Siege Hot Shot Toy Review

Price- $19.99
Class- Deluxe


First, the disclaimer, this review will focus on the figure WITH the add on kit and the differences between Hot Shot and Hound. So here we go. Hasbro really seems to have done a lot to fix the distribution things that a lot of people hated with Power of the Primes and earlier lines. Hot Shot was first sold at NYCC, but then after the show, you were able to get the figure on Hasbro Pulse. Honestly, I had no intentions of getting Hot Shot. When Cybertron was on, I really only saw like 2 episodes (in 2017 I bought the series on DVD though) and the figures had intrusive gimmicks. So Cybertron was actually the beginning of me taking a hiatus from collecting Transformers. Unless in some sort of canon, the characters resemble each other (Think the Datsuns or Seekers) I try not to double dip in molds. For about 8 seconds, I almost got Hot Shot at NYCC, but I really didn't want to spend an hour in line for a figure I could get for only 2-3 dollars more (shipping) on Hasbro Pulse. So, Hot Shot had 2 strikes against him. Well, a few weeks before I wrote this review, I saw that Matrix Workshop made an AMAZING upgrade kit for Hot Shot. It made him look very different from Hound (see the full review here) so now, Hot Shot looks (kinda) like his Cybertron upgrade and not just Hound with a different head.

Bot Mode-

I really liked this bot for Hound, but without the upgrade kit, I don't really care for the figure that much. With the upgrade kit, I absolutely love it.robot mode, Hot Shot doesn't have some of the flaws that I have with Hound (specifically the star on his shoulder)Like Hound, you can really tell that when HotShot was designed, the designers really went above and beyond with how Hound and Hot Shot were engineered. ToHe has ANKLE TILT! His wrists spin. His head moves, he can move his arms up and down and in and out. His legs the same and they have about 90 degrees of bend. His head is designed to look very similar to his G1 version. The grill of his vehicle mode is his chest in robot mode. Like all Siege figures, there are a number of 5mm ports which you can clip weaponizer parts onto. Both weapons can clip onto his shoulders, but it only feels right with the smaller pistol. Hot Shot's hands are 5mm. The add on kit really gives him his own personality.


I really like Hot Shot's transformation. It is fun, but challenging enough where it is interesting as well. Out of 10, for complexity I give the transformation a 6.25. for fun, out of 10 i give it an 8.

Vehicle Mode-

In vehicle mode, Hot Shot is a blue and black (with a little red) land based vehicle. Again, the upgrade kit really hits the key notes of what Hot Shot should have. Specifically the two great cannons which can be plugged into his roof. It holds together well, it rolls well.


Hot Shot comes with two guns and an ammo drum for the larger gun. I like both weapons, even though I know that a kid will loose the ammo drum.

3rd Party Add Ons-

Matrix Workshop made a set for Siege Hot Shot I did review the Hot Shot version here


With the upgrade kit, you get a really good figure have his own identity passed being a minor retool.


His head could be a little higher up. Also, without the upgrade kit, the figure feels way too much like Hound


Hot Shot is a really good figure. If you don't have him, you should get him Out of 10, I give him an 8.5 (with the upgrade kit) Without the upgrade kit, he gets a 5.5 out of 10

American Retools and Repaints-

Siege Hound (pretool)


Above Picture is Hot Shot without the upgrade kit

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