Siege Optimus PrimeToy Review

Price- $29.99
Class- Voyager


Ever since Armada, I did basically the same song and dance with Optimus Prime figures. I see the reveal from either Toy Fair or SDCC or NYCC or whatever, and I say "I have plenty of Optimus Primes so I won't get this one" and after a few months, I see how great the figure is from social media and I break down and get the Optimus. I think I have something like 14 Optimus Prime figures. Honestly, when I first saw Siege, I had no intention of getting either Optimus or Megatron. I was very happy with Takara Super Ginrai (with the Godbomber trailer and PE Jinrai cab) and felt that was my definitive Optimus. I also had Hegemon Megatron which I felt was my definitive G1ish Megatron. Well, Hegemon started to piss me off so I got Siege Megatron and I couldn't get Siege Megatron without getting Siege Optimus. I am writing this review about a year after Siege came out, and I am really going to try to not let Earthrise Optimus color my review.

Bot Mode-

Before Earthrise, I really thought that Siege Optimus Prime was the definitive G1esque Optimus Prime. In robot mode, he is amazing. He looks like a well detailed G1 Optimus Prime. His torso is mainly red with blue windows on his chest and a metallic grill for his abs. His arms are red with short metallic smoke stacks on his shoulders. His hands are blue with 5mm holes. His legs are blue and gray. His head is great and really has a nice balance of cartoon with realistic sculpting. The head is so great that Hasbro used the same head on Earthrise Optimus Prime. The eyes are a little too sunken in though and I would've liked to have seen the eyes be just a little brighter. He has pretty standard articulation. Head is on a balljoint so it can move up and down a little and turn around. His arms have natural articulation so they can move up and down and in and out. Great elbow bend. He has bicep swivel. He has a little bit of kibble on his arms which reminds me of G1 Optimus Prime. I'm not sure if that was an intentional nod or just an engineering issue. He has some ankle tilt. He has small pegs on his body to attach effects pieces as well as 5mm ports to attach weaponizers. He has a little bit of a backpack, but not too much where it is an issue.


Siege Optimus has a really fun transformation. It is a bit more complex than others, but still very fun and the complexity really makes it a fulfilling transformation. For complexity, I rate it a 6.75 out of 10. For fun a 7.25 out of 10.

Vehicle Mode-

Siege was meant to be Cybertronian vehicle modes, but Siege Optimus feels more like a futuristic truck than a Cybertronian. I have a really good cybertronian Optimus already (ITF OS KO of WFC Optimus Prime). If you haven't read my reviews on other siege figures, my definintion of Cybertronian is something that doesn't look like it was meant to have any small people inside of the vehicle. No cockpit, no windows. You get the idea. So in my eyes, as a Cybertronian vehicle, Siege Optimus fails. But as a futuristic Earth truck, he completely wins. He looks like a 2084 version of the 1984 G1 Optimus truck. The cab is mostly red with the same blue windows. There is a panel on the top of the truck which forms the backpack in robot mode that really looks like an extra light bar and looks really cool. He has a blue grill and a metallic panel on the bottom fo the truck. The wheels roll very well. The rear of the truck is blue. Now, I am a firm believer that a G1 Optimus Prime needs a trailer. There is NO trailer with Siege Optimus. According to a few sources, you can use Earthrise Optimus Prime's trailer with Siege. He pegs together very well. He has a 5mm port which you can attach the folded up axe onto.


Optimus comes with 2 accessories, a nice rifle which somewhat resembles the G1 gun and a shield which can unfold into an axe. Honestly, I lost the gun before I took pictures of the figure so I don't have any pics. I gave Optimus a shapeways gun, but the gun isn't perfect to me.

3rd Party Add Ons-

There are a bunch of official and non official add ons for the figure.

Matrix Workshop made a series of Ion Cannons for Optimus Prime. One in leader size, one in voyager size and one in deluxe. I have a bunch of all 3 for various figures. So I arm Optimus with the voyager sized gun

Matrix Workshop made an axe set which can clip onto the hand (as in the 2nd episode of G1) or it can turn into a melee axe. I don't this but at some point I may get it. Matrix workshop makes some great stuff and every set I have from them I love.

Renderform made 2 energy axe sets for Siege Optimus which can also be used for SS38 Optimus. I do not have this, but I am planning to get it at some point

FWI made a series of weapons for DOTM (not studio series) Optimus. Swords, guns, a shield. Even though this set isn't meant for Siege Optimus, I give him some of the blasters

Dr Wu made a Forge of Solus Prime for TF Prime Ultra Magnus, I arm Optimus with this.

Deep Space Arsenal made a trailer for Optimus. If I can track one down I will get it and review it

Nonnef made a jetpack for Siege Sideswipe but also included an adapter so you can attach it onto Optimus. I have it but I can't find where I put it. When I find it, I will review it and take more pics

(if I left out anything, please let me know)


Near perfect robot mode. interesting vehicle mode


No trailer.


Without taking Earthrise Optimus Prime into account, Siege Optimus is amazing. But if you can only get one, I would suggest getting Earthrise. On his own, not taking Earthrise into account, Siege Optimus Prime gets a 8.75 out of 10

Retools and Repaints-

Takara Nemesis Prime (redeco with sword)

Walmart 35th Anniversary Cel Shaded Optimus Prime (not getting this because I really don't like Cel Shaded stuff)



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