Siege Hound Toy Review

Price- $19.99
Class- Voyager


To me, Hound was always a tremendously under utilized character. He had a big role in the first 2 or 3 episoes of G1, but then he only did important stuff a few times after. CHUG Hound was an okay figure, but I never loved it as much as other figures. When news of Siege broke, Hound was one of the first characters we saw. Does Siege Hound make a good replacement for CHUG Hound?

Bot Mode-

In robot mode, I really like Hound (minus a few small details). You can really tell that when he was designed, the designers really went above and beyond with how Hound was engineered. To me, Hound is one of the silent stars of Siege. In robot mode, he is primarily green and he has white stars on his shoulder. That's actually kind of sort of the details I don't like. I get it, in G1, Hound took the form of a military vehicle and the star is a symbol of the US Army. But Siege is meant to take place millions of years ago on a different planet. So why is he shown with symbols he would have no idea about? Other then that, Hound is spectacular. His articulation alone goes above and beyond what other figures in the same line have done. He has ANKLE TILT! His wrists spin. His head moves, he can move his arms up and down and in and out. His legs the same and they have about 90 degrees of bend. His head is designed to look very similar to his G1 version. The grill of his vehicle mode is his chest in robot mode. Like all Siege figures, there are a number of 5mm ports which you can clip weaponizer parts onto. Personally, I like Zetar on Hound. Works well. Both weapons can clip onto his shoulders, but it only feels right with the smaller pistol. Hound's hands are 5mm


I really like Hound's transformation. It is fun, but challenging enough where it is interesting as well. Out of 10, for complexity I give the transformation a 6.25. for fun, out of 10 i give it an 8.

Vehicle Mode-

Yada Yada Yada, to me Siege isn't Cybertronian it's future Earth. Hound's vehicle mode especially does NOT look Cybertronian. He is a green jeep like vehicle, but he has small seats inside. It is primarily green and black and is a good venicle mode. You can plug the weapons into the various 5mm ports. Out of Siege, Hound looks most like an Earth Based Vehicle.


Hound comes with two guns and an ammo drum for the larger gun. I like both weapons, even though I know that a kid will loose the ammo drum.

3rd Party Add Ons-

There are a bunch of add on kits for Hound.

Matrix Workshop made a set of new guns

Matrix Workshop made a set for Siege Hot Shot (which is a retool of Hound) and then redecoed that set to be for Hound. Not planning to get it but I did review the Hot Shot version here

I kind of remember seeing that someone made a missle for Hound's gun, but I can't find who did it.

Ratchet's Operating Studio has made a gap filler set for Hound (for the most part, I don't mind gaps so I won't be getting this)


I honestly don't think that there is a Siege figure which I have that I don't like. Hound really raises the bar for future figures.


His head could be a hair or two higher up. It also bothers me about the star.


Hound is a really good figure. If you don't have him, you should get hi Out of 10, I give him an 8.25

American Retools and Repaints-

Siege Hot Shot (redeco with new head)


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