Scourge (and the Sweeps)


G1 Cartoon Background -

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Scourge and his Sweeps were some of the major antagonists in Season 3 and 4, but they were mainly in the backgrounds of episodes.  They acted as Galvatron’s army.  

One fateful day, Scourge and Cyclonus are hunting the Aerialbot Air Raid in the Milky Way.  Air Raid is able to easily evade the two Decepticons.  Cyclonus starts to take it personally and orders Scourge to stay back while Cyclonus hunts him.  Scourge picks up four other energy signatures and realizes that they were led into a trap.  The rest of the Aerialbots attack the two Decepticon lieutenants.  Scourge and Cyclonus try to fight off the Aerialbots, but they are outnumbered.  They are determined to defeat the Aerialbots, even when the Aerialbots form Superion.  Scourge and Cyclonus try to damage Superion by flying into him, but they only damage themselves.  Scourge is damaged so badly, he can’t even perform a diagnostic on himself.  Cyclonus and Scourge escape from Superion by flying into a black hole.  They find themselves on a hidden, pacifist Cybertronian colony.  The colony is called Paradron and it resembles Cybertron before the war.  It’s leader is named Sandstorm.  They are repaired by the naive Cybertronians.  It isn’t long until Scourge and Cyclonus start to take over the colony.  They quickly invade the control center of the colony and send a message to Galvatron for reinforcements. Cyclonus and Scourge stay in the shadows, watching as Sandstorm tries to get the colonists to fight against the two Decepticons.  The majority of the colonists think that the two Decepticons are just misunderstood.  Cyclonus tells Scourge to stun all of the colonists so they can be used as a work force.  Scourge is disappointed, he wanted to kill some of them.  They attack the colonists and round them up like cattle.  Then Galvatron arrives.  The Autobots eventually learn of this and go to Paradron to liberate the slaves.  When Ultra Magnus, Wheelie, and Blurr try to take control of the Energon, Galvatron, Scourge, and Cyclonus fight them.

The Decepticons search an Asteroid field for asteroids containing a material called Isodrite.  They need the Isodrite to power their weapons.  When the Decepticons find a large deposit of it, they are greeted by the Autobots who were already mining the asteroid for the material.  When the battle begins, Scourge and the Sweeps help Galvatron.  Galvatron wants to engage Ultra Magnus, but Scourge gets in his way.  Galvatron starts attacking Scourge until Cyclonus pulls him off.  One of the Sweeps is damaged by Sky Lynx and Sludge.  The battle ends when the asteroid starts to fall apart.  Several Decepticons start to plan a mutiny because of Galvatron’s mental instability, so Cyclonus and Scourge take him to the planet of Torkulon to be treated.  Cyclonus and Scourge watch the alien doctors of Torkulon try many different treatments to help Galvatron, but none are successful.  Galvatron’s sanity is eventually restored when the doctors hook his mind up to the main computer of Torkulon.  That causes the planet to fall apart because Galvatron’s mind is so powerful.  Galvatron, in his new found sanity, destroys the main computers of Torkulon and flies back to Char with Cyclonus and Scourge.

During military exercises on Char, Starscream’s ghost returns and possesses Scourge.  With Starscream in control, he starts firing blindly at the other Decepticons.  Scourge’s mind is still present and he begs Starscream not to attack the Decepticons.  He then starts to attack Galvatron.  At first, they think that Scourge is malfunctioning, but then Galvatron assumes Scourge is trying to overthrow his rule.  The possessed Scourge hits Galvatron in the chest with his blaster.  Galvatron is damaged and Cyclonus orders the Decepticons to fire on Scourge.  Even the Sweeps join in on attacking their leader.  Still, no one realizes that Scourge is speaking with Starscream’s voice.  After being shot a few times, Starscream/Scourge transforms and flies away.  Their destination, Unicron’s head.  They fly into Unicron’s head through the broken eyes.  Starscream orders Scourge to reactivate Unicron, but Scourge refuses.  Starscream threatens to stay in Scourge’s body permanently if he doesn’t obey.  Scourge agrees to help, and reconnects a few wires.  Unicron is brought back to life and Starscream leaves Scourge’s body.  Starscream talks to Unicron as Scourge flies away.  He returns when Starscream tells him that he has no where to go.  The Decepticons are still hunting him for treason.  Starscream and Scourge go to Metroplex on Earth to steal his eyes for Unicron.  Scourge sets an explosive in each eye to loosen it.  They are attacked by Bumblebee and Spike, and in the battle, one of the eyes is destroyed.  They use explosives inside of Metroplex to create a diversion to escape.  They retreat to Char to get one of Trypticon’s eyes.  Once they arrive, they are stopped by Runabout and Runamuck.  Starscream possesses Runabout and fires on Runamok and disables Runabout.  Scourge and Starscream steal one of Trypticon’s eyes, and as they attempt to escape, several Decepticons attack them.  They escape when Starscream possesses Astrotrain.  Scourge boards Astrotrain and they travel back to Unicron.  The Autobots try to attack, but Unicron is too powerful, even just as a head.  Scourge wants to leave, but Unicron threatens to take away the reformatting that he gave Scourge earlier.  Scourge decides to stay.  Starscream returns with Trypticon’s body, but the full force of the Decepticons are following.  Scourge watches as Starscream/Trypticon attacks the Decepticons, sending them away.  Unicron then wants Scourge and Starscream to hook up his head into Cybertron.  This will create a new body for Unicron.  Scourge doesn’t want to resurrect Unicron and escapes to rejoin the Decepticons.  He saves himself by explaining to Galvatron that he was possessed and that Unicron is trying to come back to life.  The battle with Trypticon neutralized the Decepticons’ weapons, so Scourge approaches the Autobots for help.

Scourge and his Sweeps, along with other Decepticons, failed Galvatron again.  As a group, they are berated by the Decepticon leader.  Scourge explains that he needs more Energon and Galvatron knocks him down with one punch.  Galvatron is about to fire on Scourge and the Sweeps, but they are saved when the Quintessons interrupt.  The Quintessons reveal the existence of a device which would be able to power the Decepticons forever, and trick Galvatron to take the Decepticons to Cybertron to steal this device.  Scourge and the Sweeps accompany Galvatron on this quest.  The real motives of the Quintessons is to unleash a primitive Technorganic creature on the Autobots.  Upon reaching the sublevels of Cybertron, the Decepticons are discovered by several Autobots.  The Decepticons fight off the Autobot force and escape into the lowest levels of Cybertron.  Once there, they don’t find the power core that they were looking for.  They see a large metal door, and start to assume that what they are looking for is behind the door.  Several Sweeps knock the door down.  Behind the first door is a second door, and Galvatron opens it with his cannon.  They find a hibernation chamber which is millions of years old.  The Quintessons were keeping dangerous creatures in stasis in the chamber.  Creatures which were techno-organic and the precursors to Transformers.  Galvatron fires on the stasis equipment, freeing the creatures.  Scourge is quickly attacked by the savage Proto-Cybertronian beasts.  Scourge begs Galvatron to save him, but Galvatron doesn’t.  Scourge continues to be attacked and Galvatron finally intervenes.  He fires on an ape-like creature, hitting Scourge.  The Decepticons are overwhelmed by the creatures and attempt to retreat.  The creatures don’t allow the Decepticons to retreat and start eating one of the Sweeps.  The Autobots arrive to witness the carnage, and the creatures start to focus on them.  The Decepticons take advantage of the situation and escape.  They find themselves in another chamber with more savage creatures.  One of the creatures seizes a Sweep and drains it’s energy, killing it.  The creature fires a web like net at another Sweep.  The Sweep’s energy is sucked out of him and he dies.  The creature starts to feed on Galvatron, but Scourge and Cyclonus save him.  Galvatron, Scourge, and Cyclonus escape, leaving the Sweeps as a distraction.  The Sweeps become energy vampires and fight the Autobots.  The energy vampire Transformers attack Galvatron, Scourge, and Cyclonus.  To escape, Galvatron throws Scourge at the energy vampires and he is turned into one himself.  Scourge and his Sweeps are eventually restored by Perceptor and escape Cybertron.

Scourge and the Sweeps accompany Cyclonus on a mission to back up Predaking.  Predaking was battling Autobots on a hostile alien planet to gain possession of a Quintesson Journal.  On route to the planet, Scourge, the Sweeps, and Cyclonus intercept Sky Lynx and several other Autobots who were leaving the planet with the Quintesson Journal.  The Decepticons eventually catch up with the Autobots and they have a battle in space, which the Decepticons win when Cyclonus takes the Quintesson Journal.  The Autobots catch up to the Decepticons and they fight for the journal.  The battle ends when the Quintessons take it for themselves.  The Decepticons follow the Quintessons with the Autobots not far behind.  The Quintessons escape through a warp gate with the journal.

Scourge and the Sweeps (along with Cyclonus) soon encounter the Quintessons again.  They are investigating the Junkions and notice that the Quintessons are retreating from a battle with Superion.  Cyclonus orders that Scourge and The Sweeps attack the Planet of Junk, causing severe damage.  After a short battle, Cyclonus orders the Decepticons to break off the attack.  They return to report what they have found to Galvatron, who didn’t have any interest at all.  They return to the Planet of Junk, but on the way, they encounter several Autobots using Omega Supreme to travel to Junkion.  Scourge and the Sweeps attack the Autobots, making them crash land onto an asteroid.  The Decepticons and Autobots battle and the Autobots are losing.  They are saved at the last minute when Ultra Magnus restores Omega Supreme and the Decepticons retreat.  On their way back to Char, they encounter Galvatron, who is effected by the same signal that is effecting the Junkions.  Out of concern for their leader, Scourge, the Sweeps, and Cyclonus follow Galvatron and battle the Autobots on Junkion.

Scourge and his Sweeps wind up joining a battle on Earth’s moon with numerous other Decepticons.  They are actually late to the battle.  During the battle, one of the Sweeps is shot down by Ultra Magnus.  Eventually, both armies rush each other, and two Sweeps try to attack Rodimus Prime.  He evades them in vehicle mode.  The battle ends when all of the animal based Transformers from both sides are summoned away.

Scourge shows up back on Earth, with Cyclonus and the Sweeps.  They support Bruticus in a battle against Defensor by shooting Defensor in the back.  Defensor is damaged, but Rodimus Prime, Kup and Sky Lynx drive the Decepticons away before Defensor is deactivated.  Soon after, two of the Stunticons steal the Matrix from Rodimus Prime.  When Galvatron tries to use it, the spirits of fallen Primes fill the room.  Galvatron gives the Matrix to Scourge to destroy, but Scourge puts it into himself and mutates.  Scourge then attacks Galvatron to take leadership of the Decepticons for himself.  With one blast of energy from his eyes, he sends Galvatron flying away.  Cyclonus attacks Scourge with his blaster.  Scourge is able to absorb and redirect the energy blast back into Cyclonus,, defeating him easily.  Scourge takes leadership of the Decepticons and orders them to attack Earth.  He transforms into his vehicle mode and heads to Earth.  Along with the rest of the Decepticons, Scourge attacks Japan first.  He fights Kup, disabling him.  Before he can kill the aged Autobot, Broadside saves him.  Broadside tries to grapple with Scourge, but Scourge is too powerful for him but he is knocked to the ground.  Scourge takes interest in a random Japanese old woman and chases her.  Before he can catch her, a Japanese dude with a sword intervenes (yes, I am being serious, this was made in the 80s, the time of stereotypes).  The man with the sword is actually successful in damaging Scourge’s leg with his sword.  The man and old woman run off with Scourge following them.  He is about to unleash his power on them, when Hot Rod saves them by driving into Scourge.  Scourge is damaged enough to reveal the Matrix inside of him.  Hot Rod knows now he has to take the Matrix back.  The two battle, Hot Rod’s weapons aren’t powerful enough to damage Scourge, and Scourge is too slow to hit Hot Rod.  Hot Rod gets one good shot off on Scourge, knocking him down to the ground.  Hot Rod rips the Matrix out of Scourge, returning Scourge to his original form (post Unicron form) and returning Hot Rod to Rodimus Prime.  Galvatron and Cyclonus track down the defeated Scourge.  Galvatron wants to kill Scourge, but Scourge pleads for his life.  Everyone returns back to Char.  But not until Galvatron wounds Scourge.

Scourge and the Sweeps play a minor role in the episodes that bring Optimus Prime back to life.  Scourge and the Sweeps get infected by the Hate Plague and they cause havoc to infect others.

After the Plague is cured, the Decepticons steal the key to the Plasma Energy Chamber.  They attack Cybertron and Scourge sneaks away from the battle to activate the chamber.  He is followed by a number of Autobots, but they are too late.  Scourge is able to open the chamber, but the energy is too unstable.  It overloads Scourge right away.  The Autobots are sent to Nebulos with the key.  Galvatron and Cyclonus find the deactivated Scourge, and of course, Galvatron’s first reaction is to want to kill Scourge for his failure.  Cyclonus repairs Scourge and saves him from Galvatron.  Galvatron sends Scourge and several other Decepticons to track the Autobot shuttle.  They quickly find the Autobots on Nebulos.  They were captured by the rebels of the planet.  After a battle with the Autobots, the Decepticons are repelled, but not until they take Hot Rod, Kup, Blurr, Pointblank, Crosshairs, and Sureshot with them.
Scourge takes pleasure in interrogating and torturing his Autobot prisoners.  Cyclonus stops him, realizing that if any of them had the key, Scourge would’ve gotten it by now.  They are then engaged by the Autobot Headmasters who are able to defeat the Decepticons.  As the Decepticons retreat, Scourge is shot by Chromedome.  The Decepticons finally retreat, and the Autobots destroy their ship.  The defeated Decepticons are then abducted by The Hive, who have been watching the Autobots and Decepticons since they arrived on Nebulos.  The Decepticons are brought to Zarak who wants to negotiate with the Decepticons.  Zarak wants to become Headmasters with the Decepticons.  Scourge says that he refuses to team with an organic.  Zarak summons machinery to take apart the Decepticons if they won’t ally themselves with the Hive.  The Decepticons agree to work with the Hive, but Cyclonus only lets certain Decepticons be turned into Headmasters.  The rest allow the Hive members to bond with their weapons becoming Targetmasters.  Scourge becomes a Targetmaster and is bonded with Fracas.  The Decepticons waste no time, and attack the rebel base.  The Decepticons are able to defeat the Autobots and they recover the key from Brainstorm.  Scourge wants to finish the Autobots off, but Zarak commands that the Decepticons return to the Hive City.  Fracas, in weapon mode, points himself at Scourge, threatening to kill his partner if he doesn’t comply.  Scourge gives in and the Decepticons retreat back to Hive City.  Optimus Prime arrives on Nebulos and leads the Autobot Headmasters and Targetmasters to reclaim the key from the Decepticons.  Autobots attack and get the key back from Scourge. Arcee reclaims the key from Scourge, but before the Autobots can retreat Scorponok arises and defeats the Autobots.

Scorponok abducts Arcee and the Decepticons use him to fly back to Cybertron.  They arrive in time to deactivate the last remnants of the Autobots.  Scourge and Fracas send several of the Protectobots into stasis lock.  The Decepticons regain possession of the key.  After Cyclonus brings it to Galvatron, Scourge warns him of it’s power.  He reminds Galvatron that the energy can easily destroy a Transformer.  Galvatron doesn’t care.  Scourge follows Galvatron as he travels to the Plasma Energy Chamber.  Galvatron sets a timer for the chamber to open, and eventually the chamber opens after the Decepticons retreat into space inside of Scorponok.  

Marvel G1 Comic Background -

Scourge is portrayed differently in the comic book than he was in the G1 Cartoon.  Like Cyclonus, he wasn’t a soldier for Galvatron or created by Unicron.  He also didn’t have an army of Sweeps.  He was a soldier for Scorponok who eventually became a Targetmaster.

In a storyline which takes place in a possible future where Galvatron has defeated the Autobots and taken over Earth, Scourge is shown.  He is a Scourge that closely resembles the cartoon version, he is a member of Galvatron’s army and has been rebuilt by Unicron.  In this time line, Scourge is killed in an Autobot attack.

IDW Background -

Cyclonus is revealed to have survived thanks to his regenerative powers from the Dead Universe.  He is on Gorlam Prime and is trying to repair Scourge.   Cyclonus wants to let all of Scourge’s troops die with dignity.  Galvatron arrives in a burst of energy.  Galvatron uses his abilities from the Dead Universe to restore Scourge.  Galvatron gives Scourge a new army of Sweeps.     Together, Galvatron, Cyclonus, and Scourge start to make plans to rule the universe.

Galvatron summons Cyclonus and Scourge to brief him on what they have found.  Scourge has not found anything on Gorlam Prime.  He reiterates to Galvatron that the planet has no more life on it.  Galvatron is curious to know why Gorlam Prime has died, so he wants his forces to continue exploring.  Galvatron compares the planet to the Marie Celeste, which confuses Scourge.  Galvatron also wants to find Jhiaxus.  Cyclonus has found the entrance which Galvatron was looking for.  Galvatron tells Scourge to have the Sweeps continue searching the planet. Cyclonus also finds the bodies of dead Micromasters which were Jhiaxus’ guards.  Galvatron transforms into tank mode and blasts the rubble with his cannon.  Scourge is worried that Galvatron may be too powerful. He and Cyclonus are puzzled if Galvatron really is on their side. Scourge and Cyclonus try to dig out the Micromasters, but this causes a rock slide.  Galvatron gets in the middle of it and prevents a cave in.  

Jhiaxus leads his allies through the ruins.  The ruins that they find were created before the city which is above it.  Galvatron realizes that this is what he was looking for, a sphere which can lead them back to the Dead Universe.  Galvatron tries to enter the portal, but he and his allies are attacked by Arcee and Hardhead.  Galvatron takes the brunt of the attack from the Autobots.  Scourge wants to rush to his leader, but can’t.  Arcee fires on Scourge and Cyclonus, and Hardhead backs her up. Hardhead focuses on Cyclonus in vehicle mode.  Scourge leaps on the roof of Hardhead’s vehicle mode and claws at his roof.  Galvatron gets up and walks towards the portal.  Hardhead transforms and takes on Scourge and Cyclonus hand to hand.  Scourge is overwhelmed by Hardhead’s strength.  Hardhead lifts up Scourge and shoots him in the face with his shoulder cannon.  Arcee gets away in vehicle mode and Scourge follows her in his vehicle mode.  Arcee is too fast for Scourge.  They reach the surface of Gorlam Prime.  Cyclonus joins the fight and shoots rockets at Arcee.  Arcee flies off the bridge she is driving on and assumed to be dead.  Cyclonus and Scourge return to Galvatron and Jhiaxus.   Galvatron emerges from the portal in his normal form.  He opens fire on the portal.  Scourge tries to get him to stop firing so the room won’t collapse on them.  The chamber collapses but they dig themselves out.

Galvatron takes his forces to the planet of Spindrift.  The planet was a battlefield a long time ago for the Autobot/Decepticon war.  Spindrift has the unique attribute of having naturally forming crystals which can be harvested into Energon.  Galvatron and his forces save a pirate ship which whose crew was humanoid crabs from a beast in the sky.  Galvatron identifies himself to the crabs.  Galvatron starts ripping the ship apart and he reveals that the ship is actually a Transformer named Thinkbox.  With Thinkbox, Galvatron and his forces leave Spindrift.

The Sweeps help Galvatron face off against Nemesis Prime (aka Nova Prime).  In the battle, a few Sweeps are killed.

The Sweeps go to Cybertron, which is only inhabited by Ironhide and Sunstreaker.  Wheelie shoots one of them down.  

(the following section is about the IDW Infestation storyline, it is unknown if this is canon or not since there are many continuity errors)

When Galvatron makes his way to Earth, he finds that Las Vegas has been infected by zombies.  He kills several in both of his modes.  One of the Zombies is a sweep.  He is assisted by Cyclonus and Scourge.  Optimus Prime, Prowl, Kup, Bumblebee, and Drift arrive to face off against the three evil Transformers (Remember, in IDW, Galvatron and his forces are NOT Decepticons). s.  Optimus and Galvatron face off, Optimus is optimistic because he has already defeated Galvatron in the past.  Galvatron shoves Optimus away and Bumblebee rushes to his side.  Spike joins the fight in his Skywatch mech.  Galvatron fires at Bumblebee and the rest of the Autobots fire on Galvatron.  Cyclonus and Bayonet (who is a weird inter dimensional vampire like creature who is making everyone think she is a transformer, but she won’t get a profile) counter attack.   Galvatron regains use of his body and tells the Autobots where the zombies came from (a different dimension’s space).

Bayonet reveals her true colors, she isn’t a Transformer, but she is an interdimensional vampire named Britt.  Britt uses her magic on the Transformers, causing them pain.  She knows that their technology will not prevent her magic at all.  Britt reveals that she used her powers of perception to make everyone see her as a Transformer..  The Zombies (both human and robot) try to crowd Optimus Prime and Galvatron’s forces.    Galvatron explains he has a plan to use the Heart of Darkness.  Optimus Prime and Prowl transform to rush into battle with Galvatron, Cyclonus, and Scourge flying behind them. Both sides of Transformers regroup to make a battle plan.   Galvatron tells everyone that the Infestation isn’t the biggest problem.  Optimus Prime disagrees.  Wheeljack announces that the force dome that he created is running out of power and the zombies will soon be able to leave Las Vegas.  Britt plans to get Cybertron from a previous timeline to turn into a zombie army (or something like that, this whole storyline is really convoluted).  Prowl communicates with Kup (who is still infected and barely holding onto life) and tries to separate the virus from his core consciousness.  Prowl tries to get Kup to destroy the time portal that Britt made.  Kup is able to change the coordinates of the portal and the zombies, Britt, and Kup are sucked into the Dead Universe.  Galvatron retreats when the crisis is over and Jhiaxus makes a portal.

Cyclonus and the Sweeps attack an Autobot outpost on Kimia, appropriately called “The Kimia Facility”  The evil Transformers blow a hole in the wall and lay siege to the outpost.  Downshift tries to engage Cyclonus, but Cyclonus kills him by punching through his face.  Autobots Cloudburst and Grotesque open fire on their powerful enemies.  Cyclonus and the Sweeps tear through the Autobots in the facility. The Sweeps eat Nosecone. Grotesque and Cloudburst want to get to the armory (Kimia is a weapons research facility), but Cyclonus and his legions attempt to intercept them.  All of the Autobots are slaughtered by Cyclonus and the Sweeps.  They take control of the facility.  Their next target is Cybertron.  Galvatron welcomes the Autobots back to Cybertron.  Optimus Prime is very wary of Galvatron’s intentions.  Galvatron tells Optimus Prime and the Autobots that he doesn’t want to fight them and he plans to give them Cybertron when his mission is completed.  Galvatron refuses to tell the Autobots what his plans are for the future.  Optimus asks who Galvatron is preparing an army to fight.  Galvatron tells the Autobots that it is something that can destroy them all. Optimus declines the alliance, but tells Galvatron that he doesn’t want to fight.  Galvatron points his cannon at Optimus and tells him that if the Autobots aren’t going to ally themselves with him, they will be destroyed.  Before Galvatron can fire, Ironhide tackles him.  Galvatron orders the Sweeps to attack the Autobots.   The Sweeps attack the Autobots in force.  Optimus Prime opens fire and Ironhide follows his lead.  Drift unleashes his swords on the Sweeps. Rodimus fires with his wrist blasters.   Drift is attacked by a Sweep and Rodimus rushes to him to make sure his friend is okay.  Galvatron knocks Rodimus down and prepares to destroy him.  Ironhide smashes Galvatron with the body of a dead Sweep, saving Rodimus.  Ironhide prepares to shoot Galvatron, but Cyclonus strafes the battlefield in jet mode.  Galvatron grabs Cyclonus and escapes.  Cyclonus tells Galvatron that Kimia is in Cybertron’s orbit.  Galvatron contacts Scourge to tell him to start Kimia’s transformation sequence.

The Aerialbots engage the Sweeps in Cybertron’s orbit

Suddenly, all of the Decepticons go into a trance and stop fighting.  All of the Decepticons and all of Galvatron’s forces merge into a massive monster.  The Deceptigod known as D-Void.

Abilities -

Scourge is a very talented tracker. Once he was turned into a targetmaster, his firepower and targeting skills improved.

Wacky Facts

Scourge is the only Decepticon in the cartoon who was able to harness the power of the Autobot Matrix of Leadership

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