Siege Apeface Toy Review


Price- $29.99
Class- Voyager


Apeface is one of those figures that I totally remember specifically when I got it. I was in kindergarten or first grade and I was sick. My grandfather, Harry, came to babysit me since my Mom had to go to work and he took me to get a toy. (its weird how i remember this so specifically). When I was in Kindergarten, I was the only boy in the class who didn't have a headmaster figure. So I picked out Apeface. That figure has been LONG gone, but the spirit of the figure has always been one I liked. So I knew I had to pick up Siege Apeface. Even though he really doesn't belong in the rules of Siege (Cybertronian Modes), he is a figure which I was really looking forward to when I heard he was going to be released. Also, I vaguely remember hearing a rumor that Wave 5 of Siege were left over ideas which were destined to be either Earthrise wave 1 (see Apeface and Astrotrain and Spinister) or figures where were going to be Generations Selects figures.

Bot Mode-

Apeface looks just like his G1 version, but made with modern day toy technology. First, he is a headmaster (or Titan Master). And yes, other Titan Masters can be used as his head. He is mainly Purple, Black, and off white, with a little bit of light red. He has basically the standard articulation that we're used to in the Siege line. He is bulky in a good way. He also has 5mm hands (which are pretty standard). His gimmick (being a head/titan master) isn't intrusive at all. His head can move freely. He has 5mm ports through out his body, like every other Siege figure.


Since Apeface is a triple changer, he has TWO transformations. From Robot to Jet is pretty cool and it works out very well. The transformation to ape mode isn't as successful. I thought it was my specific figure, but I heard from a few other people that he just doesn't tab in properly in some parts of ape mode. Other people have had copies which are floppy and fall apart, but mine is 75% solid in ape mode. For transformation to jet mode, for fun, out of 10 I rate it an 8 and complexity I rate it a 5. Into Ape mode, i rate the fun 4.5 out of 10 and complexity 6.75.

Vehicle Mode-

Apeface's jet mode is very inspired by his G1 version. He is a spacejet. Obviously, there is no significant articulation since it is a vehicle. His jet mode has basically the same colors. His shield attaches to the roof of the jet, just like his G1 version. There is a cockpit in the main body of the jet that the titan master can sit in. This is the stronger of the two alternate modes.

Beast Mode-

A lot of people complain about the beast mode. It doesn't bother me so much honestly. But it isn't very articulated. The Titan master becomes the bottom of the ape head and there is a mask attached to the body which acts as the top. That works fine. The head can tilt to the left and right, which is more than the G1 figure could do. But he is no where near as articulated and smooth as other figures we've gotten in the last few years. Since I remember the G1 version very fondly, it doesn't bother me THAT much. A little but not that much. I look at it as more of an homage than a newly designed beast mode. The arms and legs move a little. He has to stand on all fours, which is fine since apes are like that. He keeps the same color scheme as the other two modes. Its an okay mode, but not perfect. Although I kind of get what they were trying to do. Also, remember with a triple changer, there are some compromises that we have to accept. I'll take 2 out of 3 modes being good.


Apeface comes with a gun, a shield, and his titan master. The gun is great. The shield has some engineering issues which if you're too rough with it, the tab will break. The tab is just a little too long and it is made of clear plastic (which is painted) so it is a bit more fragile than it should be. A good solution for this is to grind down the peg just a little bit. The gun is great and looks like the G1 gun. The titan master is fine. I also arm my Apeface with the dinosaur axe Battlemaster. But that isn't an official accessory for this specific figure.

3rd Party Add Ons-

Matrix Workshop made a new gun and axe for Apeface. I don't have it. Not sure if I will get it though. Honestly though, I love Matrix Workshop stuff, but the accessories of the figure are fine enough where I just don't feel like I need it.


Two out of three modes are really good (see below more specifics on why I don't love the ape mode). He comes with proper accessories. Nothing unique in his articulation, but Apeface is a fun figure


The only problem I have with the ape mode isn't the aesthetics. It's the engineering. It just doesn't tab in perfectly and because of that, he is a little unstable in that mode. Another small problem is, this is the only figure in Siege who I think over does the "dirt". It's just a little too much on this specific figure.


Apeface is a nice surprise and addition to Siege. Even though he has some flaws, he really is a fun figure. Out of 10, I give him a 7.75

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