Siege Sideswipe (G2/Clone) Toy Review

(this review will cover just the G2 version . Red Alert and the Original Siege Sideswipe will get their own reviews)

Class- Deluxe


As much as Beast Wars turned me into a hardcore Transformers fan, G2 was the spark that opened the way to the fire of Beast Wars. I really feel like it is an underrated era of Transformers. The original Siege Sideswipe was a really cool figure, so when I saw that Hasbro was going to make a G2 version, I was looking forward to it. Flash forward a few months, they reveal he is going to be part of an exclusive three pack. I was torn if I was going to get it. I really didn't want Slamdance at all, and this was before Hasbro announced Crosshairs, so I didn't think I needed an Autobot targetmaster. Well, i sorted out my feelings and not only did I get one G2 Sideswipe, I actually got two of them. Also, this specific Sideswipe is called G2 and is it also called "Clone Sideswipe". I don't know why he is called Clone Sideswipe at all.

Bot Mode-

Sideswipe looks really good in robot mode, but there are two problems with him (I'll get to it soon). His chest and shoulders are black.He has an Autobot logo on his chest which is my first problem. Since he is made to be G2 Sideswipe, I really think he should have the G2 Autobot logo on his chest instead of the G1 Autobot logo. Yes, I am a nerd fanboy who knows the difference between the two logos, but it really bothers me. His arms and upper legs are white. He has red hands, and shins. He has the "Siege Dirt" but again, that doesn't really bother me at all. Like all Siege figures, there are a number of 5mm ports throughout his body which you can plug weaponizers into. He has basically the same articulation as every other Siege deluxe. He doesn't have wrist swivel due to transformation. Now here's my other small grip with Sideswipe (which is the same as original Siege Sideswipe) . His head is just a little too low, it should be just a little higher because at some angles, his face is obscured by his chest. Other than that one issue, he's a really good figure There is no backpack and there isn't too much vehicle mode kibble in robot mode.


I really like Sideswipe's transformation. It's a bit simple, but it is intuative and fun. For fun, I rate it a 7.25 out of 10. For complexity, I rate it a 5.25

Vehicle Mode-

If you've read any review that I've written for Siege figures, you'll know that to me, Siege doesn't look Cybertronian, it looks like a futuristic Earth (and yes there are differences, at least to me). But Sideswipe's vehicle mode is AMAZEBALLS. I really think that he has one of my favorite vehicle modes in Siege. He is a black car with red details. The windows are a smokey clear red which is very dramatic and stunning. He has black tires with silver rims. This looks like a car you would see in Blade Runner. It pegs together very well and rolls very well. There is a port on the roof which you can plug a weapon into. Like original Siege Sideswipe, G2 Sideswipe's vehicle mode is one of my favorite vehicle modes in all of Siege.


Sideswipe comes with two guns that can combine into one larger gun. There is a tab on one of the guns which you can plug into Sideswipe's shoulder to mimic his G1 look. I prefer him not to have the shoulder gun personally. All of his accessories feel very appropriate. Where some other Siege figures, I just didn't feel like the weapons were as right as Sideswipes.

3rd Party Add Ons-

There are several upgrade kits which were meant for original Siege Sideswipe which could be used on G2 Sideswipe. But there are two upgrade kits which are specifically for G2 Sideswipe and they are made by Nonnef. The first is a shoulder missile launcher in bright colors to homage the 1990s (in the 1990s toys were EXTREME and used bright and jarring colors).

The other is a G2 upgrade kit which makes him look more like his G2 Comic version. (Click here for a more in depth review). I have the G2 comic upgrade kit and I really like it. I only display him with the upgrade kit so he looks just a little different from the original Siege Sideswipe.


In my top 3 of favorite vehicle modes in Siege. Good articulation. It's G2 so that's just awesome.


The head is too low on the neck.


I like Sideswipe a lot, but he isn't my favorite figure in Siege, mainly because of the issue with the head. If his head was just a quarter of an inch higher, he would be perfect. Sideswipe is a really fun figure and the Nonnef G2 kit makes him even better. I rate Siege Sideswipe a 7.75 out of 10.

American Retools and Repaints-

Siege Sideswipe (redeco)

Siege Red Alert (redeco)

Generations Select Tigertracks (redeco)

Generations Select Gigawatt (retool)


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