Siege Ironhide Toy Review

Price- 19.99
Class- Deluxe


Ironhide was the first figure that I saw in a Siege reveal that went beyond "oh i'd like that figure in my collection". I love Ironhide. I have no idea why I love Ironhide like I do, but he's one of my favorite bots. For some reason, Hastak has never been able to make a really good Ironhide. G1 Ironhide was horrible. CHUG Ironhide is just a really weird figure that I never liked. I even got Arms Micron Ironhide, but I didn't like that figure so much. When Energon came out, I actually repurposed Energon Inferno as Ironhide. But that wasn't Ironhide. Am I destined to have crappy Ironhide's in my collection or did Siege finally get it right?

Bot Mode-

Siege has to be the best Transformers line in the last 10+ years. Yes, Studio Series has some great stuff, but as a whole, Siege just got almost everything right. Ironhide is a perfect example of how great Siege is. One of the things that Hasbro did with Siege was, they made the bots different heights. So Ironhide is a Deluxe sized figure, but he is taller than other Deluxe sized figures. This is the Ironhide figure that I've wanted since 1984 (with one small problem which I'll get to later). From top to bottom, Ironhide is primarily red. His face is silver and has blue eyes. His chest has a clear window on it, which looks very Ironhide. His shoudlers are dark gray, there is just a bit of vehicle kibble on the figure, but within the amount that I'm cool with. His hands are the same dark gray, his thighs are light gray. He has the "Siege Dirt" on him, but as I've mentioned before, the "Siege Dirt" doesn't really bother me. His hands have 5mm holes. He has 5mm ports through out his body and under his feet to accomodate Weaponizers. He has some pegs on him for Siege Blast Effects (which I am the only person who doesn't love the effects parts). He has really good articulation for a deluxe figure. Head can move, arms can move up and down and in and out. There is bicep swivel, elbow bend. Some feet swivel and knee bend. Basically, anything you would want or expect a Deluxe figure to have he has in terms of articulation. There is one small detail I'd prefer on Ironhide that they didn't do. I kind of wish that they used the same Blue Window from Ratchet on Ironhide's window. Aside for that, I'm incredibly happy with this figure.


I really like Ironhide's transformation. It's a bit simple, but it is intuative and fun. For fun, I rate it a 7.25 out of 10. For complexity, I rate it a 5.25

Vehicle Mode-

Siege is meant to be Pre-Earth vehicle modes of the transformers. In some figures, they kicked ass (see Soundwave). In other respects, it isn't as successful as it could've been (there were 3 characters who had Cybertronian modes that they didn't make figures of). To me, Ironhide isn't Cybertronian Ironhide, he is futuristic Earth Ironhide. At least to me, a Cybertronian vehicle mode should NOT have a window or a cockpit. So as a Cybertronian mode, it doesn't work for me. But as a futuristic Earth mode, i like it a lot. It is enough G1 to be nostalgic with being fresh at the same time. Ironhide is primarily red with gray wheels and a gray bumper. There is a clear window in the "driver's seat". He pegs together very well and rolls very well. An extra feature is, you can open up the back of the truck and plug in some weaponizer parts to make him look just that much more armed.


This is the only thing that I think Hasbro dropped the ball on. Ironhide's accessories. He comes with a gun which turns into a hammer. As a hammer, I really like it. But as a gun, the barrel is too long so you can't have Ironhide hold it well. First, I gave Ironhide a gun that I had lying around, but then I gave him the Matrix Workshop set and he is near perfect.

3rd Party Add Ons-

See Matrix Workshop Ironhide Add on Kit for an indepth review

There is also one one or two companies that made gap fillers, but I never ever get Gap Fillers one of which being Ratchet's Operating Studio


This is the Ironhide I've wanted since 1984. Siege Ironhide is so close to being a perfect figure, he was worth the 36 year wait. But specifics... I love that he is just a little taller than the other Deluxe Autobot figures. The likeness is amazing to the source material.


Only one thing I don't like. His accessory. As a hammer it's fine, but as a gun it doesn't work. Luckily Matrix Workshop made a phenominal add on set.


Long story short, Ironhide is an amazing figure. For a line that really raised the bar on quality, Ironhide goes beyond a simple raising of the bar. I've waited for a figure like this since 1984 and I love it. I give Siege Ironhide a 9.25 out of 10

American Retools and Repaints-

Siege Ratchet (retool)

Siege Crosshairs (redeco with new head)







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