Siege Ultra Magnus Toy Review

Class- Leader


So, this is probably one of the more controversial reviews I'm going to write, but I want to do it anyway. I know my thoughts are very different from the rest of the fandom on this specific figure, but maybe I can explain my views and change someone's mind. When I started collecting Transformers again, I couldn't decide between Combiner Wars Ultra Magnus, or Fansproject City Commander. I ultimately got both, but I didn't love either. CW Magnus is pretty good, but I hate his hands because he can't properly hold a weapon. Fansproject City Commander is just tremendously dated at this point and I sold him off years and years and years ago. I think I only owned him for under a year. So when Siege was announced and we saw that there was going to be a new Ultra Magnus, I was VERY happy. Yes, he has a few shortcomings. Also, some people are upset that the leader price point figures are now Voyager sized figures with "extra stuff" to justify a higher price point. Again, my thoughts are very different from the majority of the fandom in this one specific thing, the new practice doesn't bother me (well it does a little but not enough to not get the figure).

Bot Mode-

Ultra Magnus has two robot modes. A basic mode and a super mode. The G1 Ultra Magnus had a white Optimus Prime figure that was part of the truck and it helped form the body of the G1 toy. In the Dreamwave comics, they showed that Ultra Magnus really is the White Prime, but he wears a suit of armor which makes him look like how we think Ultra Magnus should look. So where CW Magnus didn't have this feature, Siege Magnus does. The results are a bit bland, but if you look at the source material, it makes sense. When I first saw the figure, I really thought that the white Optimus in Siege Ultra Magnus was a retool of Siege Optimus, but it isn't. Magnus' core bot is primarily white with a "T" of blue which make up his chest windows. He has small smokestacks on his arms. His face has red eyes and a blue face mask. He has a red autobot logo on his left shoudler. He has good articulation. His head can move left and right. Pretty typical for Siege arm and leg articulation. He holds his weapon easily. He has 5mm hands and 5mm ports all over him that you can plug weaponizer parts into. There are also some small bumps on his body which you can stick Siege Effects Parts to. Again, I am in the tremendous minority where I don't think that Siege effect parts are the best thing since sliced bread (although I do like hearing Emgo316 say "BLOOOOOSH").

Super Bot Mode-

This is where Ultra Magnus really starts to look like Ultra Magnus. The rear half of the vehicle mode turns into armor which is really cool. Yes, he isn't as tall as CW Ultra Magnus. Again, I am in the minority where it doesn't bother me that much. In Super Bot Mode, he is primarily Red White and Blue. Now that I think about him more, the figure is very similiar to Car Robots Fire Convoy in some regards. The armor easily clips on and he looks like a G1 Magnus. He has the traditional rocket launchers on his shoulders. The big pillars on his shoulders. And a cool looking head. His hands still hold the weapon well, but Siege Magnus' gauntlets hang a little too much under his hands, so where I was able to arm my CW Ultra Magnus with the Dr Wu Forge of Solus Prime, you can't do that as easily with this figure. I did give him the hammer that came with Beast Hunter Ultra Magnus though. The articulation in super mode isn't as good as the articuation in regular mode, the armor reduces the articulation. But he is still better articulated than a Unicron Trilogy figure, or even a CHUG figure from the beginning of CHUG.


Siege really stepped up the transformation in it's figures. A little more complicated, but a lot more fun. For complexity, I rate Ultra Magnus' transformation a 6.75 out of 10. For run, I rate it an 8 out of 10

Vehicle Mode-

Ultra Magnus is a "Cybertronian" Car Carrier in vehicle mode. It doesn't feel Cybertronian at all to me though. To me, a Cybertronian vehicle mode should not have windows or a cockpit. So to me, Siege Ultra Magnus is a futuristic car carrier. In a nice homage to Car Robots/RiD2001 Magnus, the truck part of the vehicle mode has similar details. You cannot put any vehicles bigger than a micromaster in the car carrier. The wheels roll well. It pegs together well. You can separate the cab of the truck.


Ultra Magnus comes with the armor, so I guess that can be considered an accessory. But he also comes with a blaster which is easily held in both modes. Ultra Magnus also comes with 2 black blasters which can be held in robot mode or attach to vehicle mode.I like Magnus to have a hammer, so I gave him the forge of solus prime that came with Beast Hunters Ultra Magnus. It kinda sorta fits well.

3rd Party Add Ons-

There's a bunch, please let me know if I left anything out.

1) DNA Design made a kit that includes an axe, a hammer, and things which make Ultra Magnus taller (planning to eventually get this)

2) Dr Wu made gap fillers (not getting, I never get gap fillers, it just doesn't bother me with the exception of one time with Studio Series ROTF Megatron)

3) Matrix Workshop made a kit which has 2 guns, and parts which can form into a hammer, parts that form wrist lasers as well. (probably not getting this)

4) Matrix Workshop made a sword which looks like Fortress Maximus' master sword

I'm actually really surprised that no one made a 3P head for the inner bot to look like Minimus Ambus


To me, Siege Ultra Magnus is a lot better than CW Ultra Magnus. Yes he is a little shorter in combined mode, but it is just a much better engineered figure.


Some people (not me) don't like spending Leader prices for a Voyager figure with extra stuff. It doesn't bother me at all though. But a real con is that his combined mode is just a little less articulated than I'd like. Also, I wish the wrists were engineered just a little different so he could hold weapons with longer handles.


Another figure I really like. He isn't a perfect figure to me, but he is leaps and bounds ahead of CW Magnus. But to be honest, there is room in your collection for both. CW Magnus is a really good IDW Magnus and Siege Magnus is a really good Geewun-esque Magnus. Siege Ultra Magnus is not my favorite figure in Siege, but it is in the upper tier. I rate him a 7 out of 10

Retools and Repaints-

Siege Cybertron Optimus Prime (major retool)


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