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Skids was one of the last Autobots to be introduced in G1 before the Autobot Combiners.  He shows up midway through Season 2 with no explanation of where he’s been since the beginning of the show.  It would’ve been nice if they just threw out a line of “Oh Skids, how are you adjusting to Earth since you came here 3 days ago”, but they didn’t.

Skids’ first mission is to travel to a farm with other Autobots to protect it from the Insecticons.  The team of Autobots are overwhelmed by the swarm of Insecticons.  The transform and retreat.  Back at the Autobot headquarters, Hoist repairs Skids’ battle damage.

Prowl leads a team of Autobots consisting of Tracks, Skids, and Bluestreak to stop Blitzwing from attacking a nearby city.  The team of Autobots heads to a football stadium that Blitzwing has turned into his base of operations.  Scrapper notices them approaching and wants the Constructicons to open fire on the Autobot caravan.  Blitzwing orders Scrapper and the Constructicons to allow the Autobots through so then can get lost in the highway maze that the Constructicons built for Blitzwing.  The Autobots have a treacherous time navigating through the maze.  They are unable to avoid crashing into the walls.  Prowl and Skids crash into each other and explode.  Blitzwing crushes the two Autobots in his tank mode and later turns them into a throne.  Off camera, Skids is restored and brought back to life.  He is never seen in the cartoon again.  I really think that since they never showed him again, it would’ve been a nice touch to make it that he actually was killed by the Constructicons and Blitzwing.


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Skids was born on Earth after Optimus Prime regained The Creation Matrix from Buster Witwicky.  Skids and the new Autobots were taken by Bumblebee to learn about Earth.  The trip soon ends when Optimus Prime tells the new Autobots and Bumblebee to investigate a rock concert where The Decepticons plan to harness sound energy as Energon.  The Autobots thwart the Decepticon plan and save the day.

Skids was next part of an Autobot convoy, which was led by and included Optimus Prime.  Their mission was to find out the secret of combiners, the only combiner at this point was Devestator.  Skids sideswipes a sports car accidentally but keeps on going.  After a successful mission, Skids is attacked by Ravage and rolls down a cliff.  The rest of the Autobots think he is dead so they keep going.  

Skids is found by a woman named Charlene who thinks that Skids is just a broken abandoned car.  She wants to fix him so she could have him as a car.  Of course the mechanic that she brings Skids to is shocked by the internal workings of a Transformer, but he does repair Skids.  Charlene takes Skids out for a drive and the man who Skids sideswiped previously sees Charlene driving Skids.  The man tries to run them off the road, but Skids takes control before an impact and everyone remains safe.  The man again tries to run Skids and Charlene off the road, but Skids prevents that from happening at every occasion.  Charlene thinks her new car is possessed and Skids reveals himself to her and says he would prefer being her car than an Autobot.  There is an odd error at this point where Skids says “on my world, I was an anthropologist”.  Skids was born on Earth.  Charlene takes Skids around the country where he starts to appreciate the natural beauty of Earth.  While Charlene is washing Skids, Ravage attacks and Skids defends Charlene.  Charlene directs Skids to hide out in an abandoned town from the Old West and who do they run into, the asshole in the sports car.  He follows again wanting to teach Skids a lesson.  Skids is parked in the old west town and the man in the sports car breaks Skids’ mirror and windshield, causing Skids to fall unconscious.  He wakes up to Megatron holding Charlene, threatening to kill her.  Megatron challenges Skids to a shoot out and Skids is destroyed.  Or so he thought.  This was all a bad dream caused by the blows taken by the man in the sports car.  Ravage attacks again, this time destroying the man in the sports car’s sports car.  Skids wakes up and realizes that he wasn’t destroyed by Megatron and fights Ravage.  Ravage has the upper hand until Skids traps him in a hidden mine shaft.  He realizes that he has to go back to the Autobots, he is an Autobot warrior at heart, not a human’s car.  Also, I’d like to believe that he does this also for Charlene to protect her, but that isn’t said.

Skids is next shown as a guinea pig for Wheeljack’s new invention, a chemical tracker.  The Autobots learned of seven Autobots whowere transported to Earth, but the Autobots who were already on Earth search for them, they can’t find the new Autobots.  Skids shows his love of humans during the mission when a car crashes into an tower during a storm.  The driver would’ve surely died if it weren’t fr Skids saving her.  This is covered by the news and insights Megatron to send The Stunticons after him.  The Stunticons follow Skids around and eventually, while in a traffic jam, they engage Skids in battle.  Skids knows he is outnumbered and overpowered, so he calls Optimus Prime for help.  Optimus sends The Aerialbots to help.  Before The Aerialbots can get there, Skids and The Stunticons are attacked by RAAT (The Rapid Anti-Robot Assault Team) and Circuit Breaker.  RAAT and Circuit Breaker focus more on The Stunticons, and are defeated.  At that moment, The Aerialbots arrive to back up Skids.  Superion is defeated by Circuit Breaker, and they are all brought to the RAAT base.  Skids is dismantled and used for study.  He is eventually reassembled and rejoins the Autobots.

Skids winds up deactivated in battle and stays on the Ark for years in a stasis pod.  Grimlock uses Nucleon to make Skids, and a number of other Autobots, functional.  Almost immediately after being brought back to life, he winds up on Cybertron battling Unicron.

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Since Skids was shown so minimally, it is not clear if he had any special abilities

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