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Seaspray was the Autobot naval officer.  He is introduced without any backstory in season 2.  His voice sounds like he is underwater and gurgling.  He was voiced by the same voice actor who voiced Murman in the original He-Man show.  The same exact voice was used.  In vehicle mode, Seaspray is a small hovercraft.

In his first mission, Seaspray is sent with Tracks and Cliffjumper to investigate a time portal in the ocean.  A pirate ship came out of the portal and was attacking a yacht.  After Tracks incapacitates the pirates and frees the yacht, Seaspray and Cliffjumper push the pirate ship into the time portal.

Seaspray was shown briefly when the Autobots reveal themselves to not be dead and they fight the Decepticons to free human slaves.  The Autobots prove to be too powerful and the Decepticons retreat.

Seaspray goes to New York City with the Autobots to be part of the Crime Buster campaign.  The Autobots are getting involved in stopping local crimes.  Seaspray is stationed inside of Sparkplug’s garage which acts as a mobile base for the Autobots.  Optimus Prime sends Seaspray to patrol the river.  While on patrol, Seaspray moves very oddly.  He sails right into a wooden crate in the water, and then continues going.  Seaspray notes that he wishes the humans kept their water cleaner.  He sees a tow truck trying to lift a junked car out of the river, so Seaspray transforms to help.  Seaspray opens up a communicator on his arm and reports to Optimus that he hasn’t found anything.

Powerglide, Perceptor, Warpath, Seaspray, and Beachcomber travel to the beach together to explore.  Seaspray remains in hovercraft mode to travel on the sand.  The group of Autobots are attacked by Blitzwing, Ramjet, and Thrust.  The Autobots leap into battle to defend themselves.  Seaspray goes into the water to fight the Decepticons in the air (really bad tactical mistake) and engages Ramjet.  Ramjet sends a continuous stream of laser fire towards Seaspray.  Seaspray returns fire with a cannon on the roof of his hovercraft.  Ramjet tries to fly into Seaspray, but Seaspray moves slightly to his left and Ramjet falls into the ocean.  Seaspray thinks he vanquished the Decepticon, but Ramjet ascends to the surface and knocks Seaspray into the air.  Seaspray dives into the water to hide.  He emerges to attack Ramjet with his cannon.  Seaspray remains in hovercraft mode and flies through the air to attack Thrust.  Thrust was covered in Electrum and has become impervious to damage.  Thrust shrugs off the laser blast and returns fire. He knocks Seaspray out of the air.  Seaspray falls into the water and transforms into robot mode.  Some of the Autobots escape, but Thrust transforms and deploys claws to grab Seaspray and Perceptor.  Thrust abducts them and brings them to Megatron.  Starscream has Thundercracker and Skywarp bring him Perceptor and Seaspray.  He wants them to battle each other for his entertainment.  The Decepticons give Perceptor and Seaspray a gun so they can fight.  Seaspray fires at Perceptor but misses.  The blast hits one of the Seekers and bounces off of him.  Perceptor and Seaspray work together to escape.  Using the guns that the Decepticons gave them, they shoot the hull of the Decepticon’s Undersea base.  The Decepticons are distracted by the falling debris, and this gives the Autobots the opportunity to escape.  They run to the elevator, but Megatron arrives with Beachcomber as a prisoner.  Perceptor and Seaspray remain in Decepticon captivity.  Beachcomber is able to free himself and then he frees Perceptor and Seaspray.  Beachcomber uses his stolen laser rifle to blast a hole in the hull of the Decepticon base.  The hallway fills up with water and the Autobots swim to freedom.  Seaspray ambushes Dirge and restrains him so the Autobots can gain control of the Electrum pond.  Perceptor, Beachcomber, and Seaspray prepare to tell the Autobots about the Electrum pool, but before they can, Optimus Prime and the Autobots arrive.  Earlier, Powerglide found the pool and reported back to the Autobots.  Seaspray coats himself with Electrum once the Autobots arrive.  The Electrum coated Autobots fight the Electrum coated Decepticons, but neither side is able to damage the other.  During the battle, the Decepticons’ Electrum wears off and they are forced to retreat.  Unfortunately, the beautiful valley that hid the Electrum poll was destroyed in the battle.

While in hovercraft mode, Seaspray takes Bumblebee water skiing.  Bumblebee seems to struggle to stay above water but seems to have a good time.  Seaspray guides Bumblebee to a ramp, but Bumblebee isn’t skilled enough to successfully jump.  Bumblebee is sent splashing into the water.  Despite being made of metal and not being buoyant, Bumblebee is able to swim to the shore.  Seaspray follows and transforms into robot mode.  He tells Bumblebee that he did a great job water skiing.  Seaspray notice the first star in the night sky and makes a wish.  Bumblebee asks what he wished for and Seaspray tells him that if he reveals his wish, it won’t come true.  Later that night, Seaspray gets a transmission that he thinks is important.  He has a radio in his chest that picks up the signal from deep space.  He returns to the Autobot base to analyze it.  Perceptor studies the signal, and while he isn’t able to fully decode it, he knows that it is without a doubt a distress call. Seaspray realizes that the distress call wasn’t for the Autobots, but it was for the Decepticons.  Seaspray travels into Space to the planet of Tlalakan with Perceptor and Bumblebee inside of Cosmos.  Once Cosmos reaches the atmosphere, the Decepticon commander, named Deceptitran, has his legions open fire on the Autobots.  The Decepticons are able to hit Cosmos with their artillery and the Autobots crash land in the alien jungle.  Some of the natives witness the crash.  Bumblebee and Seaspray carry Perceptor out of Cosmos in microscope mode.  The Decepticons rush into the jungle and start attacking the Autobots.  Seaspray gurgles that the Autobots need to head for cover.  One of the Autobots destroys one of the Decepticon drones.  The Decepticon drops his energy whip and one of the natives named Alana picks it up.  She protects the Autobots by making a tree fall on the Decepticons.  Two of the remaining Decepticon drones are about to attack Alana.  Seaspray runs towards them and tackles the Decepticons.  Alana introduces herself to Seaspray and thanks him for saving her.  Seaspray seems to be attracted to her and his face turns red.   The Autobots befriend Alana and her companions.  They guide the Autobots to the one secret that they have been able to keep from the Decepticons for all this time, the Well of Transformation.  The natives go inside the well, and leave the Autobots outside.  The Decepticon drones are able to follow the Autobots and Natives to the Well.  Seaspray ignores that it is a holy site and enters the Well of Transformation to warn the Tlalakans about the inevitable attack.  Despite being mindless, the Decepticon drones are very effective.  They open fire on the Tlalakans with their lasers.  Seaspray defends his new friends and tackles one of the drones.  Bumblebee follows Seaspray in and destroys another drone with his weapon.  Seaspray wrestles with his drone and forces it into the Well of Transformation.  The drone is completely destroyed and melts.  The Tlalakans dive into the well, but they aren’t killed.  They explain that the Well strips the life force from a creature and lets them restructure themselves however they want.  Most likely, because the drones had no soul or life force or spark, that is why they were destroyed.  Seaspray watches the Tlalakans emerge from the Well of Transformation with fishtails instead of legs.  After Alana emerges from the pool a mermaid, Seaspray wants to join her, but she warns him not to.  She is worried that like the Decepticon drones, Seaspray will be destroyed if he enters the well.  Alana tells Seaspray and Bumblebee to meet her down stream where the water won’t harm them.  She asks Seaspray if he can swim and he boasts about being a good swimmer.  She swims off and blows him a kiss and he can’t control that he is smitten with her.  Seaspray, Bumblebee, Perceptor, and Cosmos go to a waterfall where the water is safe.  Bumblebee notices Laserbeak spying on them.  Laserbeak is a bit more aggressive than usual.  He starts to chase the Autobots while firing his lasers at them.  Laserbeak is soon reinforced by Megatron, Soundwave, Dirge, and Astrotrain.  Seaspray transforms into hovercraft mode to escape from the Decepticons in a body of water.  Bumblebee, Perceptor, and Cosmos grab onto Seaspray to get to safety.   Seaspray’s incompetence leads the Autobots off of a waterfall.  While underwater, Seaspray and the Autobots are guided to actual safety by Alana and her friends.  Alana asks where Bumblebee is, and Seaspray realizes that Bumblebee is still above water and they forgot about him (Seaspray is really dropping the ball in this episode, and Bumblebee faces most of the consequences.).  Once the Autobots realize that Bumblebee is missing, they assume that he has been captured by the Decepticons.  Alana guides Cosmos, Seaspray, and Perceptor to get reinforcements from her people so they can save Bumblebee.  Seaspray insensitively assumes that all of Alana’s people are slaves.  Perceptor works on repairing himself and Cosmos, so Seaspray is forced to go with the Tlalakans to save Bumblebee.  While in hovercraft mode, Seaspray travels underwater close to the Well of Transformation.  Alana gives him an alternate path to travel so he isn’t potentially damaged by the waters of the well.   Alana and Seaspray meet up, and she rides on top of Seaspray.  Seaspray receives a homing beacon from Bumblebee and he changes course to save his friend.  Seaspray storms the Decepticon base with Alana and finds Deceptitran guarding Bumblebee.  Deceptitran uses his tentacles to snare Alana, but Seaspray shoots Deceptitran.  Deceptitran drops Alana and together they save Bumblebee.  Seaspray takes Bumblebee to the water so the rebels can guide him to Perceptor and Cosmos.  Bumblebee is apprehensive to leave Seaspray, so Seaspray pushes him in the water.  Seaspray soon retreats when Megatron and the Decepticons start firing on him.  Seaspray transforms into hovercraft mode and Alana rides on top of him.  They are followed by Decepticon drones.  Seaspray, Alana, and the Tlalakan rebels reach dry land.  They rush through the Tlalakan jungle while being pursued by the Decepticon drones.  Alana and the rebels run into the hidden Well of Transformation, and Seaspray stays outside to engage the drones.  Seaspray is overwhelmed by the massive amount of drones, so he enters the cave which houses the Well of Transformation to hide.  Seaspray wants to use the Well of Transformation to become flesh and bone.  He asks Alana if she really thinks he will die if he goes into the well.  She assumes that all machines will perish if they go in the water of the Well of Transformation.  Seaspray is insulted and dejected when Alana makes that comment.  He thinks that all she sees when she looks at him is another machine.  Seaspray risks destruction for love and enters the Well of Transformation. Alana screams in terror, thinking that Seaspray has died.  She starts crying and admits to herself that she truly did love him.  Seaspray emerges from the water as a blonde humanoid (who kind of looked like a long haired Duke from GI Joe).  Seaspray and Alana embrace, and she notices that his feet are still robotic.  She tells him that she liked him as a robot and she was afraid he wouldn’t reciprocate her feelings because she was organic.  Together, they dive into the water and Seaspray grows a fish tail where his legs were.  Seaspray and Alana reach the Tlalakan underwater kingdom just as the Decepticons are attacking it.  Seaspray’s first instinct is to rush into battle.  Dirge starts firing his lasers at Seaspray.  Seaspray is able to avoid getting injured, but realizes that in his new organic body, he has no weapons.  He and Alana swim back to the Well of Transformation so he can regain his Autobot body and fight the Decepticons.  Rumble follows them and unleashes laser fire at them.  Seaspray and Alana reach the Well of Transformation and Rumble is effected by the water.  Alana tricks him into becoming a tree.  Seaspray returns to his robot form, but Alana surprises him by taking a robot form of her own (some people say this was the precursor for Arcee’s design, but it really doesn’t resemble Arcee that much.  Aside for being pink and a robot).  Seaspray seems to be captivated by her new form.  He has a hard time forming words.  She tells him that this robot form is only temporary so she can fight the Decepticons.  She is able to transform (in a way that really resembles the Beast Machine Maximals transformation) into a gondola.  Together, they travel back to the Decepticon Temple to save the slaves from the control of Deceptitran.   The Decepticon droids fly into the air to fight the two aquatic Transformers.  Seaspray and Alana are able to fend off the drones with their lasers.  Seaspray is pleasantly surprise on how well Alana has adjusted to her robotic form and that she is able to fight as well as she does.  While still in their respective boat alternate modes, they travel onto land to engage Deceptitran.  Instead of destroying Deceptitran, Alana actually reprograms him to serve the Tlalakans (which actually makes more sense and is a hair more complex than just destroying a one off character).  The automated Decepticon drones attack the actual Decepticons.  Seaspray finds himself in the main Energon Chamber and destroys the cubes.  The Decepticons  are forced to retreat and for the first time in a long (and unspecified) time, the Tlalakans are free.   After the battle, Alana reverts back to her organic form.  Seaspray assumes that she doesn’t have feelings for him anymore and that is why she became organic again.  She tells him that she loves him truly but she has to be who she is, an organic.  They sail off together into the sunset.

Marvel G1 Comic

Seaspray was introduced in the Marvel Comics Transformers Comic Book as an Autobot who stayed on Cybertron when Optimus Prime left on The Ark.  He was a member of an Autobot resistance cell which was led by Perceptor.  When Blaster asks the resistance cell for help in finding a captured Autobot spy, Seaspray is one of the Autobots who wants to help Blaster.  After the search ends, Blaster is sent to the Smelting Pool by Straxus.  Seaspray is part of the team that saves Blaster and later is part of the team that attacks Darkmount, Straxus’ headquarters, where The Decepticons are experimenting with a Space Bridge.  He eventually is trapped on Earth with the rest of The Autobot Resistance and is captured and dismantled by Circuit Breaker.  Eventually, Circuit Breaker has a change of heart and she frees all of the Autobots she captured.  Seaspray joins the team of Autobots living in The Ark.

IDW Transformers

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Seaspray has communications in his arm and chest. In vehicle mode he can fire a cannon that is on his roof. He has better maneuverability underwater than most other Autobots. In one episode, he showed the ability to attach a water skiing rope to his hull and took Bumblebee water skiing. He also has a communications device in his wrist and his chest.

Wacky Facts

Seaspray fell in love with an organic being. To prove how much he loved her, he temporarily made himself organic.

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