Transformers Siege Shockwave Toy Review

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Price- $49.99
Class- Leader


Shockwave is another one of those characters that is a MUST have for G1 fans. But like so many other characters, he just wasn't done right a lot of times. It also felt like Shockwave was a bit neglected in Generations. Sure, he had the WFC/FOC deluxe figure, and he had the Combiner Wars scout figure, but none of those really did the one eyed bandit the credit he deserved. In.... 2017 or 2018, there was a Walgreens exclusive budget line (called Cyber Battalion) that made a Shockwave. To quote Emgo316, he was a voyager sized figure for a deluxe sized pricepoint with the complexity of a scout. I had the figure, but it still didn't do everything right for me. Well, in early 2019, Siege came out with a Leader pricepoint Shockwave. I was a little worried since I was used to Prime Wars leader scale figures who were VERY tall. So did I make the right choice by choosing Siege over Cyber Battalion???

Bot Mode-

Siege started a new trend for Leader sized figures. While they were smaller (aprox. Voyager sized figures), they came with extra armor or other stuff which made the figure more expensive. There was a big outcry in the Transformer fandom of people who said they don't want to spend 50 dollars for a leader sized figure, even if it came with other armor. Well, I'm not one of those people. Sure, if they made 10 figures like this a year, I couldn't afford to do the hobby, but 4 a year, I'm cool with that (and I skipped one of them all together). Shockwave looks REALLY good in his robot mode. He's primarily dark purple with lighter purple parts. Siege started a new style with figures that are almost as detailed as movieverse figures. Also, there is the "dirt" on all of the Siege figures. A lot of people feel this ruins the figures, but I really don't care. It's fine. While I'd prefer the figures not to have the dirt, it isn't enough of a turn off to get me to not buy them all together. Honestly, this is a great figure, but it does have some faults (which I'll get to soon). Shockwave comes with armor which, while not in any continuity, it is cool. Some of the parts become extra armor and add 2 other arms and makes him taller and just bulks him up. He also has a glider which attaches to his feet which he can use to fly around. Honestly, and I mean this in the best possible way, Siege Shockwave is Shockwave combined with Dr Octopuse and Green Goblin. And this is in the best possible way. Shockwave has some amazing articulation, but in some scenarios, it is held back by some tubes he has on his back. If Cyber Battalion Shockwave was as articulated as Siege Shockwave, I think i would actually prefer CB Shocky. CB Shockwave looks a little more animated, but has very little articulation. Siege Shockwave is very detailed, but at the same time, he is very well constructed and you can give him to a kid who wouldn't have trouble transforming him.


Siege Shockwave has 2 alternate modes. A hodge podge of a star cruiser, and a "submarine". In the last few years, when there is a Transformer who turns into a gun, Hasbro just flips him upside down and calls it a "submarine". If you just flip over the "submarine" it is a perfect representation of his G1 gun mode. Both transformations are fun and not too complicated. I rate the fun as a 7.5 out of 10 and complexity a 5.75 out of 10.

Alternate Modes-

Shockwave has two alternate modes. The first is a well armed Spacecruiser. It wasn't in the show or the comic or anything, but it is a pretty cool mode. To transform him into his "submarine" mode, just take the armor off and he is an upside down gun. Flip the "submarine" over and you have a really good representation of his gun mode. Both modes are really fun.


Aside for his armor, Shockwave doesn't have any other accessories. The Armor fits on the figure well and is very secure. As I mentioned earlier, it adds more weaponry, bulks him up, and gives him 2 more arms.

3rd Party Add Ons-



Honestly, this is my favorite Shockwave figure. I've had a few, Energon Shockwave (aka Shockblast), Cyber Battalion Shockwave, Prime Shockwave, and Siege Shockwave. Siege Shockwave hits all the notes of who Shockwave should be in every right way. He has a good amount of articulation and the play pattern is a lot of fun.


Two bad things about this figure, one pretty minor and one more medium problem. The minor problem is that he has a tube in his back which is connected to his gun hand. It kind of restricts some articulation, but not that much. It is easily removed if you want. The other is a little more problematic, but not enough to skip the figure, and this is only because Cyber Battalion Shockwave exists. I'd prefer if he was a little bit lighter purple. The details on the figure kind of melt into each other when you take pictures of them. Oh, and another problem with some people have but not me. He is basically a 50 dollar voyager with some extra armor. So some people are turned off by the price tag. Again, if they released 6 or 8 or 10 leader sized figures a year in Generations, I would be a little put off. But for 2-4 leader sized figures a year in Generations, I'm fine with the price tag. I just wish they didn't release him and Ultra Magnus at the same time because in one day I bought both and it was a fair amount of money.


Despite Shockwave’s minor shortcomings, he really is a fun figure.  I give him an 8.5 out of 10

American Retools and Repaints-

Generations Selects Galaxy Man Shockwave (aka Shackwave)
(Unless someone is nice enough to give me a "Shackwave" figure that i don't have to pay for, I probably will never get it to review. Basically the same exact figure with a different paint scheme)

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