Siege Soundwave Toy Review

Class- Voyager


I have no idea why, but Soundwave is probably one of my favorite Decepticons. Until recently, the only version I had of him was the G1 version and the Cyberverse Prime Soundwave that I got for like 5 bucks. No Soundwave figure really did it for me. Cybertron Soundwave was a jet, and that doesn't work for me. FOC Soundwave was too bulky (but I do have FOC Soundblaster to take the place of Logos Prime, review coming soon). Titans Return Soundwave big pass, way way way too big. When I saw the first images of Siege Soundwave, it was magic to me. For a while, I couldn't find Siege Soundwave in stores, so I ordered it online. Of course, the day after it came in the mail, I found it in stores. Not sure if it is my area or the distribution of Soundwave, but I only saw him in stores twice.

Bot Mode-

Now THIS is Soundwave. He looks like how a modern day action figure of Soundwave should look like, while keeping the flavor of G1. Soundwave is primarily dark blue and gray with some yellow on his eyes. His chest is clear but has Siege Dirt cracks on it to make it look like he was damaged and it can be opened to fit a cassette con inside (at the time of writing this review, there are 4 mainline cassettes and 2 3P cassettes). He has a blaster on his shoulder. He has FABULOUS articulation. His head has full range of motion. His arms have bicep swivel, elbow bend, good articulation in the shoulder. The legs can do the splits and have great knee articulation. His left hand has a finger extended so it can look like he is pressing a button on his torso. This is actually one of the few figures that the "siege dirt" kind of bothers me. It goes beyond random dirt and the chest window looks like it is shattering. Aside for that minor detail, Soundwave's bot mode is near perfect. He isn't too big, he isn't too small, he has great articulation, amazing sculpting. Like all Siege figures, Soundwave has 5mm holes on his body which you can plug weaponizer parts into. Honestly, I never did that for Soundwave. Maybe down the road I will, but if it doesn't happen, it doesn't happen. Oh, Laserbeak can easily plug into Soundwave at multiple points.


Soundwave has 3 alternate modes. Two of which are real and one is kind of a fan mode, but it is obvious that Hasbro made this "fan mode" for the fans intentionally. All of the transformations are pretty straight forward. I rate all of them a 6.25 for complexity and a 7 for fun.

Vehicle Mode-

The first (and main) alternate modes is some sort of Cybertronian Space Craft/hovercraft. It's somewhat loosely defined, but I really like it. Yea, I know, Soundwave never turned into a space craft before. But it really looks cool. And it feels Cybertronian, not Future Earth. There is a fine line between Cybertronian and Future Earth, and I think that line is having windows and a cockpit. At least to me, I don't think that it makes sense for a Cybertronian Transformer to have the ability to fit something inside of him and be piloted. He is very blocky and keeps the same colorscheme. His blaster and shoulder blaster become thrusters for this mode. There is no articulation at all. It''s not something which I would've thought Soundwave should be, but I do like it a lot. The 2nd alternate mode is a lightpost. WHA?!? Yes, in the first episode of G1, we see that Soundwave turns into a lightpost. It isn't the most useful mode in combat, but remember, Soundwave is a spy. So he could hang out by an Autobot base and just observe. His fan mode is a tape player. Never put him in that mode, but it is possible.


Soundwave comes with a few accessories. A blaster which looks like his G1 blaster. He also comes with a pistol (which I don't love). Both weapons can combine

3rd Party Add Ons-

(please contact me if I got this part wrong)

There are two different upgrade kits (possibly 3, but I'm not sure) for Soundwave. One is made by Dr. Wu and it is two new cassettes. One turns into a flying drone, the other is a land based drone. (Review coming soon)

Shockwave Lab made a gap filler and extra parts to make the transformation to tape deck easier. (Not planning to get)


Soundwave is a near PERFECT figure. This figure has basically everything I would want in a Soundwave figure.


Just a little too much "Siege Dirt"


Siege Soundwave is literally one of my favorite figures in my collection. I really hope that for Earthrise, Hasbro does something with Siege Soundwave to make Blaster. I can't stress how great this figure is. I rate Siege Soundwave a 9.5 out of 10

Retools and Repaints-

35th Anniversary Soundblaster (Walmart Exclusive)


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