G1 Cartoon Background -

Scorponok was a mindless city sized Transformer in the G1 Cartoon.  His entire personality was based on his partner, Zarak.  He was constructed from Hive City and was introduced in the second part of the three episode finale, The Rebirth.  
When the Autobots attempt to attack the Decepticon Headmasters and Targetmasters to recover the Key to the Plasma Energy Chamber.  After the Arcee gets it back, Scorponok rises from the ground and with little effort, he defeats the team of Autobots. He targets Arcee, who has the Key to the Plasma Energy Chamber and captures her.  Scorponok then transforms into city mode and flies back to Cybertron with the Decepticons inside of him.  When Scorponok arrives on Cybertron, most of the Autobots are deactivated.  The few that remain are dispatched by the Decepticon Headmasters and Targetmasters.  Zarak/Scorponok and Galvatron form an alliance with each other.  Inside of Scorponok, Zarak gets the key to the plasma energy chamber from Arcee.  With the Key now in Decepticon possession, Galvatron plans to open the chamber to make the Earth’s sun go supernova.  Scorponok becomes the new base for the Decepticons on Cybertron.  The Nebulan partners of the Autobot Headmasters and Targetmasters attack Scorponok without their Autobot partners.  They want to destroy the Key before the Decepticons can use it.  The Autobots are captured inside of Scorponok, but then Fortress Maximus arrives.  The two city sized Transformers battle each other in their city mode (it actually looked a lot cooler in the cartoon than you’d think).  The Plasma Energy Chamber is about to open and Galvatron commands Scorponok to hurry.  Scorponok transforms into scorpion mode and attacks Fortress Maximus.  Scorponok uses his tail to fire on Cerebros causing Fortress Maximus to fire a volley of missiles at Scorponok.   Scorponok transforms into robot mode and Zarak forms his head.  Fortress Maximus transforms into robot mode and the two cityformers circle each other.  Scorponok is the first to attack, he claws at Fort Max and then fires missiles at him.  Fortress Maximus is knocked down.  Scorponok gets on top of Fortress Maximus and slashes at the Autobot over and over.  He grabs a building to use as a weapon, but Zarak starts to taunt Fortress Maximus and Spike.  Fortress Maximus takes advantage of the brief respite and punches Scorponok.  Fort Max gets up and continues his attack.  Scorponok transforms back into City Mode and Fortress Maximus follows.  Cerebros then attacks Scorponok to rescue the captive Autobots and Daniel Witwicky.  The Plasma Energy Chamber opens and Galvatron, along with the rest of the Decepticons, use Scorponok to retreat.  As Scorponok starts to fly, it is hit by a stream of Plasma Energy, sending him into space  The Decepticons travel space inside of Scorponok and there is no more story after that.

Marvel G1 Comic Background -

Another Decepticon who was vastly different from his Cartoon Portrayal was Scorponok.  Aside for being much smaller than his Cartoon Portrayal, he was a mindful leader who eventually took over all of The Decepticons and actually became a true friend to Optimus Prime.

Scorponok was another powerful Decepticon leader who stayed on Cybertron when Megatron left.  He led a large force of Decepticons and was known for taking Autobot prisoners for slave labor.  His “arch-enemy” was Fortress Maximus.

Scorponok notices that for a long time there has been no sight of Fortress Maximus’ Autobots.  Cyclonus notifies him of an unintelligible transmission from Nebulos. When translated, Scorponok finds out that Fortress Maximus has left Cybertron to go to Nebulos and one of their leaders, Lord Zarak is asking for help in removing the Autobots.  Scorponok takes his Decepticons to Nebulos, not only to kill Fortress Maximus and his Autobots, but also to enslave the Nebulos population.  A few days later, Scorponok and his fleet ascend on Nebulos and meet with Lord Zarak.  Scorponok says he will eliminate the Autobots and he travels to the capital city of Nebulos where he quickly attacks with other Decepticons.  After besieging the planet, Scorponok finds where his nemesis Fortress Maximus is.  He takes a squadron of Decepticons to attack but are quickly defeated because several of the Autobots have been transformed into Headmasters, increasing their power.  Scorponok fights off Chromdome and Brainstorm on his own in scorpion mode, but the Autobot Headmasters are too strong.  He orders the Decepticons to retreat.

Scorponok kidnaps Lord Zarak and his fellow conspirators to the Decepticon Base.  He plans to use them as subjects in weapons testing, but then Apeface and Snapdragon return to the base after being defeated by the Autobot Headmasters.  In a fit of rage, Scorponok destroys the cage holding Lord Zarak and threatens to kill him.  Zarak shows no fear and this impresses Scorponok.  Zarak suggests that he works with Scorponok and the Decepticons, but Scorponok has a different idea of what cooperation should be.  Scorponok uses Lord Zarak to lure the Autobot Headmasters to the Decepticon base, when the Autobots arrive, The Decepticons exit, without heads.  Scorponok bonded himself with Zarak and other Decepticons followed suit.  The newly minted Decepticon Headmasters attack the Autobots with a Nebulan hovercraft, filled with politicians watching.  Scorponok is now more than evenly matched with The Autobots and Fortress Maximus, he has become their superior.  Scorponok has Mindwipe control the minds of the Nebulans who were watching and demands they go into the Decepticon base.  The Nebulans are encased in bubbles (strong bubbles) and Zarak’s mind overwhelms Scorponok’s.  Zarak (who is Scorponok’s Headmaster) sees his daughter Llyra in danger and wants to help her, Scorponok quickly regains control and allows all of the Nebulans to remain threatened.  Fortress Maximus saves Llyra and Scorponok uses this distraction as the opening he needed to win the battle.  He orders the Decepticons to fire on the Autobot Headmasters, disabling them.

With The Autobot Headmasters defeated, Scorponok is able to take over Nebulos.  Scorponok’s first target is the Monsterbots.  To prevent further damage to Nebulos, the Monsterbots retreat back to the Autobot Commune run by Kup.  Scorponok learns of a group of Nebulan Freedom Fighters who have allied themselves with the peaceful Autobots who have gone to a large garden to get supplies.  Scorponok takes his forces to the garden expecting an easy victory against the weaponless Autobots.  They surprise him by revealing to Scorponok they are Targetmasters.  Not only do they have weapons, but the Binary Bonded Nebulans make the Autobots have stronger firepower and better accuracy.   The Autobots have the upper hand again against the Decepticons, but the battle is causing a lot of damage to the garden.  The Autobots realize they have to keep the moral high ground and retreat.  Zarak’s mind starts to show itself again.  He starts to realize that allying himself with the Decepticons could destroy all of Nebulos.  Back at the Decepticon base, Vorath informs Zarak and Scorponok that he replicated the Targetmaster technology and formed The Decepticon Targetmasters.  Starting to regret his decision to ally himself with the Decepticons, Zarak defies Scorponok and frees the Nebulan parts of the Autobot Headmasters from their Decepticon prison.  At this point, Scorponok starts to exert more control onto Zarak’s mind.  Zarak finds himself drawn to the Decepticons and Scorponok.  Together, Scorponok and Zarak lead the Decepticon forces to battle with the Autobots.  The capital city starts to get destroyed by the battle and the Autobots retreat back to the commune in the wilderness and they leave Nebulos for Earth.  Scorponok and his army follow Maximus to Earth.

When Scorponok gets to Earth, his first stop is The Ark which has been abandoned.  They are watched by Spike Witwicky who was on The Ark looking for his brother Buster.  Spike is the first human to quickly realize the difference between Autobots and Decepticons, and he tries to alert Fortress Maximus and the Autobot Headmasters that Scorponok is on The Ark.  Scorponok then notices Spike and tries to interrogate him.  Fortress Maximus comes back and saves Spike.  This insights a battle between the Autobots and Decepticons aboard the abandoned Ark.  The Autobots prevail in the battle, and Scorponok sneaks off while his forces continue to battle the Autobots.  He finds Spike in the lower levels of the volcano which houses The Ark and starts attacking him.  Fortress Maximus finds his nemesis and engages him in battle to save Spike.  Both leaders wind up separating their heads from their body and in their Nebulan forms, Lord Zarak and Galen fight.  Galan is killed in the process of saving Spike and Lord Zarak re-combines with Scorponok and leaves.

Scorponok needs more troops, so he creates the Decepticon Pretenders.  They are Decepticon warriors who are covered by an organic armor. He sends them to a genetic lab and they battle the Autobot Pretenders.   Scorponok finds out about a virus in the Decepticon computers, and that virus is a computer generated Optimus Prime.  Scorponok enters the virtual reality of the Decepticon computer and engages the Avatar of Optimus Prime.  Scorponok winds up getting caught in a feedback surge and has to leave cyberspace.

After his digital defeat, in human guise, Zarak forms The Z Corp and along with other Decepticon affiliated Nebulans, uses the legitimate business to scheme against Autobots.  When a group of human bounty hunters, hired by Z Corp, try to double cross Zarak, he uses the full might of Scorponok to exact his revenge.

After Ratbat moves the Decepticon base of operations to the Arctic, in search of The Underbase, Starscream invites Scorponok to meet with him and unite their forces.  The alliance hits a bumpy patch when Buster Witwicky accidentally lets Scorponok know that Ratbat is seeking the Underbase and the two commanders start to argue, ultimately causing both teams of Decepticons to fight with each other.  During the battle, Predacon Tantrum attacks Scorponok.  In Scorpion mode, Scorponok grabs Tantrum and rips him apart, but doesn’t kill him.  The battle ends when Starscream steals Scorponok’s ship to intercept the Underbase himself.  Scorponok and Ratbat then unite their forces as one.

The Decepticons didn’t have to wait long for their next battle.  Through the manipulations of Starscream, the Autobots come to the arctic.  The Decepticons take advantage of this and ambush the Autobots, killing many of them.  Ratbat realizes that both Decepticon and Autobot have been manipulated by Starscream and calls for a cease-fire.  The new alliance travels into space to track down Starscream.  When they find him, they discover he has already started to merge with the Underbase.  Starscream destroys the Decepticon Spacecraft and heads back to Earth.  Aboard the Ark, the combined forces of the Autobots and Decepticons follow him and break into combat groups to spread their strength across the globe.  Scorponok is partnered with Grimlock to defend Tokyo and their team has many casualties and injuries.  Scorponok and the Decepticon Pretenders are the only survivors.  Scorponok and Ratbat go back to the Ark where they find Hi-Q and Optimus Prime making a weapon to defeat Starscream.  In pure Decepticon fashion, they assume Optimus is looking to double cross them, plotting to take the power of the Underbase for himself.  After Optimus explains his plan, Scorponok kills Ratbat, saving Hi-Q and Buster, but he wants to harness the Underbase energy for himself.  He attacks Optimus and goes out into space to gain the power of the Underbase.  Optimus quickly recovers and attacks Scorponok in space, causing him to miss absorbing the stream of Underbase energy.  Starscream absorbs the full brunt of it and is killed.  This ends the alliance between the two forces, both suffering crippling losses.

Scorponok creates a new base of operations in a swamp, and sends the Decepticon Pretenders on a mission to install a device to harness power to create Energon Cubes.  They are foiled by a group of Autobot Micromasters and Iguanus is killed.  Scorponok and Zarak call the Decepticon Micromasters to come to Earth to battle the Autobot Micromasters.  The Micromasters, under true command of Megatron, have a stand off with Optimus Prime and the Autobots over an experimental aircraft, both sides remain somewhat peaceful until Scorponok arrives and orders them to attack.  Scorponok takes point in the attack with Weirdwolf backing him up in a focused attack on Optimus Prime.  Optimus easily knocks them aside and attacks the other Decepticons.  Scorponok notices that Optimus fighting with such fury and anger.  He also starts to question the loyalty of his new Micromaster recruits, wondering if they are truly loyal to him.  His concerns are realized when the Micromasters retreat from the battle.  Optimus calms down and realizes that he and Scorponok are being manipulated.  Optimus Prime orders the Autobots to retreat back to the Ark, but Scorponok won’t let him.  Scorponok orders all of the Decepticons to focus on Optimus, but Optimus is too powerful for them.  Optimus calls for a truce so they can figure out who is manipulating them, and Scorponok fires on Optimus.  Optimus shrugs it off and Scorponok calms down, realizing Optimus is right and both armies are being manipulated. Zarak starts to assert control over Scorponok again, something he hasn’t done in a long time.  Zarak is making Scorponok less impulsive and more diplomatic.   Before the two leaders can work together to figure out who is pulling their strings, a Space Bridge gate opens and a Pretender emerges from it.  This Pretender is a rebuilt Starscream who attacks both Decepticon and Autobot.

Many of the Decepticons are severely frightened by the sight of Starscream, Scorponok included.  They remember how a short time ago, he killed many of them, and he was killed himself.  Starscream uses his outer Pretender shell to attack Optimus Prime.  Optimus is overwhelmed by the attack and Scorponok orders his Decepticons to help Optimus.  Scorponok is still gripped by fear, he stays back to “monitor” the fight.  When Hot Rod attacks Starscream’s Pretender Shell, they find out that it causes robot Starscream pain.  Scorponok uses this to his advantage and attacks Starscream who starts to plead for his life and offers allegiance to Scorponok.

Scorponok agrees to bring Starscream into the ranks of his Decepticons, but his army is furious by that choice.  Starscream has proven himself many times to have no true loyalty to the Decepticons, and twice has fought against the Decepticons, killing many.  Scorponok agrees that Starscream is not trust worthy, even for a Decepticon.  Scorponok continues to tell his army that he would rather keep Starscream close so he can keep an eye on Starscream.  Also, the Decepticon forces are so depleted, that he can’t be too picky with what soldiers what to follow him.  The Decepticons start to leave Scorponok.  Bringing Starscream back into the army was the last straw for many of the Decepticons.  

Scorponok does gain favor with his soldiers when Optimus Prime and the Autobots surrender to Scorponok.  Optimus Prime knows that Unicron is coming and needs to bolster his army.  But this isn’t a true alliance, the Autobots are kept weaponless in detention cells.  While the Autobots are detained, Scorponok notices a group of aircraft approaching his headquarters.  But these aircraft are moving too fast to be human aircraft.  Before he can react, Hot Rod and Kup attack Scorponok and Bludgeon.  Hot Rod takes Zarak as a hostage, pretending to threaten to tear Zarak apart, limb from limb.  Zarak mentally commands Scorponok’s body to grab Kup’s head, threatening to kill him if Hot Rod doesn’t let him go.  The stalemate ends when Optimus Prime enters the room.  Optimus begs Scorponok to help him fight Unicron, but Scorponok is worried what his soldiers will think. Scorponok reminds himself that he is leader of the Decepticons and the most powerful Decepticon.   Scorponok’s soldiers enter the control room, ready to attack Optimus Prime, Kup, and Hot Rod.  Scorponok orders them to hold their ground.  He agrees to form a true alliance with the Autobots, but at that moment, Shockwave and his small band of rebel Decepticons attack Scorponok’s base, destroying it.

Starscream starts to search through the rubble of the destroyed Decepticon Base.  He is promptly attacked by Scorponok.  Scorponok tosses Starscream aside and then Ravage leaps to him, trying to injure the Decepticon leader.  Scorponok swats him away with no effort.  Triggerhappy, Mindwipe, Runabout and Runamuck then fire on Scorponok who dispatches the traitorous Decepticons with a single blow.  Scorponok sets his focus on Shockwave now, the leader of the attempted insurrection.  Shockwave goes to fire on Scorponok, who tackles him and they wind up underwater.  They emerge in Manhattan and they battle one another, causing damage to the city.  As the titans fight each other, it is obvious that neither has an advantage over the other.  Scorponok’s rage starts to give him the advantage over the cold, calculating Shockwave.  Scorponok continues his attack and starts to win.  As he is about to kill Shockwave, Optimus Prime intervenes, preventing him from killing Shockwave.  The battle concludes when GB Blackrock’s group of super humans, now known as The Neo-Knights, attack.

Thunderpunch is the first to attack Scorponok,  The super strong human isn’t strong enough to even make Scorponok flinch.  Dynamo then attacks, and starts to cause some harm to Scorponok.  Optimus Prime goes to intervene because he needs Scorponok alive to keep the Autobot/Decepticon alliance alive.  Rapture uses her powers on Scorponok and makes him “see” that Shockwave and Starscream surrendered to him and he is now the true leader of the Decepticons.  Circuit Breaker takes the opportunity to attack the distracted Decepticon with her full power.  Scorponok is significantly damaged in the battle, but not destroyed.   Nightbeat tries to get her to stop attacking Scorponok, but he is unsuccessful.  Circuit Breaker’s barrage ultimately ends when Shockwave shoots her.  She then starts to attack Optimus Prime which distracts Scorponok again.  Shockwave takes advantage of the distraction and resumes his attack against Scorponok.  He transforms into space-gun mode (pew pew pew) and is about to fire on Scorponok, before he can, Circuit Breaker severely damages Shockwave.  With the Neo-Knights and Shockwave’s rogue Decepticons no longer a problem, Optimus Prime asks Scorponok if there will be anymore fighting.  Scorponok says no, he understands that the Autobots and Decepticons need to work together to combat Unicron and starts to think that the entire war between the two factions of Transformers is petty.  The battle officially ends when the Autobots, Decepticons, and Neo-Knights are transported to Cybertron by Primus

Back on Cybertron, Primus (who is inhabiting the body of Autobot leader Emirate Xaaron) retells the story of Unicron and Primus.  Starscream tries to restart the battle with Scorponok over leadership of the Decepticons, but Scorponok won’t let him, he knows that it is more important to defeat Unicron than fight Starscream.  Scorponok asks Optimus Prime to speak in private.  He reveals to Optimus that he is afraid of the fight against Unicron, and afraid of dying.  Optimus and Scorponok share their fears and each one gains mutual respect for the other.  The downtime doesn’t last long because they are attacked by a group of Transformers who worship Unicron.  For the first time, the Decepticon Leader and Autobot Leader fight as a team.  The battle removes all fear that Scorponok had and replaces it with a new found courage.  He quickly realizes that the Cult of Unicron only wants to kill Optimus Prime, but Scorponok saves his Autobot friend from being destroyed.  Galvatron stays in the shadows and watches the battle, he even secretly saves Optimus Prime from an attack from a grenade.  Galvatron fires into the air which signals the Autobots and Decepticons to help Scorponok and Optimus Prime.  Even though Scorponok is dedicated to peace with the Autobots, the Decepticons have a hard time helping defend Optimus Prime.  They do work as a team though.  Scorponok gets caught up in the battle and starts to show his savage blood lust.  He starts to enjoy inflicting pain and slow deaths to the Cult members.  Optimus stops him, trying to impart compassion and justice to his Decepticon friend.  The last of the cult members are all killed as Unicron arrives at Cybertron.

Unicron quickly attacks, and while attacking, he starts eating Cybertron.  The Decepticons and Autobots are horrified by the sheer magnitude and power of their opponent.  Primus attacks and is killed by Unicron, shocking Scorponok.  The Autobots take control of cannons on Cybertron and they wind up damaging Unicron.  Scorponok starts to attack himself, the powerful Decepticon inspires the rest of the Decepticons to fight.  Both Autobots and Decepticons take on heavy casualties and even Optimus Prime is injured.  He asks Scorponok to take command of the Transformer Army and Scorponok’s anxiety returns. He finally comes to accept that he is one part Nebulan and one part Decepticon and his courage returns.  He attacks his immense foe with his claws, tearing away at his ankle.  Unicron spits energy from his mouth at Scorponok, killing him.  He dies, looking mainly melted, in Optimus Prime’s presence.  Before he dies, Optimus calls Scorponok his friend.

IDW Regeneration One Background -

. Cybertron and Nebulos formed a treaty with each other in the years that followed the Decepticons defeat on Klo.  Nebulan scientists were working to reverse the binary bond process and turn the Autobot Headmasters back to regular Autobots, but were very unsuccessful.  Scorponok was secretly working on the project as well, and organized for Grimlock to be captured.  Scorponok reveled in the opportunity to study Grimlock, who had been stuck in one mode due to exposure to Nucleon.  When Grimlock asks how he is alive again, Scorponok tells him that he had his mind uploaded to computers on Nebulos and had a new body built, this time without Zarak influencing him.  He offers Grimlock the opportunity to rule Cybertron at his side.  He has mapped the Transformer genetic code, and using the knowledge he gained from studying Nucleon, he believes he can make Cybertron a planet of Decepticons.

Scorponok tests his theory on Highbrow, Hardhead, and Highbrow.  He repairs them but also turns them into Decepticons.  They attack Grimlock who is more than able to defend himself against the three former Autobots.  Before Grimlock could damage them too much, Scorponok ends the fight.  Grimlock goes back to Cybertron.  Scorponok then sends his three “new” Decepticons to sneak onto Cybertron as well and attack their former allies.  After Hardhead, Brainstorm, and Highbrow kill several Autobots, they alert Scorponok to join them on Cybertron.

Scorponok arrives on Cybertron. He approaches the dwindling force of Decepticons who are living in the Badlands.  Some Decepticons like Darkwing and Dreadwind quickly ally themselves with Scorponok, but Misfire doesn’t want to ally himself with Scorponok.  He is happy following Soundwave.  Scorponok grabs Misfire by the head and crushes it killing Misfire  The rest of the Decepticons start to follow Scorponok who promises them a Decepticon only Cybertron.  Using Grimlock as a pawn, Scorponok spreads the genetic alteration device across Cybertron, turning many Autobots into Decepticons.  Scorponok summons Grimlock to his lair.  Grimlock tells Scorponok that he will no longer work for him unless the Dinobots are restored, and Scorponok laughs at him.  Scorponok is starting to doubt Grimlock’s loyalty and wants him to execute the Autobot spy Punch to prove his allegiance..  Grimlock refuses and Scorponok tells him that he won’t restore the Dinobots unless he kills Punch.  Grimlock fires on Scorponok, who anticipated Grimlock’s attack.  He exposes a device which he uses on Grimlock to project intense pain.  Scorponok then contacts Perceptor to see what the progress of the next phase of his plan is.  He has Perceptor create a device which will turn every single Autobot on Cybertron into a Decepticon at once, instead of one at a time.

Scorponok’s plan isn’t necessarily “evil”.  He isn’t trying to take over Cybertron for power, but he feels like he is doing Primus’ work and uniting the race as one. Grimlock escapes, another thing Scorponok planned.  He tells Brainstorm that he planted a tracking device in Grimlock’s new body and to terminate Grimlock.  The Deceptions are sent, and defeated by Grimlock and the Dinobots.

Scorponok waits impatiently as Perceptor makes the final adjustments on the device which will turn all Autobots into Decepticons.  After he kills a Decepticon, Grimlock attacks!  Grimlock and Scorponok battle each other, but Scorponok is too powerful.  He uses the device to inflict pain onto Grimlock and orders Perceptor to turn on the Allegiance Changing Machine.  Instead of turning the remaining Autobots into Decepticons, all of the altered Autobots are restored to being Autobots.  Perceptor reveals that he was only pretending that he was changed into a Decepticon with Grimlock’s help.  With Scorponok’s plans thwarted, Grimlock has the Dinobots attack.  The Decepticons retreat but Scorponok continues to fight Grimlock.  Scorponok boasts that he is more powerful and smarter than Grimlock, so there is no way he can be defeated.  They continue to battle until they both fall into a pit together, assumed to be dead (but Grimlock survived).

IDW Background -

In IDW, Scorponok is pretty different from the Marvel book and the G1 Cartoon.  Scorponok is a larger Decepticon, but not city sized.  When he debuts, he isn’t a headmaster and he is more of a stereotypical villain, unlike a mindless city like in the cartoon or a conflicted leader in the Marvel Book.

After Megatron was defeated in his first battle with Optimus Prime, Scorponok takes command of the Decepticons.  He travels in space inside of Astrotrain with Starscream and a deactivated Megatron.  Starscream tries to assert control, but Scorponok reminds Starscream that he is in charge.   Megatron awakens and Scorponok throws him out of Astrotrain into the airspace of Junkion.

In the Decepticon headquarters in Kolkular, Scorponok addresses his legions.  He declares himself leader of the Decepticons and says he will complete Megatron’s vision of Decepticon superiority.  Some of the Decepticons won’t accept Scorponok as their leader because he wasn’t voted in.  Another Decepticon says he isn’t going to challenge Scorponok because Scorponok is so big.  Scorponok reveals that Megatron is alive and he banished the despot to Junkion.  As he is declaring himself the new leader of the Decepticons, the Terrorcons interrupt. They feel that Scorponok is all talk and the Decepticons should rule by in sighting fear in the Autobots. Hun-Gurr says that he and the other Terrorcons will bring down Optimus on their own.  Scorponok asks if Hun-Gurr is challenging his leadership, and Hun-Gurr says he doesn’t even recognize Scorponok’s claim as leader.  Before they start brawling with each other, Starscream calms them down.

After the gathering, Scorponok and Starscream meet in private.  Starscream warns Scorponok that speeches aren’t enough to be accepted as a Decepticon leader.  Scorponok oddly trusts Starscream and doesn’t understand why Megatron didn’t.  Starscream tells Scorponok that after Zeta Prime’s use of the Vamparc weapon, Iacon’s Energon supply is very low.  Scorponok and Starscream want to retake Cybertron by destroying the alliance that Optimus Prime has made with other factions of Autobots.

Scorponok arrives at a refinery which the Decepticons and Dinobots are fighting over.  After grandstanding with Grimlock, the Decepticons realize Sky Lynx is approaching.

Soon, Sky Lynx appears with Optimus Prime, Prowl, Ultra Magnus, Bumblebee, Dai Atlas, and Bumblebee.  The Autobots start fighting against the Decepticons.  Scorponok orders Octane to continue filling his tanks with the fuel.  Scorponok was insulted by Grimlock, and against Starscream’s guidance, he wants to confront the Dinobot one on one.  Optimus Prime sees Scorponok and plans to engage him.  Soon, Blitzwing joins the fight to help the Decepticons.  Grimlock attacks Scorponok.  When Scorponok defends himself, sparks fly from Scorponok’s claws hitting Grimlock’s armor.  Scorponok and Grimlock continue to fight.  Grimlock is bent over on the ground and Scorponok thinks that he has an opportunity to destroy the Dinobot.  Grimlock activates his sword and stabs Scorponok.  Scorponok raises his arm to defend himself and Grimlock cuts off the tips of Scorponok’s claws.  Grimlock starts to lose control and the other Dinobots try to hold him back from killing Scorponok.  Optimus Prime shoots Grimlock with his ion blaster.  Optimus Prime is able to get Grimlock to calm down.   Scorponok leaps towards them and overloads the core of the refinery, destroying it.

Scorponok survives and goes back to the Decepticon headquarters.  A Decepticon criticizes Scorponok’s actions and Scorponok plunges his claw into the Decepticon’s head.

Scorponok and Starscream watch news coverage of Blaster at the Cybertronian Spaceport.  Due to the energy shortage caused by Scorponok detonating the refinery, many Transformers are looking to leave Cybertron.  Scorponok says that he despises the Transformers leaving Cybertron.  Starscream asks what Scorponok would expect when there is an energy shortage and a large hole blown in the planet.  Scorponok plans to capitalize on the diminished population.

Scorponok sends several Decepticons to create chaos at the spaceport when the civilians are trying to evacuate Cybertron.  After the team of Decepticons are defeated, Scorponok reroutes them to the crater where the refinery used to be.  Scorponok wants all of the Decepticons to witness the awakening of Trypticon.

Scorponok watches the devastation from his headquarters.  Starscream summons Scorponok and brings him into the throne room.  He discovers that Megatron is back.  Megatron fires his cannon at Scorponok but lets him live.  Scorponok starts to crawl away, but Megatron follows.  Scorponok uses his last energy to stand up and grab Megatron.  Megatron slinks out of Scorponok’s grasp and slams him into the ground.  Then the Terrorcons arrive.  They eat parts of Scorponok, but as per Megatron’s orders, they leave enough of him functional where he can feel pain.

Somehow, Scorponok survives.  Scorponok has been breaking Cybertronian law by making alliances with other planets for new technology.  Scorponok is being sheltered by the Zarak Consortium, on Nebulos,  in exchange for Cybertronian technology.  Ultra Magnus enters the laboratory of the Zarak Consortium.  The next think he knows, Scorponok is punching him with his claws.  Scorponok continues his assault and throws Ultra Magnus through a wall.  Next, Scorponok reveals his new alternate mode, a scorpion.   Scorponok fires an energy blast from his stinger.  Zarak enters the fight and tells Scorponok to stop so he wont destroy the building.  Scorponok accidentally shoots Zarak.  Scorponok is strangely upset that he may have killed his Nebulan friend.  Ultra Magnus recovers and shoots Scorponok in the head.  Scorponok isn’t damaged badly and escapes in a space bridge.

Somehow Scorponok winds up on Earth and his body is separated from his head.  His head has been giving Cybertronian secrets to The Machination.  Scorponok is given a new body and he chases Hunter O’Nion in robot mode.  He smashes through the walls of the building using his claws.   Hunter transforms into Sunstreaker’s head and then one of the drone Sunstreakers picks up the head and attaches it.  Scorponok attacks in scorpion mode.  The combined Sunstreaker and Hunter have better reflexes than before and escape in Sunstreaker’s vehicle mode.

Scorponok merges with the Skywatch (or is it Machination, IDW kinda mixes them together) agent Dante.  Dante becomes Scorponok’s new head.  Grimlock stands by a bridge and tries to come up with a plan to get back to Cybertron.  Scorponok reaches out to Grimlock with his claws raised to try to talk to the Dinobot.  Grimlock takes out his sword and points it at Scorponok.  Scorponok says he respects the direct approach.  Scorponok wants to make an alliance with Grimlock to take over the Earth.  Scorponok explains that Grimlock has no other options.  Grimlock remembers that back on Cybertron, Scorponok stole solar agitators from a facility that the Dinobots were guarding.  Scorponok tries to talk his way out of it, but Grimlock punches him in the face.  Grimlock wants to defeat Scorponok and use him as a bargaining chip with the Autobots to get back in their good graces.  Scorponok fires his shoulder cannons at Grimlock, but Grimlock shields himself with his sword.  Eventually Scorponok hits Grimlock in the chest.  Grimlock is sent flying backwards.  Scorponok transforms into scorpion mode, and Grimlock follows suit and transforms into Dino mode.  Scorponok grabs Grimlock around the Dino-neck.  Grimlock activates a teleporter and winds up on his ship, which is in Earth orbit and has been there for millions of years.

Abraham Dante is still Scorponok’s head.  He is the CEO of Epsilon Holdings which works with The Machination.  Scorponok used Dante’s resources to make an army of different colored Headmaster Sunstreakers.  In Red, White, Black, and Yellow.  Dante and Scorponok send a strike team of Headmaster Sunstreakers to New Zealand to attack Grimlock.  

Hot Rod winds up in Dallas Texas at a Machination base led by Scorponok.  Scorponok is beating the crap out of Hot Rod.  Scorponok tells Hot Rod that he doesn’t plan to kill him, and if he did, he would’ve killed him already.  Scorponok is enjoying beating Hot Rod.  Hot Rod is alive but disabled.  Scorponok has two Headmaster Sunstreakers take Hot Rod away.  Scorponok watches as the Dinobots attack Grimlock.  Scorponok reveals that he plans to expose Skywatch after the Machination stops the Dinobots and then the Machination will be able to take control of the world.  The Headmaster Sunstreakers will end the chaos caused by the Dinobots and then Epsilon Holdings would take control of the world through martial law.

Scorponok continues to command the Headmaster Sunstreakers from the comfort of his base.  He wants them to isolate Grimlock and eliminate him.  The Dinobots are surrounded by the Headmaster Sunstreakers.  From his base, Scorponok tells the Headmaster Sunstreakers to execute the Dinobots.

Sunstreaker finds the room with his real head, but someone shoots him in the back.  Its Scorponok in scorpion mode.  He tells Sunstreaker that from the moment he walked into the Machination facility, he knew that was the real Sunstreaker.  He leaves Sunstreaker dying on the floor and learns a Cybertronian vessel is approaching.  Scorponok has the Machination activate all defenses and recalls all Headmasters to return to the building.  Scorponok wants to engage the Dinobots on his own.  All of the Headmaster Sunstreakers stop working.  Shockwave arrives and shoots Sludge.  Together, Scorponok and Shockwave consider their options.

Scorponok blames the Dinobots for his plans falling apart and vows to kill them.  Shockwave interferes because he wants to kill the Dinobots himself.  Scorponok and Shockwave start fighting with each other.  Scorponok fires his tail laser at Shockwave, but Shockwave fires back from the air in blaster (not submarine) mode.  Shockwave realizes that the headmaster process made Scorponok’s reactions and reflexes 60% improved, but it gave him human fear.  Shockwave does a flip over Scorponok and then shoots him again.  Scorponok transforms into robot mode, but Shockwave trains his gun at Scorponok’s head.  Scorponok proclaims that he is more powerful than Shockwave.  Shockwave tells him at that range, his blaster will kill Scorponok.  Scorponok yields.  Grimlock wants to battle both Decepticons now.  He wants to avenge Sludge’s death.  Scorponok retreats, but Shockwave stays.  Back in the Machination base, Scorponok plans to crush Hot Rod’s head.  The Dinobots join the fight.  Hot Rod tells the Dinobots to destroy the separated head of Scorponok.  Swoop flies to it and cuts the power chords with his wings.  Scorponok’s robot body freezes up.  Ultra Magnus quickly arrives to arrest Scorponok and purge the Machination facility of any Cybertronian technology.


Abilities -

Scorponok is a headmaster, so his mind is part of Lord Zarak's. This adds to his intellect. Scorponok is one of the more heavily armed Decepticons

Wacky Facts

The debate over what size a Scorponok toy is one of the most polarizing debates with Transforers fans. Some people want a Titan (city sized) figure, others, who prefer the Marvel Comics interpretation of the character want a Leader sized figure. In 2020 there will be a titan sized Scorponok. I wish it were the same size as a Prime Wars Leader.

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