Siege Crosshairs Toy Review

Price- 19.99
Class- Deluxe


Traditionally, the last wave of the year is harder to find than previous waves. Between Hasbro Pulse and better distribution, I had no problem getting Crosshairs. He's a figure I've wanted since Titans Return, and I was actually really surprised that he wasn't made as a retool of Titans Return Kup (all it would need is a new head and new tires). When I saw that Siege Crosshairs was coming out, I was pretty happy, but I wasn't 100% sold on the fact that he was an Ironhide retool. Do I have mold fatigue or is Crosshairs worth getting????

Bot Mode-

Crosshairs has absolutely no new tooling aside for the head. To be totally honest, I didn't think that the Ironhide mold would work for Crosshairs, but in robot mode, it works very well. Also, he doesn't feel like a blue Ironhide with a Crosshairs head. Crosshairs is mainly blue and red, with a little white. His head is black with red eyes. The window in his chest is clear and there is white behind it. He has exactly the same articulation as Ironhide. The head can move left and right. The arms can move up and down and in and out. Bicep swivel. Legs can move up and down and in and out. Knee bend. If you like the robot mode of Ironhide and Ratchet, you'll like this robot mode.


I really like Crosshair's transformation. It's a bit simple, but it is intuative and fun. For fun, I rate it a 7.25 out of 10. For complexity, I rate it a 5.25

Vehicle Mode-

Siege is meant to be Pre-Earth vehicle modes of the transformers. Crosshairs doesn't feel very Cybertronian, but it does feel pretty Nebulan. Considering Crosshairs was on Nebulos, it makes sense that he has a cockpit for a Targetmaster. I like Crosshair's vehicle mode, but I really feel like the robot mode is more successful. It has no retooling from Ironhide, so it kind of feels like a blue and red Ironhide. In G1, Crosshair's vehicle mode looked nothing like Ironhide. But considering this is just a repaint with a new head, I accept it. In G1, I don't think Crosshairs had a single line of dialogue, so it is more likely that if we got a Crosshairs, it would be a retool of an existing figure (kind of like Titans Return Getaway was). So when you take that into account, I accept the vehicle mode a little more than lets say.... Chromia who was mainly a new mold but shared engineering. Again, I would've liked Crosshairs more if he was a retool of Titans Return Kup, but if it's a choice of not getting Crosshairs or getting Crosshairs as a somewhat lazy retool, I'll take the somewhat lazy retool. Crosshairs is mainly blue and red with a little white. He has black tires. He pegs together well and rolls well. Like his robot mode (and Ironhide and Ratchet), there are 5mm ports on Crosshairs' vehicle mode which you can plug in weaponizer parts.


Crosshairs comes with the same accessory that Ironhide comes with. A gun that transforms into a hammer. Like Ironhide, I don't love the accessory. It is awkward in gun mode. Also, in canon, Crosshairs is a targetmaster. I understand why they didn't include a targetmaster (or battlemaster) with him because it would raise the price. But they didn't make a proper Targetmaster for Crosshairs seperately. But G2 Sideswipe came with Trenchfoot, who is close enough for me to give to Crosshairs. Hopefully in Earthrise, they will release more Targetmasters/Battemasters for the Autobots.

3rd Party Add Ons-

Matrix Workshop has shown that they are releasing an add on kit for Crosshairs. It is a blaster which kind of looks like his Targetmaster in weapon mode. It isn't out at the point I am writing this review, but most likely I will get it and revisit this review.

Ratchet's Operating Studio has made a gap filler set. Gaps don't bother me so I doubt I will get this set

This isn't an official add on for Crosshairs, but Mastershooter Collectibles made Autobot targetmasters several years ago. One of those Targetmasters is Crosshairs' targetmasters, but it came out years before Crosshairs was even being planned. If you can find the set, I would advise getting it.


I like the mold for Ironhide and Ratchet, so by extension, I like the mold for this figure.


Like Ironhide, I don't love the accessory.


I like the figure a lot, and the mold has only been used 2 other times, so I don't have mold fatigue. It's very obvious that this was planned to be a Generations Select release instead of a mainline release, but I do like it. I would've liked to have seen him in the Alphastrike 3 pack instead of Sideswipe so he could've had a Targetmaster packed with him. Because he doesn't have any new tooling aside for the head, he doesn't get as high of a grade as Ironhide does. But he is a really fun figure, I give him 8.75 out of 10

American Retools and Repaints-

Siege Ratchet (retool of Ironhide)

Siege Ironhide (Pretool with different head)

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