G1 Cartoon Background -

Shockwave is a loyal Decepticon to Megatron in the cartoon.  He is left in charge of Cybertron when Megatron leaves the planet to follow Optimus Prime.

For millions of years, Shockwave governs the dying planet of Cybertron.  It is hemorrhaging energy constantly.   Shockwave learns that Megatron is alive and contacts him on Earth.  He tells Megatron that the Decepticons are running out of Energon Cubes.  Also, he reports that the Space Bridge is operational.  Megatron plans to steal all of the energy from Earth and send it to Cybertron.    In a Space Bridge malfunction, Megatron is sent to Cybertron.

On Cybertron, Shockwave works to repair the Space Bridge to send Megatron back to Earth.  When he completes the repairs, he returns Megatron to the rest of the Decepticons.  
When several Autobots use the Space Bridge to get to Cybertron to get a part to repair Optimus Prime, they are attacked by Shockwave.  Shockwave fires on Bumblebee and hits him in his hood.  The Autobots escape and Ironhide prevents Shockwave from following them with glue.

Megatron contacts Shockwave on Cybertron.  He wants an update on the new and improved Space Bridge.  The new Space Bridge has a larger capacity than the previous one, but it also consumes more energy.  Shockwave tells Megatron that their entire Energon cache will be depleted.  After Megatron slows down the Autobots, Shockwave prepares to transport a special cargo to Earth.  This cargo is the entire planet of Cybertron.

The Decepticons are successful in activating the Space Bridge.  It brings Cybertron to Earth and causes numerous natural disasters across the globe.  When the Autobots infiltrate the Decepticon base on Cybertron; Shockwave, Soundwave, and two nameless Decepticons try to stop them.  Brawn dispatches the two nameless Decepticons.  He grabs a metal beam and plans to use it to hit Shockwave.  Shockwave fires his blaster at the beam and melts it.  He then orders the Decepticons to capture Spike, Bumblebee, and Brawn.  The Autobots are saved when Skyfire, Wheeljack, and Trailbreaker burst into the room.  Shockwave fires his cannon at Skyfire.  Skyfire dodges the blast and shoots Shockwave.  Shockwave is thrown into a computer and it explodes.   Skyfire provides cover fire so the Autobots can escape.  Shockwave transforms into his space gun mode and fires with his full force at Skyfire.  He misses, but makes the door big enough for Skyfire to fit through.  Skyfire transforms and follows the other Autobots.  Shockwave later captures Spike briefly.  Shockwave orders Sparkplug to kill Spike with a blaster.  Before Sparkplug can fire, the Autobots appear.  Wheeljack uses a device to restore Sparkplug’s mind.  Shockwave is about to fire his cannon at Spike and Sparkplug, but Brawn shoots him first.  The Autobots escape and Shockwave sends more Decepticon Tetrajets to follow them.  The Autobots escape to Earth aboard Skyfire.

After Starscream goes to Cybertron with Dr. Arkeville, Shockwave tells them that Arkeville is not allowed on Cybertron.  Starscream claims that Megatron is dead and he is the new leader of the Decepticons.  Shockwave doesn’t believe it, he says that Megatron is invincible and nothing can destroy him.  Starscream tries to prove that Megatron is dead (he isn’t) by telling Shockwave to contact Megatron.  The planetary communications are down because Cybertron was removed from Earth’s orbit.  Starscream tells Shockwave that from no on, there will be no more attempts to contact Earth.  Starscream and Shockwave then work on setting up energy collectors on Cybertron.  Shockwave is finally able to contact Megatron from Cybertron and tells him about Starscream’s plan.

The Decepticons on Earth are suffering from a lack of Cybertonium.  Shockwave sends a supply to Earth using the Space Bridge.  The Dinobots commandeer the Space Bridge and go to Cybertron.  He is quickly attacked by the Dinobots when they exit the Space Bridge.  Shockwave detects more stowaways using the Space Bridge.  He arms himself with a tiny version of himself in gun mode and waits to see who emerges.  It is Spike and Carly.

As the door of the Space Bridge opens, Shockwave opens fire.  He vaporizes Carly’s car.  Spike and Carly run out of the Space Bridge and Shockwave continues to fire at them.  They try to hide behind a computer console, but Shockwave shoots it and the console vaporizes.  They then try to hide behind a massive robot, but Shockwave vaporizes that as well.  Spike and Carly squeeze through a small opening to a pit filled with energy.  Shockwave knows where they are but he won’t risk damaging any of the equipment in that specific room.  After the humans escape, Shockwave communicates with Megatron on Earth.  Megatron is desperate for the Cybetonium.  Shockwave tells him that he can’t send the Cybertonium to Earth because the Space Bridge isn’t working at the moment.  Shockwave sends The Sentinel after Spike and Carly.

Even though many of the Autobots have left Cybertron for Earth, Shockwave still has to defend the Decepticon interests from a group of Autobots who remained on Earth.  For millions of years, they continued the battle on Cybertron and would steal Energon from Shockwave.  These Autobot rebels were primarily female and were led by Elita-1.  On one raid, Chromia, Firestar, and Moonracer sneak into Shockwave’s fortress and steal his hidden personal supply of Energon Cubes.  As Firestar is escaping with half of Shockwave’s Energon, she drives on Shockwave’s foot.  He starts firing his hand cannon at Firestar to stop her from escaping.  He doesn’t prevent her from escaping and winds up destroying a few Energon Cubes.  He takes a hidden elevator to the Energon Cube storage room where Chromia is trying to free a trapped Moonracer.  Shockwave inadvertently saves Firestar when he fires his cannon at Chromia and she dodges the blast.  Shockwave’s laser shattered the cage that was holding Moonracer.  The two female Autobots escape capture when Moonracer throws two Energon Cubes at Shockwave and they explode.  Shockwave sends a Sentinel (not a Guardian Robot or the X-Men version) to follow the female Autobots.  He wants to learn the location of the Female Autobots’ headquarters.  Moonracer is able to destroy the Sentinel with one shot, giving the female Autobots the ability to keep their base hidden from Shockwave.  Shockwave contacts Megatron to notify him about the theft.  Megatron seems intrigued by the sheer fact of female Autobots.  Both Shockwave and Megatron thought they have been dead for along time.  Megatron assumes that Shockwave has captured the three female Autobots, but Shockwave grudgingly reports that he was unable to.  Megatron sends Starscream, Rumble, Astrotrain, and Ramjet to Cybertron to help Shockwave capture (or destroy) the Female Autobots.  Megatron demands that Shockwave captures Elita-1.  Even though the Sentinel didn’t catch the female Autobots or even follow them to their lair, Shockwave still has a general idea of where their headquarters is.  Using his advanced intellect, he deduces that their headquarters is in an area of Cybertron and it is hidden under a large pile of rubble.  After the Decepticons capture Elita-1, Megatron tells Optimus Prime that she is a captive of the Decepticons.  Optimus Prime uses a Space Bridge to get to Cybertron to save her.  When he arrives, he is captured.  Then, Shockwave and Astrotrain appear with Elita-1 as their prisoner.  She is shot (again) by Starscream when she tries to free Optimus.  Starscream plans to kill Elita-1 while Optimus Prime watches.  Shockwave stops him so the Decepticons can do something more sinister.  The Decepticons hang Optimus Prime a vat of acid.  Elita-1 pleads to Starscream to let Optimus go.  Starscream obliges and drops Optimus Prime into the vat of acid.  Elita-1 uses her “use only once” power to stop time to save Optimus Prime.  Shockwave and the Decepticons have no idea that Optimus was saved.  When time starts again, there is wreckage in the vat of acid that they assume is Optimus Prime’s remains.  Ironhide, Powerglide, and Inferno arrive on Cybertron just as the Decepticons are celebrating the perceived destruction of Optimus Prime.  The three Autobots can’t believe that Optimus is dead.  They lash out at the Decepticons with their weapons.  Shockwave is shot in the chest by one of the Autobots.  The Decepticons retreat from battle but the Autobots run after them.  The battle between the Autobots and Decepticons spills out into the streets.  Both sides seem to be evenly matched.  Eventually, the female Autobots Chromia and Moonracer join the fight to help their Autobot friends.  Eventually, the female Autobots Chromia and Moonracer join the fight to help their Autobot friends.   They are followed by Lancer, Greenlight, and Firestar.  The battle continues but it is very evenly matched.  Later, both the Autobots and Decepticons learn that Optimus Prime is not dead.  Optimus Prime and Elita-1 turn the tide of the battle and the Decepticons retreat back to Earth.  Shockwave remains on Cybertron to manage the Decepticon interests on the planet.

Megatron takes Soundwave, Rumble, and the mindless Stunticons to Cybertron.  Shockwave greets them and tells Megatron that he has located Vector Sigma.  Shockwave reminds Megatron that Vector Sigma can only be reactivated with a key, and he doesn’t know where the key is.  At Shockwave’s recommendation, the Decepticons search for Alpha Trion because it is most likely that he has the key.

Megatron successfully uses Vector Sigma to give life to the Stunticons and returns to Earth.  Shockwave remains at his post on Cybertron and sneaks into Vector Sigma’s chamber just as the Aerialbots are given life.  Shockwave overhears that on Earth, the Key to Vector Sigma can be a powerful weapon.  He reports what he learned to Megatron.

 Megatron wants to use a device called a Kronosphere to steal Energon from Cybertron’s past.  Megatron rallies the Decepticons to retake the Kronosphere before the Autobots get a fully functional time machine.  Shockwave finds a headless Guardian Robot and Megatron has him reactivate it.  Shockwave shoots a laser out of his eye which reactivates and reprograms the headless Guardian Robot.

From Cybertron, Shockwave contacts Megatron to tell him that someone has stolen the personality profiles of five Renegade Decepticons.  Megatron assumes that it was the Autobots, so he plans to attack in response.  

While on Cybertron, Shockwave performs routine maintenance on his Sentinel Droids.  He creates holographic missiles for the droids to fine tune their targeting sensors.   Shockwave soon discovers that the Combaticons are approaching Cybertron.  Blast Off is pulling their asteroid prison through space.  Shockwave has the Sentinel Droids fire warning shots. Shockwave demands that they identify themselves. . The Combaticons start to merge into Bruticus and introduce themselves as Bruticus. Bruticus battles an army of Sentinel Droids.   Instead of trying to take on all of the Sentinels, Bruticus grabs Shockwave.  He intends to destroy Shockwave thinking that will deactivate the drones.  Shockwave transforms into gun mode and shoots Bruticus in the face.  .  Bruticus picks up Shockwave, who is still in gun mode, and fires Shockwave at the droids.  The Droids are decimated and Bruticus is victorious.  Bruticus inserts Shockwave into the barrel of one of the cannons on his back and launches Shockwave into space.  While Starscream is flying through Space, he flies right into Shockwave.  Both Decepticons transform into robot mode and they are surprised to see each other.  Shockwave asks Starscream for help and tells him that Cybertron has been invaded.  Starscream transforms back into jet mode and Shockwave rides on top of him back to Cybertron.  Shockwave sets up a holographic image of robots attacking Cybertron to scare the Combaticons off of Cybertron.  The Combaticons think it is real so they fight back. From a distance, Shockwave and Starscream watch. Shockwave and Starscream want to force the Combaticons to use all of their energy, then swoop in and defeat them.  Starscream wants to take control of Cybertron once the Combaticons are defeated.  Shockwave reminds him that HE is the guardian of Cybertron, not Starscream.  Starscream is easily bored with the holographic invasion fleet, so Shockwave tries to accommodate him by turning the invasion fleet into gargoyles.    While the Combaticons are occupied, Shockwave and Starscream go to the Space Bridge control room.  They discover that the Combaticons have altered the Space Bridge and now Earth is on a collision course with the sun.    The Autobots and Megatron will all be destroyed if the Earth falls into the sun.  Shockwave doesn’t want Megatron to die.  Shockwave tries to reverse the procedure, but Starscream shoots him in the back.  Shockwave is knocked out and Starscream Starscream doesn’t know why Shockwave shot him (maybe because Starscream shot first and Shockwave is very loyal to Megatron?).  Shockwave fires again but Starscream gets out of the way.  The laser blast damages a computer console.  Starscream is able to get a good shot off and hits Shockwave in the chest.  Shockwave is knocked down.  Just as the two Decepticons finish their battle, the Combaticons enter the chamber and capture Starscream and Shockwave.  Shockwave is later freed by Megatron and the Combaticons are reprogrammed.  

Shockwave's final appearance is in Transformers the Movie. He is shown when Unicron attacks Cybertron. In the script he was killed, but we never see it in the actual movie. So he technically could've survived despite never being seen again.

Marvel G1 Comic Background -

Shockwave was very different in the comic book than he was in the cartoon.  He was very cold and collected, he valued logic above all.  Where in the cartoon he was a loyal servant of Megatron, in the comic book, he was a rival of power for Megatron, and even stole leadership of The Decepticons from Megatron.

Shockwave came to Prehistoric Earth from Cybertron, in search of Megatron.  This caused The Ark to revive five Autobots and turned them into the Dinobots.  Shockwave’s guidance systems were damaged by Space Radiation and the Dinobots were able to defeat Shockwave.

During the battle between The Autobots and The Decepticons at the Ark, a probe is sent out and it revives Shockwave.  At a pivotal point in the battle, the Decepticons were about to loose and Shockwave turns the tide.  He defeats all of the Autobots and becomes the new Decepticon Leader according to his own sense of logic.

After Shockwave defeated the Autobots, he immersed himself in human culture (aka TV).  He wanted to learn everything he could about the planet Earth that he could. He also hangs the barely living Autobots on his ceiling.   He sees a news report about an industrialist named GB Blackrock in which Blackrock was able to get more oil from an oil rig than anyone else.  This process was created by a computer programmer named Josie Beller.  Using his vast intellect, he repairs the damage which Sparkplug Witwicky did by tainting the fuel supply of the Decepticons.  He takes Starscream on as his second in command.  Megatron is kept as a prisoner, tied to a wall.  Even though Shockwave is leader of the Decepticons, he recognizes that he is not the most powerful.  He decides to keep Megatron around as his soldier.  

Shockwave’s plans are to use the fallen Autobots as spare parts and take apart Optimus Prime until he can find The Creation Matrix, so he can create a new army of Decepticons.  He keeps Optimus’ sentient head separate from the rest of his body so he can interrogate Optimus.  

Shockwave realizes that he needs fuel for his Decepticons and takes over one of Blackrock’s oil platforms.  Blackrock had a defense force for his platform which Shockwave quickly and easily destroys.  Josie Beller controls all of the weapons from her computer.  Shockwave’s attack causes electrical feedback to paralyze Josie, and she later becomes the Anti-Transformer enhanced human known as Circuit Breaker.  Shockwave then takes command of the Oil Rig.  

Shockwave returns to The Ark where he finds Megatron has freed himself.  Megatron challenges Shockwave to battle for leadership of the Decepticons.  The two battle but Megatron is not at full strength, giving Shockwave a huge advantage.  He quickly defeats Megatron and according to logic, allows Megatron to live.  

Shockwave sends Soundwave to infiltrate a hi-tech aircraft factory, also owned by GB Blackrock.  The success of this battle causes a hatred of all Transformers by Blackrock.  Soon after, Shockwave attacks the Blackrock owned Aircraft facility, now guarded by the military.  Shockwave enters the factory after defeating the soldiers and orders Soundwave to use Optimus Prime’s head (which he assumes has the creation matrix in it) to give life to new Decepticon soldiers who were built in the factory.

Even though Shockwave predicted a 27.6% chance that Megatron would follow his orders, he appreciates that Megatron does in fact follow orders.  They eventually fight (Shockwave wins) and Megatron falls off a mountain after a brief skirmish with Ratchet.  The Decepticons leave The Ark and start using a Blackrock factory as their base of operations.  When Jazz and Wheeljack come to the factory to try to speak to Blackrock, Shockwave barely registers their existence.  He says that they are too weak to cause a problem.  He is more interested in enslaving the human population to use as a workforce to make their weapons.  Shockwave is still in possession of Optimus Prime’s head at this point, hoping to use the Creation Matrix to make a new wave of Decepticon Warriors.  Shockwave doesn’t know that Optimus transferred the Matrix to Buster Witwicky.  There is some traces of the energy of the Matrix inside of Optimus Prime’s head and Shockwave uses it to create The Constructicons.  At this point, Optimus’s head has run out of Matrix Energy, thinking that Optimus is simply refusing to work with him, he starts to debate keeping Optimus Prime’s head alive.

Shockwave is stumped on why Optimus can’t or won’t use the Creation Matrix to breathe life into more Decepticons.  He does a procedure on Rumble to read his memories, finding out that Optimus transferred The Matrix to Buster.  He orders the lifeless Jetfire, who is only controlled by remote control at this point, to bring him Buster.  Using The Matrix, Buster takes control of Jetfire from Shockwave.  

Shockwave discovers that the Autobots have been eavesdropping on The Decepticons.  He sets a trap for all of the Autobots when Jetfire returns with Buster (Buster passed out and Jetfire reverted to Shockwave’s control).  Shockwave then hooks Buster up to a machine to remove The Matrix from him, but can’t do it without Optimus’ help.  He sends Jetfire with a false Optimus Prime head which when reunited with Optimus Prime’s body, it attacked the Autobots.  Jetfire returns and Shockwave orders him to destroy the real Optimus Prime’s head.  At the last minute, Buster wakes up and regains control over Jetfire, using him to attack Shockwave and then to restore Optimus Prime, saving the Autobots.  Shockwave then fights Optimus and is defeated.  Instead of killing him, Optimus Prime goes to save Buster from the Decepticon Base.

After slightly recovering, Shockwave flies to an off shore oil rig, owned by GB Blackrock, that Starscream and other Decepticons are using as a base of operations.  Shockwave brings with him a machine that is able to transform the energy in the oil into Energon Cubes.  This gives the Decepticons the option of mobility.  They can now transform any form of Earth energy to fuel for them.  They leave the oil rig and detonate an Energon Cube as a distraction for the Navy, who was making sure the Decepticons didn’t leave.  Shockwave then devises a plan to harness sound energy at a rock concert and transform it into Energon.  He is foiled by Bumblebee and a new group of Autobots that Optimus Prime made with the reclaimed Creation Matrix.

After being defeated, Shockwave and Starscream create a new base of operations and create a plot to use Bumblebee as a weapon against the Autobots.  Using Laserbeak, he spies on Bumblebee, waiting for the right moment to make his move.  He orders The Decepticons to follow him into battle to attack Bumblebee.  Bumblebee is able to escape and hides in a used car lot.  The next day, Laserbeak finds Bumblebee again and reports to Shockwave.  The Deceptions attack Bumblebee again and Jetfire saves Bumblebee.  Jetfire is injured and Bumblebee protects Jetfire from Shockwave until the rest of The Autobots arrive.

Shockwave intercepts a message from Megatron to The Seekers, this causes Shockwave to go to a strip mine where Megatron is living, gaining strength, with Soundwave caring for him.  Before Megatron and Shockwave could fight, they receive a transmission from Cybertron.  Straxus contacts Megatron asking to help him for The Decepticon cause.  Megatron and Shockwave agree to put their differences aside for the moment for the Decepticon cause.

Shockwave becomes Megatron’s second in command, remaining with the Constructicons at the new Decepticon Base in Wyoming.  The Autobots attack looking to get the secrets of Devestator so they can make their own combiner and after they get through the automated defenses, Shockwave orders The Constructicons form Devestator.

Shockwave is shown mainly partnered with Soundwave in the Decepticon Base.  Now that Megatron has defeated Optimus Prime and brought to the Decepticons a device which can harness energy from the ocean floor, Shockwave contacts Cybertron to send more Decepticons, anticipating a Decepticon victory.  Megatron has become depressed and filled with fury.  When Shockwave tries to bring him out of it, Megatron threatens to kill him.  Shockwave gives Megatron a glimmer of hope that Optimus Prime is still alive by saying it potentiality could have all been virtual.  Megatron departs with several Decepticons and Shockwave sends another transmission to Cybertron.  This time to Razorclaw, leader of the Predacons.  He wants them to come to Earth to hunt Megatron.  He figures either The Predacons will snap Megatron out of his madness, or they will kill him, giving leadership back to Shockwave.  He orders the Predacons to change their faction symbols from Decepticon to Autobot to hopefully bring Megatron back.  Shockwave monitors the battle and eventually, when the Predacons form into Predaking, Shockwave joins the battle, but he simply observes.  Megatron defeats Predaking and everyone goes to the new Decepticon Base (in humid Florida).  Soundwave recovers a recording of the communication that Shockwave made with Razorclaw, ordering them to attack Megatron.  This makes Megatron break, he goes inside of The Space Bridge and starts firing all over.   Megatron to disappears in the explosion, unknown if he is alive or not.  What is known is, Shockwave is the leader of The Decepticons again.

In their new Base of Operations, an abandoned island in the Florida keys, Shockwave gets a transmission from Ratbat who orders Shockwave to no longer use the space bridge since it is using too much energy.  Shockwave tries to inform Ratbat that it was under Megatron’s rule where resources were expended so much, and Ratbat makes a concession.  He agrees to send his most powerful Decepticon to Earth to destroy The Ark.  That Decepticon was Trypticon.

Several weeks later, Ratbat comes to Earth to join the Decepticon forces.  Shockwave and Ratbat share command over the Decepticons.  They order a team of Thrust, Ramjet, Vortex, and The Insecticons to attack an off shore oil rig.

For a long time, Shockwave stays in the background, letting Ratbat lead the Decepticons.  Shockwave is planning and building a new Decepticon Base which is a large spacecraft whose top level resembles a tropical island.  They house the base in the Caribbean where it blends in with the other islands.  Ratbat captures Buster to the island base and when Buster awakens, he finds Shockwave and Ratbat observing him.  Buster says he is hungry and Ratbat captures a fish and Shockwave uses his laser eye to cook it for him.  Ratbat asks why Shockwave won’t let him kill Buster, and Shockwave shows him a Navy blockade just outside the island.  He plans on using Buster to prevent any attacks from the Navy.  After repelling an Autobot attack, Shockwave transforms the Decepticon base into a rocket ship and blasts off into space.  Fortress Maximus follows and Shockwave uses the ship’s defenses to repel Fort Max.  Maximus continues his attack and Shockwave engages him in battle.  With one blast from Shockwave in gun mode, Maximus is defeated .  Shockwave flies around to deliver the final strike to Fortress Maximus.  With his last energy, Maximus fires on Shockwave, causing him to spin out of control onto Earth where he burns up upon re-entry.

Years later, Shockwave turns up alive and he starts to secretly observe Scorponok’s Decepticons.  Waiting for the right moment to make his move.  He notices Starscream leaving Scorponok’s New Jersey base, unauthorized, and realizes that he can use Starscream as a weapon against Scorponok.  Shockwave watches Starscream fight Circuit Breaker and secretly shoots Circuit Breaker, saving Starscream.  He continues to monitor Starscream as Starscream fights a team of super powered humans who were organized by GB Blackrock to fight Decepticons.  Starscream is defeated and after GB Blackrock’s team of super powered humans leave, Shockwave reveals himself to Starscream, proposing an alliance.

Shockwave builds a secret base and recruits Runabout, Runamuck, Mindwipe, and Triggerhappy to join him and Starscream in a plot to overthrow Scorponok.  They attack Scorponok’s New Jersey headquarters and destroy it.  

Starscream starts to celebrate the destruction of Scorponok and Shockwave reminds him that there is a high probability that Scorponok survived.  While Starscream searches for survivors in the wreckage, he is attacked by Scorponok.  Shockwave orders Runabout and Runamuck to attack, but they are too intimidated by Scorponok to attack.  Ravage attacks and is tossed aside by Scorponok.  Shockwave attacks Scorponok who deflects the energy blast and tackles Shockwave, knocking them into a river.  The two Decepticons emerge from the river in Manhattan.  They fight each other while humans watch.  Neither Decepticon has an advantage on the other.  They continue to fight and Scorponok starts to gain the advantage.  He is about to kill Shockwave but Optimus Prime stops him before he can fire.  The battle ends when Shockwave and Scorponok are attacked by Circuit Breaker and the rest of Blackrock’s super humans, now calling themselves The Neo-Knights.  Shockwave watches as the Neo-Knights attack and start to defeat Scorponok.  Seizing the opportunity, he fires on Circuit Breaker, stopping her assault on Scorponok.  Circuit Breaker then starts to attack Optimus Prime which distracts Scorponok.  Shockwave uses the distraction to his advantage and attempts to resume his assault on Scorponok.  He transforms into blaster mode and is about to fire on Scorponok with all of his power.  Circuit Breaker recognizes Shockwave in this mode as the Decepticon who crippled her and she unleashes her full fury on Shockwave, severely damaging him.  He is among the Transformers who was teleported from Earth to Cybertron by Primus to fight Unicron.

Shockwave and Starscream watch Unicron start to destroy Cybertron and they plan on leaving Cybertron to save themselves.  After Unicron is destroyed, Shockwave and Starscream steal the Ark and repair it to use it to escape Cybertron.  Shockwave figures out that without Primus, the planet is falling apart and will destroy itself.  They escape Cybertron and go back to Earth.  

While the two Decepticons are traveling through space in the stolen Autobot spacecraft, the internal sensors go off.  When Shockwave and Starscream go to investigate, and Megatron alive.  Starscream tries to gain favor with Megatron and Shockwave sends him away.  Shockwave attacks Megatron, and Galvatron winds up saving Megatron.  Together, they kill Shockwave

IDW Regeneration One Background -

. Shockwave’s dead body remained on the Ark after it crashed in the G1 book.  His mind merged with the Artificial Intelligence of the Ark and became a tool of Megatron.  Megatron used this AI to create the Zombie Decepticons and steal control over all of the nuclear weapons on Earth.  Spike Witwicky destroys the AI but Shockwave’s mind remained on the Ark.  Galvatron and Zombie Starscream use the Shockwave AI to repair the Ark.  

Shockwave starts to assert control and he restores Starscream’s mind to his body.  Shockwave did this because he needs someone to pilot the Ark.

Starscream evades detection from Jhiaxus and Shockwave has his body rebuilt on the Ark.  Along with Starscream, they wind up attacking The Hub, Jhiaxus’ cluster of planets.  Starscream dies in the battle with Jhiaxus and for the first time in his existence, Shockwave feels emotion.

IDW Background -

Shockwave is the eternal MacGuffin of IDW Transformers.  He is retconed a million times but starts close to his G1 Cartoon version.  

In his first chronological appearance, Shockwave is repairing Orion Pax after a battle with Zeta Prime.  Shockwave notices a chamber in Orion’s chest which looks like it is meant to hold something.

In the battle outside the Senate, Shockwave destroys the last Omega Sentinel in his gun mode.

When the civilian population of Cybertron is trying to leave the planet due to an energy shortage, Shockwave and several other Decepticons attack.  There are many casualties.  

Grimlock transforms into his feral beast mode to protect Optimus Prime.  After Grimlock damages several nameless Decepticons, Shockwave opens fire on Grimlock, but with no effect.  After the Decepticons are defeated at the spaceport, many of them fly away.  While En Route, Scorponok summons them to the crater which used to be an energy refinery.  Scorponok wants all of the Decepticons to witness the awakening of Trypticon.

Shockwave performs repairs on Megatron after he takes control back of the Decepticons from Scorponok.

When the Decepticons invade Iacon, Shockwave is part of the strike force.

As time progresses, Shockwave remains somewhat loyal to Megatron, but he plans his own schemes.  He realizes that Cybertron will run out of Energon at some point within the next six hundred thousand cycles.  He starts a secret program called Re-genesis where he seeds planets with Energon and the Energon multiplies over time.  One of the planets seeded with Energon is Prehistoric Earth.  Without regulation, the Energon will overtake the entire planet, so Shockwave secretly travels to “tend to his garden”.  He knows that even if he is successful, he may be branded a traitor for going over Megatron’s head.  Shockwave goes to Earth and starts harvesting Energon.  The Energon harvesting changes Earth’s ecosystem.  It causes the Ice Age to end.  He also kills a Woolly Mammoth.  The Energon levels on prehistoric Earth are so high that any Transformer who goes to the planet’s surface will go into stasis lock.  Shockwave overcomes this by using Resonant Field Harmonics to shield himself.  Shockwave summons his ship, but it isn’t coming.  He reasons that the ship has stopped functioning, or more likely someone moved it.  Suddenly, five fiery objects crash in front of Shockwave.  It is the Dinobots (now with organic beast modes).  (let me take a quick break, aside for the organic beast mode thing, this is almost exactly the same as the G1 Marvel book.  I kinda wish that they did something in this story that wasn’t done 25 years or so earlier).  The Dinobots attack Shockwave with all of their fury.  Grimlock bites Shockwave’s blaster hand.  Sludge headbutts Shockwave while Swoop claws at him and Snarl hits the Decepticon with his tail.  Slag rushes into Shockwave’s legs with his new horns.  Shockwave gets his hand free and punches Swoop.  He attempts to shoot Grimlock, but Snarl trips Shockwave with his tail.  Slag unleashes a massive stream of fire at Shockwave from his mouth.  Grimlock opens his dinosaur mouth to reveal his double barreled blaster and fires at Shockwave.  Sludge follows by revealing two cannons on his beast mode body and shoots Shockwave.  Swoop flies above Shockwave and drops two incendiary bombs.  The Dinobots think they defeated Shockwave, but he walks out of the fiery inferno.  Shockwave shocks the Dinobots by going on the offensive (pun intended).  He grabs Sludge by the beast mode neck and swings him around, smashing the other Dinobots.  He blasts Swoop out of the sky with his cannon.  Shockwave rushes to Grimlock and punches him in the face, causing him to crash into a pile of rocks.  Shockwave transforms into space gun mode and fires on all of the Dinobots.  Their organic armor has been damaged.  Grimlock gets up to continue the fight, but he falls prey to stasis lock.  Shockwave assumes that he has won the fight.  Grimlock planned for this and set their ship to fire on Shockwave from low orbit.  Shockwave falls into a volcano where he is in stasis until the present time.

In the present, a clandestine organization called Skywatch finds Shockwave and the Dinobots.

Shockwave awakens in Skywatch base.  He is aware that they restored him and that they put an explosive in his head so he can’t betray them.  The bomb is on a 24 hours timer and if Skywatch doesn’t put in a code every 24 hours, the bomb will explode.  Skywatch wants Shockwave to find Ravage and Laserbeak, as well as destroy the Dinobots.  Shockwave threatens Skywatch that he can do major damage to Earth in 24 hours.  Shockwave transforms into blaster mode and flies away.  He goes to Portland Oregon to find Soundwave.

Before he flew to Portland, he recovered Ravage and Laserbeak.  Ravage bursts into a boy’s room to recover Soundwave.  Once they locate Soundwave, Laserbeak grabs Soundwave and flies away with him.  The cassettes bring Soundwave to Shockwave.  Shockwave proposes that they work together.  Shockwave arrives at the Machination base and shoots Sludge.  Together, Scorponok and Shockwave consider their options.

Scorponok blames the Dinobots for his plans falling apart and vows to kill them.  Shockwave interferes because he wants to kill the Dinobots himself.  Scorponok and Shockwave start fighting with each other.  Scorponok fires his tail laser at Shockwave, but Shockwave fires back from the air in blaster (not submarine) mode.  The two Decepticons continue to fight.  Shockwave realizes that the headmaster process made Scorponok’s reactions and reflexes 60% improved, but it gave him human fear.  Shockwave does a flip over Scorponok and then shoots him again.  Scorponok transforms into robot mode, but Shockwave trains his gun at Scorponok’s head.  Scorponok proclaims that he is more powerful than Shockwave.  Shockwave tells him at that range, his blaster will kill Scorponok.  Scorponok yields. Shockwave and Grimlock fight. Grimlock chomps down on Shockwave’s shoulder.  Shockwave punches Grimlock into a pile of rubble.  Hot Rod goes to help and sees Sludge is alive again.  Shockwave picks up a girder and hits Grimlock in the teeth.  Grimlock bites Shockwave in the leg and the next thing he knows is that the Dinobots are helping him.  Shockwave transmits to Soundwave how he can transform again.  Shockwave goes to leave, and tells the Dinobots not to follow him.  Grimlock throws a grenade at him.

Overlord rebuilds Shockwave in Garrus-9.  Shockwave wonders why it took Overlord over a year to do it.  Overlord wants Shockwave to remove the Achilles Virus that Megatron planted in his head.  The virus is meant to limit Overlord’s tactical mind so Megatron can keep a leash on him.  Shockwave warns Overlord of antagonizing Megatron.  Overlord says he isn’t the first, but he will be the last.

Three years after Megatron’s defeat, most of the Decepticons are living on an asteroid with very limited resources. Shockwave works hard to restore the Space Bridge.

 Starscream continues to wear the Matrix around his neck like a necklace.  He goes to Shockwave to get an update on the Space Bridge project.  Shockwave reminds Starscream that he was promised he could work in solitude.  Starscream sees that Soundwave is working on something.  When he approaches, Starscream sees that Soundwave and Shockwave have cannibalized Megatron’s original body to make guns.  The guns vary in size from human size to transformer size.  Starscream is upset that they were not working on the Space Bridge.  Starscream tells Shockwave, Frenzy (or maybe Rumble) and Shockwave to put the guns down.  Megatron, in his new body, approaches.  Starscream is not surprised to see that Megatron is back.  Shockwave tells Starscream that he was working on the Space Bridge, it is just inside of Megatron.  Megatron plans to transport the Decepticons as close to Earth as he can.  Shockwave calculates that it will be a few thousand miles from Earth Orbit.

Megatron addresses his legions.  He wants them to take up arms to attack the Autobots once and for all.   Shockwave goes to Megatron and wants him to test the space bridge technology which is integrated into his new body.  Megatron tells him to be proud that he built such a great new body for him.  Megatron continues saying that if he can’t be proud, he should try to simulate pride.  Shockwave reveals that some of the space bridge technology in Megatron’s body came from Metroplex.  Megatron has Shockwave give humans Decepticon weapons.

In the Decepticon Base, Megatron watches as Shockwave tries to repair Soundwave.  Megatron is puzzled because Shockwave was able to bring him back to life, so he assumes that Shockwave can save Soundwave.  Shockwave tells Megatron that Megatron’s resurrection was planed before the battle started.  Shockwave used all of the Ore-13 to rebuild Megatron, he simply doesn’t have the resources to do the same for Soundwave.

The Decepticons arrive on Cybertron once Megatron freed himself from Autobot captivity.  They start to fight Galvatron’s forces with Megatron.  Suddenly, all of the Decepticons go into a trance and stop fighting.  All of the Decepticons and all of Galvatron’s forces merge into a massive monster.  The Deceptigod known as D-Void.


Abilities -

Shockwave was much more intelligent in most incarnations. More intelligent than Megatron. He transformed into a gun, but unlike Megatron, he didn't mass shift, so only a combiner could wield him. One time, he appeared armed with a small version of himself in gun mode. While in gun mode, he can fly

Wacky Facts

The G1 Shockwave was one of the few figures that WASN'T a diaclone figure originally.

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