Siege Megatron

Price- 29.99
Class- Voyager


Basically, I do the same thing EVERY year when a new Optimus Prime and a new Megatron are announced. I say "oh, I already have enough of those characters so there's no way I am going to get it". When I first saw the reveal of Siege Megatron, honestly, I thought he looked good, but I had Toyworld Hegemon and MMC Megatron, so I just didn't think my collection needed another G1 inspired Megatron. Well, Hegemon started to look really dated and some of the engineering issues really started to get to me, so there was a sale at Target and I picked up Megatron (and Optimus in the same day). I think the only two Megatrons I don't have are Combiner Wars Megatron (because he's way too big) and Titans Return Megatron (because he just looks like Blitzwing trying to look like Megatron).

Bot Mode-

Holy crap this Megatron is awesome. Everything that Toyworld did wrong with Hegemon, Hasbro did right with Siege Megatron. This guy looks like Megatron jumped off the screen in 1984 and now he is in my collection. Aside for one detail (which is fine) he looks like how an updated G1 Megatron should look. That one detail is his backpack, but that is needed for the vehicle mode, so I have no problem with it. He is mainly gray with black lower legs and gray feet. His elbows are red. He has the control panel which G1 Megatron had in his stomach. Like all Siege figures, he has the Siege Dirt on him, but I am one of the people who doesn't mind it. Yes, I'd rather he didn't have it, but it doesn't bother me enough to not get the figure or want to replace him with a new version. His head is SPOT ON. He can move his arms at the shoulders and elbow. His hands can fold into the wrist for the transformation (which 9 times out of 10 I prefer, see my Spinister review). His knees bend, his legs can move up and out.Like all siege figures, he has 5mm ports all over his body (you can plug Laserbeak on his arm which looks really cool). His hands have 5mm holes. All in all, a very successful version of G1 Megatron


Transformation isn't hard at all, but it is very fun. For complexity, I give him a 5.25 out of 10 and for fun, a 7 out of 10

Vehicle Mode-

Here's where I thought I would hate the figure, but I am shocked that I like it. Even more shocked how I like it way more than I expected. So, Hasbro won't make realistic looking toy guns. So the choice is, give Megatron a weird looking Nerf Gun mode (like Classics Megatron), or come up with a different idea all together. It feels like since Armada, another acceptable alternate mode for Megatron is a tank. So Siege Megatron is a tank. A somewhat Cybertronian or Futuristic tank. Like most of Siege. He keeps the same color scheme. His secondary weapon (see below) turns into the cannon of the tank. A great thing is, the turret can rotate.


Megatron comes with his traditional fusion cannon which is removable. This is probably the best attempt at the fusion cannon. Titans Return's fusion cannon didn't look great. He also comes with a secondary weapon (which can plug into the fusion cannon) which is another kind of cannon. You can transform it to be a sword.

3rd Party Add Ons-

So there is one "official" add on kit for Siege Megatron and it is made by Matrix Workshop. It is a purple sword. Honestly, it looks great, but I didn't get it and I'm not sure I will. If you've read my reviews, you'd see that I adore Matrix Workshop's stuff. But I just don't know if I want another sword for Megatron that doesn't resemble anything he's used in any continuity. Although, I would love if Matrix Workshop made that sword in other colors.

Shockwave Lab made an energy mace for Megatron. Please click here for review

An unoffical upgrade kit I do use with Megatron is the Dr Wu Dark Star Saber meant for TF Prime Megatron. It looks good with him, but it isn't an offical add on.


Honestly, Hasbro is going to have to do something really special to get me to buy another G1 inspired Megatron. I honestly can't think of anything I would change for this figure. It's pretty amazing.


Lets see... oh nothing. This is an amazing figure


I love Siege Megatron. I can't express how great he is. If you like GEEWUN then pick up this figure. He came out in Late December 2018 but didn't hit saturation until about February 2019. As of December 2019, I saw him in Target yesterday, so if you don't have one, pick him up (also, before Christmas 2019, some targets are having a sale on Transformers). I really can't imagine a way that Hasbro can redo G1 Megatron in any way that would make me want to pick him up (which I know somehow they are going to do for Earthrise). As it stands, the only way I'd get another Megatron is if they did a different version of G1/G2 Megatron. Proper G2 Megatron, IDW Bomber Megatron, even Animated Megatron done with a CHUG aesthetic. Megatron is as good as a mainline figure can get. I give him 9.5 out of 10

American Retools and Repaints-

There was a Generations Select Arctic Megatron based on an unreleased figure from G2. He has a new head

Walmart made a Cel-Shaded repaint of Siege Megatron. But I hate cel shaded stuff, so I'll never get it

There is a second Walmart exclusive of Megatron which is in a silver deco for the WFC Netflix Series




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