Siege Chromia Toy Review

Price- $19.99 (I got her on markdown for 9.99)
Class- Deluxe


I don't know why, but I always enjoyed season 3 of G1 more than seasons 1 and 2. But one of my absolute favorite episodes of the second season is the episode that we meet the female Autobots who remained on Cybertron and fought against Shockwave. Chromia was one of those female Autobots (and she was connected to Ironhide romantically). I know it wasn't screen accurate, but I was a MAJOR fan of CHUG Chromia (see review HERE). Here's the thing, I was going to take pictures of CHUG Chromia and I dropped her. She shattered like she was made of glass. I've never seen this happen to a transformer figure, especially one without GPS. So this was when Siege was in stores and basically price was the factor. She was shelfwarming and I was able to get Siege Chromia for 9.99 and a new CHUG Chromia was 19.99 online.

Bot Mode-

Chromia Chromia Chromia.... The first thing that people complained about when we first saw Siege Chromia was that she looked A LOT like Moonracer and Novastar/Firestar (to me she is firestar, but Marvel owns the rights to the name Firestar so she got renamed to Novastar, but I would love to see Marvel and Disney try to sue my imagination). Chromia isn't a retool/redeco, but they do share A LOT of engineering. Maybe 5-10 parts are actually the same. Chromia has a lot more detailing sculpted into her than the POTP Ladies. She also has ZERO combiner ability (Yes I have Orthia, yes I like Orthia, and yes she is the only combiner I have that in the show WASN'T a combiner but the toy made a Combiner, I didn't plan to ever combine her but I liked it). Well, when I say ZERO, I more mean official. There are some fan modes that I've seen where Chromia was able to form a chest plate and possibly even a backpack. This isn't a fault of the figure, but it is a fault of the G1 design. Chromia is REALLY boring looking. She is blue, light blue, and some off white. She has one spash of red on her. Her face is okay... but the eyes are way too small. Her articulation is comperable to any other siege figure so there are no faults with that. She has 5mm hands and a bit of a backpack. She's... good, but far from being a perfect figure. I really would've preferred that HasTak took the tooling budget for Chromia and made a different character. She has 5mm ports on her body for Weaponizers as well as 3mm pegs for effects parts (BLOOOOOOOOSHHHHHH!)


Chromia has basically the same transformation as the other 4 fembots from POTP but a few small changes. Since I already had Moonracer and Novastar, I was able to figure out easily how to transform Chromia without instructions or a video. I'm not sure how I would've done if I never had the others.

Vehicle Mode-

Chromia is a Cybertronian car. Like EVERY other siege review I've said the same thing, I don't believe that a Cybertronian vehicle mode should have a cockpit or lights. I got that out of the way. Chromia is Cybertronian like most other Siege figures. She resembles the POTP fembots (since they share engineering) and I have a bit of fatigue from this concept. Chromia is blue with a clear plastic cockpit. A personal note is that I don't love clear plastic as windows for the most part, I prefer painted. But Chromia tabs together well and rolls well. She's just boring.


Chromia comes with A LOT of accessories. A very nice change considering a lot of Siege deluxe figures came with a lot less. She comes with a pistol, two removable silencers which can turn into a scope. THere are two bombs which can plug into the gun as well. There are a bunch of alternate takes on the guns, I simply keep it at a basic level. One of the better parts of Chromia.

3rd Party Add Ons-

Dr Wu put out an upgrade kit which has two pistols and two swords. I am planning to get it, but I am not sure if I am going to give it to Chromia. I really think I am going to get it to give the guns (after I paint them) to Earthrise Sunstreaker. I don't know if any other upgrade kits are out for her. If you know, please email me (here)


She's fine. She is just boring. Like the weapons.


Boring as hell. Don't like the face.


Honestly, Chromia is a fine figure, she isn't perfect, but she isn't horrible. She's just adequate and just tolerable. If CHUG Chromia didn't exist, I'd really like SIege Chromia. Chromia is an okay figure, but she just isn't anything that makes me say "holy crap I need to get her". There aren't any major engineering issues with her, she has good accessories, but she just doesn't work for me that much. I appreciate what HasTak was doing by keeping most of the engineering from the other 4 fembots, adding consistancy. But I think I would've preferred something a bit more unique in comparison to 4 other figures. If they wanted to do a consistancy thing, sell her on Pulse and she is just a retool of Moonracer/Novastar/Greenlight/Lancer and have her be a back up limb. In the beginning of the review, I mentioned that I really only got her because I wanted a Chromia and my CHUG Chromia broke. I'll leave it to you to pick it up but my final thoughts on the figure are this... I have Siege Chromia and paid 9.99 for her. About 7 months ago, I rebought CHUG Chromia and I don't look back. There's nothing HORRIBLE with Chromia, she just doesn't feel needed and feels boring. I rate her (generously) a 5 out of 10. If you really like the character, pick up the CHUG version.

American Retools and Repaints-

Generations Select Nightbird (review coming soon)

Netflix WFC Chromia (redeco) (probably not getting this)

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