Shockwave Lab SL-77 The Meteor Hammer Siege Megatron Upgrade Kit Review


Commentary -

I have a few Shockwave Lab add on kits. While I don't collect as many of their stuff as I do Matrix Workshop, they do put out good stuff and everything I've gotten from them was a solid add on. One of the things I really wanted for my Siege Megatron is the purple energy mace from the second episode of G1. So when I saw Shockwave Lab was going to make one, I knew I had to get it.

Assortment -

This is a really interesting set, but at the same time very simple. It is a black adapter which a pinkish purple mace is attached. For best results, fold Megatron's hand into his forearm and plug it in. But if that doesn't work for you, you can always just plug it into his hand. The adapter fits on both hands equally well. The mace is made of soft plastic and it is able to bend a little bit without breaking. It also can spin a bit to add to different angles you can display it with.

Pros -

Looks great, good play value if you are giving this to a kid, it won't fall apart in 10 seconds.

Cons -

Honestly, I don't have any problems with this set

Grade -

This set is really good, I like it a lot. But considering Megatron only used the energy mace in one episode, you may not want it. It is an iconic weapon, but not as iconic as lets say the Megatron fusion cannon. Installation is no problem at all, it is made very solidly. I give this set an 8.75 out of 10. The reason I am not giving it a higher grade isn't because it is bad, its because it isn't needed as much as other kits. If you don't get this kit for Siege Megatron, you still have a really good figure. Kits like the Matrix Workshop AStrotrain kit is needed to make the figure whole. Siege Megatron is whole but this makes him even better. It is cheap enough where the price shouldn't turn you off (between 12 and 15 dollars).

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