Shockwave Lab SL-80 Fusion Cannon Studio SeriesMegatron Upgrade Kit


Commentary -

If you read my review for Studio Series Megatron (Movie 1) you would know that the one major failing of the figure is that he didn't come with a good weapon. I have a few Shockwave Lab upgrade kits and I've always been satisifed with their work, so when I saw there was one coming out, I ordered it post haste and dug out my Studio Series Megatron.

Assortment -

Honestly, my memory is a bit hazy, but I don't remember if this is actually the weapon Megatron used in the movie. Michael Bay's style is so chaotic and lacks continuity that I can't remember for the life of me if this is accurate to the movie. I do remember he had a weapon which was kind of like Transmetal Cheetor's blaster though. There is an upgrade kit that I've seen which resembles that, but I didn't pick it up. So if the weapon was or wasn't used in the movie, I honestly don't care. It looks F'n cool on the figure. The piece is a 3D Printed plastic fusion cannon which has an LED light inside of it. It is color matched very well to the figure and has Cybertronian letters on it. (no idea if it actually says anything, I don't read Cybertronian). To install it, you have to fold the right hand down and then there is a peg it plugs into. I don't know if I have to add batteries or if the LED is broken, but mine doesn't light up, but honestly, its another thing I just don't care about. I came to this party for a weapon for Megatron, not a light up function. I've heard good things about Shockwave Lab stuff with lights, so I'll let you make the decision, but as a rule, whenever I get something with a battery in it, I generally take it out. Mainly so it won't melt over the years from battery acid. To get back on track, the weapon looks great and is easy to install and completes the figure.

Pros -

Fills a needed hole in the figure. Well constructed.

Cons -

The LED thing does bother me a bit. Personally, I'd rather have a slightly cheaper accessory without the LED than a more expensive set with an LED. But that is just my personal preference and not an actual fault with the piece itself.

Grade -

Since Studio Series Megatron didn't have a blaster included with his toy, I really like how this came out. I would suggest it to anyone who has the figure. I rate this add on kit a 9.25 out of 10

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