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Cartoon Background -

Sky Lynx is one of the first Transformers without a humanoid robot mode.  He was introduced in the Season 3 mini series “Five Faces of Darkness” as the ship which rescues Blur and Wheelie from the moon IO.  Their mission to bring Metroplex’s Transformation Cog was diverted by Decepticon and Quintesson interference.  Galvatron sent the Predacons to kill Blur and Wheelie and Sky Lynx saved them and brought them to Earth.

When the Quintessons kidnapped Cyclonus, Ultra Magnus, Marissa Fairbourne, and Wreck-Gar, Sky Lynx saved them after they returned to their proper universe

Again being used mainly as transportation, Sky Lynx (this time he was actually piloted by someone) took Grimlock, Kup, Blur and Wheelie to a Goo Planet to investigate an EDC Ship that crash landed.  When Runamuck and Blast Off attacked the Autobots, Sky Lynx helped them escape.  In the dogfight between Sky Lynx and the two Decepticons, Sky Lynx really showed his aerial agility, dodging Death Crystal blasts easily, and maneuvering around ice asteroids.  Sky Lynx took the autobots to the planet Dreg to find out who was mining Death Crystals.  After a brief (very brief, like 8 seconds) battle with the Predacons, Sky Lynx pulls Blur out of a pit of alien quicksand, saving Blur’s life.  After Grimlock scares the Predacons away, the Autobots make a plan to disrupt the Decepticon mining camp.  Sky Lynx attacks on his own at first, but the rest of the Autobots quickly follow.  The Predacons give Sky Lynx some minor injuries but he is strong enough to help the Autobots escape once Kup frees the prisoners of the mine who help the autobots overpower the decepticons.


When Wheelie and Daniel are held hostage aboard an Autobot Data Storage Asteroid, Ultra Magnus uses Sky Lynx as a ship to save them.  When Ultra Magnus and Sky Lynx are attacked by ravenous space bugs, they shoot the bugs off of each other.   Sky Lynx and Ultra Magnus then fight off the Sweeps.  The two Autobots then split up because Sky Lynx is too big to fit through the tunnels.

ky Lynx transports an Autobot mining team, led by Ultra Magnus, into an asteroid belt in space.  They are hoping to harvest a compound called Isodrite from the rocks.  Sky Lynx is the first to notice the Decepticons and warns the rest of the Autobots about the coming attack.  When the Decepticons do attack, Sky Lynx takes to the air to fight them.  The Autobots are outnumbered, so Sky Lynx separates into his ground and air forms to even the score.  In his bird mode, Sky Lynx grabs one of the Sweeps with his claws.  He then throws the Sweep to Sludge who knocks the Sweep away with his tail.  The battle between the Autobots and Decepticons causes the asteroid to fall apart.  The Autobots board Sky Lynx and retreat.
A lot of times, Sky Lynx’s main function is providing Autobots transportation.  When Starscream steals Metroplex and Trypticon’s eyes, to install into Unicron, Rodimus takes several Autobots aboard Sky Lynx to investigate.  While the Autobots are inside of Unicron’s head, Sky Lynx monitors them from outside.  When he is attacked by Scourge (who was working with Starscream), he is forced to retreat.  When the Autobot strike team is expelled from Unicron, Sky Lynx saves them.

While on Cybertron, Perceptor intercepts an ancient Quintesson signal from his lab.  Perceptor sends Sky Lynx to investigate, along with Blaster, Steeljaw, Ramhorn, and Outback.  When he reaches the planet, there is not an area where he can lands, so the Autobots are forced to jump out of Sky Lynx.  Sky Lynx remains in the air so he can provide recon for the Autobots.  When the team of Autobots find the Quintesson device, Sky Lynx again tries to land.  He is still too big to safely go on the surface of the planet and knocks a tree over.  The Autobots activate the device and the Predacons attack.  Blaster quickly requests that Sky Lynx helps them escape.  In the process, Sky Lynx flies at Divebomb, knocking him out of the sky.  The Predacons merge into Predaking and focus their attack on Sky Lynx.  Sky Lynx is too agile for Predaking to damage, and the Autobots take the Quintesson device into their possession.  After escaping Predaking, Sky Lynx and the Autobots encounter Cyclonus, Scourge, and the Sweeps, who attack them.  Sky Lynx is sucked into a warp gate by the Quintessons.  The Quintessons use a disruptor on Sky Lynx, preventing him from being able to transform, and the rest of the Autobots are held in a cell.  Blaster, and the rest of the Autobots escape and leave the Quintesson ship inside of Sky Lynx.  Once they leave the Quintessons, they are quickly attacked by a number of Decepticons.  Sky Lynx is damaged and the Autobot crew are sucked out of him into space.  He transforms into his bird thingy mode and engages the Decepticons in battle.  The Decepticons escape with the journal to an uncharted planet.  The Autobots track the Decepticons to the planet and they fight for the journal.  Suddenly, the Quintessons arrive and take the journal for themselves.  The Autobots and Decepticons travel into space to follow the Quintesson ship, the entire time, Galvatron is firing on the Autobots.  The Quintessons wind up escaping from their attackers using a warp gate.  The Autobots are able to catch up to the Quintessons and Sky Lynx leads the charge.  He fires on the Quintesson ship, ripping a hole in it and grabs the journal with his mouth.  Once in possession of the journal (again), the Autobots start their way back to Rodimus Prime, who is trying to broker a peace treaty between two races that the Quintessons were manipulating to war with each other.  The journal hopefully will show both races that their war has been fueled by the Quintessons.  While both sides are fighting with each other, Sky Lynx bursts into the room and exposes the Quintesson plot.  The Quintessons send planet busting bombs on unmanned ships to each of the planets.  Rodimus Prime and Ultra Magnus board Sky Lynx and both planets are saved.

Because of Sky Lynx’ ability to travel long distances in space without need of refueling, Rodimus Prime relied on Sky Lynx to patrol various parts of the universe.  One day, while patrolling the Junkion sector, Sky Lynx is attacked by Astrotrain.  The two Transformers briefly battle until both are attacked by Junkions.  Sky Lynx returns to Cybertron and reports what happened to Rodimus Prime and Ultra Magnus.  The Aerialbots are sent to investigate, but when Superion is damaged, Sky Lynx answers his distress call and brings the Aerialbot combiner back to Cybertron.

Sky Lynx developed a friendship with Cosmos.  The two space faring Autobots would patrol the skies of Cybertron together.  Together, Sky Lynx and Cosmos make their way back to Cybertron to celebrate a new power generator.  Cosmos starts to malfunction and loose control, and Sky Lynx tries to save him.  Unfortunately, Sky Lynx starts to malfunction himself, and looses control of his flight functions.  Both crash land on Cybertron.  It turns out that they were effected by Anti-Electrons.  He is repaired.

Sky Lynx helps the Autobots fight the Decepticons on the moon.  He arrives at the nick of time, right after Trypticon arrives.  Sky Lynx winds up leaving the battle with the rest of the animal based Transformers to battle Tornedron.  He carries several Transformers (mainly the Dinobots and Predacons) to their destination and being the smartest Animal based Transformer, he takes command.  Sky Lynx leads the group of Transformers into a cave and they encounter The Oracle (not the one from Beast Machines) who tells them the story of Tornedron and Primacron.  Tornedron attacks and defeats Trypticon.  Sky Lynx retaliates by using all of his weapons against the creature, but it just makes Tornedron stronger.  Tornedron continues his attack and saps all of the energy out of Sky Lynx.  Sky Lynx is restored to life when Tornedron is defeated by Grimlock.

Sky Lynx, Rodimus Prime, and Kup wind up saving Defensor in Japan before the Decepticons can kill him.

While traveling through space, Sky Lynx transports Rodimus Prime, Ultra Magnus, Perceptor, and Blurr.  He winds up picking up something strange with his sensors and the Autobots go to investigate.  They find a strange object in space.  It is a large, oval shaped metal disc.  Galvatron and Cyclonus are the first to arrive, and then they are joined by the Quintessons, who attack the Decepticons.  When Sky Lynx and the Autobots arrive at the disc, the Quintessons attack them too.  Sky Lynx transforms into bird mode, and the other Autobots fly out of his mouth to engage their opponents.  Sky Lynx fires blasts out of his mouth, defeating both the Decepticons and disabling the Quintesson ship.  The Decepticons do not retreat though.  The disc winds up being another Quintesson device.  The Quintessons open it to lure both sides of Transformers into it.  The Quintessons use their ship to fly into the opened disc, their wake pulls the Autobots and Cyclonus into it.  Sky Lynx remains outside of the disc.

Sky Lynx stays in space, and remains uninfected by the Hate Plague on Earth.  Rodimus Prime contacts Sky Lynx to bring him a Quintesson.  Rodimus hopes that a Quintesson can repair a dead Optimus Prime.  Sky Lynx saves the last uninfected Quintesson (no idea how the plague left Earth) from infected Sharkticons and brings him to Earth.  Sky Lynx is witness as the Quintesson brings Otimus Prime back to life!

When Optimus awakens, Sky Lynx tells him everything that has happened in regards to the Hate Plague.  Optimus Prime realizes he needs to reclaim the Matrix so he can come up with a plan to destroy the plague.  Sky Lynx takes Optimus Prime, and several other Autobots, to Char so they can reclaim an alloy which the Decepticons stole.  The Autobots want to use the alloy as a shield for the plague.  Sky Lynx follows Optimus Prime as he is led by Galvatron to the stolen metal.  When they reach the metal, Galvatron tries to double cross Optimus Prime.  He points his cannon at Optimus, but is momentarily distracted.  Optimus knocks the gun off of Galvatron’s arm and Sky Lynx grabs it.  Galvatron agrees to load the metal into Optimus Prime’s trailer.  Galvatron is infected, but Sky Lynx and Optimus Prime are able to escape back to Autobot City.  Inside of the deactivated Metroplex, Sky Lynx, the Quintesson, and Optimus Prime work to create a spray with the metal to protect Optimus.  Optimus and Sky Lynx start to search Earth for Rodimus Prime.  They find him at an junk yard.  Optimus battles Rodimus.  The battle moves to a factory, where Sky Lynx tries to help Optimus Prime.  Rodimus winds up infecting Sky Lynx but Optimus Prime reclaims the Matrix and uses it to cure the entire universe.


Marvel G1 Comic Background -

Sky Lynx was first shown warping through space, acting as an explorer.  He left Cybertron almost 500,000 years ago because he was tired of fighting The Decepticons.  He winds up in the Earth Solar System, but oddly enough, he already has a vehicle mode based on an Earth Vehicle.  He is summoned by his friend Wheeljack to help intervene against Grimlock, who Wheeljack explains has gone out of control.  Sky Lynx watches The Ark attack Blaster’s ship and before he could intervene, Wheeljack asks him to stay back, but be ready to assist either party.  One of the children who Blaster was traveling with throws Blaster out of the spacecraft and Sky Lynx watches Blaster try to traverse space on his own.  Grimlock pretends to order the children to death, the only ones knowing the truth are The Dinobots, to bring Blaster back to The Ark, and before the children could be “executed” Sky Lynx takes them inside of himself.  Grimlock personally follows Sky Lynx into a meteor shower with the Dinobots.  Sky Lynx is shown here as a triple changer instead of being portrayed as a binary transformer in the cartoon.  He stands his ground on a large asteroid and transforms into Lynx mode to fight the Dinobots.  After evading most of the Dinobots, Sky Lynx is attacked by Grimlock and Sky Lynx defends himself, throwing a meteor at Grimlock.  This slows Sky Lynx down enough where the rest of the Dinobots are able to catch up.  Eventually, the Dinobots surround Sky Lynx so the children would be in danger of running out of air.  Blaster agrees to face his charges to save the children.

After Optimus Prime is resurrected, Optimus and Goldbug receive a transmission in space about a Space Carnival.  They see in the commercial that Sky Lynx is a performer in the carnival and decide to investigate.  First, the duo of Autobots find the group of children who Sky Lynx saved from Grimlock, and then they see that Sky Lynx is an acrobat in the carnival.  Sky Lynx dazzles the crowd by doing an acrobatic routine where he transforms between his three modes.  After the show, Sky Lynx is surprised by a visit from Optimus Prime and Goldbug. Optimus asks how he became an act for a carnival, and Sky Lynx tells his story.  After escaping from Grimlock, Sky Lynx started becoming very attached to the children.  He enjoyed taking care of them instead of fighting Decepticons.  They received the transmission of the Space Carnival and decided to check it out.  When they entered without paying, they incurred a debt to the Space Carnival which Sky Lynx had no ability to pay, so he had to work off their debt.  Sky Lynx begs Optimus to save the children and bring them back to Earth.  Optimus devises a plan to save everyone and crashes Sky Lynx’s act.  He pretends to perform in the show, but breaks Sky Lynx out of captivity and they fight their way out of the carnival back to the Autobot ship.  After escaping they make their way back to Earth.  

When they get back to Earth, the news showcases Sky Lynx when he returns the four missing children.  A group of Anti-Transformer Protesters are where Sky Lynx returns the children, and their protest starts to get violent, causing Sky Lynx to fly away.

After the conclusion of The Underbase saga, Optimus Prime sends Cloudraker and Landmine to Grand Space Station to look for replacement parts for the damaged Autobots.  The two Pretenders are able to fit in with the aliens there because of their organic shells.  They encounter Sky Lynx and Berko, and save Sky Lynx from being eaten.  Sky Lynx repays the favor by saving Cloudraker and Landmine from Darkwing and Dreadwind.

IDW Background -

Sky Lynx was a very important Autobot, even early in the war.  In his first chronological appearance, he helps extract Orion Pax and his team from Megatron’s citadel on Cybertron.

After Megatron takes over Cybertron, Sky Lynx transports Optimus Prime, Prowl, and Blaster to Iacon so they can spread the word of freedom.

Sky Lynx responds to an alarm at a refinery.  The Dinobots were battling the Decepticons over stolen fuel.  Sky Lynx is transporting Optimus Prime, Ultra Magnus, Dai Atlas, Bumblebee, Prowl, and Ironhide.

The refinery is destroyed causing an energy shortage on Cybertron.  Sky Lynx is sent to the spaceport to help quell a riot.  Sky Lynx is also transporting Kup and the Dinobots.

Sky Lynx flies to Harmonex carrying Grimlock and Hot Rod.  Sky Lynx has become more of a mode of transportation than an Autobot warrior.  When they arrive, they see that Trypticon’s dormant body is missing.

After the Autobot/Decepticon War ended, Optimus Prime found out that an Earth Industrialist was using Transformer computer code and technology in his inventions.  Optimus Prime took a team of Autobots and Constructicons to Earth where they found out that Galvatron was manipulating the Industrialist and made Decepticons welcome on Earth.  Sky Lynx was part of Optimus’ team and acted as a shuttle used to travel from the Autobot ship to Earth.  Soon after, he merged with The Enigma of Combination and briefly became the torso in a combiner named Sky Reign.

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Abilities -

Sky Lynx was one of the first purely beastial transformers.  In “Robot” mode he was two parts, a dragon and a lynx.  The dragon and lynx were able to merge together in both modes.  In Robot mode as an enhancement and in vehicle mode as a space shuttle and it’s payload.  Sky Lynx was able to transport several Autobots at a time in vehicle mode.  In Robot mode he had a laser which came out of his mouth.  In Robot Mode he was very large, almost combiner sized.

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