoop narl who tells Hot Rod that they are surrounded by Proto-Cybertronians.  Hot Rod and the Dinobots make a tactical retreat, battling their way through the catacombs.  They eventually do find Grimlock in a mass grave of Proto-Cybertronians, but he is changed, he has been possessed by Primus.

Hot Rod talks to Grimlock-Primus, who explains to him that Primus cannot be killed and is above their perceptions.  He also tells Hot Rod that he is more than just “The Chosen One” but he is a Prime.  Primus’ time in Grimlock is limited, and he opens up a time portal which sucks Hot Rod into it.  Hot Rod disappears and Primus leaves Grimlock’s body.

Hot Rod travels through time, experiencing various battles and milestones which featured different corruptions of the Matrix and it’s energy.  He witnesses Jhiaxus in the Golden Age of Cybertron, going to Boltax and the creation of the Underbase.  He sees Jhiaxus kill the other creators so he can absorb the Underbase’s knowledge for himself.  He continues his voyage through time and sees the fate of Buster Witwicky and his girlfriend Jesse on Earth.  Buster and Jesse are killed by Megatron’s Zombie-Decepticon Ratbat.  He shifts through time again, now witnessing an alternate future where he was Rodimus Prime fighting Galvatron.  In this time, Ultra Magnus, Arcee (in her only Marvel G1 continuity appearance), Kup, and Springer were killed by Galvatron.  Rodimus Prime attempts to kill Galvatron in retaliation for killing his friends, but he is attacked by Scourge and Cyclonus before he can deliver the final blow. Galvatron recovers and kills Rodimus, causing his Matrix to fall to Hot Rod’s feet.

During Bludgeon’s invasion of Cybertron, Kup and the Wreckers infiltrate War World to disable Bludgeon’s battle drones.  Bludgeon attacks the Wreckers and is about to kill Kup.  Kup is saved by a familiar, yet different face, Rodimus Prime.  Hot Rod arrived on War World after traveling through time, but has merged with the Matrix of the future, becoming a Prime.  Rodimus battles Bludgeon hand to hand, and he is able to best the Decepticon master of martial arts.  Bludgeon asks Rodimus to kill him and Rodimus throws him through a window of War World, causing Bludgeon to burn up upon reentering Cybertron’s atmosphere.  Now that Bludgeon is defeated , Starscream attacks War World with the Ark.  War World takes significant damage and Rodimus Prime orders Kup and the Wreckers to leave.  He needs to pilot the massive warship away from Cybertron or the explosion will destroy Iacon, and all of the Autobots in it.  Rodimus Prime gets War World to a safe distance and escapes, saving Iacon and the Autobots.  The new Prime is then welcomed and accepted as the leader of the Autobots.

Rodimus Prime tours Iacon to see the damage.  Powerglide finds Bludgeon, still functioning, and brings Rodimus to him.  Bludgeon asks Rodimus to kill him, and Rodimus refuses.  He decides that since Bludgeon wanted to die in glory, it would be a fitting punishment to let him live.  Rodimus starts to take command of the Autobots and orders a number of different Autobots with different tasks to restore Iacon.

Rodimus calls a meeting with several Autobots to try to analyze the images he saw while traveling through time; Galvatron in the future, Jhiaxus in the past, a dark matrix creature, and Spike.  He names Bumblebee the leader of the team meant to investigate, and calls the team Zero Unit.  Peace doesn’t last very long, the next potential threat to the Autobots and Cybertron quickly emerges, Jhiaxus.  He arrives in Cybertron’s orbit and radios the Autobots that he comes in peace.  

Rodimus isn’t sure if he should trust Jhiaxus, so he has a meeting with Jhiaxus on his terms.  Rodimus also has Sureshot and Crosshairs (both Targetmasters) guarding him with sniper rifles.  Jhiaxus arrives to the meeting with his soldiers.  Rodimus Prime and Jhiaxus commune to Nova Point, the palace where Optimus Prime used to live.  Rodimus Prime isn’t the diplomat that Optimus was, he quickly and bluntly asks where Jhiaxus has been and why Primus would think that Jhiaxus is a threat.  Jhiaxus explains that for the last several million years, while the Autobots and Decepticons were fighting, he has been creating other Cybertrons in a more efficient way than Primus did.  He has been making a small empire and calls it “The Hub”.  Jhiaxus offers to bring the Autobots and Cybertron into The Hub, but Rodimus has a spark of insight.  He asks how many worlds that Jhiaxus cyberformed had life on them.  Jhiaxus asks him to define life.  Rodimus is disgusted, not only has Jhiaxus perverted the teachings of Primus, but Jhiaxus has taken innocent life.  Rodimus goes to attack Jhiaxus, which causes the cold Cybertronian to grab Rodimus Prime, threatening to kill him.  Jhiaxus tosses Rodimus Prime around the room of Nova Point, causing Bumblebee and several other Autobots to enter the room to help Rodimus.  Jhiaxus shoots Bumblebee, injuring him.  Jetfire flies into the room and he is shot as well.   Jhiaxus retreats to his flagship and the Autobots dig Rodimus Prime out of the rubble.  Nightbeat tells Rodimus that he was able to hack Jhiaxus’ data files and thinks he may have a way to destroy his soldiers.  Rodimus Prime says that next time he encounters Jhiaxus he will be prepared, and that he is going to take the fight to Jhiaxus.

Rodimus takes the Autobot fleet to The Hub and leads an attack on it.  He sends Ultra Magnus to lead the ground assault, but when they arrive, it looks like the planet is deserted.  Jetfire tells Rodimus that they underestimated how big The Hub actually is.  Rodimus starts to commit more Autobots to the attack, hoping he can get Jhiaxus’ attention and neutralize him..  Rodimus Prime has Nightbeat make a plan to separate the planets of The Hub.  It is unsuccessful and Jhiaxus watches them the entire time.  When they fail, Jhiaxus orders his forces to attack the Autobot Fleet.  The Fleet is no match for Jhiaxus’ soldiers.  They attack faster than the Autobots can react.  Jhiaxus’ fleet is overwhelming the Autobots, and Rodimus Prime surrenders.

After the Autobots are locked away, Jhiaxus demands Rodimus be brought to him.  Rodimus expects Jhiaxus to make him bow to the ancient Cybertronian, but instead, Jhiaxus asks Rodimus to rule with him.  Jhiaxus wants Rodimus to join him willingly, but threatens to either kill or reprogram all of the Autobots in captivity.  Before Rodimus can answer, The Hub falls victim to explosives triggered by The Wreckers.  Jhiaxus demands Rodimus orders the Wreckers to stand down, and kills two Autobots in front of him.  Rodimus tells Jhiaxus that he can’t, the Wreckers are an autonomous group that will only stop when they either complete their mission, or they die.  The Wreckers continue to fight all over The Hub and kill many of Jhiaxus’ soldiers.  Jhiaxus realizes that Rodimus Prime will never join with him and plans to kill him, and then take the Matrix Energy to create a new army.  Several of Jhiaxus’ soldiers take Rodimus to be harvested, but Rodimus shows that he was merely feigning defeat, he attacks and kills the group of soldiers who were supposed to take Rodimus to his doom.  He then frees the Autobots in captivity and tells Kup that when they return home, they will “have words”.  The Autobots leave The Hub as it is exploding, and they return to Cybertron.  On the way back to Cybertron, Rodimus Prime has a feeling that something bad is about to happen, and Primus is responsible.

On the approach to Cybertron, Blaster tells Rodimus Prime that there are no signals at all coming from the planet.  They arrive on Cybertron to find it looking corrupted and aged.  Kup knows that Rodimus has some idea of what has happened, and finally, all of the visions which Rodimus (even when he was Hot Rod), start to make sense.  He realizes that Primus has become somewhat corrupted and even possibly replaced by an evil entity.  He figures out that Jhiaxus was a pawn of a greater plan to have the Autobots leave Cybertron and now, it may be too late.  Suddenly, an evil creature, composed of dark Matrix energy (much like the creature that corrupted Thunderwing), attacks the Autobots, killing Slingshot and Hosehead.  Using his sonic abilities, Blaster captures one of the creatures, and Perceptor studies it.  They realize that the dark creatures are all altered Transformers, specifically the ones who remained on Cybertron when Rodimus Prime took the Autobot fleet to attack The Hub.  Rodimus quickly realizes that the only way to defeat these creatures is with The Sword of Primus.  He orders his fastest flier, Jetfire, to retrieve it for him.  The Autobots are outnumbered by the Dark Creatures, but are saved by Grimlock and the Dinobots.  Grimlock is immune to the Dark Creatures because he was inhabited by Primus earlier.  Rodimus stops Grimlock from killing the Dark Creatures, hoping they can be restored to their previous forms.  Jetfire then returns with The Sword of Primus.  Using the sword, Rodimus is able to project a force field which chases the dark creatures away.  He then starts his journey through Cybertron to get to Galvatron.  Galvatron is at the Space Bridge control room, making sure that the bridge between Earth and Nebulos stays open.  Rodimus attempts to fix the problem, and sends Ultra Magnus with the rest of the Autobots to fight Galvatron.

Rodimus heads into the multiverse stream into Zero, the place that took him on a journey through time and gave him the Matrix.  He encounters the corrupted Matrix Creature (the same one that corrupted Thunderwing) who reveals that it needs a Matrix to thrive and destroy the multiverse.  The Dark Matrix creature explains to Rodimus Prime that he has been waiting silently, planning, since right before Unicron was destroyed.  It inhabited one of the Cult of Unicron who fought against Optimus Prime and Scorponok and wound up slowly creating an army.  He stayed dormant until Scorponok killed The Last Autobot and became powerful again.  The Dark Matrix Creature realized that, to get all of the power he wanted, he had to conquer the multiverse.  The Dark Matrix Creature manifests three different Optimus Primes, Original, Powermaster, and the rebuilt by The Last Autobot versions.  The Dark Matrix Creature knows that he can only be stopped by a Prime and has the trio of Optimuses fight Rodimus, since the best way to defeat a Prime is with another Prime.  Rodimus defends himself, but is overwhelmed by the trio of Primes.  He doesn’t want to kill them because he knows that will feed into the Dark Matrix Creature’s plans.  He sends the Covenant of Primus into the multiverse so other versions of him can use it.  Rodimus continues to fight for his life against the trio of Optimus Primes, but he is barely holding on.  At the last minute, he is saved by an army of Rodimuses, (led by More than Meets the Eye Rodimus) from throughout the multiverse.  The Army of Rodimuses (or is it Rodimi?) coax the Dark Matrix Creature into battle as the main Rodimus Prime confers with Optimus Prime.  Optimus tells Rodimus that the Dark Matrix Creature cannot be destroyed, only contained, and Zero is the best place to contain it.  Rodimus plunges the Sword of Primus into the Dark Matrix Creature and contains it.  He and Optimus are transported to the Primus Chamber where Optimus dies (for real this time).  Rodimus sends the Autobots to live on Nebulos along with the survivors on Earth, but Rodimus remains on Cybertron so the Dark Matrix Creature will finally be contained and will never be a threat to anyone ever again.  He closes the multiverse portals, allowing each Rodimus to live up to their own destiny and lives out the rest of his years in solitude.

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Hot Rod is a brash impulsive young Autobot, but he is also very powerful for someone so young and inexperienced.  He is armed with 2 photon cannons, each wrist has 3 blasters, one hand can transform into a saw, and the other can transform into a welding torch.  He also can employ binoculars.  After becoming binary bonded with Firebolt, his firepower was also improved.  In vehicle mode, he is one of the fastest Autobots.

As Rodimus Prime, it is unknown if he kept his “hand tools” and binoculars.  He was armed with one large rifle and kept the wrist blasters.  He was able to transform into a winnebago whose trailer transformed into a battle platform.  He also had the Matrix of Leadership housed in his chest which increased his intelligence and enhanced his leadership abilities

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