Siege Ratchet Toy Review

Price- 19.99 (Wallgreen's Exclusive)
Class- Deluxe


Like Ironhide, Ratchet is one of those characters that I loved, but he always got the short end of the stick when it came to figures. What made things worse was that Ratchet was featured so prominantly in the comic which I was a massive fan of. G1 was a horrible figure and looked nothing like how Ratchet did in the cartoon. The next Ratchet was many years later and it was a Universe figure which was a redeco of Car Robots Wildride. Again, that looked nothing like the Ratchet i grew up with. Movieverse Ratchet wasn't the "real" Ratchet. Then came CHUG Ratchet. That Ratchet and Ironhide are some of my least favorite CHUG figures. Prime Ratchet came out, and I liked it a lot, but that wasn't G1 Ratchet. Unite Warriors Ratchet, Not paying 80 dollars for a deluxe figure that is a retool, and he didn't look "ratchety" enough for me. So when it was announced that Siege was going to do Ironhide, it was pretty obvious that Ratchet would follow. Well, he is (at the time of writing this review, it is still in stores) a Wallgreens exclusive and pretty easy to find.

Bot Mode-

Honestly, if Hasbro took the existing Ironhide figure and just repainted it, I would've been more than happy. But Hasbro shocked us (in a good way)! A lot of Ratchet, including his head, are new parts. He is about 40% new parts and all of the engineering is exactly the same. Ratchet just looks great, well for the Siege aesthetic. In case you aren't aware, Siege is meant to be Cybertronian modes. While it is more of a futuristic Earth mode, the bot mode is pure GEEWUN goodness. Most of Ratchet is white with red details. He has a window in his chest that is cast in translucent blue plastic. He has REALLY good articulation, even his wrists can turn. Honestly, Siege is the best Generations line we've had in a really long time and Ratchet holds up to that high standard. Not sure if this is all of the Ratchets or just mine, but his left arm sometimes pops off at the mushroom peg. It isn't a big deal, it is super easy to pop back in. Some people complain that he doesn't have the right paint job, minor nitpicking (yes I do it sometimes too...) that some parts that are red should be white, or some parts that are white should be red. Honestly, none of that bothers me. I'm just really happy we're getting a proper Ratchet. My suggestion, if you're not happy with how his head is painted, or if there isn't enough red or too much red, just get some paint and paint it the way you want it to be.


Ratchet (and by extension Ironhide and Crosshairs) all have pretty simple transformations, but they are REALLY fun. I rate the complexity of the transformation to be 5.25 out of 10 and for fun, a 7.5 out of 10. Ratchet has a 2nd alternate mode, a repair bay, but honestly, I never transformed him into that mode and I doubt I ever will, so I can't discuss how that other mode is or it's transformation.

Vehicle Mode-

Ratchet's vehicle mode shows off even more of the new tooling that he has from Ironhide. It really is a major surprise and I love it. Ratchet is a futuristic ambulance (or Cybertronian). He keeps the same color scheme. I don't love that they are calling this "Cybertronian" because to me, it doesn't make sense that a Cybertronian vehicle has a cockpit or windows for a passenger or driver to look out of. So to me, this is an ambulance in the future. Sure.... why not?


Where Ironhide kind of failed in the accessory department, Ratchet really is great. He comes with a wrench, a gun, and a missile launcher that can attach to his back. Oddly, it was Ironhide who had that missile launcher in the cartoon. The gun can plug into the missile launcher.

3rd Party Add Ons-

See the Matrix Workshop Ratchet Add On Kit page to see my thoughts on the add on kit.


This is a really good figure. This is the Ratchet I've wanted since 1984. Also, being a walgreens exclusive, it isn't too hard to find (at the time that it's in stores). Honestly, I still see the exclusive from 2017 still in stores in 2019. So if you want a Siege Ratchet, and you live near a walgreens, it shouldn't be too hard to find.


Not sure if it is my copy or all of them, but the left arm pops off here and there. Also, I think that he is all white with only a few red details, he looks a little plain. I would've liked either a little more of the "Siege Dirt" or more of an off white color


Really fun figure. This is a figure I've wanted for a LONG time and now that I have it, I love it. Phenominal figure. I rate it a 9 out of 10

American Retools and Repaints-

Siege Ironhide (pretool)
Siege Crosshairs (retool of Ironhide)



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