Shockwave Lab SL-81 Energy Sword Siege Jetfire Upgrade Kit Review


Commentary -

The last Shockwave Lab kit I got (Megatron's Energy Mace, see review here) was amazing. While I normally get more Matrix Workshop and Nonnef stuff, the Energy Mace set really opened up my eyes to Shockwave Lab. I'm going to keep this as spoiler free as possible, but all you need to know is, in the Netflix WFC Siege mini, Jetfire had a massive energy sword on his arm. To me, Jetfire/Skyfire has always been not the best warrior, but the Siege show kind of changed my view on that. When I first saw the sword, I ordered it and that was before I saw the show. Just thought it looked cool.

Assortment -

The Energy sword is really nice, but at the same side very simple. It is two pieces, a white adapter and a blue energy blade that plugs into it. It is already assembled. The white adapter has a 5mm plug so installation takes about half a second and it stays on secure. You can shake the figure very hard and the blade will still stay on. It looks good, has good play value, and I would give this to a kid. All in all, a successful add on kit

Pros -

Looks great, good play value if you are giving this to a kid, it won't fall apart in 10 seconds.

Cons -

This is a stupid nitpick, but due to the size, you really can only use this set with Jetfire.

Grade -

I like this add on a lot. While, it isn't as needed as some other sets (Like the Matrix Workshop Astrotrain set or the DNA ROTF Megatron set) it is a set which I like a lot. I got it for under 12 dollars shipped, the quality is good. Even though in my eyes Jetfire doesn't need a sword, this sword is very welcome to my collection. I rate this set an 8.5 out of 10

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