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Sideswipe was a very sparsely used character in the G1 cartoon. He was listed as an Autobot warrior as his specialty.  In some continuities, Sunstreaker was mentioned as his brother, but this was not explored in the G1 Cartoon.  Sideswipe was used often, but rarely spoke  In most of his appearances, he was relegated to being a background character.  He was one of the few Autobots who had the ability to fly.  Sideswipe had a removable jet pack.  In vehicle mode, he was a sleek, red sports car.

Sideswipe was part of the crew of the Ark with Optimus Prime and many other Autobots.  When the Decepticons board the Ark, Sideswipe tries to fight Soundwave, but is quickly defeated.  The Ark crashes into Earth and the Autobots and Decepticons are dormant for millions of years.  He saw action soon after coming to Earth when he is chosen to be part of an Autobot strike force.  The Autobots track the Decepticons to an off shore oil platform.  Once they arrive, the Decepticons attack.  After a brief battle, Megatron damages the oil rig and retreats with the Decepticons.

Sideswipe helps the Autobots in defending Sherman Dam from the Decepticons.   After the battle on the dam, Sideswipe and Sunstreaker save Trailbreaker, Spike, and Sparkplug from a Decepticon attack.  The Autobots then attempt to stop the Decepticons from mining the ruby crystals of Burma.  Sparkplug and Bumblebee plant explosives in the mine, hoping to trap the Decepticons.  The explosives go off, but the Decepticons escape.

Sideswipe is part of the unsuccessful trap that Optimus Prime and Hound make for the Decepticons.   While the Autobots were trying to ambush the Decepticons, they were at a different site getting the energy they needed.

The Decepticons now have enough Energon to travel back to Cybertron and enslave it.  Optimus Prime asks for volunteers to help prevent the Decepticons from leaving Earth.  Sideswipe joins the attack force.  During the battle, The Autobots have the upper hand in the battle, but the Decepticons retreat to their space cruiser.  Optimus Prime refuses to let the Decepticons escape, so he takes Sideswipe’s jet pack and flies after the Decepticon ship.

Sideswipe and Sunstreaker defend the Autobot base from the Decepticons, after the Decepticons acquire Anti Matter Energon Cubes.

When Ironhide’s sensors pick up a room in the volcano where the Ark crashed, Sideswipe uses his pile drivers to help create an opening.  They find a cavern with dinosaur bones in it.  Wheeljack and Ratchet are inspired to create the Dinobots.  When the Dinobots are activated, they aren’t intelligent enough to know that they are Autobots and attack.  Sideswipe is attacked by Slag and injured.  Sideswipe later goes with several other Autobots to fight the Decepticons at a dam.  Megatron attacks the Autobots, sending them plummeting into the water.  The Decepticons bind the Autobots with energy chains, and prepare to destroy them.  Before Megatron and the rest of the Decepticons can fire, Wheeljack and the Dinobots attack the Decepticons and defeat them.

Sideswipe and Wheeljack go to the Arctic to save Skyfire from his frozen tomb.  Later, Sideswipe and the Autobots take Skyfire to Peru to fight the Decepticons. While escaping, Megatron fires on a mountain and causes an avalanche.  Optimus Prime orders the Autobots to fire all of their weapons at the falling rocks.  They save the village and all of its inhabitants.

When the two new Dinobots, Snarl and Swoop, are created, Sideswipe helps field test them.   Swoop fires his eye beams at the Autobots, and Sideswipe leaps into action.  Sideswipe punches Swoop, but Snarl hits him with spikes from his tail.

Bumblebee, Ironhide, and Sideswipe investigate an earthquake from inside of their headquarters.  They find Rumble is causing the tremors with his pile drivers.  Sideswipe is about to fire on Rumble, but Ravage leaps on him.  Sideswipe shakes Ravage loose and tosses him into the wall.

Sideswipe travels to Bali to help stop an Insecticon attack.  When the Autobots are held up in a canyon by villagers, Sideswipe leads them off road (which I can’t imagine would be good for a sports car’s transmission).  Since the roads are blocked, Sideswipe convinces the Autobots to dig a tunnel to go under the road, which impedes the Autobots.   The Autobots get on course again, and arrive at the farm where the Decepticons and Insecticons formed an alliance.  Sideswipe and Sunstreaker leap into the air and tackle Shrapnel and Kickback.  Together, the two brothers attack Megatron, but he is too powerful for them.  Megatron swats Sunstreaker away and tosses Sideswipe into the air.  Skyfire catches Sideswipe before he hits the ground.  Once the Autobots start attacking the Decepticons and Insecticons, they fly into the air to get away.  The Insecticons double back to attack the Autobots.  Shrapnel is able to use one of his abilities to take control of Sideswipe and Sunstreaker’s motor functions.  They are still aware of everything, but they can’t control themselves in vehicle mode.  Trailbreaker disrupts Shrapnel’s control with his force field.  The Autobots track the Insecticons and Decepticons to an oil refinery.  The battle ends when the Insecticons betray the Decepticons and steal their Energon Cubes.

Megatron challenges Optimus to a one on one battle.  When it is time for the battle, Sideswipe is an observer.  

After Spike’s mind is transferred into a robot body, he goes crazy and starts to damage the Autobot base.  Sunstreaker and Sideswipe attempt to restrain Autobot Spike.  They are unsuccessful and Autobot Spike tosses them into a wall.   Autobot Spike can’t think clearly and is violent and he winds up joining the Decepticons.  Sideswipe helps the Autobots fight off the Decepticons.

Sideswipe travels with the Autobots into the forest to help Wheeljack test his new invention, the Immobilizer.  After a successful test, the Decepticons arrive and steal the device.  When the Decepticons attack, Trailbreaker creates a force field to protect the Autobots.  Starscream tries to fly above it, and Sideswipe takes to the air to fight him.  After the Decepticons steal the device, the Autobots return home.   The Autobots fight the Decepticons on a beach to reclaim the Immobilizer., Rumble uses the device on Sideswipe before he can jump into action.  Sideswipe is restored after Carly rewires the Immobilizer.  

When the Dinobots damage the Ark, Cliffjumper, Ironhide and Sideswipe want to attack the Dinobots.  Optimus Prime won’t let them.  The Dinobots are exiled to Dinobot Island and the Autobots work on repairs.  After Teletran 1 is reactivated, Wheeljack notices time portals opening up.  Sideswipe and the Autobots go to investigate.  When the Autobots arrive in town, Hound picks up Bumblebee’s energy signature in a pile of wreckage.  Huffer rushes to help, but Sideswipe uses his jackhammer hands to clear the rubble. . After the Autobots dig Bumblebee and Spike free, they see a time warp.  A woolly mammoth and a caveman have already come out of the time warp and are causing damage to the town.  The longer it stays open, the more cavemen and mammoths come through the portal and damage the town.  The Autobots work to corral the cavemen and mammoths, but are gentle enough so not to harm them.  Optimus Prime has the Huffer, Sideswipe, and Ironhide load the mammoths into his trailer.   The Autobots successfully send the cavemen and mammoths back to their proper time by sending everything back into the portal.

The Autobots receive a warning from Teletran 1 that a rocket is being attacked by the Decepticons.  The rocket is carrying a satellite which can be used as an energy source.  The Autobots plan to go to defend the rocket but they start to become evil.   Megatron and Starscream snuck into the Autobot base and altered their recharging station to turn the Autobots evil.  All of the Autobots are restored by Sparkplug.

Sideswipe goes on a mission with the Autobots to save the staff of Quantum Labs.  Megatron reprogrammed a powerful computer called Torq III.  Torq III has complete control of the lab and confined the workers inside.  The Autobots are quickly attacked by the automated defenses which are being controlled by Torq III.  The Autobots draw their weapons and rush into the compound.  They are met by a squad of tanks which are also under Torq III’s control.  Once the Autobots realize that they are being attacked by computer controlled drones, they don’t hold back.  The Autobots are surrounded by tanks and the automated cannons start to target them.  Instead of retreating or commanding the Autobots to destroy the vehicles, Optimus Prime orders the Autobots to disable the vehicles by shooting the tires.  The tanks overwhelm the team of Autobots, but they are saved by the Dinobots.  The Autobots try to approach Torq III’s control room, but the door is locked.  Optimus Prime blasts it open with his rifle.   Torq III uses an automated machine emerges from the control room to attack the Autobots.  The machine shoots Sideswipe’s gun out of his hand.  Optimus destroys that machine, but more and more come out of the lab.  One chases the disarmed Sideswipe through the grounds of the lab.  The machine has two claws and the machine grabs Sideswipe’s arms and tries to pull him apart.  Sideswipe is able to destroy the machine by pulling it’s arms off.  After all of the machines are destroyed, Optimus Prime leads the Autobots into Torq III’s main building.  Torq III has altered the building to become a maze.  Optimus Prime leaves the rest of the Autobots at the entrance of the maze so they can’t get lost.  He alone wants to deal with Torq III.  After Optimus Prime successfully deactivates Torq III, the Autobots use one of Quantum Labs’ hydrofoils to reach the Decepticon oil platform.  The Autobots get to the oil platform just as Hound, Spike, and Skyfire disable the force field that is protecting it.  The Autobots and Decepticons battle, and everyone is shooting wildly.  Megatron runs away and sets explosives to go off on the platform and the Decepticons retreat.  The oil platform starts to detonate while the Autobots are still on it.  The Autobots board their boat and escape safely.

Sideswipe and the Autobots are exiled from Earth after the Megatron and Shawn Berger work together to discredit the Autobots.  The world’s population feels they are evil.  Megatron alters the navigational computers of the ship and the Autobots are on on a course directly into the sun.  The ship is destroyed and the world thinks the Autobots are dead.  They survive when Trailbreaker surrounds the Autobots with a force field and links it to Cosmos.  

Wheeljack, Mirage, Hound, Sunstreaker, and Sideswipe travel over the water with their hydrofoils to New York City.  Optimus ordered them to meet him in Central Park to protect the Manhattan from the Decepticons.  Megatron has already stolen the Empire State Building.  As the Autobots sail passed the Statue of Liberty, Sideswipe realizes that they are being spied on by Laserbeak.  They don’t stop or try to engage Laserbeak.  The squad of Autobots  continue on their journey to meet Optimus Prime.  Optimus Prime is defeated in battle and captured by the Decepticons.  Megatron takes control of New York City causing the Autobots and the human inhabitants of the city to leave in a mass exodus.  Bumblebee and Spike guide Sideswipe and Sunstreaker through the side streets of the city.  They soon realize they are being followed by taxis that were modified by the Constructicons to fight the Autobots.  The cabs deploy a laser cannon from their roof.   The Decepti-cabs start firing and the Autobots take evasive action.  They barrel down the street but are met with more Decepti-cabs.  Sideswipe leads the Autobots to avoid destruction.  Together, all three Autobots jump over the Decepti-cabs in vehicle mode.  Bumblebee, Sideswipe, and Sunstreaker continue racing down the New York City streets until they get to the Decepticon Fortress.  The Constructicons defend the fortress with cannons attached to the compound.  Optimus Prime rides into the Constructicons, protecting Sideswipe and the other Autobots.  The Decepticon jets are firing on Optimus Prime, Ratchet, and Ironhide, who were climbing the Decepticon fortress to get Optimus’ arm back.  Sideswipe leaps into the air with his jet pack.  He lands on Starscream and forces him to crash into the water.  

Sideswipe follows Optimus Prime to a power plant that the Decepticons are trying to control.  As the Decepticons are making Energon Cubes, the Autobots arrive to fight.
The Decepticons attack an observatory to steal a device called the Voltronic Galaxer.  Sideswipe transforms and goes with the Autobots to protect the observatory and the device from the Decepticons.  The Autobots arrive at the observatory too late, the Decepticons have already escaped with the device.

Sideswipe joins the Autobots when they attack the Decepticon base to gain control of the Constructicons.

Sideswipe, Bumblebee, and Jazz travel to the New Jersey pine barrens to rescue Tracks and his human friend Raoul.  When Ravage tries to pounce on Raoul, Sideswipe tackles Ravage.  Ravage again tries to pounce, this time on Tracks.  Sideswipe catches Ravage and throws him into the ground.   The Autobots discover that the Decepticons are converting stolen cars into weapons.  Sideswipe is about to attack Raoul, but Tracks stops him by telling Sideswipe that Raoul is his friend.  After the Decepticons unleash their weaponized cars into New York City, Bumblebee, Tracks, Sideswipe, and Inferno defend the Chrysler Building from an attack.  

Sideswipe participates in the Autobot race for charity.  The Decepticons show up with their new device and use it to trap the Autobots in vehicle mode.  The race ends with no clear winner because the Autobots kicked up so much dust, no one could tell who won.  The Autobots learn they are trapped in vehicle mode when the Decepticons attack.   The Decepticons subdue the Autobots by shooting out their tires and overheating their engines.  The Autobots are captured and brought to Megatron’s ghost town. Before Megatron can accomplish complete Autobot destruction, Wheeljack, Ratchet, Brawn, Huffer, Bumblebee and their human friends arrive with a grenade that restores the Autobots’ ability to transform.

After Powerglide finds the source of an Electrum pool, Sideswipe goes to the lagoon with the Autobots to coat himself with the substance.  The Electrum coated Autobots fight the Electrum coated Decepticons, but neither side is able to damage the other.  During the battle, the Decepticons’ Electrum wears off and they are forced to retreat.  Unfortunately, the beautiful valley that hid the Electrum poll was destroyed in the battle.

Using camouflage paint, Optimus Prime, Jazz, Sideswipe, Mirage, and Windcharger disguise themselves as the Stunticons and infiltrate the Decepticon base.  Optimus Prime makes himself look like Motormaster.  Jazz resembles Dead End, Sideswipe as Breakdown, Mirage as Drag Strip and Windcharger as Wildrider.  While getting painted, Sideswipe says that he hopes the paint comes off after the mission.  Jazz reaffirms Sideswipe that no matter what he looks like, he’ll always be Sideswipe.  Wheeljack gives Optimus (as Motormaster) the ruby which the real Motormaster stole so Megatron will think that the disguised Autobots are really the Stunticons.  The fake Stunticons transform and head to Megatron’s base.   Sideswipe is happy to be able to fight the Decepticons.   Laserbeak approaches the fake Stunticons to lead them to the Decepticon base.  When the fake Stunticons reach the apex of the new Decepticon base, they wait for orders.  Megatron fires his cannon into the air and the fake Stunticons are unsure what that means.  Optimus assumes that it is an invitation to join him, so the disguised Autobots start to drive to Megatron.  They continue to drive responsibly like Autobots, not recklessly as a Stunticon would.   Megatron completes his weapon and the fake Stunticons want to steal the ruby before Megatron can activate the cannon.  Before they are able to steal it, the real Menasor flies into the crater.  The Autobots continue the charade by using Windcharger’s magnetic abilities to link up as a phoney Menasor.  The two Menasors fight, but the real one uses his sword to disrupt the magnetic lock.  The Autobots tumble to the ground and their disguises disappear.   The Autobots transform and start to open fire at Menasor.  Mirage and Sideswipe fire missiles from their shoulders at Megatron.  Megatron prepares to use the cannon on the Autobots.  Menasor is barely effected by any of the Autobots’ attacks.  Menasor swipes his arm at the Autobots and they scatter.  Megatron tries to fire his cannon,  and it hits a rock.  He tries to fire again but it explodes.  Ironhide had altered the ruby core while the Autobots had possession of it.  Menasor is about to attack the Autobots, but even more Autobots arrive to help.  With the cannon destroyed the Decepticons fly away since there is nothing holding them there.  

Sideswipe goes to Paris with several other Autobots to take part in the Europa 2000 race.  The race is a competition for the best drivers in the world that starts in Paris and ends in Istanbul.  The winner gets a large sum of money as a prize, as well as a large donation in his or her name to a charity.  The Autobots participate in the race and if they win, they will donate all of their winnings to charity.  One of the racers, Augie Cahnay, objects that the Autobots are participating in the race.  He feels that since they aren’t human, they are too advanced for the human drivers and unfair competition.  The race’s judges allow the Autobots to participate since the race is for charity.  Augie doesn’t know that Optimus Prime sent the Autobots to protect him and his advanced car from the Decepticons.  The Autobots transform into their car modes and prepare to start the race.  Augie drives very dangerously, but he also drives with precision.  He is able to guide himself easily between all of the cars.   The race continues throughout Southern Europe with no clear winner.  Sideswipe blames Sunstreaker for preventing him from taking the lead, and Sunstreaker blames Sideswipe.  On a tree lined road, the Autobots notice that the Stunticons have joined the race.  The four car Stunticons (so not Motormaster) surround Sideswipe and Sunstreaker in vehicle mode.  Dead End breaks formation and speeds ahead.  He transforms and starts firing on the two Autobots with his blaster.  Sunstreaker tells Sideswipe to hit his brakes to escape the Stunticons.  Before Sideswipe can evade the Decepticon cars, he is hit by one of Dead Ends energy bolts. Then Dead End fires on Sunstreaker.  Both Autobots are knocked off the road and have to withdraw from the race.  

After Megatron captures Perceptor to cure his Cosmic Rust, Megatron is willing to release Perceptor back to the Autobots.  Perceptor is infected with Cosmic Rust and is attached to a bomb.  Sideswipe goes with the Autobots to save Perceptor.

When Kremzeek attacks the Autobot Base, Sideswipe is shorted out.

Sideswipe travels to a city with the Autobots to protect it from the Insecticons.  Optimus Prime can’t fight the Insecticons with so many humans around, so he calls the Protectobots to help evacuate the city.  The Protectobots are able to clear out all of the people from the city.  Optimus Prime and the other Autobots start to battle the Insecticons now that the humans are safe.    The Autobots continue driving through the city and shooting Insecticons out of the sky. Sideswipe helps Optimus Prime track down the Insecticons to recover the stolen Space Bridge control panel.  The Insecticons are found in a garage eating some of the cars. They are too late, when they get to the Insecticons, the control panel is already chewed up.  Perceptor is able to repair the control panel. Sideswipe joins the Autobots and Decepticons when they go to Cybertron to stop the Combaticons from making the Earth fall into the Sun. When the two forces reach Cybertron, the Combaticons attack.  Shockwave’s Sentinel Droids help the Autobots and Decepticons fight the Combaticons.  Swindle drives away with the Autobots and Decepticons chasing him.  There is a massive fire fight in the streets of Cybertron.  Optimus Prime tells Prowl and Sideswipe to cover him.  They shoot Blast Off out of the sky.  The Sentinel droids surround the Combaticons, so they merge into Bruticus   Starscream reveals that when he built the Combaticons, he gave Bruticus a weakness in case he rebels.  There are three spots on his back that if they are shot, Bruticus will be deactivated.   When, Bruticus’ weak spot is exposed.  Optimus Prime runs behind Bruticus and fires on the three spots.    Sideswipe deactivates the Combaticons’ control panel just before the Earth is about to reach the sun.   The Autobots return to Earth.  


Marvel G1 Comic

Sideswipe and his brother Sunstreaker were minimally used in the G1 comic.  They were mainly background characters in battle scenes.  Sideswipe was part of the crew of the Ark which was originally sent to destroy an Asteroid Field which was going to destroy Cybertron.  The Ark was invaded by Decepticons and Optimus Prime intentionally crashed the spacecraft onto prehistoric Earth to hopefully destroy Megatron.  In 1984 he was revived and rebuilt.

Sideswipe was part of the delegation of Autobots that Optimus Prime took to meet with Sparkplug and Buster Witwicky, two humans who Bumblebee befriended that were going to help the Autobots convert Human Fuel into a substance which could be used by the Autobots as fuel.  When the Decepticons attacked Sparkplug’s garage, Sideswipe fought back and using his Jetpack, flew to attack the Decepticons attacking Skywarp.  The two brothers in battle had a competitive streak, seeing who could defeat more Decepticons.  Sideswipe is injured in the battle and Optimus takes him back to the Ark for repairs in his trailer.  

Sideswipe remained in the background, basically unheard of until after Shockwave took control of The Decepticons.  He goes with Prowl and other Autobots to a swamp where Shockwave sets a trap for the Autobots.  Jetfire drops off Optimus Prime’s head, and the aggressive Sideswipe’s first reaction is to attack Jetfire.

Years later, Sideswipe is still a member of the Autobots, but now has a black paint job.  He helps Optimus Prime fight off a Decepticon force led by Bludgeon.  Soon after that, along with Hound , Blades and Broadside, Sideswipe leads an assault team to Nexus Seven, a planet which the Decepticons are trying to conquer.  They defeat the Decepticons with Grimlock and the Dinobots’ help.  Soon after, Sideswipe is a captive of Jhiaxus.  Optimus and Grimlock free him, and the other Autobot prisoners and they escape.

Grimlock later recruits Sideswipe to join him and other Autobots as part of a raiding party whose target is Jhiaxus’ flagship, The Twilight.  

IDW Re-Generation One

Sideswipe did not have a major or significant role in the Re-Generation One book.

IDW Transformers

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Sideswipe has pile drivers in each hand which can be used to tunnel. He also possesses a jetpack, making him one of the few Autobots who can fly

Wacky Facts

Out of all of the G2 Designs, Sideswipe's reimaging was the most drastic.
Sideswipe and Sunstreaker are the first Transformers to have a familial bond. Others in future continuities are Optimus Prime and Ultra Magnus as well as the Autobot Brothers from Robots in Disguise 2001.

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