Siege Springer Toy Review

Price- 29.99
Class- Voyager


No idea why, but Springer is one of my favorite Transformer characters of all time. In G1, he was the regal swordsman who kicked ass (even though he wasn't utlized as much as I'd like). He was the first Autobot Triple Changer in G1. In IDW, he was nothing more than an intense BADASS. An awesome Autobot who is also a wrecker. IDW is probably my favorite version of Transformers aside for the G1 Cartoon. CHUG Springer is probably one of the more liked figure by the masses. But to me, I wanted a G1 looking Springer. I kinda sorta like CHUG Springer, but I've been waiting for Siege Springer for over 30 years. Am I chasing an ideal or is Siege Springer really a good figure?

Bot Mode-

If you like G1, Non-IDW Springer, then you will love how Siege Springer looks. He is primarily green, with a lighter green face, yellow shoulders, the same light green thighs, and blueish gray lower legs. He has the general articulation that we've become used to in Siege and the Prime Wars. His arms move up and down and out. He has elbow bend, his head can move SLIGHTLY up and down, but it turns a full 360 degrees. He has thigh swivel and his legs can move in and out and his knees bend. If CHUG Springer was the perfect IDW Springer, Siege Springer is the ideal G1 inspired Springer. He has the same "Siege Dirt" as all other Siege figures, but honestly, it doesn't bother me at all. The only "problem" I have (and honestly it really is a nitpick) is that his eyes look like he is squinting. Oh, he doesn't have wrist articulation, but that doesn't bother me at all.


Springer has 2 vehicle modes, a helicopter and a car. The transformation into both modes is a bit irritating the first few times you do it. I was actually really shocked how much transformation goes into the two vehicle modes. G1 Springer's transformation from helicopter to car was almost as simple as turning Transmetal Cheetor from cheetah mode to flight mode. CHUG Springer was a bit more complex, but nowhere near as complicated as Siege Springer. I really appreciate all the thought that went into it. But as I mentioned earlier, it is a bit irritating the first few times. For complexity, i rate both a 7.5, and fun a 5.75 for both.

Helicopter Mode-

Springer's helicopter mode is very well done (desipte the irritating transformation). The Transformation is a bit off because the first few times I did it, I couldn't tab things in properly, but after a few times it's fine. His sword becomes the blades of the helicopter. Where G1 Springer's helicopter mode really looked like a car with a tail and rotors, Siege Springer's helicopter mode is different enough where it doesn't feel like a car with helicopter blades. He keeps the same color scheme as robot mode but now he has a blue cockpit. The rotors spin but thats all the articulation you're going to get

Car Mode-

Springer's car mode is great. A hair different from the G1 model, but in a good way. The two vehicle modes are different enough where it feels like an inspired choice of aesthetics. He keeps the same color scheme as Helicopter mode, but he also has black wheels. He rolls very well.


Springer comes with a few accessories that work very well. He has his trademark swords which can become the rotors of the helicopter. He also has 2 guns which can also combine. I don't love the guns, but they are good enough. I don't recall in G1 Springer having a specific gun like a lot of G1 bots did. So the fact that these guns are somewhat original, that doesn't bother me.

3rd Party Add Ons-

Matrix Workshop released an add on kit for Springer. It comes with 2 mini guns and a third gun and I THINK gap fillers. I'm good enough with the accessories that Springer came with where I didn't feel like I needed this add on kit. Maybe down the line I'll get it and add to the review.


Aside for the squinting eyes, Springers Bot mode is SPOT on. His vehicle modes are also very inspired, albiet a pain in the ass at first to transform.


The transformation isn't as fun as I'd like. and he has squinty eyes which makes it look like he is in a way too bright room.


If you only get one Springer for your collection, THIS is the Springer to get. He's a really good figure in robot mode, both vehicle modes are very good. Again, the transformation is a bit of a pain, and I'm not sure if it is my copy or all of the copies (I think it is mine because I haven't heard anyone else having the problems I have). Springer is one of the more difficult figures to find in brick and mortar stores. When he first came out, he was released by stores before the release date and they wouldn't sell it to you for almost 2 weeks (Happened to me). Aside for that ONE time seeing Springer in stores before the official street date, I only saw Springer in stores once. Again, Good figure, but not perfect. I give Siege Springer 8 out of 10.

American Retools and Repaints-

I'm actually a bit surprised that we didn't get any kind of retool or redeco of Siege Springer. Maybe in Earthrise we will, but we'll have to wait until at least Feb 2020 (Toy Fair) to find out.






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