Siege Jetfire Toy Review

Price- $79.99 (I got him for 49.99 on a sale on Amazon)
Class- Commander


Jetfire was always a pretty interesting character to me. In the beginning of the Marvel G1 book, he was pretty important. In the cartoon, he had less purpose and was a glorified taxi most of the time. But something I always liked about Jetfire/Skyfire was that he wasn't a warrior first, he was a scientist first and honestly, he wasn't the best warrior. G1 Jetfire/Skyfire was one of the few G1 toys from the first 2 years that wasn't a Diaclone figure repurposed. In terms of Generations figures, there were 2 other Jetfires. Classics and Thrillin 30. Both had their good and bad parts, but they didn't feel exactly right to me. Classics was just a bit too small (he was a voyager) and Thrillin 30 has an AMAZING robot mode, but I hate his vehicle mode (too earthy). So I was very excited to add Siege Jetfire into my collection

Bot Mode-

Siege Jetfire is the first of the commander class. In Siege, Hasbro changed the size classes where Leader sized figures were a Voyager figure with extra stuff. So they made the commander class which is a LARGE leader (think first movie size) at an even higher price point. The first thing you notice about Siege Jetfire is that he is MASSIVE. About the same size as a CW/POTP Combiner (excluding Devestator and Predaking). The sheer engineering is awe inspiring on Jetfire. Due to his size, he has a lot of ratchets instead of simple ball joints. His hands can open up while still being able to hold things. Jetfire is primarily white with some red and gunmetal and blue. The nosecone of vehicle mode makes up the majority of his chest. His head is spot on to the animation model. He has a massive backpack which isn't kibble. The rear thrusters of the vehicle mode make up his backpack, and it looks GREAT. He has an interesting gimmick where you can spin around the Autobot Logo to become a Decepticon Logo (Spoilers, in the first episode of G1 where Skyfire/Jetfire was introduced, he was briefly a Decepticon). He has spectacular articulation. Basically everything is articulated without giving way to the integrity of the robot or vehicle mode. He has a number of 5mm ports on him which can be used to attach Weaponizers or the Armor he comes with. He also has 5mm ports on his feet for effects parts and he has pegs on the body for effects parts.

Super Bot Mode-

Jetfire comes with armor which you can attach to him very easily. Just an FYI, in the package, the mask is stored inside of the chest armor. The armor is meant to mimic the original figure which was a Macross figure. The mask is great and stays on very well. Some people are bothered that the mask doesn't have earmuffs, but it doesn't bother me at all. One of the best parts of this armor is that it really resembles the armor from the short lived Dreamwave continuity. I don't remember much of that continuity and since it never was completed, I'm not going to revisit it, but one of the things I really remember is when Jetfire fought Sunstorm and Jetfire used his armor. There is chest armor which really bulks him up, and the best part about all of this armor is, it doesn't reduce any articulation.


I was expecting Jetfire's transformation to be REALLY hard and involved, but it really isn't at all. Its pretty typical for a Siege figure and is a lot of fun. For complexity, I rate it a 6.25 out of 10. For fun, a 7.5 out of 10.

Vehicle Mode-

Jetfire's vehicle mode is as perfect as his robot mode. First things first, you can open up the canopy and remove this weird square thing and put a Titan Master in the cockpit. Which I heard was an homage to the Marvel G1 book when Buster was going around flying Jetfire. Jetfire's vehicle mode is HUGE. It keeps the same basic colors as the robot mode. A nice touch is, there are several handles on the bottom of vehicle mode which other figures can hold onto (looks best with Scout figures). His wings can move in and out. Like robot mode, you can attach the armor pieces onto him to armor Jetfire up, but it isn't as drastic of a change as robot mode.


Jetfire comes with a shit ton of accessories. First is the BLOOOOOSH effects parts. Just some really big and intimidating effects parts which can be taken apart into 3 smaller pieces and they can attach to weapons or other pegs on Jetfire. He comes with a really cool double blaster which can be taken apart to form two smaller blasters. He comes with armor for his chest, arms, and a mask. The arm armor has two guns on each one. All of the armor pegs on very easily and doesn't hold back any articulation at all. Oh, I'm the only person in the Transformers fandom that doesn't really care about effects parts, but since others like them, I'm cool with it.

3rd Party Add Ons-

Matrix Workshop made ear muffs for Jetfire's mask


Jetfire is a really good figure. I know it is special when my mother makes a comment on it. He is very well engineered and has no intrusive gimmicks. He has a cool armor mode. Vehicle mode is near perfection


I have one problem with Jetfire. He is just a little too big. As I mentioned earlier, he is about the same size as a combiner. If he were about 15% smaller, he would be absolutely perfect.


Siege Jetfire was a big shock to me. I knew I would like it, but I didn't know how much I would like it. He isn't one of my favorite figures of all time, but I really do like him a lot. I rate Siege Jetfire 8.75 out of 10

American Retools and Repaints-






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