G1 Cartoon Background -

In the G1 cartoon, Rumble is blue, Frenzy is red, so I’m going with that.

 Rumble was first shown in the first episode of Transformers when Starscream needs help gathering materials to build a new space cruiser on Earth.  Rumble was a very loyal member of the Decepticons.  

On their supply run, Starscream brags about how he is planning to overthrow Megatron.  Rumble warns him, telling Starscream that Megatron is a lot more powerful than Starscream.  Rumble then uses his pile drivers on an power plant, creating energy and raw materials for the Decepticons.  Rumble soon attacks an oil platform with the Decepticons.  He personally attacks Sparkplug Witwicky.  Spike tries to save his father, but Rumble slaps him away.  Sparkplug is able to free himself from Rumble and dives into the water to save Spike.  The Decepticons battle the Autobots, but they escape with their Energon after Megatron makes the oil rig collapse

Next, the Decepticons travel to Sherman Dam to harness it’s power.  Rumble is an important part of the plan, he goes underwater to create a tidal wave to overpower the dam.  Hound dives into the water to investigate.  Rumble and Hound battle underwater, but Rumble is able to overpower the Autobot with his pile drivers.  He leaves Hound underwater, covered by rocks and goes back to the surface.  He encounters Spike, who tries to stop him.  Rumble slaps him away.

During the battle at the Decepticon base, Rumble and Hound fight again.  This time, Hound has the upper hand.  Hound lifts Rumble over his head and throws him into a rock.  Then he starts repeatedly punching Rumble. Rumble escapes from Hound when Megatron orders the Decepticons to retreat into their spaceship.

Some time later, Megatron is stuck on Cybertron.  When he returns to Earth with the Space Bridge, Rumble and Laserbeak greet him.  Rumble then joins Megatron in attacking a laboratory to steal an Anti Matter formula.  Rumble is ordered to guard the laboratory while Megatron and the Decepticons create Energon Cubes with the Anti Matter.  Hound, Mirage, and Bumblebee are able to sneak passed Rumble

The Decepticons next scheme is to steal energy from the Earth’s core to make more Energon.  They start in the Arctic.  They wind up causing the entire planet to start to cool down.  Rumble uses his pile drivers to make tunnels for the Decepticons.  Rumble causes a small cave in, and he and Skywarp are covered in snow and ice.  Starscream reprimands them for lying down on the job.  The cave in exposes something that the Decepticons weren’t expecting, a large robot trapped in the ice.  Megatron orders Starscream to dig the robot out.  The robot is Skyfire who then joins the Decepticons.  While Skyfire fights the Autobots, Rumble, Soundwave, and Reflector create more Energon Cubes.

Rumble joins the Decepticons when they attack a dam for it’s energy.  When the Autobots attack, Rumble helps power up Megatron’s cannon, sending the Autobots crashing into the water. The Decepticons bind the Autobots with energy chains, and prepare to destroy them.  The Autobots are saved when Wheeljack and the Dinobots join the fight.  Rumble uses his pile drivers to create a fissure, hoping to damage Sludge.  Sludge steps away from the crack in the ground, and creates his own fissure with his feet.  Rumble is knocked to the ground and his arms fall off.

Megatron orders Soundwave and Rumble to infiltrate the Ark.  Megatron sent the Seekers to India to get the Autobots out of their headquarters.  Rumble uses his pile drivers to create an earthquake inside of the Ark.  The Autobots find Rumble and Sideswipe is about to fire on the small Decepticon.  Before he can, Ravage attacks Sideswipe.  Ravage clamps onto Sideswipe’s arm, but he is able to shake Ravage loose and throws him into a wall.  Laserbeak then flies into the Ark to kidnap Sparkplug.  Once that objective was completed, the Decepticons retreat.

The Decepticons are successful in activating the Space Bridge.  It brings Cybertron to Earth and causes numerous natural disasters across the globe.  Rumble is about to attack the Autobots with his pile drivers, but Cybertron’s gravity causes an earthquake that swallows him before he can attack.

Rumble becomes an overseer of the mind controlled slaves for Megatron.  He likes to have some sadistic fun with them.  He trips slaves and then threatens them for lying down on the job.  When a tidal wave approaches Megatron’s Sea Funnel (a device which will use turbines fueled by the tidal wave to create Energon Cubes), Rumble reports to Megatron that the Autobots are riding the tidal wave on surfboards.  After the Decepticons retreat with a ship filled with Energon, the Autobots catch up with them on a tropical island.  Mirage sneaks onto the Decepticon ship to get the mind controlled slaves to safety and Rumble shoots him in the back.  Rumble uses his pile drivers to create an earthquake to attack Bumblebee.  Bumblebee grabs a vine and avoids the attack.  He then swings to Rumble and knocks him into a hole.  The Autobots destroy Megatron’s ship, and the explosion from the Energon Cubes inside the ship knock Cybertron out of Earth’s orbit.  Megatron is assumed to have died in the explosion.

Now that Megatron is thought to be dead, the Decepticons fight with each other.  Rumble and Skywarp start to beat each other up.  Megatron reveals to the Decepticons that he is alive and everyone stops fighting.  Megatron leads the Decepticons to Dr. Arkeville’s lab.  While the Decepticons are flying to the lab, Rumble notices that the Autobots are following them.  The Decepticons fight the Autobots, and the Decepticons retreat after Megatron is thrown in a lake.  The Decepticons take to the air again and lead the Autobots into a canyon filled with quicksand.  As the Autobots are sinking, the Decepticons reach Dr. Arkeville’s secret laboratory.  Soon after arriving, Rumble notifies Megatron that the Autobots are approaching.  Rumble and Megatron exit the lab to investigate.  Once Megatron leaves the lab, Optimus Prime hits him with an upper cut.  Megatron grabs a rock, and throws it at Optimus, but Optimus Prime dodges it.  Rumble gets knocked down by the rock.  Then Megatron and Rumble fire at Optimus while they retreat into the lab.  

Megatron challenges Optimus Prime to a one on one battle based on an ancient Cybertronian law.  The law states that the leaders of two armies can fight each other without assistance to end a war.  The loser is exiled into space and the winner gets to stay on whichever planet he wants.  Megatron plans to cheat and uses a device to take the unique abilities from his Decepticons and puts it into him.  Rumble gives Megatron the ability to create earthquakes.

When the Decepticons gain control of Wheeljack’s invention, the Immobilizer, Rumble uses a remote control to attack the Autobots with it.  His first target was Bluestreak. Then, Gears falls victim to the device.  Megatron orders Rumble to target Optimus Prime (who when you think of it, really should have been the first target).  Before he can fire, Jazz distracts the Decepticons with lights and music.  Carly emerges from a tunnel Brawn dug and reverses the Immobilizer.  The Decepticons retreat after Ironhide smashes the Immobilizer.

The Decepticons create a base in a desert valley to create Energon Cubes.  When the Autobots attack, Rumble fires his blaster at Cliffjumper.  The Decepticons force the Autobots to retreat to prevent the Electro Cells from exploding.

Rumble goes with the Decepticons to Japan to steal an advanced robot named Nightbird.  He uses his pile drivers to cause damage to the auditorium.  He is assisted by Frenzy and later Laserbeak.  The battle ends when Starscream, Thundercracker, and Skywarp rip the ceiling off of the building and steal Nightbird.  Once Nightbird is stolen, the rest of the Decepticons retreat.

Rumble fights under Starscream’s command against the Autobots in a valley filled with energy crystals. The battle is short because Megatron had hidden motives for the fight.

Soundwave sends Rumble and Ravage to fight Wheeljack, Spike, and Bumblebee in Atlantis.  Rumble learns that Starscream’s claims of Nergil’s treachery was accurate when Nergil tries to destroy Atlantis.  Nergil is going to detonate all of the Energon that the Atlanteans and Decepticons were storing in the city.  Rumble uses his pile drivers to knock Nergil off of his feet.  Nergil still is able to detonate the energy caches and all of the Transformers retreat from the city.

Soundwave sends Rumble and Laserbeak to assist the seekers when they attack the Autobots outside of the Ark.  Rumble sees Skywarp’s unsuccessful attempt and tries to attack the two Autobots.  He uses his pile drivers to open up the ground under Optimus Prime and Ratchet.  They fall into the pit that Rumble created.  After Megatron and Starscream sabotage the Autobots’ recharging stations, the Decepticons retreat.

When the Decepticons travel to South America to investigate the remains of a crashed Decepticon space craft, Rumble joins them.  The Decepticons use their weapons to clear a path for Megatron to travel to the crash site.  Rumble taunts Starscream when he fires his blaster at trees and misses.  The Decepticons continue on their journey through the jungle  When they reach the crash site, they fire their weapons at the humans studying the ship to scare them away.  Megatron takes a part from the ship and uses it to add to his destructive power.  Alone, Megatron injures most of the Autobots.  The Autobots escape after shooting a hill and creating a rock slide that buries the Decepticons temporarily.  The night after the Decepticons dig themselves out of the rubble, they gather and drink Energon Cubes together in the desert.  The Decepticons predict they will finally defeat the Autobots.

Rumble and Frenzy join Megatron on a mission to take control of oil tankers using control chips.  Rumble loads the control chips into his gun and shoots them at the boats.  Later, Rumble helps defend the Decepticon oil platform from an Autobot attack.  He brings up old rivalries when he fights Hound.  The brief battle ends when Laserbeak grabs Spike and the Autobots surrender to protect him.  Rumble and Ravage stand outside of the cell to guard the Autobot prisoners.  Spike finds an electromagnet in the rubble in their cell.  He uses it to restrain Rumble and Ravage so the Autobots can escape.  Optimus Prime leads a team of Autobots to the oil platform once Hound, Skyfire, and Spike disable the shield around the platform.  After a brief battle, the Decepticons retreat and Megatron uses explosives to destroy the oil platform.

Megatron allies himself with a human to destroy the credibility of the Autobots and make them seem evil.  The Autobots are given a trial and found guilty.  They are exiled from the Earth forever.  Now that the Earth is accepting the Decepticons, Soundwave, , Laserbeak and Ravage go to a night club and entertain the guests.  Rumble seems to enjoy the fame more than the other Decepticons.  He dances with the teenagers in the club.  After Megatron reveals his true motives, he enslaves the citizens of Central City.  Rumble oversees the slaves at an oil refinery and he uses the oil to make Energon Cubes.  Rumble soon joins Soundwave at a power plant where Spike and Chip are slaves.  Spike rolls a wagon filled with Energon Cubes into Rumble so Chip can escape.

The Autobots create a weapon called The Negavator and are testing it on a military base.  The Decepticons want the weapon so Megatron sends Soundwave to steal it.  Soundwave deploys Rumble, Frenzy, Buzzsaw, and Ravage to provide support for his mission.  Rumble, Frenzy, and Ravage stand outside of the door where the Autobots are emerging.  They fire their weapons at the incoming Autobots.  Soundwave is unable to get close enough to the Negavator to steal it, so he contacts Rumble, Frenzy, and Ravage to help him.  Rumble and Frenzy work together to capture the Negavator.  Soundwave orders Rumble to eliminate the Autobots, and Rumble asks what Soundwave thinks he’s trying to do.   Frenzy shoulder checks Optimus Prime and makes him fall to the ground.  Rumble races towards the Negavator and gets inside.  He targets Optimus Prime, but Frenzy calls out to Rumble to let him retreat before Rumble fires.  As Rumble is about to activate the cannon of the Negavator, Inferno arrives on the battlefield and shorts out the Negavator.  As Rumble is flying away, he shoots a missile inside of the Autobot bunker and Red Alert is damaged.  Megatron and Rumble stand above the Autobots while they drive in a desert canyon to get back to base.  Rumble accidentally kicks a few small rocks into the canyon and Megatron berates him for being clumsy.  The Decepticons try to ambush the Autobots and steal the Negavator, but they are unable to.

The Decepticons travel to Manhattan to transform it into a city of steel.  When the Autobots arrive in Central Park, Soundwave, Rumble, and Frenzy ambush them.  Rumble and Frenzy use their pile drivers to create an earthquake that knocks the Autobots down.

Rumble attempts to defend the Decepticon base in an airport when the Dinobots invade.  Rumble tries to hit Snarl with a barrel, but Snarl swipes his tail at Rumble.  Rumble drops the barrel and it causes a lot of barrels to roll towards Thundercracker, Thrust, and Skywarp and they fall to the ground.  Rumble is about to use his pile drivers to fight Snarl, but the Dinobot hits Rumble with his tail and he flies into Megatron.  Megatron calls Rumble a fool and throws Rumble aside.  The Decepticon base was destroyed, but the Dinobots were defeated in battle.  The Decepticons are forced to fly away to regroup.  While the Decepticons are flying in formation, out of no where, they start to fall to the ground.  The Decepticons are losing their ability to fly.  Rumble loses control of his body and starts to attack Megatron with his pile drivers.

Starscream fights Warpath and Hoist by Stonehenge.  Ramjet, Rumble, and Ravage are providing back up for Starscream.  Warpath deflects and attack from Ramjet, and the Decepticons fall off a cliff.  Starscream wants to retreat so they can recharge and get repairs.  Rumble stops them from leaving when he detects strange energy emanating from the stones.  Rumble starts to examine runes on a stone.  The Decepticons sense energy.   Starscream swats Rumble out of the way so he could be the first to have the energy.  The Decepticons are transported back in time to 543 AD.   At first, the Decepticons don’t know that they are back in time.  Soon, they encounter two knights on horses, who Rumble thinks are actually Autobots.  Starscream and Ramjet reveal themselves and protect Rumble from the knights.  The Knights think that they are enemy knights.  One of the knights removes his helmet and the Decepticons learn that they aren’t robots.   The knight introduces himself as Sigund of Blackthorne, which means nothing to the Decepticons. Blackthrone tells them the year and the Decepticons realize that they are back in time.  Princess Nimue is spying on the Decepticons and Ravage detects her.  The knights and Ravage try to catch her.  Starscream tells Ramjet and Rumble to stay back so they can conserve their energy.  The Decepticons wind up allying themselves with an evil lord.  Ramjet and Rumble become his knights so he can peacefully take over the rightful King’s land.  Ramjet transforms and Rumble rides him like a horse so he can joust.  The King and Rumble joust, and the king is victorious.  Rumble crashes through Ramjet’s canopy. Starscream kidnaps Princess Nimue to use as a bartering tool in the future. Starscream and the Decepticons keep the princess a prisoner in Blackthorne’s castle.  Starscream is obviously very weak and he tells Blackthorne that he gives the orders now.  Starscream steals all of Blackthorne’s gold so he can make wire to recharge the Decepticons.   Rumble wants to recharge first, but Starscream won’t let him.  Rumble is feeling weak and tells Starscream to hurry up.   After Starscream recharges, he decides to make gun powder, but he needs potassium nitrate..  A bird poops on his head and he realizes that bird feces has potassium nitrate in it.  He commands Rumble to collect bird dung.  Rumble returns to the castle covered in feces carrying a big pot of feces.  Starscream prepares his slaves for the inevitable battle by creating catapults that launch explosives at the King’s army and the Autobots.  Rumble stands in a turret and knocks bricks off of it onto the Autobots and humans.  Warpath tries to bat the falling bricks away with a log.  A wizard arrives on the battlefield and changes the tide of the battle.  He uses lightning to recharge the Autobots.  Hoist deploys a cable from his vehicle mode and captures Starscream’s primitive energy device.  He wraps the cable around  Rumble and Ramjet and launches it into Starscream.  The Autobots defeat the Decepticons and capture them.  A wizard guides the Autobots, Decepticons, and Spike back to the time portal, but now it is guarded by a dragon.  The dragon is defeated and everyone returns to the proper time.

Soundwave and Rumble work together to load stolen cars into a Decepticon fortress.  Megatron plans to convert the stolen cars into weapons to fight the Autobots.  Tracks infiltrates the fortress.  When he tries to escape, Rumble and Ravage chase him.  The Autobots come to save Tracks and Jazz scares Rumble off by firing at him.

Megatron sends Starscream, Rumble, Astrotrain, and Ramjet to Cybertron to help Shockwave capture (or destroy) the Female Autobots.  Once the Decepticons arrive on Cybertron, Shockwave gives them the coordinates of the female Autobots’ base. Starscream leads the small band of Decepticons to attack the hidden headquarters.  The female Autobot base is well hidden.  Rumble uses his pile drivers to create an earthquake to force the fembots out of hiding.  Rumble’s pile drivers cause the female Autobot base to fall in on itself.  Elita-1 was already above ground scouting for a new base, so she fires at the Decepticons to get Rumble to stop.  Starscream orders Rumble to keep creating tremors while Astrotrain deals with Elita-1.  The battle ends when Starscream uses his null ray to incapacitate Elita-1.  Starscream assumes that the tribe of female Autobots were destroyed by Rumble’s earthquake.  The Decepticons capture Elita-1 and later Optimus Prime.  The Decepticons hold Optimus Prime above a vat of acid, and when ordered, Rumble cuts the chain suspending Optimus Prime in the air with an energy sword.  The Decepticons think that Optimus Prime is dead, but he was saved by Elita-1 when she stopped time.  Later, all of the Decepticons fight the female Autobots and several Earth based Autobots.  The Decepticons are forced to return to Earth inside of Astrotrain.

In Shuttle mode, Astrotrain transports Megatron, Soundwave, Dirge, and Rumble to the planet of Tlalakan to quel a slave revolt.  Some time ago, Megatron conquered the planet and left a sentient computer named Deceptitran in charge to make Energon Cubes.  The Decepticons pursue the Autobots and capture Bumblebee.  The other Autobots make a stronger alliance with the Tlalakans.  The Autobots give the Tlalakans tactics to fight the Decepticons with.  The rebels use crude explosives to attack the Decepticon fortress and Rumble notices that the natives have been given Autobots weapons.   Megatron orders that all of the Decepticons take advantage of the situation.  They no longer have to search the planet for the Tlalakan rebels, the rebels have come to them. Rumble flies into the air with the rest of the Decepticons to end the rebel uprising.  After Laserbeak reports to Megatron the location of the rebels’ kingdom, Rumble swims with the other Decepticons to destroy it.  Rumble is the first to fire at the castles.  The kingdom is starting to be destroyed, but Seaspray wants to help.  Unfortunately, he has used the Well of Transformation to become organic and has no weapons to fight the Decepticons with.   Seaspray and Alana try to escape and Megatron sends Rumble to follow them.  While firing his blaster, Rumble chases Seaspray and Alana to the Well of Transformation.  Rumble corners them and is about to open fire.  The Well of Transformation starts to effect him.  Alana takes advantage of this and tricks Rumble into reformatting himself into a tree.  By the end of the episode, he falls into the Well of Transformation and his robot form is restored.

The Decepticons learn that the Autobots are at a movie studio, acting in a movie.  Rumble replaces the pyrotechnics with actual explosives.  Later, when Megatron, Soundwave, and Rumble are searching the studio for Spike and Carly, Rumble mistakes robotic puppets of Dinosaurs as the Dinobots and shoots them.    Hoist devises a way to make the Decepticons think that the film was destroyed so they give up and go back to base.

The Decepticons attack an Autobot convoy which is protecting a delivery of super fuel.  The Autobots are able to evade the air based Decepticons, and Rumble comments that the Decepticons aren’t able to drive.  This inspires Megatron to create the Stunticons.  Megatron starts a campaign to steal cars to create the Stunticons with.  Rumble flies to a race track and steals a race car which Megatron turns into Drag Strip.  He also steals a smugglers tractor trailer to be turned into Motormaster, and a bank robbers car which is turned into Dead End.  It is fair to assume that Rumble also stole the cars which were turned into Breakdown and Wildrider, but that was done off screen.  After Megatron modifies the cars to be the Stunticons, Rumble watches their test run.  Rumble also follows Megatron to Cybertron so the Stunticons can gain their own personalities from Vector Sigma.   The Decepticons reach Vector Sigma’s chamber in the catacombs of Cybertron.  They find that the chamber is guarded by Centurion Droids .  Megatron orders Rumble and Soundwave to open fire on the droids, but their lasers have no effect. Ravage joins the fight and pounces on one of the droids.  The droid tosses Ravage aside and continues marching towards the Decepticons.  Rumble runs to the same droid and shoots it with his laser at point blank range.  The assault doesn’t even slow the droid down and it grabs Rumble and starts to choke him.  Rumble wiggles free and is tossed to the side.  Megatron reveals that he has ownership of the Key to Vector Sigma.  The droids stop attacking and bow to Megatron.  Megatron commands the droids to attack any Autobot who is on the surface of Cybertron.

Astrotrain transports the Decepticons into space so they can explore.  From inside, Rumble warns Astrotrain about flying safely in an asteroid field.  The Decepticons come across a planet called Antilla which has an immense glowing Autobot Logo shining from the surface.  The logo is so big that the Decepticons can see it from space.  Rumble didn’t know that the Autobots have ventured so far away from Cybertron.  When Astrotrain lands, they find that the colony is completely deserted.  There are no traces of any Autobots.  Rumble feels a little uncomfortable.   The Decepticons find a large pillar in the middle of the city.  .  Starscream discovers and activates a communication device.  Starscream is able to activate a holographic recording made by an ancient, dying Autobot covered in rust.  The hologram warns the Decepticons to leave the colony right away or they will never be able to return to Cybertron again.   It continues to warn them that if they stay, they will rust and turn to dust (the Autobot in the recording spoke in rhyme).  Rumble and Astrotrain take the warning to heart and want to leave right away.  Megatron thinks that it is a trick meant to keep something hidden.  The Decepticons continue to explore the colony and find a Lightning Bug weapon.  Starscream climbs up stairs to activate it.  He struggles to get it loose but Rumble helps.  Megatron is bored by their attempt and walks up to the Lightning Bug.  Megatron is able to open up the Lightning Bug to activate it.  Once activated, the Lightning Bug unleashes a torrent of energy that burns a hole in the chamber’s ceiling.  The energy escapes the building and fills the colony’s sky with purple lightning.  After an impressive display of destructive power, the Lightning Bug turns itself off.   The Decepticons load the Lightning Bug into Astrotrain and they start to fly back to Earth.  Rumble is very happy to leave the colony.  An asteroid starts to follow Astrotrain , so Megatron unleashes the power of the Lightning Bug on it. The asteroid explodes and it winds up ripping a hole in Astrotrain’s hull.  Once the asteroid pierces Astrotrain, a large chunk of it gets caught in Megatron’s shoulder.

Rumble is at a Decepticon gathering so Megatron can make a plan to decimate Starscream and the Combaticons.

Rumble goes to Iran with the Decepticons when they ally themselves with King Ali.  Rumble and Frenzy load materials into a large purple griffin and manage the Iranian workers building drone planes for Megatron.  While the Aerialbots are attacking, Rumble and Frenzy pilot Megatron’s flying griffin fortress.

Marvel G1 Comic Background -

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IDW Regeneration One Background -

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IDW Background -

Rumble was a mine worker with Megatron before the war.  They were stationed in Energon Mine C-12.  After a failed riot, Rumble is sent to penal colony h-3.  His plucky attitude gets him in trouble and he starts a fight with a fellow inmate.  During the fight, Rumble uses his pile drivers as a weapon.

Later, the prison ship is hijacked and the prisoners hide in Kaon, the most dangerous city on Cybertron.  He is in the crowd when Megatron fights CyKill and kills him.  He later becomes Megatron’s ally in battle.  Megatron orders Rumble and Frenzy to be modified so they can work with Soundwave.

Rumble is tasked by Soundwave to help him escape from the Autobots.  Rumble uses his pile drivers to make a building fall down on Prowl and Ironhide.

Optimus sneaks through the alleyway but is shot in the back by Soundwave.  Soundwave ejects Rumble (who is black in this issue) and tells him to rip out Optimus Prime’s eyes.  Optimus is saved when Ironhide arrives.  Ironhide drives over Ravage, slams into Soundwave, and punches Rumble.

Rumble switches colors with Frenzy in the All Hail Megatron series.  After the Decepticons take over New York City, Rumble practices his marksmanship on a VW Bug (who isn’t the real Bumblebee).

Rumble (who is still black and red in this story) continues to torment the humans in New York City.  He uses his pile drivers on buildings while chasing humans.  Spike Witwicky tries to engage Rumble.  He crashes through a window of a building on a motorcycle and shoots at Rumble with a pistol.  Rumble chases him and makes him flip over by flicking the motorcycle.  A member of the human resistance shoots Rumble in the face with a bazooka and saves Spike.

Starscream rallies the Decepticon forces to back up Devestator.  Starscream transforms into jet mode and helps Devestator, Rumble, Blitzwing, and Astrotrain keep the Autobots pinned down.

In shuttle mode, Astrotrain transports the Decepticons away from Earth.    Soundwave and his cassettes are guarding him.  Soundwave tells Starscream that Megatron is not dead and his spark still lives.  Rumble tells Starscream that Megatron’s brain still has activity as well.  Starscream commends Soundwave for being a good adviser to Megatron and tries to convince Soundwave that keeping Megatron alive is a waste of energy.  Energy that can be used to make the other Decepticons stronger.  Soundwave refuses to let Megatron die.

Three years after Megatron is defeated, the Decepticons have scattered around the universe.  Most of them are living on an asteroid.  Tensions are high and Rumble and Kickback fight each other.  Later, Kickback, Shrapnel,  Needlenose, and Rumble hunt Dreadwind for taking too much of the Decepticons’ Energon Rations.  Pounce finds Dreadwind and restrains him.  Kickback goes to Dreadwind, who blames Darkwing for taking the Energon, not himself.  Dreadwind tries to reason with the Decepticon hunting party, but they want to kill him.  Dreadwind lifts up his boot and uses his thruster to attack the other Decepticons.  The Decepticons kill Dreadwind.

There are protests outside of the Skywatch base which are ended when Soundwave, Rumble, and Frenzy attack.  Ultra Magnus, Brawn, and Bluestreak go outside to battle the Decepticons.  The Autobots struggle to cover their “ears”.  Blitzwing and the Stunticons join the fight.  Blitzwing gets Scrapper’s dead body from storage and the Stunticons kill several Skywatch agents.

(To be continued)

Abilities -

Rumble was able to transform his arms into powerful piledrivers. These piledrivers were able to create earthquakes

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